The Legend Of Futian Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Conflict
Chapter 312: Conflict
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Lin Qiu did this obviously because he was somewhat unhappy. After Ye Futian appeared, he noticed the attitudes of Qin Shuai, Qin Yi, and Leng Qingfeng.

Qin Shuai looked as though he really wished that Ye Futian would be his future son-in-law instead. Even his girlfriend Qin Yi was extremely warm towards Ye Futian. Qin Yi was not so active when she was with Lin Qiu, and till now he had not touched her hands. He was even thinking if there was something going on between the two. Even the master of the House of Swordsmen, Leng Qingfeng, treated Ye Futian in a very different manner.

Was Qin Yi's boyfriend him, Lin Qiu, or Ye Futian, after all? Was the most genius person from Qingzhou Academy him or Ye Futian?

Of course, there was another important reason. Ye Futian's girlfriend was actually such a beauty. He had never seen such an attractive lady before.

As the genius of Qingzhou Academy, he had been to the outside world when he was young. After his return, he became the disciple of Gu Mu, the strongest person of Qingzhou. He was a talented Mandate Sorcerer himself and had entered the Dharma Plane. Naturally, Lin Qiu would feel somewhat arrogant. He was extremely unhappy about what happened after Ye Futian arrived. Therefore, he clearly had to prove certain things.

Hearing his words, the disciples of Qingzhou Academy all started to get excited. Even the young disciples of Qingzhou Academy were only a few years younger than Ye Futian and had heard about his name. They really wanted to see how outstanding Ye Futian was at the moment and whether he could be compared to their genius senior Lin Qiu.

"Lin Qiu, what are you doing?" Qin Yi was unhappy. She could naturally see that Lin Qiu wanted to compete with Ye Futian, maybe because their attitudes had caused Lin Qiu to be displeased. However, what was their relationship with Ye Futian?

She and Ye Futian knew each other well in the academy long ago. That time, her father was disabled and many people of Qingzhou Academy all looked at her with much contempt. On the other hand, their enemy, the Murong Family, was flushed with success and obtained the position of the City Lord. Who dared to stand out to make sure that justice was served?

Ye Futian broke into Qingzhou Academy alone and killed the then mighty Murong Qiu, after which he escaped. After he returned, he eliminated the Murong Family and allowed her father to become the City Lord. Because of all these, her family was able to reach where it stood today.

Did she need to consider Lin Qiu's feelings before deciding how she and her father should treat Ye Futian? That would be too unfair to him.

She had told Lin Qiu before about the things regarding Ye Futian and her father. If Lin Qiu really loved her, he would be able to understand her and should not try to compete with Ye Futian.

Lin Qiu frowned. His usually gentle girlfriend Qin Yi actually blamed him openly because of Ye Futian. This obviously caused him to be even more unhappy. Is she trying to protect Ye Futian?

"Xiao Yi, I only wanted brother Ye to display his talents in front of the juniors to encourage them. I'm doing nothing else," Lin Qiu said, smiling.

"How should he display it?" Qin Yi said in an unhappy tone. Ye Futian already said that he did not want to go. Lin Qiu said this directly before obtaining Ye Futian's permission, and this was clearly very disrespectful. How could Ye Futian not know what he was trying to do?

"How about have a friendly fight with me?" Lin Qiu said emotionlessly. Then, he looked at Ye Futian directly and asked, "Brother Ye, what do you think?"

Ye Futian found it both funny and annoying. Glancing at Qin Yi, he said, "My talents are only ordinary and I obviously cannot beat you. I admit defeat." How could he go and beat Lin Qiu, Qin Yi's boyfriend? After all, he had to give some face to his senior. Furthermore, it was really an uninteresting thing to compete with someone from Qingzhou.

"Brother Ye, how can you belittle yourself like this? We'll stop immediately after the winner has emerged." Ye Futian was not interested, but Lin Qiu did not want to give up. Does he want to avoid the battle by just speaking?

"Lin Qiu, this is too much." Qin Yi stood up and her tone was very cold. Ye Futian was already like this, and yet he was actually so aggressive. Did he think that Ye Futian was really weaker than him?

Lin Qiu frowned and looked at Qin Yi. His look also turned somewhat cold.

Who was he? He was the most talented young man of Qingzhou and the direct disciple of the Headmaster. Furthermore, he knew that a few days ago, his master had already entered the Arcana Plane. Even among the many island cities of the East Sea, only a few could be compared to his master, not to mention Qingzhou. Even if he was to go to Donghai City, he would still be considered as a powerful cultivator. He had once cultivated in Donghai City as well. Qin Yi scolded him openly for another man.

"It's none of your business," Lin Qiu replied emotionlessly. Qin Yi froze at her spot immediately. The atmosphere turned somewhat awkward at once. During the Spring Quarter Examination, a conflict actually erupted between the perfect match, Lin Qiu and Qin Yi, in the eyes of everyone from Qingzhou Academy. Although this was normal for a couple in love, it was quite serious under such a circumstance.

Qin Shuai looked at Lin Qiu. In the past, he was the general of the Dark Kylin Knighthood. Seeing Lin Qiu's attitude, he said, "Qin Yi, I think you can forget about continuing the relationship with him."

"Yup." Qin Yi nodded gently. It seemed that they still did not understand each other well enough. Moreover, they did not have strong feelings for one another.

She accepted Lin Qiu as her boyfriend only because she was already over 20. In a small city such as Qingzhou, ladies of her age would usually be engaged. Lin Qiu was indeed considered exceptionally outstanding in Qingzhou, and furthermore, his master was the Headmaster Gu Mu. Everyone thought that they were suitable for each other, and therefore she wanted to try being together with him. However, in reality, she did not have strong feelings towards him. Lin Qiu wanted to chase her probably because her identity and appearance were suitable for him as well.

Both of them only found the other merely suitable

"Lin Qiu, from now on, there will be no relationship between the two of us," Qin Yi said, looking at Lin Qiu. The whole place fell into a deafening silence. Qin Yi wanted to break up with Lin Qiu, and she announced this before everyone.

Since Lin Qiu tried to provoke Ye Futian, Qin Yi would not be in a difficult position only by ending the relationship with him. In this way, whatever Lin Qiu wanted to do would be irrelevant to her. Ye Futian similarly would not be in a difficult position to respond.

Ye Futian gave a bitter smile. He did not expect his appearance to cause Qin Yi to break up, but from this incident, it was clear that Lin Qiu and Qin Yi were only reluctantly together. Thus, it was also good that they could realize this.

Hua Jieyu held Ye Futian's hand gently and glanced at him. She was glad that they really loved each other.

"Are you sure?" Lin Qiu's handsome face looked somewhat gloomy at the moment.

"Yes," Qin Yi said.

"Ha." Lin Qiu sneered. Then, he glanced at Ye Futian and said, "Could it be that there is something between the two of you?"

"How dare you!" Qin Shuai shouted coldly. Lin Qiu was clearly referring to something and was actually trying to ruin Qin Yi's reputation.

Qin Yi also did not expect Lin Qiu to say something so shameless. Her face turned very black. She looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu in apology and felt that she had been wronged.

Ye Futian also squinted. It was alright for them to break up because of a conflict, and he could ignore Lin Qiu's provocation as well. However, Lin Qiu actually wanted to ruin Qin Yi's reputation before everyone.

"Lin Qiu, stop talking," Leng Qingfeng said. "Go down."

Lin Qiu ignored him. Smiling, he looked at Qin Shuai and said, "General Qin, why are you so agitated? You and Ye Futian seem to be very close. Have you ever wanted him to be your son-in-law?"

Ha, he is but a garbage City Lord. So what if he rebuilt the Black Kylin Knighthood. His master was a real Arcana Plane cultivator and had a very high status.

"Take him down," Qin Shuai said coldly.

"Yes." Behind Qin Shuai, several cultivators in black armor walked forward. However, suddenly, someone said, "General Qin, what are you doing?" As the voice diminished, a figure walked over. It was Gu Mu, the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy.

"Headmaster, Lin Qiu said something very inappropriate. I was helping you to discipline him," Qin Shuai said.

"I will discipline my own disciple. General Qin, you should not be troubled with that," Gu Mu said emotionlessly.

Qin Shuai frowned and said, "Headmaster, how do you plan to discipline him?"

"Of course I will teach him to speak carefully next time." Gu Mu looked at Lin Qiu and said, "You should not have spoken so inappropriately on such an occasion."

"Master, I am wrong." Lin Qiu bowed at Gu Mu. He could naturally tell that his master was trying to protect him.

"That's it?" Qin Shuai's face darkened.

"General Qin, what do you want then?" Gu Mu said emotionlessly. "Qin Yi said openly that she would break up with Lin Qiu. Shouldn't she consider Lin Qiu's feelings as well? It is inevitable that Lin Qiu spoke so impulsively."

Gu Mu had been cultivating over the years and was disconnected from the outside world. He was very emotionally affected by the events during that time. Finally, he had managed to enter the Arcana Plane a few days ago. After entering the Arcana Plane, his mentality also changed. He treated Qin Yi quite well and was happy that Lin Qiu was with her. However, Qin Yi did not give his disciple any face because of Ye Futian. Did she even care about his existence?

That time, Hua Fengliu had a high status in Qingzhou, and his disciple behaved very arrogantly in Qingzhou Academy. Now, Hua Fengliu had already been disabled, and Gu Mu was in the Arcana Plane. How could he allow Hua Fengliu's disciple and daughter to suppress his disciple?

A strange expression appeared on the faces of many. A conflict actually broke out between the Headmaster and General Qin

Gu Mu turned his head and ignored Qin Shuai's expression. He looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. Then, he asked Hua Jieyu, "How is your father now?"

Hua Jieyu looked at Gu Mu but did not reply.

"My master is, of course, doing very well." Beside her, Ye Futian smiled.

"I have not seen him for very long. If he ever returns to Qingzhou, I would like to have a friendly fight with him," Gu Mu said.

"Headmaster, you managed to break through?" a Pavilion Lord of Qingzhou Academy asked.

"Yup. I have entered the Arcana Plane." Gu Mu nodded. Immediately, the place turned completely to silence. Qin Shuai's face turned very black and he finally understood why Gu Mu's attitude had turned so domineeringit turned out that he had entered the Arcana Plane.

"I don't think you will have that chance." Ye Futian looked at Gu Mu with a faint smile on his face. He looked really confident after entering the Arcana Plane.

"Is it?" Gu Mu said emotionlessly. "Since I won't have that chance, how about you and Lin Qiu have a friendly fight since you are both here?"

Lin Qiu stared at Ye Futian. Everything seemed to have returned to its original state.

"He's too weak." Ye Futian, however, did not look at Lin Qiu. He said directly to Gu Mu, "How about you give it a try instead?"

PS: I saw many questions about why Qingzhou was so closed. When I was introducing the city of Qingzhou, I wrote that it was an unruled island city and had little contact with the outside world. Hua Fengliu was the strongest person even though he was only in the Arcana Plane and had suffered a severe injury. Also, not many people knew that he was known as the Guqin Devil. Even Donghai Academy in Donghai City was a legend, not to mention places even further away. The Tingfeng Banquet in the Imperial City caused at most a short wave of excitement in Donghai, so they wouldn't know about the changes in the rulers so quickly. Ye Futian went to Qingzhou right after everything ended, so the news obviously would not spread that fast