The Legend Of Futian Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Debt Collection
Chapter 301: Debt Collection
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Ye Futian asked Nandou Wenshan if he was willing to become the emperor of the Nandou Nation.

Since when was the emperor of the Nandou Nation determined by Ye Futian?

Even Nandou Tai, who had already become a noble, did not dare to have such thoughts. Apart from Emperor Luo, there were also cultivators from the Royal Xuan Temple who were brought here by Luo Junlin. The Nandou Nation might even become the king of the Hundred Lands. Yet, Ye Futian asked Nandou Wenshan so casually

"How dare you." Lord Luo stood up. Pointing at Ye Futian, he said coldly, "Boastful fanatic."

Ye Futian glanced at him and said, "That time in the Luo Palace when I was battling with Zhou Mu, was it you or the Art Saint who intervened secretly?" At that time, he did not dare to ask. However, at the moment he obviously no longer cared about it.

"I don't understand what you are saying," Lord Luo said coldly.

"I'll settle that with you later." Ye Futian glanced at him and continued to look at Nandou Wenshan. "Uncle, Nandou Tai's immediate relatives will no longer exist after today. I will not let any of those who participated in the event two years ago off. As long as you agree, after I settle all the issues, you will control the Nandou Nation. The Nation Clan after the clean-up will very likely still be the king of the Nandou Nation." Ye Futian would certainly not eliminate the entire Nandou Clan. After all, Hua Jieyu, as well as his masteress and uncle, was part of the Nandou royal family in the first place.

"Brother, this is the unfulfilled wish of our ancestors. You should take it," Nandou Wenyin also said.

The conversation between the two caused the faces of all the people around to turn serious. If Ye Futian was only being arrogant, then how about Nandou Wenyin?

"Alright," Nandou Wenshan nodded. He was part of the royal family in the first place, so of course, he would be willing to control the Nandou Nation. Furthermore, he also knew that Nandou Tai was already planning to deal with him. Over the two years, he had been watched all the time. After Nandou Tai entered the Noble Plane, he would occasionally glance at Nandou Wenshan with a murderous look.

"Uncle, that time you and masteress were both present. Help me to identify all the people who participated in the event that year," Ye Futian said.

"No problem." Nandou Wenshan nodded again. Of course, he knew that Ye Futian would definitely not let those people off. That day was really tragic for him. Back then, he was only in the Glory Plane and broke into the Nandou Clan alone. He displayed his unparalleled talents in an attempt to obtain support from the Nandou Clan, but Nandou Tai rejected it. Then, Minister Hua and Nandou Tai gave the order to kill him. That time, Ye Futian was only a juvenile. How sad.

On that day, Hua Jieyu was forced to stab herself with a sharp blade. In order to be with Ye Futian, she almost committed suicide.

On that day, Elder Qin played "A Chaotic Nation" here with his own life. When the music finally stopped, he also vanished, being forced to death.

On that day, Yi Xiang, Ye Futian, and Hua Fengliu were all chased and almost died together. If they were not lucky, they would not have escaped alive.

Now Ye Futian had returned. How could he possibly let those people off? Ye Futian would surely kill Minister Hua, Nandou Tai, the Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, and the like. The clean-up of the Nandou Clan was inevitable.

"Where did you get that confidence?" Nandou Tai stood up. His noble-level might spread out and a terrifying noble will pressured towards Ye Futian. He wanted to see why Ye Futian was so confident.

"Silver Snow Guards," Ye Futian shouted.

"Yes." The nine cultivators walked forward and stopped behind Ye Futian. Immediately, nine noble auras erupted simultaneously. In just an instant, a bone-penetrating coldness engulfed the entire place.

"Nobles." Everyone was terror-stricken. The nine armored cultivators at the back who were dressed like guards were actually all nobles.

Nandou Tai's face turned very pale and the aura around him withered immediately. Although he was already a noble, each of the nine people before him was stronger than himself in terms of will and might. How could he even win this? His body trembled slightly as he stared firmly at Ye Futian.

No... He was not resigned to his fate. He had just entered the Noble Plane, which was the level of an emperor.

"Disable Nandou Tai and Yan Shao first. I want them alive," Ye Futian said again. Then, some light shone. He sat down cross-legged and his Guqin Spirit appeared. He put his fingers on the guqin and stroked the strings. A sharp noise spread out and even caused space to vibrate.

Many of the people present were also guests at the Nandou Clan two years ago. Immediately, they knew what Ye Futian was going to play.

It was the amazing piece that Elder Qin had played two years ago: "A Chaotic Nation."

"I will use this piece of music to see you off," Ye Futian said. By "seeing them off" he was referring to disabling or killing them.

Hua Jieyu walked up to Ye Futian and sat down beside him, looking quietly at him as he played the guqin. The jingling music spread out and increased in volume continuously as if he would never give in to fate and was fighting back.

The scene two years ago appeared vividly in his mind. His grandmaster came here on a crane and told him that he would teach Ye Futian one last piece of music. Even at that moment, his grandmaster was still so gentle and kindly.

The nine nobles walked out in the music. Nandou Wenshan and Nandou Wenyin went beside them.

"Everyone, please cooperate and stay where you are," Yi Xiang said, scanning the crowd present. Everyone's heart trembled fiercely, and nobody dared to move.

Today, Ye Futian was here to collect his debt. He was here to collect what they owed him two years ago.

The sharp music was ear-piercing. Many people from the Nandou Clan felt fear after listening to the music, including Nandou Tai. He looked at the nobles walking towards him and then at Nandou Wenyin, after which he said, "Wenyin, how have I been treating you?"

Nandou Wenyin glanced at him coldly and said, "That time, you destroyed my life. Although I hated you, I still chose to stay in the Nandou Clan, because my surname is Nandou. Nevertheless, I do not wish that my daughter will follow in my path. However, you wanted to control Jieyu's life again. I said that I would betroth Jieyu to Futian. What did you do?

"Ye Futian came alone to the Nandou Clan, wanting to redeem everything at all costs. You still had a choice at that time. If you chose to support him back then, you would have become the king of the Nandou Nation. However, what did you choose?

"Kill. You wanted to kill Ye Futian, and almost forced Jieyu to death. It is unforgivable," Nandou Wenyin said coldly. "Disable him."

"Wenyin, I'm your uncle..." Nandou Tai watched as the aura from the nine nobles engulfed his body, and the frightening coldness froze everything. He was overpowered by their noble wills and their levels, and could not resist the domineering will at all. The difference was simply too big. He felt that he could hardly move. His body was about to be frozen and his will extinguished.

"No, I am a noble." Nandou Tai trembled. He was not resigned to his fate.

The tingling music reached his ears and sounded so ear-piercing. At this very moment, Nandou Tai recalled the day when Elder Qin played "A Chaotic Nation." He recalled the unbending young man two years ago who was so outstanding. However, he still did not choose Ye Futian, because he thought that killing Ye Futian in order to spare all later trouble was much easier.

However, how about now?

The cold spear stabbed Nandou Tai's body slowly, nailing him against the throne. Against several high-level nobles, he could not resist at all. Following a muffled humph, Nandou Tai's pale face was filled with pain, regret, and fear.

Ye Futian said that the Nandou Clan would still exist. Nandou Wenshan would become the emperor and control the Nandou Nation. That was the position that he had longed for. He thought that after entering the Noble Plane, he would become the emperor.

It seemed like a pleasant dream.

He smiled drearily. If he had decided to support Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu back then, would the Nandou Nation be his?

"Leader." Looking at Nandou Tai who was nailed onto the throne, the faces of all the people from the Nandou Clan turned pale and were filled with terror. Yan Shao was even more frightened. He knew clearly that while Ye Futian might spare the others, he would certainly not be able to run away.

Buzz. Yan Shao's body flashed out in an attempt to escape. However, a noble stepped forward. Ice filled the entire sky and froze his body directly. The entire region of space was frozen and Yan Shao turned into an ice statue.

The noble walked forward and punched the ice statue. The ice crushed and Yan Shao spat out a mouthful of blood. He fell down from the sky, feeling as if all his organs had been destroyed.

In just a short while, Nandou Tai, the leader of the Nandou Clan, and Yan Shao, the Headmaster of the School of the Emperor Star, were disabled. Apart from the music, the whole place was in a complete silence. The banquet seemed to be so ironic at the moment.

Today, all the powerful people from Donghai City came here to congratulate Nandou Tai's breakthrough into the Noble Plane. However, they were actually here to see him get disabled.

Fear filled the face of Lord Luo. He looked at the scene in horror and his face turned pale. Apart from him, Mu Hong also felt extremely scared at the moment.

That time, Hua Fengliu and Ye Futian came to him and wanted him to take in Ye Futian as his disciple. He rejected it and his daughter mocked them. Later, his children had some conflicts with Ye Futian. However, the young man whom he had rejected taking in as a disciple was no weaker than him at the moment. He defeated Nandou Ku instantly with just one strike. His background was even more frightening; he could let nine nobles listen to his orders.

How pathetic.

The person whom he rejected as a disciple and mocked in his heart that time was so strong now that he could not even resolve things.

Lin Xiyue stared at Ye Futian who was playing the guqin and looked very lost. He was becoming more and more outstanding. That time on the Tingfeng Banquet, he was already brilliant enough. However, after one year, he had become a legend.

Lin Xiyue's father looked at his daughter and sighed in his heart. This girl is going down deeper and deeper. In the future, how can anyone else interest her?

Shu Yuyan looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. She recalled Hua Jieyu's look when she was thinking about Ye Futian back then in the School of the Emperor Star; like a girl in love. That time, Shu Yuyan laughed at Hua Jieyu. Now that she looked at the two again, they were really a golden couple; a match made in heaven. Perhaps only they would look harmonious when they were together.

I really do bless them.

The music continued and its volume increased rapidly. Around Ye Futian, miserable cries broke out constantly. Nandou Wenshan and Nandou Wenyin had brought the nine nobles and started the clean-up.

Those who participated in the battle two years ago were all killed.

Those who participated in the event but not the battle were all permanently disabled.