The Legend Of Futian Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Duel
Chapter 306: Duel
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Countless eyes from the Nandou Nation looked to the disabled Emperor Luo and Minister Hua. It didn't feel real. There was no way to fight back. With one word, Ye Futian disabled an emperor and minister.

They inhaled sharply and looked to Ye Futian. He was so domineering in his revenge. Back then, Emperor Luo hadn't given him any way to fight back. Now, he made Emperor Luo feel the same despair.

Everyone thought that Ye Futian would resolve his problem with the Nandou Nation after his fight with Luo Junlin. However, he didn't give Emperor Luo any shred of hope, just like what Emperor Luo had done before.

Ye Futian had thought about returning with absolute power. However, the assassination told him that Luo Junlin and Emperor Luo still wanted him dead, even when he was in the Eastern Barren Territory. Thus, he decided not to play with them anymore. Since they acted that way, it was easier.

He'd wanted to use the Cottage's power to challenge Luo Junlin. After killing him, he would kill Emperor Luo with the Cangye Kingdom and the other six emperors to fully resolve the matters with Nandou. With the Cottage present, no forces of the Eastern Barren Territory would get involved. However, things didn't go as he'd planned. The other six emperors had betrayed them but the Nobles of Ancient Loulan listened to him. This way, things were even easier.

"He's so serious. It seems that what happened really is a thorn in his chest," Luo Fan murmured in the crowd. He'd never seen Ye Futian like this before.

"Imagine if it happened to you," Xue Ye whispered. Since they'd come to Nandou Nation, they naturally knew what had happened before. It was unforgivable for an emperor to bully a youth.

"Yeah, I'll be harsher." Luo Fan nodded.

Gu Dongliu looked calmly to the palace. Ye Futian had a cold aura now. His attractive features emanated a cold cruelness, similar to Gu Dongliu. Their teacher had once said that being murderous would hurt themselves. However, he also lived by another phrase: kill all evil.

Emperor Luo was the ruler of the Nandou Nation but treated Ye Futian so horribly. He clearly was an evil person to play with a youth's fate. He didn't have any pity at all. An emperor like that deserved to be killed. Even if Ye Futian lost today, Gu Dongliu would have killed Emperor Luo.

There was so much evil in the world that one couldn't rid it all. But since it happened to someone beside him, he would act as the judgement and rid the evil.

Ye Futian looked at Emperor Luo with no pity; there was only coldness.

"Did you think this day would come when you sent out that decree?" he asked.

Emperor Luo was still trembling. Of course he didn't think that one day, Minister Zuo would be right. This was a calamity for the Nandou Nation. He didn't believe in fate but in the end, fate still played him.

"Do you regret it?" Ye Futian gazed at Emperor Luo and Minister Hua. An emperor and minister were being toyed by a youth.

Regret? Of course they regretted it. Everything was over. Minister Hua still remembered the scene when Ye Futian stepped foot inside the Nandou Clan. He had been sitting high up, watching the brilliant youth burst in. Two short years later, it was the other who was playing with his fate now.

"Can we start now?" a dark voice said.

Ye Futian looked over to Luo Junlin. The aura around Luo Junlin was chaotic right now. He witnessed everything but couldn't change anything. Back then, he was the high and mighty crown prince. His single utterance could determine Ye Futian's fate. Now, Ye Futian had the Cottage and many Nobles to work for him. He could determine the Nandou Nation's fate.

Now, only Luo Junlin had the opportunity to kill Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was calm. His white robe and black hair fluttered despite the lack of wind. At this moment, the chaotic world seemed to quiet down. Only these two facing each other existed.

Luo Junlin was a legendary crown prince of the Nandou Nation. He had double life spirits and became the crown prince as a youth. He was the future emperor of Nandou and worshipped by countless. Some people were born to be great. He was one of them.

He'd definitely displayed his brilliance before. He was the first of the Hundred Lands to make people from the Eastern Barren Territory come and take him as a disciple. It had been such an honor when the Royal Xuan Temple came for him that day. Every emperor came to congratulate him.

If Ye Futian didn't exist, Luo Junlin would absolutely become the legend of the Nandou Nation.

However, the heavens seemed to purposely create an opponent for him. The youth from Donghai City had rejected the decree and fled for his life. He'd entered the Cangye Kingdom. When he'd returned, he stole the spotlight of the Tingfeng Banquet with his staff and dharma. Even though Luo Junlin had been accepted by the Royal Xuan Temple, he still couldn't steal Ye Futian's thunder.

After that, forces of the Eastern Barren Territory went to Cangye to fight for people. Apparently, Luo Junlin and Xirou were there too.

The battle between Luo Junlin and Ye Futian seemed to be fated, destined since their first meeting at the Donghai Academy. Luo Junlin was royalty but Ye Futian displayed the aura of an emperor. Thus, they stood before each other today.

Ye Futian waved his hand. The Silver Snow Guards around him retreated, emptying the space. Only the two stood proudly above the Nandou Nation. A wild aura burst forth. Noble intent exploded.

Luo Junlin had entered the Arcana Plane one year ago. Now, he was in the second level. Though he was only in the second of the nine levels of the Arcana Plane, he was still four levels higher than Ye Futian at the Seventh-level Dharma Plane. There was also the big difference of plane.

How could Ye Futian make up for this? Even now, Luo Junlin couldn't understand where Ye Futian got the confidence from, other than having the Cottage behind him.

The difference in plane was also why Zhe Song, Qin Li, and the others thought Ye Futian would lose if the Cottage didn't interfere. Luo Junlin of the Royal Xuan Temple wasn't useless.

He wasn't a regular cultivator of the Arcana Plane. A regular Arcana cultivator without noble fate from the Ancient Barren World would be much weaker. Faced with someone with noble intent, the difference in plane would be wiped out.

The next moment, Luo Junlin released his dharma. It was a huge stone phoenix dozens of meters long. It pressed down on the sky with terrifying red light streaking across its surface. Flames flowed through the brilliant feathers like lava. One could feel various types of noble intent from Luo Junlin.

He had twin spirits. The phoenix and stone figure were dharmas created from his twin spirits. The moment they were released, Ye Futian felt scalding heat and horrible pressure.

Spiritual Qi of the world flowed violently towards Luo Junlin's body and the stone fire phoenix. At this moment, Luo Junlin was like a true king ruling the world.

"So powerful." Countless eyes fell upon Luo Junlin. Ye Futian had disabled his father today, pressing down everything. Right now, Luo Junlin probably had fury burning like the phoenix. His eyes seemed to contain fire as he stared at Ye Futian.

Horrible power weighed down on Ye Futian. Countless eyes fell upon him, watching the handsome figure stand facing the wind. The next moment, dazzling light shot out. It was his noble fate.

The red fire noble fate and purple lightning fate danced and roared wildly in the air. After that was sharp golden fate, heavy earthen fate, green wooden fate, a ripping gale, and extremely icy frost intent.

Seven beams of colored light rose right into the clouds. Ye Futian was now bathed in full attribute noble aura. He was young but he was like a Noble. His body seemed frail but was extremely impressive.

Qin Li, Chu Yaoyao, Qian Shanmu, Qin Mengruo, and the others all looked at him. His talent was truly monstrous. No wonder he'd broken so many records of the Ancient Barren World and was invited personally by Gu Dongliu. But could his talent make up for the difference in plane?

Boom! An extremely wild aura burst from Ye Futian as he released his dharma. The horrible apparition of the Divine Ape appeared behind him. It was covered in shocking light. Gold and dirt-yellow light flowed across. It also glimmered with purple electricity. The powerful Divine Ape's body was like a dragon. It also had dazzling golden feathers behind him that covered the sky.

The wings should be from the golden Roc but it transformed in Ye Futian's dharma. It was huge and beautiful, fitting perfectly with the Divine Ape.

One's impression of the dharma was that it was beautiful and powerful. It seemed to contain many top forms. Ye Futian's body seemed to meld into the dharma too, as well as various noble fates.

"This dharma" Many people were speechless. His power seemed untouchable.

"Junior hasn't had a true fight since entering the Cottage. We'll be able to see his true abilities today," Luo Fan said, smiling. Ye Futian was well-known throughout the Eastern Barren Territory. However, he'd used rhythmic sorcery against Qian Shanmu and instantly defeated Qin Mang.

Today's battle with Luo Junlin would allow them to finally see Ye Futian's combat ability.

Gu Dongliu stared forward. He was excited to see Ye Futian challenge an Arcana cultivator from the Royal Xuan Temple as a Seventh-level Dharma Plane.

Luo Junlin stepped forward. The stone phoenix flapped its wings. Soon after, sharp meteorites appeared in the sky. Fire wrapped around the meteorites, covering the sky and blocking the sun.

"Die," Luo Junlin uttered coldly. His voice was filled with murderous intent.

This spell was the Meteorite Attack.

The moment he spoke, countless sharp flaming meteorites fell from the sky. A wind spell followed, wrapping around the mountain-like boulders and hurling them towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked up. Each meteorite was thousands of pounds and had sharp points at the bottom. It would be horrible if he was hit.