The Legend Of Futian Chapter 296

Chapter 296: How Overpowering
Chapter 296: How Overpowering
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At the moment, many cultivators were gathered outside the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace, staring at the majestic palace. There were many emperors inside the palace, including the six emperors from the Yunchu Nation and the like who had come to apologize.

Nandou Yue was a cultivator from the Nandou Clan, whose leader had just entered the Noble Plane. However, Luo Junlin had returned, and they had to observe the situation first. Because of their leader's current level, they were thinking about whether the Luo Family could return the Nandou Nation to them after dominating the Hundred Lands or perhaps give them another kingdom, such as Cangye.

Nandou Yue came here to send his congratulations, and at the same time gather more information. More than a year ago, the Cangye Kingdom and Ye Futian were so glorious. However, all of this turned out to be illusory and was about to become history.

"Greetings, Minister Hua." Suddenly, Minister Hua walked out of the Imperial Palace.

"I heard that the leader of the Nandou Clan has entered the Noble Plane. Congratulations," Minister Hua said emotionlessly, feeling somewhat envious. Nandou Tai actually stepped into the Noble Plane before he did.

"All thanks to your support. When can I meet His Majesty and the prince?" Nandou Yue asked.

"His Majesty is now chatting with various emperors, while the prince is cultivating with the people from the Royal Xuan Temple. You can follow me and take a walk around the palace," Minister Hua said. Nandou Yue nodded and said, "Alright then. Thank you. Then, the two walked towards the palace.

Suddenly, a fierce whizz was heard in the distance, accompanied by many exclamations, causing Minister Hua and Nandou Yue to stop and turn around to take a look. There, a giant was charging directly towards the palace at an astonishing speed. It seemed to be a Kunpeng.

"Kunpeng." Minister Hua's look turned serious. More than a year ago, Ye Futian rode a Kunpeng to return to Cangye. Now, a Kunpeng appeared in the sky above the Nandou Nation. Was he here?

Apart from him, many people outside the Imperial Palace raised their heads and looked at the sky as well, all feeling shocked.

It was actually the legendary demon Kunpeng.

The enormous Kunpeng flew towards the Imperial Palace directly. Finally, the group of people on its back became visible. Their leader was a handsome man with an icy expression. He was, of course, Ye Futian.

That time during the Tingfeng Banquet, Ye Futian behaved extremely frivolously. There were too many people in the Nandou Nation who knew him.

"Ye Futian is back." Everyone was very surprised. Furthermore, he was going towards the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace.

Minister Hua frowned. After the prince returned, His Majesty said that after a few more days he would kill Ye Futian and destroy Cangye. Indeed, Ye Futian was here. It seemed that His Majesty and the prince knew about it all along.

Nandou Yue's eyes sparkled. He did not only see Ye Futian, but also the charming and elegant lady beside him. She was Hua Jieyu, a junior whom the Nandou Clan had put in a lot of effort to train. Also, Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin were all there.

"Stop them," Minister Hua commanded coldly. Just as he finished speaking, the guards ascended into the air and blocked the path to the Imperial Palace. They looked at Ye Futian and his team and shouted, "Stop."

"Enter," Ye Futian said. The Kunpeng's wings trembled and its huge body charged forward. Needless to say, the guards were all sent flying away directly. Following a loud rumble, the gates of the Imperial Palace collapsed due to the collision. Behind them, countless people witnessed the scene and felt flabbergasted. Did Ye Futian just break into the palace?

"How dare you." Minister Hua flashed and blocked in front of them. His look was extremely cold.

"Kill everyone in the way," Ye Futian said. The Silver Snow Guards behind him released their noble auras and stepped forward. Minister Hua was very shocked. Seeing the incoming Silver Snow Guards and the Kunpeng, he did not dare to intercept and backed away immediately with his look turning very black.

How did he dare to block?

At the moment, many important people from the Royal Xuan Temple were inside the Imperial Palace, including the fifth lord. Why did Ye Futian dare to break in by force? Even if he had nobles with him, he should not be so bold.

The Kunpeng flew past Minister Hua. Standing on its back, Ye Futian glanced at Minister Hua. His extremely freezing look caused Minister Hua to feel cold throughout his body. Ye Futian's look made him feel that he was looking at a dead person. It was as if in Ye Futian's eyes, Minister Hua was already non-existent.

Nandou Yue's heart raced wildly. Not long ago, he was still thinking that Ye Futian and the Cangye Kingdom would probably both be eliminated this time. However, in the blink of an eye, Ye Futian was here, and he broke into the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace by force.

But did Emperor Luo not say that he would kill Ye Futian and destroy Cangye?

Why did Ye Futian still dare to do so? Did Ye Futian really not get any help from his clan? Then where did those nobles come from?

"Let's go," Minister Hua said coldly. He continued moving forward, following the Kunpeng.

At the moment, the various emperors who had been drinking tea inside the Imperial Palace had noticed the sound outside. Emperor Luo's look turned cold, for he knew that Ye Futian had come. Only he knew the reason for Luo Junlin's return. He did not tell anyone else and even announced to the public that he was going to kill Ye Futian and annihilate Cangye.

However, Ye Futian was now here.

It was really funny that those foolish emperors from the Yunchu Nation and the like heard the rumors and wanted to surrender to him. But he would obviously not care about the fate of those emperors.

During that time, these people who would always fall on the side of the stronger had already betrayed once. Since they were willing to come here, he welcomed them warmly. Clearly, he was not bothered about the consequences.

"What is happening?" All the emperors were astonished.

"What happened?" Emperor Chu's eyes sparkled. Suddenly, Emperor Luo stood up and smiling, he said, "Brothers, you should get up and welcome the guests." After he finished speaking, he started walking forward. Before him, a Kunpeng suddenly appeared fiercely. On its way, many people wanted to stop it but did not dare to do so. Therefore, they could only watch the Kunpeng flatten many buildings and eventually reach the place.

Ye Futian appeared on the Kunpeng.

The emperor from the Yunchu Nation froze and his heart trembled violently. Ye Futian once again rode the Kunpeng here. The scene was extremely similar to the one that happened more than a year ago. Moreover, this time, there were more powerful cultivators beside him.

"Where are they?" Ye Futian asked coldly. He did not say anything unnecessary and questioned the emperor directly.

Seeing the scene, Emperor Ye was very surprised. On their way, Ye Futian's look was very cold as he was in a bad mood, while Emperor Ye was also worried about Ye Danchen and Ye Lingxi. Thus, the two were not in the mood to chat about the things that happened in the Eastern Barren Territory. He was therefore unclear about the situation as well and only followed Ye Futian to the Nandou Nation.

From the way that they entered the Imperial Palace, it seemed that Ye Futian was not afraid of Luo Junlin at all. So did Emperor Luo purposely spread the rumors these few days?

Seeing Ye Futian's look, the six emperors looked at Emperor Luo one after another.

Emperor Luo stared at Ye Futian. At the same time, Ye Futian was also looking at him. The two stared at each other, and this was the first time that the two really stood opposite each other. Although they had already met on the Tingfeng Banquet, Ye Futian was still too weak to stand opposite him at that time. However, at the moment, when Ye Futian looked at the once all-powerful emperor who changed his fate with just an edict, there was only coldness in his eyes.

In the past, Emperor Luo was far more superior than him. He could not even reject an order from Emperor Luo. However, now, he had seen too many nobles.

"Ye Futian, did you just break into my Imperial Palace like this?" Emperor Luo was looking at the handsome young man in front of him, and also recalled the events in the past. The young man whom he was not bothered with, and whose fate he once thought he could easily change was already famous in the Eastern Barren Territory at the moment. He could even force He Xirou, the daughter of the fifth lord of the Royal Xuan Temple, to die.

How ironic that was.

"Do you want your whole family to die?" Ye Futian's tone was extremely icy. He was not polite at all as he threatened directly. Just as he finished speaking, everyone present was astounded, especially the six emperors from the Yunchu Nation and the like. The sentence was like a bolt out of the blue.

Ye Futian asked Emperor Luo if he wanted his entire family to die.

How contemptuous and arrogant that was?

It was precisely the meaning behind such arrogance that really caused all the emperors present to feel a wave of coldness fill their bodies.

Ye Futian came here in such an overpowering way, and he definitely knew that Luo Junlin was here. Therefore, what did it mean when he dared to speak to Emperor Luo in such a way?

At this instant, Emperor Chu's face turned extremely pale. He felt that he might have made a fatal mistake.

Apart from the emperors, Minister Hua and Nandou Yue also felt frozen after hearing Ye Futian's words, as if Ye Futian said that line not only to Emperor Luo but also to them.

"Where are they?" Ye Futian continued in an icy tone. Emperor Luo's expression became as awkward as it could possibly be. The young man whom he could once eliminate with just an order was speaking to him with such a tone at the moment.

Do you want your whole family to die?

"Ye Futian, how dare you," someone suddenly shouted coldly. Luo Junlin and the people from the Royal Xuan Temple had arrived. A trace of hope was rekindled in Emperor Chu's heart as he prayed that Luo Junlin could deal with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at Luo Junlin. Just as Luo Junlin stopped and was about to speak, Ye Futian said emotionlessly, "Do you believe that I can kill you right now?" The Cottage had its own rules. He Xirou bore the full responsibility for his attempted assassination and killed herself, thus Luo Junlin was not punished.

Ye Futian knew that Luo Junlin had played some dirty tricks, but he still did not rely on his seniors in the Cottage to kill Luo Junlin directly. Instead, he gave Luo Junlin an official challenge and a chance to take revenge. The loser would die. However, if Luo Junlin and the Nandou Nation did not follow the rules, then the challenge would be unnecessary.

Luo Junlin's face turned pale. He knew that Ye Futian would really dare to do so.

Ye Futian dared to kill him, but the people from the Royal Xuan Temple did not dare to kill Ye Futian. The reason was simplethe Cottage was stronger. Furthermore, Ye Futian's status in the Cottage was way higher than his own status in the Royal Xuan Temple. Therefore, even if Ye Futian really killed him, the Royal Xuan Temple would hate Ye Futian, but nobody would dare to take revenge for him for the moment.

If the previous line from Ye Futian had caused the mood of Emperor Chu and the rest to worsen to the extreme end, then this line caused the six emperors to become extremely desperate and regretful.

Ye Futian asked Luo Junlin if he believed that Ye Futian dared to kill him immediately.

Who was killing who after all?