The Legend Of Futian Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Teaching
Chapter 314: Teaching
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When one was only slightly stronger than the rest, perhaps they would be jealous of one and not convinced by one. However, when one was so powerful that the rest did not even dare to be jealous, they could only look up at one in awe and respect.

Ye Futan was precisely trying to leave such an impression in Qingzhou Academy. From then on, nobody would dare to disrespect General Qin and Qin Yi. In the end, he still did not manage to meet his family members, but he finally settled everything else here.

In the Hundred Lands, various emperors went to Cangye and Nandou to send their congratulations. The emperors who had drunk and chatted with Emperor Luo all stated that they were willing to be absolutely obedient and accept all conditions. Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin spent a few days in the Nandou Nation Imperial Palace. Then, the group returned to the Eastern Barren Territory.

Ye Futian first sent Hua Jieyu back to the Moon Clan, after which they went to the Guqin Gardens of the Divine Capital. When Ye Futian and Yu Sheng finally returned to the Cottage, more than a month had already passed since their departure.

On Book Mountain, the Cottage was peaceful and harmonious as always.

Beside the bamboo forest, in front of the small huts.

"Little brother, you're back." Seeing Ye Futian, Beitang Xing'er smiled gently. She had two lovely dimples on her cheeks.

"Yup. After one month, you have become more beautiful." Ye Futian smiled.

Beitang Xing'er was already used to it. Smiling, she said, "Sit down. You returned just in time for the meal. I'll go and call the fourth brother here."

"Next time I join any place, I will definitely be the youngest," someone sighed. Ye Futian smiled and looked at the fifth brother who was cooking. Then, he said, "Fifth brother, why didn't you spend a few more days outside the mountain?"

Luo Fan widened his eyes at Ye Futian who was rubbing his nose in it. At first, he planned to enjoy his time below the mountain. However, the third brother actually said that without him, nobody would be here to cook for the second sister.

This is too miserable and inhuman! Luo Fan thought.

"Are you complaining?" Suddenly, a gentle laughter was heard. The second sister came out from the bamboo forest and smiled at Luo Fan.

"Sister, please sit. The dishes will be ready very soon." Immediately, Luo Fan was filled with enthusiasm and his lifeless look from just now was completely gone. Only then did the second sister smiled in satisfaction. She looked at Ye Futan and said, "Little brother, you didn't bring Jieyu here?"

"Sister, Jieyu went back to the Moon Clan," Ye Futian said.

"Okay. She can come whenever she is free," Zhuge Hui said, smiling. "I heard them talking about your battle in Nandou. Even I regret not going to Nandou myself to watch it."

Ye Futian scratched his head and said, "Obviously I cannot disgrace to the Cottage."

"Yup. Finally, there is a decent brother in the Cottage," Zhuge Hui said. "Come here and sit."

Luo Fan's face darkened. The face of Yi Xiaoshi who was walking over was also wet with tears. That was the impression their senior had of them!

Luo Fan and Beitang Xing'er finally returned. The meal was ready and the group sat in a circle. Ye Futian asked, "Where is the third brother?"

"He went to cultivate," Beitang Xing'er replied.

Ye Futian nodded gently. Suddenly, Zhuge Hui seemed to have thought about something and said, "Little brother, I heard from them that your martial arts are significantly stronger than your sorcery?"

"Yup." Ye Futian nodded. He obtained the body-enhancing technique from Emperor Ye Qing and the art of the Nine Heavenly Attacks was passed to him from the Snow Ape. The spells that he had learned were not as strong so naturally, he would be better in his martial arts. In fact, at a high level, there would be no particular advantage of being a sorcerer or martial arts cultivator. It depended on which area one was more talented at.

"Four, go tell Zong Xu that little brother and Yu Sheng will be going to their training field later to cultivate," Zhuge Hui said to Xue Ye.

"Now?" Xue Ye asked.

"What do you think?" Zhuge Hui said, smiling.

"Alright." Xue Ye put down his chopsticks, looking hurt. Then, he left the place.

I have no human rights I have not eaten yet. The difference in treatment

"Thank you, sister." Ye Futian smiled brightly. The sister was really nice to him.

Hearing Ye Futian's voice, Xue Ye sped up with tears in his eyes. Out of sight, out of mind.

Suddenly, some footsteps approached. Ye Futian turned around and saw a cold-looking figure walking towards him. It was Luolan Xue, the Virgin of Ancient Luolan. However, to Ye Futian's bewilderment, the pure Virgin Luolan Xue was actually holding a basin at the moment. In the basin, there were many pieces of washed clothes. Ye Futian choked on his rice.

Cough, cough Was this still the Virgin of Ancient Luolan, the cold beauty Luolan Xue?

Luolan Xue glanced at Ye Futian and then said to Zhuge Hui, "I'll go and dry the clothes in the sun."

"Alright. After you're done come and eat with us." Zhuge Hui nodded.

"Okay." Luolan Xue nodded gently, after which she walked towards the back of the bamboo forest.

Beitang Xing'er looked at Ye Futian, feeling somewhat embarrassed. In the past, she used to do all this.

"Little brother, what is it?" Zhuge Hui asked Ye Futian who was choking.

"Nothing. I ate too fast." Ye Futian lowered his head and continued to eat. Thinking about the imposing manner of the fourth and fifth brothers outside and the things that they had to do on the mountain, Ye Futian was gradually able to accept the truth.

The Cottage was a special place. It could not be judged in an ordinary way.

Maybe, perhaps Washing clothes is also a kind of cultivation?

"Eat slowly," the second sister said, smiling. "Since she will become your servant, I'll help you teach her."

Cough, cough Hearing this, Ye Futian who had lowered his head to eat was choked again. His eyes turned red and he was almost moved to tears... Why was the sister so outstanding!

After Luolan Xue hung the clothes, she returned and stood quietly at the side.

"Help little brother to fill his bowl first," the second sister said.

"Okay," Luolan Xue nodded. She looked at Ye Futian and extended her slim arms. Ye Futian passed his rice bowl to her. Luolan Xue filled the bowl with rice and passed it back to Ye Futian. Only then, the second sister said, "Sit and eat together."

Luolan Xue sat down quietly beside Ye Futian. All this while, Ye Futian had been lowering his head and eating in silence.

"Little brother, eat more." Zhuge Hui smiled and helped Ye Futian to fill his bowl with meat. Then, she looked at Luolan Xue and said, "Little brother is so skinny. You should help him to take more meat. In the future, you'll do all these tiny things. Don't wait for someone else to tell you that."

"Alright," Loulan Xue continued nodding. Ye Futian continued eating with his head lowered. Luo Fan, Yi Xiaoshi, and Beitang Xing'er all tried to keep their faces straight.

On the other hand, Yu Sheng looked at the scene with satisfaction. The second sister is really thoughtful. Futian better be used to this.

Zhuge Hui smiled and looked at Ye Futian and Luolan Xue. The little brother was outstanding in all aspects except that he was too kind to beautiful ladies. Since Luolan Xue requested to be his servant, she clearly had to be ready for it. Zhuge Hui heard that it was the intention of the celestial empress of Ancient Luolan. Did she want her daughter to enter the Cottage like this and become a disciple? Then she would need to be a servant first.

Nevertheless, Zhuge Hui was quite satisfied with Luolan Xue's performance so far. She did not behave like she was a princess at all and was very obedient. Thus, she could be taught slowly and in the future, she would definitely become a competent servant.

Xue Ye only returned after they finished eating. Zhuge Hui asked him, "Is it settled?"

"Yup. Little brother and Yu Sheng can go to the training field anytime." Xue Ye nodded.

"Then bring them there now," Zhuge Hui said.

"Alright," Xue Ye nodded.

"Can I go and take a look?" Luolan Xue said softly as she looked at Zhuge Hui.

"Bring her along," Zhuge Hui said to Xue Ye.

Xue Ye nodded. Then, he brought Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Luolan Xue out of the Cottage. They came to another mountain of the College. This mountain was ruled by Mountain Elder Zong Xu and was known as Mount Chong. The mountain was filled with many orderly arranged palaces and attics. An ethereal mist filled the place, making the mountain look like a fairyland.

The Cottage is probably the simplest among the nine mountains of the College, Ye Futian thought.

Of course, there were only a few people in the Cottage in the first place.

The Mount Chong training field was a very famous cultivating area in the College. Every day, many disciples would come here to cultivate and train.

The arrival of Ye Futian and his team caused a great disturbance at the training field. It was as if the disciples on Mount Chong already knew the news. Clearly, Mountain Elder Zong Xu had deliberately told them the message.

Standing at the edge of the training field, Ye Futian could not keep calm. This was the first time he came to a place of cultivation in the College. The training field was built using purely white stone. It was in the shape of a canyon which was tens of meters deep. At the edge of the training field, there were a few towering boulders carved into statues which resembled humans. The statues were slanted and faced the training field. From them, a terrifying might was emitted, pressuring the people in the training field. Although Ye Futian was standing on the edges of the field and did not step into it, he could still feel a noble-like pressure.

Apart from that, the entire training field was also enveloped in a matrix. Ye Futian could feel a very strong pulling force that was trying to suck him into the canyon. It was an extremely powerful gravity. Many people went around the group and looked at them.

"Little brother, seems like Mountain Elder Zong Xu has already told everyone about it. Now, many disciples are coming to Mount Chong, and they probably all want you, a Cottage disciple, to train with them. Take care of yourself. I will not accompany you." Xue Ye patted on Ye Futian's shoulders and smiled. Then, he left the place alone and Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Luolan Xue were left here.

"He is gloating," Ye Futian muttered to himself. Then, he said, "Yu Sheng, let's go down." After he finished speaking, they walked through the air and headed towards the training field. Just as they entered the sky above the training field, they felt an extremely strong gravity trying to pull them down. Immediately, they started to fall at an incredible speed and landed in the canyon like two bolts of lightning.

"The gravity is so strong!" Ye Futian stood in the canyon and felt that his footsteps were extremely heavy. Apart from that, the noble might coming from the enormous stone statues above him also made him feel like he could not even move a single step.

This was indeed a good place to train their martial arts skills.

Luolan Xue did not go down. She only stood at the edge of the canyon and watched in silence. Apart from her, many people at the edge of the training field looked at Ye Futian. Among them, someone with an outstanding temperament smiled and said, "I heard that Ye Futian killed Luo Junlin who was in the second level of the Arcana Plane when he was only in the Seventh-level Dharma Plane. I wonder how strong Luo Junlin's combat abilities were."

"In any case, Ye Futian's combat power is certainly very strong indeed." Beside him, another young man smiled.

"Yup. Since this is the case, anyone on Mount Chong who is below the second level of the Arcana Plane can go and have a friendly fight with Ye Futian or Yu Sheng if you want to. There's no need to hesitate." The young man smiled. It was a rare chance to have two Cottage disciples to help in their training.