The Legend Of Futian Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Conspiracy
Chapter 326: Conspiracy
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At the moment, those trapped on Turtle Mountain and those who had climbed it had all returned to the foot of the mountain safely. Qin Yuan, Qin Li, and Chu Yaoyao were gathered together. Countless people were looking at them.

Qin Yuan failed to climb to the top of Turtle Mountain. On the other hand, Ye Wuchen succeeded. According to what the king of Liu had said, Ye Wuchen would be married to the princess of Liu Kingdom. This meant that the Qin Dynasty would have to return in failure.

"Does the prince of Qin plan to give up?" someone in the crowd asked. Would the Qin Dynasty let it go like this?

Qin Li looked at the crowd. Then, he smiled and said, "Liu Feiyang, the prince of Liu Kingdom, is a good friend of Ye Wuchen. He accompanied Ye Wuchen up the mountain, so naturally, Ye Wuchen could reach the peak of Turtle Mountain. This is the holy land for the royal family of Liu Kingdom. There is thus nothing surprising about this outcome."

Everyone's eyes sparkled. Qin Li did not want to admit Qin Yuan's failure.

Qin Yuan looked at everyone with his handsome face. Smiling, he said, "I really admire princess Chenyu. How can I give up so easily?" A strange expression appeared on everyone's face. Was the Qin Dynasty so determined to win this?

Qin Li raised his leg, and the group left the place. Chu Yaoyao followed beside him and glanced at Turtle Mountain. They have not come down yet. I wonder where they are now. Thinking about the illusion that she had experienced on Turtle Mountain, she felt very uneasy.

Qin Li and his team returned to the Imperial Palace. The people from various forces also followed them curiously and returned to the palace. They wanted to see how the event would progress. The king of Liu, however, was not in the palace at the moment.

On the peak of Turtle Mountain, there was another sloping land behind the stone palace. At the top of the sloping land, there was a huge rock, on which Turtle Hermit was lying on at the moment. The King of Liu also appeared on the slope. Turtle Mountain was the holy land of Liu Kingdom, so only the kings could climb it freely.

"Senior, what's the progress?" the King of Liu asked. He was the king of Liu Kingdom, but Turtle Hermit had lived for countless years, so it was naturally alright for him to address Turtle Hermit as "senior." When the king was young, Turtle Hermit was already the "Turtle Hermit".

"Have you ever thought of bringing your people away from Liu Kingdom?" Turtle Hermit looked at the King of Liu.

King Liu's expression turned serious. Was the situation really this bad?

"This is the product from the hard work of our ancestors. Even if I was willing to leave, what should I tell my people?" The King of Liu sighed. "Can I tell them that we are escaping from an unknown threat?"

"How about surrendering?" Turtle Hermit said again.

The King of Liu shook his head. He could feel a wave of coldness surging in his heart. Turtle Hermit turned silent and did not say anything else. The King of Liu understood his meaning.

This would be a disaster for the Liu Kingdom.

Qin Dynasty claimed that it would leave Qin Yuan the Liu Kingdom to be the king's son-in-law. However, he would not believe in such words easily. The problem was, what could he do even if he did not believe in that?

"How's Ye Wuchen?" the King of Liu suddenly asked.

"Very stubborn. He will definitely be involved," Turtle Hermit said. "Although he is not as talented as some people on Turtle Mountain, the purity of his heart for the sword is almost unparalleled. He will certainly be more accomplished than you in the future."

"It's no wonder that that person on the seventh summit granted him the title of Swordmaster so quickly," the King of Liu said. "How about the few others from the Cottage?"

"Their potential is limitless. Eastern Barren Territory will surely undergo a major change over this generation." Turtle Hermit shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, Qin Dynasty has come too quickly."

"I'll go and take a look," the King of Liu said. He did not ask about anything else. Turtle Hermit could deduce many things, but he was not a prophet. His attitude already revealed that Liu Kingdom would face a crisis.

The outcome of the deduction was that, whether he agreed to the marriage proposed by Qin Dynasty or not, the crisis would still exist. In other words, the purpose of the Qin Dynasty this time might be more than just proposing the marriage.

"Alright," Turtle Hermit nodded slowly. Then, he started to climb down the slope. His action was slow, and the King of Liu waited very patiently.

At the moment, Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen, Yu Sheng, Loulan Xue, and Liu Feiyang were all in the stone palace. Turtle Hermit had fulfilled Ye Futian's wish.

The group was quietly feeling the mysterious powers in the stone palace. In the scene depicting the world, a willow branch moved gently and danced in the wind. However, it actually cut mountains into two and split rivers wide apart. A trace of flame bloomed, but it could not be extinguished until the entire heaven was incinerated.

Ye Wuchen felt these pictures and sword will flew on his body. Even a willow branch could cut mountains apart. Then how about a sword? He had a sword body and was therefore very sensitive towards swords. He was immersed in the scene as if he had turned into a sword, or a trace of sword will himself. In the past, his master had told him that the sword will from a really powerful person cross thousands of miles and kill his enemy. This was the so-called "killing a person from thousands of miles away and not leaving a trace behind."

Ye Futian was similarly trying to feel his surroundings. Here, the laws governing various elements were running. When he activated the Freedom Meditation, he was able to see everything more clearly. He recalled the battle between the third brother and Lu Nantian from Donghua Clan in Chaoge City. The powers that Lu Nantian released that time had given him a similar feeling.

Could it be that the control of various laws was the ability of a sage? Did Turtle Hermit manage to understand the secret of the Sage Plane?

That was a legendary plane.

Suddenly, two figures walked into the stone palace. Seeing them, Ye Futian and his team all stopped the cultivation.

"Your Majesty." Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. He was surprised that the king of Liu actually appeared here with Turtle Hermit.

The king of Liu smiled and did not release his might at all. Instead, he looked very friendly. Smiling, he said, "How do you feel?"

"We have learned a lot," Ye Wuchen said, looking at the king.

"That's great. You should spend some time cultivating here. Don't worry about things down the mountain." The king walked to Ye Wuchen and patted on his shoulders lightly. Ye Wuchen stood at his spot, feeling somewhat puzzled. What did the king's attitude mean? Was he going to agree to the marriage between Ye Wuchen and Liu Chenyu? Why then did Turtle Hermit say that Ye Wuchen had to leave, or else he would face a disaster?

The king of Liu walked past Ye Wuchen and approached Ye Futian. Then, he stared at Ye Futian.

"Your Majesty," Ye Futian said.

"You don't have to be so polite." The King smiled and said, "Ye Futian, I have a favor to ask of you."

Ye Futian's face was filled with doubt. Looking at the King, he said, "Your Majesty, please speak."

"Take care of Feiyang and Chenyu in the future," the king said. Ye Futian stared at the king. Liu Kingdom was a top force of Eastern Barren Territory, and the king was the lord of the kingdom. Why would he say such words? It must be that the king knew something bad was going to happen.

"I'll definitely do my best." Ye Futian nodded solemnly.

"Thanks," the king said, smiling. He similarly patted Ye Futian on the shoulder. "Work hard to cultivate. The future of Eastern Barren Territory belongs to all of you." After that, he looked at his son Liu Feiyang. Then, he turned around and left the stone palace. Turtle Hermit accompanied him out as well.

Ye Wuchen frowned and kept standing at his spot. After sending the king out of the stone palace, Turtle Hermit returned and said, "Don't worry and concentrate on cultivating. Since the king has promised you, nothing will happen in the Imperial Palace." Clearly, he was referring to Liu Chenyu.

Ye Wuchen nodded and continued to cultivate.

In the Liu Kingdom Imperial Palace, Qin Yuan went to the Princess Pavilion where Liu Chenyu was at.

"Prince Qin, what is it?" Liu Chenyu asked softly. Her tone was flat but it gave people a sense of distance.

"Just now, I went to Turtle Mountain and experienced the illusion there. During the trial of character, I actually saw you. Therefore after I return to the palace, I just want to come and see you." Qin Yuan's handsome face was filled with a gentle smile. The distortion and ferocity he had on his face on Turtle Mountain had completely vanished. Furthermore, Qin Yuan's smile seemed to contain a magical charm that would cause others to have a good feeling about him.

Even though Liu Chenyu did not like him, she still could not really hate him after looking at his face. It was not because he was good-looking, but rather it seemed to have a special power.

Liu Chenyu did not reply to his words. What could she say?

"I have nothing else. I only wanted to come here and take a look. Bye." Qin Yuan was very polite. Then, he turned around and left in a very appropriate manner.

Beside Liu Chenyu, her servant said, "Princess, the prince of Qin is really handsome. He seems to have been born with such a charm. I'm sure everyone wants to get close to him." The servant said so only because Liu Chenyu's character was good. Otherwise, she would not dare to say this.

A strange expression appeared on Liu Chenyu's face; she knew that her servant was right. However, at the moment she suddenly thought of another person and a gentle smile appeared on her face. He really made it to the peak of Turtle Mountain.

After Qin Yuan left, they waited for the king of Liu to return. Then, they paid the king a visit, but the king of Liu did not give them a reply. He only invited all the visitors to a feast and said that he would announce the result after Ye Wuchen and the rest returned from Turtle Mountain.

The people from the Liu Kingdom Imperial City were also waiting for the news. Ye Wuchen climbed Turtle Mountain, and they were all wondering if the king would really choose him.

In the few days that followed, Qin Yuan would visit the Princess Pavilion where Liu Chenyu was at every single day. Each time, he would only stay for a short while which was very appropriate.

Even the king of Liu knew about this. However, he also had no reasons to stop Qin Yuan from doing so. After Ye Wuchen returned in a few days' time, he would announce the outcome. By that time, what other excuses could Qin Dynasty find?

One day, in the pavilion where Qin Li resided, there were only Qin Li and Qin Yuan.

"You still haven't settled Liu Chenyu?" Qin Li frowned and stared at Qin Yuan with a sharp look.

"Liu Chenyu's level is only slightly lower than mine. I need time," Qin Yuan said.

"But we don't have time. You already saw that old king's attitude yourself. After Ye Wuchen returns, he will announce the outcome. By that time, our plan will have failed," Qin Li said coldly. "This failed because of you. I'll give you two more days, and you must take down Liu Chenyu completely. Don't you like such a beauty?"

Some gloominess flashed across Qin Yuan's eyes. He was more interested in Chu Yaoyao, the lovely Virgin of Moon Clan. If he had the chance, he would certainly make Chu Yaoyao submit before him.

"Isn't it too risky?" Qin Yuan asked.

"Even if it is exposed, Liu Kingdom will not dare to kill you because of your identity. If Liu Kingdom really assaults you, you will have contributed to the success of the plan instead," Qin Li said emotionlessly. "If father's plan is affected, you'll be responsible for it."

"I got it." Qin Yuan nodded. Then, he turned around and left.

Looking at his back, some coldness flashed across Qin Li's eyes. Naturally, he knew that Qin Yuan would love to kill him. Such a worthless idiot actually dreams of obtaining the throne, but he is good-looking. He is indeed the child of that slut!