The Legend Of Futian Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Climb the Mountain
Chapter 322: Climb the Mountain
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Mist wrapped around Turtle Mountain, shrouding it so that it looked like a divine turtle. At the foot of the mountain, one could feel bounding Spiritual Qi. Light of every element shot from it, making it look so beautiful.

Right now, countless people were present. People from the important families of the Liu Kingdom also came. However, the strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty and Ye Futian's group were still at the foremost.

Many youths from the Liu Kingdom looked to Qin Yuan, Qian Shanmu, Ye Futian, and the others. These prides from the top forces that were known throughout the Eastern Barren Territory were the goals for many youths. Their existence were benchmarks.

"Qin Mengruo and Chu Yaoyao are so beautiful," the daughter of an important family praised their beauty. She was also a beauty and had always thought that the top three beauties of the Eastern Barren Territory weren't as pretty as her. But now that she saw them, she discovered their charm. She was far behind.

"Prince Qin is so handsome." The girl beside her was looking at Qin Yuan. In the crowd, he was definitely one of the top flower boys.

"Is Ye Futian not handsome?" a girl in a long blue dress asked, chuckling.

"Of course, but I like Prince Qin's gentleness more. I heard that Ye Futian is too arrogant and a bully. The disciples of the Cottage don't respect anyone. He called Prince Qin a lowly man but Prince Qin didn't comment on him. So I like Prince Qin more. He and Princess Chenyu suit each other."

"Don't you know what Ye Futian said in the Ancient Barren World?" a youth around 18-years-old asked.

"Those who know me understand my arrogance?" the girl asked in return.

"Cottage disciples don't need to care about others," the youth said. "They do as they wish and are like true men. I don't like Prince Qin." He didn't say that he thought Prince Qin was insincere.

"Who do you think will reach the summit?" the girl asked, chuckling.

"If Qin Yuan is competing with Ye Futian, he obviously won't be able to win. But with Ye Wuchen, I don't know." The youth trusted the Cottage disciples because he wished to cultivate there.

"Qin Yuan is only competing with Ye Wuchen but Ye Futian and the others will also climb the mountain. I heard that Qin Yuan has extraordinary talent. Qian Shanmu, Qin Li, Qin Mengruo, Chu Yaoyao, and the others are all talented too. Let's wait and see."

Everyone around them was also discussing this. At this time, Qin Yuan's group made the first step towards Turtle Mountain. Ye Futian's group also stepped toward it.

There was no true road on Turtle Mountain. The ancient turtle-like mountain seemed to have been cut into pieces. Strange and jagged rocks were everywhere.

The moment they stepped onto the mountain, it was as if a divine turtle was riding them. Every step became heavy. Ye Futian tried flying but the power forced him down. They could only walk but this was expected. If they could fly, anyone would be able to climb the mountain.

Liu Feiyang was also there. "How long will it take to the summit?" Ye Futian asked.

"I don't know." Liu Feiyang shook his head. "Only the sovereigns have reached the summit before. I heard that many royalties lost themselves in the Turtle Mountain. We must be careful."

Ye Futian nodded. He glanced at the Qin Dynasty group in the near distance. They were also climbing by foot. Qin Yuan was in the center. Qin Li seemed to feel something and glanced towards Ye Futian.

As they walked, the mountain became covered in a layer of fog. The ground wasn't as clear anymore. Now, other than going up, they didn't know what direction they were heading in or where they were. Many strong cultivators of the Liu Kingdom followed them onto Turtle Mountain to test how far they could go.

Time passed bit by bit. Everyone's steps grew heavier. The invisible pressure from Turtle Mountain kept growing. Many cultivators from the Liu Kingdom slowed down. Some couldn't even walk anymore and had to sit down for a rest.

"Ah!" A cry sounded, echoing throughout the mountain. Fear rose in many people's hearts. They didn't feel as relaxed as before. Only those from the top levels could continue forward steadily. Some talented ones from the Liu Kingdom could as well but they'd slowed too.

In the crowd behind them, a girl who cultivated sorcery stopped. "I need to rest," she said to her companions. With that, she sat on a rock and tried to gather the Spiritual Qi around her to cultivate. Climbing the mountain was too tiring and she'd used up all her Spiritual Qi. Because she didn't cultivate martial arts, she did not have a lot of stamina.

"Alright." Everyone nodded and sat down to rest. But soon, everyone's bodies started trembling. Then some invisible force pulled onto their bodies and hurled them downward. That moment, consecutive screams shattered the silence. They kept echoing and the people's hearts weren't as sure as before. This type of scream sounded occasionally after that, shaking everyone up.

Ye Futian's group kept going. The people around them disappeared and he didn't know where Qin Yuan's group was.

Using Freedom Meditation, he saw a giant divine turtle. Its pressure was even scarier than the martial arts training field. He had to stop the Freedom Meditation. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to walk much. He could use this to train his body usually. However, he was climbing a mountain now, not cultivating.

After one day, they all felt tired. They had no clue where they were. This was the scariestit seemed endless.

"Should we rest?" Ye Futian asked. This was his first time mentioning it. Even someone as powerful as him felt tired. Ye Wuchen and the others naturally did too.

Ye Wuchen stopped and nodded. Everyone sat on the ground and closed their eyes. When Ye Futian closed his eyes, he actually felt drowsiness attack him. He wanted to relax and sleep. His body became light as if he was floating in the air. Suddenly, a hand from deep in his mind grabbed at him.

"We can't rest!" Ye Futian cried out, eyes flying open. Everyone was startled awake; there was a bright flash. They all panted heavily. Exchanging glances, they took a deep breath and stood up to continue climbing.

"Is this really a sacred land of your kingdom?" Ye Futian looked at Liu Feiyang, completely done.

"My father said before that only the strongest can step foot on Turtle Mountain," Liu Feiyang replied. "Those who wish to become emperor must pass this trial."

Ye Futian was frustrated but he had to keep going. But if they were like this, the others must not be well off either. Ye Wuchen had been quiet all this time. He couldn't relax until this matter was settled. Thus, he looked even more persistent.

Days passed like this. It seemed impossible to reach the summit. They were exhausted now. Their legs were heavy and their muscles were taut. It felt horrible to have their mind and body tense for so long.

Countless people looked up at the mountain from the foot. Many of the ones who'd tried had fallen down. Some were lightly hurt while others were badly injured. However, people still kept trying to better themselves.

Through the mist, they could see people around the middle of the mountain. Those who crossed the middle were from the top forces. Even some of them had fallen down, including those in the Noble plane.

"Prince Qin and Ye Futian seem to be in the same place," someone said. The people were small in their vision but they were in the middle. No one knew if they could reach the top.

Anyway, Ye Futian didn't know where they were. Right now, they were extremely exhausted but the road became smoother. It was easier to walk. A sea of flowers appeared in the mist. It was magnificent and beautiful.

"Are we at the top?" Ye Futian asked. He looked to the side but realized that everyone was gone. "Yu Sheng, Wuchen," Ye Futian called. There was no echo. His voice just disappeared.

Ye Futian frowned. A beautiful figure walked out of the flowers. Her beautiful eyes stared at him, almost melting his heart.

"Chu Yaoyao?" Ye Futian was confused. As Chu Yaoyao stared at him, she walked over and reached out a hand. She just looked at him dazedly.

"A hallucination?" Ye Futian stepped forward. He ignored the girl and brushed past her. Then he saw another hallucination. Qin Mengruo, the cold beauty, was playing her guqin. Music floated around her. There was a rapid stream before her.

When the music stopped, Qin Mengruo stood up. She placed her hands on her shoulder and pushed her clothes down a bit, revealing her porcelain-like shoulders. Long legs stepped into the water. Her clothes became wet and she turned to smile at Ye Futian.

He blinked. Why would he see this kind of hallucination?

"No thank you." Ye Futian continued forward, ignoring the beautiful image. After that, Lin Yueyao, Senior Sister Qin Yi, Loulan Xue everyone appeared in his hallucination, annoying Ye Futian. Was this a test for his mind? Why would there be so many beauties? He wasn't a pervert!

Of course, the hardest to resist was still when Jieyu appeared but he still resisted. There would be chances in the future.

Yu Sheng also had hallucinations but they were much easier than Ye Futian's. There were no beauties. Only two people appeared: his father and Ye Futian.