The Legend Of Futian Chapter 300

Chapter 300: See You Off
Chapter 300: See You Off
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The Nandou Clan was filled with guests who were chatting and laughing casually. The grand banquet had drawn most of the famous clans and families in Donghai City. Nandou Tai sat high at the front and felt extremely prestigious.

The people who could sit close to Nandou Tai were all power holders of Donghai City, such as the Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, the new chief of the East Sea Prefecture, Lord Luo, and the like.

"Brother Nandou, congratulations on the breakthrough. After His Majesty attacks Cangye, and the situation in the Hundred Lands changes, His Majesty will very likely become the king of the Hundred Lands. At that time, perhaps you will have the chance to become the king of a region as well," Lord Luo said suddenly, smiling.

"Lord Luo, you are too polite. I will still need you to compliment me in front of His Majesty," Nandou Tai said, smiling.

"That's for sure. A noble has emerged in Donghai City and everyone has come to congratulate you. I believe that among the people present now, there are many distinguished ones and also many talented juniors. Using this opportunity, I think that we can ask these juniors to give a performance to liven the atmosphere of the banquet," Lord Luo said. A few years ago during his birthday banquet, there were also juniors who performed to complement the joyful atmosphere. However, Ye Futian appeared at that time and surprised the entire banquet with his 'Melody of the White Feathers'. Then, he defeated Zhou Mu and almost caused Lord Luo to be unable to find a way out of the awkward situation. Luckily, he interfered secretly and the atmosphere of the banquet was ultimately not affected. At the moment, there were so many juniors present. Their performances must be very remarkable.

"Alright. I also want to see for myself the young talents of Donghai City nowadays. If there is anyone with an outstanding performance, I will surely reward the person heavily," Nandou Tai said with a smile on his face. He recalled the junior Hua Jieyu of his Nandou Clan. She was so outstanding, and the Nandou Clan had also prepared to use a lot of resources to cultivate her. However, unfortunately, she wanted to be with Ye Futian. Although her talents were exceptional and she had entered a powerful force now, Luo Junlin claimed that he was going to kill Ye Futian and this may affect her.

Then, various young talents walked up to perform one after the other. Zhou Mu also performed. His drawing was becoming more and more fantastic. Mu Hong also asked his children to perform. Mu Yunqing and Mu Yunni made an amazing performance as well.

"Xiyue, don't you want to display your skills?" Lord Luo said, looking at Lin Xiyue. Lin Xiyue's eyes sparkled, after which she shook her head gently and said, "Lord, I am only mediocre and will not go up to show my inadequacies."

"Brother Lin, Xiyue is becoming more and more humble." Smiling, Lord Luo looked at Lin Xiyue's father and said, "Now, the girl is becoming more beautiful and she is at her prettiest age. Does she have a lover already?"

"Lord Luo, she is focused on cultivation only and does not think about love issues," Lin Xiyue's father said, smiling. Clearly, he knew about his daughter's thoughts. She already had a person in her heart, but it was destined to be impossible. That person was destined to be in a different world from his daughter; he had told his daughter about this before. Despite that, however, Lin Xiyue would probably not be interested in the talents of Donghai City.

"Haha, I think that the disciple of the Art Saint, Zhou Mu, is not bad. They two also know each other. Brother Art Saint and Brother Lin, what do you think?" After drinking a few glasses of alcohol, Lord Luo started to match them randomly.

Zhou Mu looked at Lin Xiyue who was indeed very beautiful. Of course, she was still not as good-looking as the girl whom he once liked. In the past, he always wanted to chase Hua Jieyu, but the events that had happened afterward had made him more realistic.

He and Hua Jieyu were not from the same kind of world.

That time, his master failed to chase Nandou Wenyin. On the other hand, he did not even have the rights to chase her. Her boyfriend was destined to be his unbeatable rival. Therefore, he was not resistant towards Lin Xiyue at the moment.

"Lord, I do not have such a thought at the moment," Lin Xiyue rejected. Lord Luo was stunned, after which he smiled and said, "I was being too gossipy."

"Lord Luo, it's only because she is still immature. When she grows up, she will know your good intentions." The words from Lin Xiyue's father were very euphemistic. Lord Luo smiled and nodded.

Among the crowd, Shu Yuyan looked at the scene quietly. She was the princess of the Shu Family, a large clan in Donghai City, and had been cultivating in the School of the Emperor Star. In the past, her relationship with Hua Jieyu was extremely well. She did not like the banquet today, because she did not like how the people of the Nandou Clan behaved. However, her father wanted to bring her here so she had no other choices.

I wonder how Jieyu is doing right now.

Suddenly, a group of cultivators ran in fast from the outside of the Nandou Clan. They rushed here from Donghai Academy to inform their leader. They hurried into the Nandou Clan and were about to inform everyone present. However, at the same time, another group of cultivators also arrived outside the Nandou Clan. They were, of course, Ye Futian and his team who had departed later. Despite that, their speed was much faster and therefore the two groups arrived almost simultaneously.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and the rest stood outside the Nandou Clan. This noble house still looked very stylish. When Ye Futian first came here, Hua Fengliu was the one who brought him in. That time, Ye Futian said that one day, the Nandou Clan would beg Hua Fengliu to go in. However, at the moment, he no longer needed the Nandou Clan to beg them, because that would be useless anyway.

When the guards saw them, they looked extremely astonished.

Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, Nandou Wenyin, Hua Fengliu. The many charming faces that appeared before them made them panic.

A long rod appeared in Ye Futian's handthe Five Element Rod.

The rod expanded continuously and a brilliant light flew on it. Looking at the gates of this noble house, Ye Futian's body started spinning forward. Then, he lifted the rod and smashed it down fiercely. Following a loud bang, the gates were struck open. He walked forward and stepped into the Nandou Clan.

The loud noise spread into the Nandou Clan. At the banquet, the eyes of many sparkled as they looked at the outside. Nandou Tai asked coldly, "What is happening?" Just as he finished speaking, a group of people rushed in hurriedly. They found the Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, Yan Shao, and shouted urgently, "Headmaster, Ye Futian, Yi Xiang, and theyare all back!"

Boom. Yan Shao immediately stood up. Many people's hands which were holding wine glasses froze in the air.

After they recovered from the surprise, they looked outside again. That loud bang In the distance, a group of people walked into the Nandou Clan through the gates. Ye Futian was walking in front with the Five Element Rod in his hand. Nandou Wenyin and Hua Jieyu were behind him. They also did not expect to enter the Nandou Clan in such a way.

"Stop." A few guards walked forward, attempting to stop Ye Futian and his team from advancing further. However, countless vines swept towards them and they could not escape at all. Immediately, their bodies were lifted and smashed onto the ground forcefully.

"Dharma." The people from the Nandou Clan were shocked. Ye Futian was already at the Dharma Plane.

Still, there were brave guards who walked forward. However, with no exception, they were all blown backward. Ye Futian and his team continued to move forward, walking towards the banquet step by step.

The banquet was very grand and spread out over a long distance. When Ye Futian reached one end of the banquet, he was still quite far away from Nandou Tai. Nevertheless, Nandou Tai could already see them.

The people on the banquet stepped back one after another as they watched Ye Futian and his team walk forward. The enthusiastic atmosphere just now had totally vanished at the moment. Eventually, Ye Futian moved closer and closer to the front of the banquet.

Lin Xiyue stared at the handsome figure and a strange expression appeared in her eyes. Is he finally back? Recently, there were many rumors claiming that Luo Junlin would kill Ye Futian and destroy Cangye. She did not believe them.

Zhou Mu naturally saw Ye Futian as well and his face turned pale. Ye Futian was destined to be his unbeatable rival. Since Ye Futian stepped into Donghai City, his situation became very bleak.

The Art Saint looked at Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin and sighed in his heart.

Yan Shao's face darkened. These people actually broke in just like this.

Nandou Wenshan stood up and happiness erupted from his eyes. His sister was finally back.

Nandou Tai was still sitting there and stared coldly at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

"Very lively. Just like the other day." Ye Futian smiled, but it was a sneer. He recalled that during the year-end of that particular year, the Nandou Clan was also very lively. Many people were here, including Minister Hua and Xia Feng, the former chief of the East Sea Prefecture.

Today, everything was just like that day.

The place fell into a deafening silence. Everyone looked at Ye Futian and his team. They just broke into the place like this and nobody knew where they obtained the courage to do so.

"I heard that you have entered the Noble Plane and set a banquet here. Congratulations," Ye Futian said, smiling at Nandou Tai. Nandou Tai's eyes sparkled. Ye Futian knew that he was already a noble, and still dared to enter like this. He looked at Yi Xiang, and then at the nine figures at the back. Who were these nine people?

"That day, my grandmaster played a piece of music here. Today, I will also play one." Ye Futian smiled and continued, "To see you off."

Nandou Tai stood up and his expression turned extremely cold.

See him off?

"Take him down," Nandou Tai said. Immediately, Nandou Ku stomped on the ground and flew towards Ye Futian. He bent his hands, which were glittering with a sharp, golden light just like the claws of an eagle, and struck towards Ye Futian.

Feeling his aura, Hua Fengliu and the rest did not respond at all.

With the Five Element Rod in his hand, an appalling might erupted directly from Ye Futian's body. He stomped on the ground and looked as imposing as the furious thunder. A terrifying power converged on his body and then he struck the rod forward. The strike seemed to have gathered all the powers from the heaven and the earth.

"Seventh-level Dharma Plane." Everyone was astonished. In merely two years' time, Ye Futian was already in the Seventh-level Dharma Plane. More frighteningly, the strike brought with it the powers of wind and thunder.

The rod filled the entire sky and seemed to be shattering the earth itself. Bang... Nandou Ku gave out a miserable cry. The bones in his hand cracked and he was blown backward directly. He held his right arm with his left hand in pain and his face was as pale as a sheet.

He was in the Arcana Plane. Even though it was only the Lower Arcana Plane, he was still a strong cultivator in the East Sea Prefecture. However, he could not even take a single hit from Ye Futian.

At this very moment, Nandou Ku recalled the scene when he first saw Ye Futian. That day, Hua Fengliu told him that he would eventually remember Ye Futian's name. At that time, he turned his nose up at it. However, what about now?

"Uncle." Ye Futian turned his head and looked at Nandou Wenshan. Nandou Wenshan stared at Ye Futian and emotions filled his heart. The previous juvenile was already so strong at the moment.

"Futian, Wenyin, Jieyu," Nandou Wenshan shouted.

"Brother, everything is over now," Nandou Wenyin said softly. From her tone, Nandou Wenshan could feel a very strong confidence.

He smiled. Was everything really over?

"Uncle, are you willing to become the emperor of the Nandou Nation?" Ye Futian asked.

Right after he finished speaking, everyone's look froze!