The Legend Of Futian Chapter 319

Chapter 319: All Here
Chapter 319: All Here
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Countless gazes fell on Ye Futian's back. Even if he was from a top force, he was being too disrespectful by calling the Qin Dynasty "lowly" in public, right?

Thinking of what had happened at Chaoge City, they were close to figuring out this youth's identity. In the Eastern Barren Territory, only disciples from one place could be so arrogant and think that the Qin Dynasty didn't qualify to be compared to them. It was the Cottage, of course. And other than Ye Futian, which other young disciple came down from the mountain?

"I didn't think I would be able to meet the eighth disciple of the Cottage while drinking here today," someone said, putting their hands up to greet him.

"The Cottage and Qin Dynasty has always been at odds. Mr. Ye is exaggerating a bit by calling all of the Qin Dynasty as lowly," someone else said. "When Qin Yuan entered the imperial city, he was extremely mannered and visited the lords. Many lords had great impressions of him and praised him. How can he be lowly?" His voice was calm. Since he knew who Ye Futian was, he wouldn't be too impolite. He just wanted to hear Ye Futian explain his comment on the Qin Dynasty. Did he like Princess Liu Chenyu too?

"Qin Mengruo of the Qin Dynasty has married below her rank to the Donghua Clan," Ye Futian said indifferently. "Qin Li, the grandson of the emperor, is also pursuing Chu Yaoyao. Now, Qin Yuan is proposing to the Liu Kingdom. Do they want to have marriage alliances with all of the Eastern Barren Territory?

"Qin Yuan does not know Liu Chenyu at all but made such a commotion. Has anyone thought of how Liu Chenyu will feel? Entering the imperial city and visiting the lords Is he preparing for when he comes to live in the Liu Kingdom?" Ye Futian's voice turned cold. "If these actions aren't lowly, then how would you describe them?" With that, he began walking out of the restaurant. Clearly, he was upset with this marriage. He would do his best to destroy it.

The people who heard him were shocked. Everyone knew how powerful the Qin Dynasty was. Thus, the people of the Liu Kingdom were happy to see the alliance between the two parties. However, they also knew a bit about the Qin Dynasty's ambition. Hearing Ye Futian's words, other ideas appeared in their minds. Indeed, the Qin Dynasty was being too active recently, allying with each force. It was clear what they were planning. Of course, they were more shocked by the last sentence.

Entering the imperial city and visiting the lords Is he preparing for when he comes to live in the Liu Kingdom? This phrase was accusatory. Who of the lords Qin Yuan visited would dare to support him now? Were they thinking of betraying?

The Cottage disciples were indeed extraordinary talented. Their words were sharp as well.

What happened at the restaurant quickly spread throughout the palace. Many people were shocked that Ye Futian had arrived in the imperial city and publicly disapproved of the marriage. They didn't know if this was the Cottage's attitude or Ye Futian's own.

Ye Futian had publicly called the Qin Dynasty lowly. He'd offended them and the people wondered how the Qin Dynasty would react.

Something else was strange. Lord Kang had praised Qin Yuan to be like a dragon. He clearly supported the marriage. But with Ye Futian's words, he felt ashamed now. The other lords didn't dare speak up for Qin Yuan anymore. However, this didn't seem to affect Qin Yuan. News quickly spread that he continued to visit the lords.

Someone asked him why. Qin Yuan claimed that the descendants of the Qin Dynasty were mannered and cultured. When asked about his thoughts on Ye Futian's words, he said that he wouldn't speak about someone behind their back. Many complimented Qin Yuan's reply for being classy. Others thought that he was virtually fighting with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian suspected Qin Yuan's actions while he just said he was visiting the lords out of politeness. Ye Futian called the Qin Dynasty lowly while Qin Yuan said he wouldn't speak behind Ye Futian's back. Many in the Liu Kingdom praised his perfect response. Lord Kang stepped out again, claiming that he'd met Qin Yuan, won over by his classiness. He thought highly of the junior but nothing else. As for the comments of lowly people, he didn't care.

Ye Futian seemed to have lost in this virtual fight.

Of course, some also turned up their noses at Qin Yuan's response. When Ye Futian had only been famous in the Ancient Barren World, Qin Li had publicly commented on him. The Dongqin College hadn't been established at that time; Ye Futian and the Qin Dynasty hadn't had any conflicts either. Now that Qin Yuan was claiming that he wouldn't speak about others behind their backs to show the classiness of the Qin Dynasty, it was a bit not genuine.

This made people suspect that Ye Futian would also pursue Liu Chenyu. But Ye Futian had a girlfriend who was rumored to be cultivating at the Moon Clan. If he pursued Liu Chenyu now, would Emperor Liu agree?

Ye Futian ignored all the talk about him. He'd experienced the fakeness of the Qin Dynasty long ago. After learning that a disciple from the Royal Xuan Temple entered the Dongqin College to cultivate, he began suspecting that the Qin Dynasty had taken part in the assassination at Chaoge City.

Second Senior Sister had arrived and destroyed the gate of the Dongqin College. Why would the Qin Dynasty swallow everything and cooperate with the Cottage to find the culprit? Were they truly so weak?

Looking at the entire plan, it seemed that the Qin Dynasty was ruling over the entire world already. Qin Yuan had displayed a great demeanor but he'd also learned the pretense of the Qin Dynasty. Of course, Ye Futian didn't reply indirectly again. There was no need. He'd already expressed his attitude.

Liu Feiyang came to the inn Ye Futian was staying at.

"How are things?" Ye Futian asked after seeing Liu Feiyang.

Furrowing his brows, Liu Feiyang shook his head. He wasn't clear either.

"What is Emperor Liu's attitude?" Ye Futian asked. The one who could truly decide this was still Liu Feiyang's father.

"Before Qin Yuan came, the Qin Dynasty already sent a secret ambassador to see my father," Liu Feiyang said. "He said that Qin Yuan would marry into the Liu Kingdom. No matter what happens in the future, the Liu Kingdom's status won't change."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. It turned out that the Qin Dynasty had already planned everything.

"This proposal carries a lot of weight," Liu Feiyang said.

Naturally, Ye Futian knew that since Liu Feiyang was here, he really placed great importance on friendships and disapproved of this. He wasn't thinking from the perspective of the Liu Kingdom's interest. They were friends but it would be understandable if Liu Feiyang, as a prince of the Liu Kingdom, cut off all ties with him.

"What level is the Liu Kingdom's power?" Ye Futian asked. It wasn't really his place to ask but he did so anyway.

Liu Feiyang understood him, of course. "According to my father, the Qin Dynasty might have found and activated their ancestors' tombs. My father estimates that there is a great difference in power."

Of all the top forces, only the three in the center were the strongest: the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and the College. The others were all a bit weaker. If the Qin Dynasty reactivated the ancestors' tombs, it would be terrifying.

Ye Futian's brows knitted. One's power determined one's confidence. If the Liu Kingdom didn't fear the Qin Dynasty's power, they could do as they wished.

"Chenyu revealed to me that she has feelings for Wuchen. This would have been great news in the past, but now" Liu Feiyang said. "If Wuchen had your status, he could fight for her, but he's only a swordsman from the seventh summit of the Fuyun Sword Clan. Disciples from the first summit have gone to cultivate at the Dongqin College. It's highly possible that they will become allies. Under this situation, it is difficult for Wuchen to compete with Qin Yuan. I'm a bit worried." He didn't feel good about this. He didn't expect the Qin Dynasty would propose so suddenly.

Ever since Qin Yu was given the title of crown prince, the Qin Dynasty started taking huge strides forward. They were becoming more and more powerful. The Liu Kingdom was under great pressure and he feared his father would choose to sacrifice Liu Chenyu.

"I hope His Majesty won't agree," Ye Futian murmured. This was the Liu Kingdom's matters. He couldn't interfere and could only try his best. In the beginning, he'd jokingly pushed Liu Chenyu and Ye Wuchen together. If they really had mutual feelings, he couldn't just sit and watch Liu Chenyu marry Qin Yuan.

People from the various top forces gradually arrived at the imperial city. The Qin Dynasty had visited all the important figures and expressed their attitude. Finally, the day of the marriage proposal was here.

Today, guards stood in order outside a place inside the palace. A group came from afar on the golden road outside the palace. The person at the front wore a golden robe. His long hair was tied up. He had handsome features and a pair of bright eyes. He had a slight smile and looked really mesmerizing. Indeed, he could be a flower boy. This was Qin Yuan, youngest son of Emperor Qin. Today, he was the star.

Beside him were Qin Mengruo, Qian Shanmo, Qin Li, Chu Yaoyao, and the others. They were all extraordinary while the girls were even more beautiful. Two of the three beauties appeared together.

This group also signified something else. Qian Shanmo and Chu Yaoyao were respectively from the Donghua Clan and Moon Clan. Appearing with Qin Yuan, this added more to the proposal.

Qian Shanmu was obvious. The Donghua Clan had already announced to ally with the Qin Dynasty. But was Chu Yaoyao here as Qin Li's girlfriend or the Virgin of the Moon Clan?

Another group flew over quickly and landed outside the palace. In the distance, a group of swordsmen came in the air with whistling sword aura. They also landed near the palace.

In the distant crowd, many people walked towards the palace. They were all from the top forces of the Eastern Barren Territory and had all arrived. Emperor Liu had invited people from all over for the proposal. They naturally wouldn't miss this event. This could very possibly show the direction of the Eastern Barren Territory's future!