The Legend Of Futian Chapter 316

Chapter 316: The Giant with Innate Strength
Chapter 316: The Giant with Innate Strength
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In the training field, Ye Futian was practicing fist forms. There seemed to be a fantastic rhythm in his postures. He acted unrestrainedly, like an emperor.

The dragon's roar, ape's growl, and thunder could be heard in his fists, which made him very mighty. His body moved flexibly like a roc flying in the sky. The strong pressure didn't deter his actions.

Finishing the exercise, he lifted his long staff again and began to practice with only his physical strength. Horrible explosions were heard again. He didn't need to gather power for the Nine Heavenly Attacks. He only needed pure physical strength to wield the staff and control the rhythm. Without the gathering of power, every move was exhausting to Ye Futian. He needed stronger power. With the extremely heavy staff in hand, it was very difficult for him to practice, especially in the training field.

However, Ye Futian practiced repeatedly. Sometimes, he was forced to stop and there would be a huge explosion in the air. People constantly looked at him. Every blow Ye Futian managed to slash out made him stronger. An invisible power was growing stronger and stronger in a horrible way.

While he kept practicing with his staff, some dreadful crackling sounds came from his body. The dragon's roar and thunder became more and more sonorous. His blood seemed to boil crazily in veins. Finally, the sky was shaken by another blow. A stronger momentum appeared above him. His martial arts entered another levelthe Eighth-level Dharma Plane.

He glanced at Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng was looking up at the statues in the midair. A few days ago, Yu Sheng had made a breakthrough. Observing those statues could help strengthen mentality. This was what Ye Futian taught Yu Sheng.

This training field was the perfect place for martial cultivators to cultivate. What Mountain Elder Zong Xu mastered in was martial arts. But Ye Futian could also practice Spiritual energy by virtue of those statues here.

Ye Futian put down the stone staff. Staring at those statues, he began to meditate, which made those statues clearer to him. Suddenly, those statues seemed to come to life. Their faces loomed, and an extremely might came down to oppress his mentality.

Ye Futian looked very calm. He kept staring at those statues, resisting the might with his mentality. Soon, some sweat oozed on his forehead. The mental deterrence was more painful than physical impediment. Ye Futian needed to take a break from time to time. After that, he would practice martial arts again.

Finally, after some days, Ye Futian, sitting in the valley, had a breakthrough mentally. Both his martial arts and sorcery entered the Eighth-level Dharma Plane. He was getting closer and closer to the Arcana Plane. When he was cultivating in Qingzhou City, the Arcana Plane used to be a legend to him.

Ye Futian stood up and stepped forward with the staff in his hand. He looked up at the edges of the valley and announced loudly, "Anyone of the lower Arcana Plane would like to have a battle? I am waiting here." His voice could be heard throughout the whole training field. Countless eyes fell upon Ye Futian. Was he finally going to accept the challenges?

Two months ago, Ye Futian defeated Xia Houchu. After that, everyone wanted to challenge him. At this time, he was still in the Dharma Plane but wanted to challenge cultivators in the lower Arcana Plane? Ye Futian was so audacious! The lower Arcana Plane included levels from the first to the third.

In the sky, a man stood proudly and looked at Ye Futian. walked to above the gorge, attracting everyone's attention with his burly body. His short hair made him look very vigorous.

He was Mo Bei, a strong cultivator in the Second-level Arcana Plane.

"Senior Brother Mo!" Many people exclaimed. Mo Bei was an excellent disciple of Mount Chong. He swooped to the ground with a shocking oppressive force.

Ye Futian looked up at the comer and felt extreme pressure as if it was a mountain coming to him instead of a person.

Boom. White light dazzled. Mo Bei's legs trampled down like two towering mountains, seeming to crush everything beneath his feet.

Ye Futian raised his head. His long staff began to spin. The might grew stronger and stronger. Gradually, a horrible windstorm formed, seemly because of the spinning staff. The hideous might pervaded the space. Spirit in the natural world all gathered here. Ye Futian clutched the staff and slashed at the descending Mo Bei. For an instant, the long staff spun and soared like a dragon while Mo Bei was like a noble statue, treading and crushing everything.

When the two collided, a sonorous explosion sound was heard everywhere. Mountains broke down and stones exploded. Mo Bei's body was thrown up high in the sky, faster than how he had come. He spat out a mouthful blood in the air and then fell down like a parachute. Somebody flew out to carry the badly hurt man. Mo Bei spat out more blood and his face was very pale.

"This" Frightened, people trembled. They didn't expect Mo Bei, who descended with such extreme oppressive force, would be defeated so miserably.

"Who else?" Ye Futian erected his staff by his side and looked up at those people like a king. The might in the valley remained still, but Ye Futian was not disturbed at all. He had been practicing physical strength in the training field. His physique had become very strong. His long staff weighed several tons. Every blow he slashed out gathered all the power. People could imagine how strong he was. In this bout, Ye Futian in the Eighth-level Dharma Plane defeated Mo Bei, a strong cultivator of the Second Arcana Plane, so easily. Mo Bei was hit squarely by Ye Futian's staff. How could he bear it?

Ye Futian's voice rang throughout the gorge, threatening all the cultivators. They all stared at that handsome figure. The disciples cultivating on the Mount Chong were very indignant. This was their place but Ye Futian made it his own stage. However, Mo Bei was defeated. Very few people in the lower Arcana Plane here could defeat Ye Futian.

Right at this time, a straight-backed figure descended. With an explosive sound, the whole training field shook. All the spectators trembled too. They looked down at the valley and saw a large figure standing there like a giant.

Looking at the figure, Ye Futian was greatly surprised. He had never seen anyone with a larger body than this man. Yu Sheng was burly enough, but this man was even taller than Yu Sheng. He was covered in muscles and stood there like a mountain.

"Tu Ling is going to fight?" People were all amazed by this scene. They turned to a young spectator who folded his hands behind. The young man was the direct disciple of Mountain Elder Zong Xu, Zhong Lihen, who was the number one among those disciples on Mount Chong. He was in the Noble Plane was very talented.

Tu Ling was the disciple of Mountain Elder Zong Xu too, but he only followed Zhong Lihen's order. Obviously, Tu Ling's appearance was arranged by him.

Zhong Lihen stood there with his hands folded behind. He knew how strong Tu Ling was. He had the strongest physical strength on Mount Chong.

Ye Futain challenged the status of Mount Chong. Zhong Lihen believed that Tu Ling was going to let others know how powerful the Mount Chong was.

Tu Ling's large body made him look like a muscle mountain. He went aside to fetch a very hideous stone hammer then treaded toward Ye Futian. His eyes were full of murderous intent. He began to run quickly with his large body. Every step he made shook the valley.

Ye Futian felt a fierce pressure from the rival. He wielded his staff again and his body spun. A stunning hit was prepared for Tu Ling.

Tu Ling pounded Ye Futian's long staff with his stone hammer. The hammer and staff collided.

Bang. A sonorous sound was heard everywhere. Ye Futian was forced back. He twirled his staff again, wanting to collect strength, but Tu Ling came up with another pound. With a loud sound, Ye Futian's body was thrown away. The long staff supported him so that he didn't fall down.

"Third-level Arcana Plane, you have an inborn strength." Ye Futian looked at Tu Ling. He was a monster like Yu Sheng.

Bang, bang. Tu Ling treaded toward him step by step. Ye Futian stood up. Suddenly, a figure rushed toward him. It was Yu Sheng. With a long lance in hand, Yu Sheng descended like a demon and rushed toward Tu Ling.

Tu Ling clutched his hammer with both hands and smash down heavily. Yu Sheng was instantly thrown away by the strong force.

"Such explosive strength!" Ye Futian stared at the rival. Tu Ling stood there like one of those statues in the sky. He had an innate large body and power. Tu Ling was much stronger than Luo Junlin.

People above the valley were watching this battle. They were not surprised. If someone in the Arcana Plane could defeat Ye Futian, it must be Tu Ling. Mountain Elder Zong Xu once said that Tu Ling's strength was stronger than anyone else he had ever seen. However, Tu Ling was not very smart.

Bang. Tu Ling stepped toward Ye Futian again. Looking at that large body, Ye Futian yelled, "Hey, big guy." Tu Ling stopped walking but his face grew fiercer as if he was going to swallow Ye Futian up. "Your strength is not bad. What's your name?"

Tu Ling glared and treaded toward him. His every step shook the ground. Another pound by the hammer came but Ye Futian escaped. He sprang up into the sky and stared at the big guy.

Tu Ling looked up at Ye Futian. His eyes told of his extreme anger. Another attack was sent out. Ye Futian kept evading the attacks. He didn't intend to confront Tu Ling directly. People became curious. It was a very smart choice to not fight directly. There was a huge difference in level between Tu Ling and him. Even if they were in the same plane, Tu Ling's strength was incomparable.

"What a tough guy!" Ye Futian exclaimed seeing Tu Ling glaring at him,

"Dodge? Is that all you can do?" Tu Ling spoke in his deep voice.

"In a battle, strength is not everything. I have hundreds of ways to defeat you but I appreciate your strength, so I don't want to hurt you." Ye Futian had encountered many other talents, but Tu Ling was the first one he had met whose strength could be compared with Yu Sheng's.

People were made speechless by his words. Ye Futian was forced to dodge in such an embarrassing way. How dare he say something ridiculous like this?