The Legend Of Futian Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Battle on Turtle Mountain
Chapter 323: Battle on Turtle Mountain
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Ye Futian was annoyed. Climbing mountains was tiring in itself and got even more so as he went. If he could, he wished he could just drop down and rest. It was honestly too tiring. The worst thing was when you couldn't see the end or even the light. And now these beautiful images were trying to lure him. It was horrible!

When someone was so physically exhausted, their willpower would go down and they would want to completely relax. The further they went, the harder it was to resist. Even worse, the images that Ye Futian saw kept becoming more beautiful.

The girls are skeletons. Ye Futian went forward with his eyes closed but it was useless. The realistic images were imprinted directly into his mind. He couldn't escape it at all. If this really was a trial on his mind, it was too cruel. No wonder Liu Feiyang said many people would lose themselves here. If he chose to give in, would he get lost? He didn't know.

Hua Jieyu appeared in his mind. Ye Futian smiled brightly. He shouldn't be distracted by beauty but Hua Jieyu's image always appeared. "Fox, if you do this, something bad will happen," he muttered. Thinking of Wuchen, Ye Futian gritted his teeth and continued forward. He wasn't the only one going through this on Turtle Mountain.

Right now, Qin Yuan also saw many images. With his exhausted mind, he saw his father sitting on the throne and reaching out to him with a smile. It was as if he could sit onto the throne if he wished.

Qin Yuan's expression twisted in pain. He wanted the throne so badly but he knew it wasn't his. The Qin Dynasty's throne was Qin Yu's. He could never get it.

In his fantasy, he saw Qin Li appear before him, powerless. If he wanted to, he could kill Qin Li. His face twisted. He wished he could kill the man.

Everyone thought that Emperor King loved Qin Yuan most but that was just on the surface. If he did, why would he send Qin Yuan to the Liu Kingdom to marry the princess? It was to distance him from power so he wouldn't have those thoughts. He had to achieve the goal too but actually, he didn't want it.

Marry Liu Chenyu? She was pretty but wasn't Qin Mengruo, his sister from another mother, also pretty? As one of the top three beauties, she was obviously prettier than Liu Chenyu. Chu Yaoyao was the Virgin of the Moon Clan. Why did Qin Li marry her instead of him? In what aspect was he worse than Qin Li?

In his hallucination, he was inside the Qin palace. A dream-like scene appeared inside that opulent pavilion. The elegant and arrogant Qin Mengruo, the moving Chu Yaoyao, and beautiful Liu Chenyu all lay before him. They only had a thin blanket over them. Their snowy-white arms and legs were bare. If he wanted, he could enjoy the best moment in the world. It was so tempting. He could drown in this for eternity.

His features kept twisting and becoming menacing. Gritting his teeth, he started bleeding and his eyes reddened. Others would definitely never think that the scholarly and calm Qin Yuan could look like this too. He was completely different from how he usually was.

Trembling, Qin Yuan ignored his dreams and continued forward. He knew what he had to do now. If he failed, he wouldn't be able to answer to his father.

Chu Yaoyao didn't know she appeared in so many men's fantasies. She was also undergoing this trial. Exhausted, she wanted to stop and rest against someone. She was so tired; she could fall over any time. She couldn't keep going anymore.

At this time, someone appeared before her. He was so handsome and his eyes were so pretty. He had a subtle smile and gave off a playfully bad feeling.

The handsome man walked to her side and said, "I'll carry you." With that, he squatted down before her. Chu Yaoyao smiled brilliantly. That moment, she didn't care whether it was real or not. She didn't care about the consequences either; she just wanted to rest on his back.

Thus, she rose to her tiptoes and sprawled onto the youth's back. She grasped his neck and rested her face on his shoulder, smiling sweetly. This image was so beautiful. She didn't have to pretend and could be her truest self.

After a long while, the almost-utterly exhausted Ye Futian appeared before a path on Turtle Mountain. The hallucinations finally disappeared. White clouds floated in the sky. It was quiet and peaceful. Before him, he could make out an ancient pavilion at the peak. He was almost there.

"Have I finally gotten out of it?" Ye Futian took a deep breath. He walked to a huge rock to sit down and recover his mental and physical energy.

After a while, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen walked out too. They came to Ye Futian and sat down. After that, Liu Feiyang and Loulan Xue appeared too.

The Silver Snow Guard never appeared. He was probably stuck in the hallucination. This event didn't have anything to do with him so it wasn't that important. It was normal that he couldn't get out of it.

After resting a bit, Ye Wuchen stood up. Seeing that, everyone else rose and continued forward. The pressure was still great but without the hallucination, they wouldn't get lost.

In the distance, other figures appeared. It was Qin Yuan, Qin Li, Qian Shanmu, and Qin Mengruo. Chu Yaoyao wasn't there. In another direction, Gu Zhiqiu and Gu Biyue appeared too. Unexpectedly, they reached this point too. They must have strong willpower too.

Other people appeared below them. Only one strong cultivator from the Ji Family arrivedJi Kong.

Zhe Song and Qi Ao of the Fuyun Sword Clan were there too, as well as one from the Royal Xuan Temple. The people walked upward. Here, they couldn't be too far from the peak.

The Qin Dynasty and Ye Futian's group went up together. Qin Yuan had recovered. His handsome face was gentle and calm again. He kept looking up.

Qin Li glanced at Ye Futian. Chuckling, he said, "Ye Futian, earlier, you defeated a pride of the Dongqin College at Chaoge City. I've always wanted to challenge you but your plane is too low so I couldn't. But you killed Luo Junlin at the Nandou Nation and showed extraordinary combat ability. How about you let me experience your ability today?" As he spoke, he walked towards Ye Futian. Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo walked over too, bodies flashing and releasing their might. Qin Yuan pretended he didn't see it and kept climbing.

"Don't think about stopping us." Liu Feiyang's expression was cold. Ye Futian obviously knew what Qin Li was doing. His Arcana aura was very strong now. Dragons wrapped around him and one could hear dragon cries in the air.

Qin Li stepped towards Ye Futian with horrible might. As a monstrous figure, his talent and ability were both powerful. He'd activated eight dragon meridians and was one of the rare figures in the Qin Dynasty.

Nine meridians was the limit.

"Wuchen, go first," Ye Futian said. Ye Wuchen and Qin Yuan were the stars today. It didn't matter for the rest but Ye Wuchen must get to the top.

Qian Shanmu and Qin Mengruo's life spirits appeared. Guqins sang and strings of music fell onto Qin Li. His might grew until he became like a true dragon. Qin Li grabbed in the air. Instantly, many dragons roared towards Ye Futian and the others. With bared teeth and claws, they were going to kill the group.

The Qin Dynasty had people with eight dragon meridians. Their dragon intent was like true dragons.

Boundless sword intent bloomed from Ye Wuchen. He stepped to the side and the sword intent cut through the sky. It streaked towards the incoming dragon while he continued walking like a sword.

Qin Li's eyes were cold. He stepped forward and grabbed towards Ye Wuchen. At the same time, a figure appeared before him.

It was Ye Wuchen.

The Five Element Rod in his hand enlarged into an extremely big staff. He twirled it and used the power of the world to slam it down. Horrible gravity fell on the Five Element Rod, making it thousands of pounds heavy. It shattered the dragon and went for Qin Li.

Eight dragons roared from Qin Li's body. Strong and sharp claws caught onto the rod and forcefully stopped its downward motion.

Countless eyes at the foot of the mountain looked up at the scene. Light glowed from some people's eyes as if they could see through the space. Looking at the tiny figures on the mountain, their insides trembled.

"A battle erupted."

"Who's fighting?" Those with lower planes couldn't see what was happening.

"Ye Futian of the Cottage and Qin Li of the Qin Dynasty. Qian Shanmu, Qin Mengruo, and Yu Sheng might join in."

"What about Qin Yuan?"

"Still climbing. He's in line with Ye Wuchen."

More voices sounded at the foot of the mountain. Many people were in an uproar. Qin Li really was fighting with Ye Futian and they couldn't see it? They could only see blurry figures.

"Who will win?" someone asked. He was anxious because he couldn't see.

Qin Li, a grandson of the emperor, was scarily talented. He also had a high plane. But they'd all witnessed Ye Futian's abilities. He had killed Luo Junlin.

"I don't know. The emperor's grandson has eight dragon meridians while Ye Futian has a ritual implement staff."

Someone sighed heavily. It was such a pity that they couldn't see such a battle on Turtle Mountain!