The Legend Of Futian Chapter 313

Chapter 313: End of the Nandou Nation
Chapter 313: End of the Nandou Nation
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Ye Futian's words caused everyone in the vast space to stare at him. They were all stunned. Did he ask the Headmaster Gu Mu to fight him? The Headmaster already said that he had entered the Arcana Plane not long ago. With such a level, he could be considered a legend in Qingzhou.

How old was Ye Futian? It was said that he started cultivating at the age of 15, and now he had only been cultivating for three to four years.

He was simply mad.

Many people in Qingzhou Academy did not like Ye Futian. Hearing his words, their faces turned cold. He was indeed as supercilious as before. Actually, Ye Futian also felt quite speechless. Was he so incompatible with Qingzhou Academy?

When he participated in the Fall Quarter Examination for the first time, he ranked first for the written test. In the fighting test, he wanted Yu Sheng to get first, but in the end, Murong Qiu got it because of the relationship between the Pavilion Lord of the Earth Pavilion and the leader of the Murong Family. This caused many subsequent disturbances, and he also left Qingzhou Academy because of this. Now when he returned, Gu Mu had entered the Arcana Plane and was very arrogant. Did he want to fight with Ye Futian's master? He also asked his disciple to fight with Ye Futian. It was already obvious what he was trying to do.

"Idiot." In the gymnasium below, Lin Qiu said to Ye Futian, "You should look at the situation first before trying to show off. What are you? How do you dare to talk to my master like this?" This was Qingzhou Academy after all, and his master was the Headmaster. Even though Ye Futian was no longer wanted by Nandou, he was really an idiot to behave so arrogantly in front of the Arcana Plane Headmaster in Qingzhou Academy itself.

Ye Futian glanced at Lin Qiu and then said to Gu Mu, "Since you do not know how to discipline your disciple, I'll help you." After he finished speaking, he stepped out in the air and walked towards Lin Qiu.

"Dharma Plane" The looks from countless people in Qingzhou Academy froze. Only Dharma Plane cultivators could walk in the air without using any wind-elemental spells.

Clearly, Ye Futian was also in the Dharma Plane. He was such a young Dharma Plane cultivator. Furthermore, he was a Mandate Sorcerer

Lin Qiu also frowned. Ye Futian was actually also in the Dharma Plane. This caused his face to darken. He was weaker in terms of cultivation talents.

Lin Qiu released his Dharma Plane aura. Since Ye Futian was also in the Dharma Plane, he could only prove himself by defeating Ye Futian.

Following a splashing sound, many sky vines that covered the entire sky swept towards Lin Qiu. Lin Qiu wanted to avoid them, but the vines were everywhere and he could not escape at all. Flames erupted from Lin Qiu and a flaming bird Dharma actually appeared, trying to burn the vines away. However, the vines glittered with red light and survived the flames. They wound around Lin Qiu's body firmly and tied him in the air directly.

Err Seeing the scene, the disciples of Qingzhou Academy all turned speechless. Was this their most talented senior Lin Qiu? He actually could not even withstand a hit from Ye Futian.

"You were jealous over a trivial matter, and then humiliated the lady whom you once pursued. I think you should just be an ordinary person," Ye Futian said casually, causing many to tremble. Was Ye Futian going to permanently destroy Lin Qiu's foundations?

"How dare you." Lin Qiu's expression immediately changed as he stared firmly at Ye Futian. Many sharp blades formed from the vines and pierced into Lin Qiu's body. With his character, it was very likely that Lin Qiu would avenge Qin Yi in the future. Thus, Ye Futian would rather be the bad guy. Anyway, it was not the first time that he acted as the bad guy in Qingzhou Academy.

"Master, save me," Lin Qiu cried miserably and stared at his master with a horrified expression.

Gu Mu's face turned extremely gloomy. A mighty Arcana Plane aura erupted from him and he said coldly, "Let him go."

"I said that since you do not want to discipline him, I'll help you do so." Ye Futian glanced at Gu Mu.

"You are really daring." Gu Mu continued releasing his Arcana Plane aura and his face darkened. He did not expect Ye Futian to actually be so strong. However, he still could not tolerate Ye Futian behaving so arrogantly in Qingzhou Academy.

Sword qi whizzed in the air and a frightening might engulfed the gymnasium. Gu Mu stepped forward and charged towards Ye Futian directly, bring along a terrifying sword will.

"Headmaster, show mercy." Leng Qingfeng also did not expect the event to go in such a direction. If he knew this earlier, he would not have invited Ye Futian to come and watch the Spring Quarter Examination.

With an endless might, Gu Mu's sword charged towards Ye Futian like a bolt of lightning. How could he stop now?

However, Ye Futian only stared coldly at Gu Mu. It seemed that there was a reason for the fall of Qingzhou Academy. As the disciple of Gu Mu, Lin Qiu behaved in such a way. Instead of punishing him, Gu Mu only flaunted his superiority as an Arcana Plane cultivator. How could anyone under his teaching become outstanding? Since this was the case, Ye Futian could only solve the problem of Qingzhou Academy on the fundamental level.

"You wanna die?" Lin Qiu stared at Ye Futian firmly with a ferocious look. The sharp blades from the vines pierced into his body and he gave out a miserable cry again. Ye Futian looked at him emotionlessly. "Idiot."

"Ye Futian!" Gu Mu arrived with an appalling sword will. Suddenly, a noble will enveloped Ye Futian and his white shirt started to sway in the air. Looking at the incoming sword, he raised his hand and punched in the air. A monstrous lightning dragon actually appeared and the howls of dragons filled the place. Even the color of the sky changed as the dragon penetrated through the sword qi and charged towards Gu Mu. Gu Mu's sword will collapsed wildly. Feeling the frightening, noble-like might, his heart trembled fiercely. How could this be!

Countless people froze as they gazed firmly at the scene in the sky. The lightning dragon destroyed everything in its path and its huge head appeared in front of Gu Mu. It opened its ferocious mouth and bit towards him.

Gu Mu's body glittered with lightning. He gave an angry roar and struck out his Arcana sword. However, the lightning dragon moved forward with a crushing force and engulfed his sword directly. Then, its monstrous teeth gripped onto his body.

An extremely astonishing scene appeared in the sky. Ye Futian reached out his hand and released a shocking lightning dragon which bit Gu Mu directly. Leng Qingfeng stood up and could not stop trembling. It was as if everything had returned to the day when Ye Futian participated in the Fall Quarter Examination when he used the Hand of the Dragon.

Even time seemed to have stopped. The Qingzhou Academy gymnasium was in a deafening silence as all the disciples looked at the scene in astonishment.

The Headmaster Gu Mu, an Arcana Plane cultivator, could similarly not even withstand a hit from Ye Futian. This overturned their knowledge about cultivation. Could any person's talents really be so strong?

"No, no..." Lin Qiu watched the scene in desperation, and his face turned very pale. His master, an Arcana Plane cultivator, actually could not even take a single blow from Ye Futian. This caused him to feel extremely scared and helpless. Just now when he saw Hua Jieyu, he thought that Ye Futan was very lucky. He believed that his talents were no weaker than Ye Futian; hence he was jealous and the subsequent events followed.

All the Pavilion Lords of Qingzhou Academy stood up one after another and their hearts raced wildly. The scene was really too astounding. Nobody expected the young man who had left a few years ago to already be so shockingly strong at the moment.

"Your disciple was wrong. Instead of punishing him, you actually allowed him to act freely. Since this is the case, you'll follow him together." As Ye Futian finished speaking, the lightning dragon howled fiercely and an endless amount of lightning penetrated Gu Mu's body directly, causing him to glitter with radiance. Gu Mu cried in pain as the lightning dragon brought his body onto the ground. Accompanying a dragon howl, the lightning dragon disappeared, but Gu Mu lied miserably on the ground like a dead body.

Actually, Ye Futian would not have done this just because of the incidents today. However, during that time when Xia Fan was flaunting his superiority and disabled General Qin, and when the Murong Family was in power, Gu Mu, the head of the holy land of cultivation in Qingzhou, never once stepped out and said anything. He did not deserve to be in this position.

Today, just because he had entered the Arcana Plane, he was so supercilious. His disciple tried to ruin Qin Yi's reputation and yet he was so domineering towards General Qin. This caused Ye Futian to be totally enraged.

Hence, this happened.

Lin Qiu's face was as white as a sheet. He looked helplessly at his disabled master who was lying on the ground, and his heart was filled with coldness. Following a splashing sound, the vines carried his body and smashed him onto the ground. With a loud bang, he lied with his master, and his meridians were similarly destroyed.

In the dead silence, someone in Qingzhou Academy suddenly said, "Ye Futian, even though you hate Qingzhou Academy, this is really too much." The person was a trusted aide of the Headmaster Gu Mu.

Was it too much? In the past, maybe Ye Futian would not have done this. However, he had experienced too many things over the years. Luo Junlin relied on He Xirou's powers to deal with Cangye, and they even tried to assassinate him. The six emperors from the Yunchu Nation and the like also betrayed him. Therefore, he knew much more about human nature. Gu Mu and Lin Qiu behaved like this. When he was here, he could still deal with them. However, what would happen after he left?

If Gu Mu really hated them, he could do much evil before running away. If something were to happen to General Qin and Qin Yi, there would be nothing Ye Futian could do. Even if he was to kill Gu Mu by then, it would be meaningless.

"Master Leng, in the future you'll be the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy," Ye Futian said, looking at Leng Qingfeng. Leng Qingfeng had a good character and could sit well in this position.

"Err..." Leng Qingfeng felt very emotional. He also did not expect Ye Futian to actually be so powerful. However, Gu Mu was the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy after all and he was disabled by Ye Futian. If he was to become the Headmaster, the people of the academy would probably not accept him after Ye Futian left.

Someone very close to Gu Mu said, "We don't accept this. Who are you to decide on the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy?"

Ye Futian scanned the crowd coldly. Then, he shouted loudly, "Silver Snow Guard." Just as he finished speaking, the temperature in Qingzhou Academy seemed to fall immediately. In the sky, several figures stood proudly and their might enveloped the whole region. When their aura filled the place, the people from Qingzhou Academy all started trembling.

The figures that had appeared in the sky were like the kings of the void. "Yes," they roared simultaneously.

"Who does not accept my decision?" Ye Futian said emotionlessly. Those who were not convinced looked at the people in the sky, and their hearts twitched. What level were these people?

"Even the emperor of the Nandou Nation was determined by me. Why can't I determine the Headmaster of Qingzhou Academy?" Ye Futian seemed to have changed into another person altogether and was extremely dominating. Hearing his words, the people from Qingzhou Academy were all flabbergasted. Could Ye Futian determine the emperor of Nandou?

"Jieyu," Ye Futian said. Hua Jieyu smiled and looked at him. Walking forward, she approached Ye Futian. The Black Wind Condor gave a long tweet and came before Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

"General Qin, senior, if you have any problems, you can go to Donghai Academy and find Yi Xiang, the Headmaster. If he still can't solve it, you can go to the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace and look for the emperor, who is Jieyu's uncle. He will inform me about it." Ye Futian looked at Qin Shuai and Qin Yi. Smiling he said, "I will take my leave now. Senior, take care." After he finished speaking, the Black Wind Condor extended its wings and flew into the sky. The nobles then followed them and left.

In Qingzhou Academy, countless people gazed at the departing figures in the sky and could not remain calm. They would probably not forget about this in their entire life!

"This b*stard..." Qin Yi's eyes were slightly red. Why did he have to ask those nobles to show up before leaving? Obviously, she knew that it was all for her. A crystalline tear flew out from the corner of her eye, but her face was still filled with a bright smile. The once young juvenile had already turned into a fully grown eagle. The sky would no longer be able to bind him!