The Legend Of Futian Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Shaking the Heavens
Chapter 332: Shaking the Heavens
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Qin Yu's spear pointed at the Xuanwu Matrix below. The dragons around him roared and the giant golden dragon, on which he was mounted, rushed down, charging directly at the Liu palace below.

He seemed to be bathed in a golden glory. Rays of golden light broke through the clouds in the sky like flashes of lightning. The long dragon spear struck the large Xuanwu Matrix and in a second, it seemed like the dragons attacked the matrix in a crazed frenzy. All the while, the sharp tip of the spear pierced into the matrix inch by inch. At the same time, lines appeared to cover the large formation.

An enormous golden dragon claw sunk into the bright Xuanwu Matrix causing the cracks on the formation. Those inside the palace looked up to witness this scene with a trembling fear. In the sky above their heads, the image of a gargantuan golden dragon appeared on the long spear.

"Empress Liu, the Xuanwu Matrix was created by the Turtle Hermit and can only be broken by the attacks of levels beyond the Noble Plane. Qin Yu is the same as Lu Nantian. He has been enlightened with abilities of a Sage and can use ritual implements of the Sage level," exclaimed a Noble beside the Empress. "Empress, the Liu Kingdom is in grave danger."

At the Sage level, Qin Yu could not be defeated by mere numbers.

More cracking could be heard as the fissures on the Xuanwu Matrix continued to increase. Until at last, with one final loud crack, the matrix was broken.

"Empress Liu, do you wish for me to continue?" Qin Yu's eyes were electrified as he looked at the Empress.

"Why must the Qin Dynasty take things this far?" a voice drawled. A distance away, an old turtle was approaching. His movements seemed extremely slow but in the next second, he was already in front of Qin Yu.

"Emperor Liu already let the people of the Qin Dynasty off the hook. So, why do you guys have to do this to him?" The Turtle Hermit spoke human words at Qin Yu. He had already predicted such an ending. The Qin Dynasty had come with the intentions of destroying the Liu Kingdom and things had indeed progressed to this point.

"I heard that even though the Turtle Hermit's gifts are not enough to become a Sage, living for so many years has enabled you to be enlightened with Sage Intent. Today is the perfect opportunity to see for myself," Qin Yu said with eyes set on the Turtle Hermit. Naturally, he had included the Liu Kingdom's totem demon beast in his plans. But now, not only had Qin Yu been enlightened with Sage Intent, but he also controlled Sage implements. What more did he have to be afraid of?

"Alright," nodded the Turtle Hermit. His body expanded suddenly until eventually, the godly creature was about twice the size of the giant golden dragon. His body spanned out in the sky over the palace. Lifting his front claws, the Turtle Hermit swatted it in the direction of Qin Yu.

Naturally, Qin Yu wasn't afraid. With the golden spear in his hand, he struck it at his opponent. At this moment, he could feel that the webbed paw of the Turtle Hermit swinging down on him wasn't just a paw, it felt extremely heavy. It felt like the sky had collapsed and was crushing down on him. All around the palace, everyone felt the force and experienced the suffocating feeling even though the attack wasn't meant for them.

BOOM! The attack of the two collided. Qin Yu's body flew back and actually crashed into the ground, crumbling part of the structure around him, also causing dust and dirt to fly into the air. And in the center of the Turtle Hermit's paw was a line of blood.

With a single flash of golden lightning, Qin Yu was back in the air. Staring at the Turtle Hermit, he laughed, "You are indeed the totem beast of the Liu, but today the totem will be destroyed and the Liu Kingdom will be no longer.

"Kill them!" As soon as Qin Yu's order was given, the army of flood dragons, as well as the giant golden dragon he mounted, charged downward while he went for the Turtle Hermit.

A wild battle ensued and in mere moments, the Liu palace was ridden with fighting figures. One after one, the glamorous golden buildings fell, as did the powerful cultivators of the palace. Among the army riding on the flood dragons, many of them had extremely powerful Noble implements. They were ancient and had holy auras. This seemed to be an ancient army of soldiers with ritual implements with an equally rich history.

The citizens watched the earth-shattering battle unfold from afar. Empress Liu had truly impressive powers and her abilities were invisible. She managed to kill multiple powerful Nobles, but the golden dragon got a hold of her. At the same time, more Nobles caged her in. Slowly, she reached her limit and the color on her beautiful face drained, resembling the snow-white of her clothing.

The Turtle Hermit's abilities were not to be doubted. However, Qin Yu did not go head to head with him. He circled the large body of the Turtle Hermit, attacking. Gradually, the number of injuries on the creature increased. His body was large and his movements were slow. This was his weakness. Qin Yu took full advantage of this fact and attacked like a madman.

"Are you guys leaving?" The Turtle Hermit lowered his head, directing his question at Empress Liu and her people.

In front of the Empress, the golden dragon breathed heavily and the Nobles circled. With her long dress flowing in the wind, she shook her head. "As the empress of the Liu Kingdom, I would rather die in battle than run." And just like that, she was off to continue her battle, her figure flashing by. The Turtle Hermit sighed.

Heavy hits landed on Empress Liu repeatedly. Quickly after, she was back on the ground. Her white clothing now colored with the red of blood. Remnants of blood could be seen in the corners of her mouth and yet she still looked just as majestic.

"I want her alive," Qin Yu said as he looked down at Empress Liu.

Gathering Spiritual Qi, she forged it into a long sword, red like the blood on her clothes. Without hesitation, Empress Liu glided the sharp blade across her own neck.

Blood spread everywhere. Empress Liu looked up at the sky and was taken back to the days of her youth. Then, with a smile on her face, she closed her eyes. To have been the empress of this kingdom, she had no regrets.

In the Ancient Barren World, Emperor Liu suddenly halted on his rushed journey back to his kingdom. His hand was extended. The jade ring on his finger slowly lost its light, losing its original color. His eyes became red. Lifting his head toward the sky, his heart clenched with an excruciating pain.

So quickly? It happened so quickly, he couldn't make it. He had let Qin Li go with a glimmer of hope. If the Qin Dynasty still had the slightest bit of reason and morality, they wouldn't push the situation to extremes. However, the Qin Dynasty only cared for their own goals and would sacrifice anything to meet them.

Emperor Liu did not continue to advance. He didn't go back to the Liu Kingdom. With great determination, he turned around. "Follow me," he said. The powerful cultivators beside him followed the emperor. The group traveled with such speed it was as if they were galloping through the skies of the Ancient Barren World.

Others who saw them were shocked. The direction in which Emperor Liu was traveling was not the Liu Kingdom, but Qin Dynasty territory.

The Qin Dynasty was just like the other great powers. They each had control of an entrance to the Ancient Barren World. The exit to which was in the imperial palace.

At this moment, people were chatting animatedly in the Qin palace. They were all very excited. War had officially been declared on the Liu Kingdom. Following this would be the collapse of the Liu. The Qin would shake up the Eastern Barren Territory and make the other powers submit to them willingly. Then, it was straight to dominating all of the Eastern Barren Territory, restoring the glory of their ancestors.

Just then, quite a number of approached the entrance to the Ancient Barren World, ready to back up the army over in the Liu Kingdom. However, they were interrupted by a figure that exited from the door to the Ancient Barren World. Everyone present was frozen as they looked at the person. It was a Qin Noble feared by others in the Ancient Barren World. But here he was now, covered in blood.

"Let Emperor Qin know immediately!" he screamed. His outburst startled many. In the next moment, a majestic figure emerged through the doors and the air filled with murderous intent. Behind him, followed more people and in the hands of each of these people were corpses which they flung to the side.

Emperor Liu. A shiver went down their spines. Emperor Liu wasn't in the Liu Kingdom. He had charged over here to the Qin Dynasty. Was he insane?

"Let's go." The people reacted quickly, turning in an attempt to leave. However, the wind blew wildly as Emperor Liu flashed by. He was an overbearing presence. An unbelievably large foot appeared and came smashing down. The Qin cultivators looked up and the shock was written on their faces.

"No!" some people screamed. With a loud boom, Emperor Liu's foot came down and those people were turned to ashes. An endless force of murderous intent spilled from every pore of the emperor's body as he continued to make his way into the Qin palace. Since letting Qin Li go wasn't even to stop the Qin Dynasty from wiping out the Liu, then it was time for a massacre. If they wanted Emperor Liu dead and the Liu Kingdom gone, then they were going to have to endure his wrath.

Emperor Liu killed his way into the palace. Nothing lived on the ground he passed. He killed everyone in his way, no one an exception. The death of Empress Liu was his wake-up call.

He wasn't willing to think about anything else.

This day was destined to be without peace. To the Eastern Barren Territory, this was a bolt from the blue.

Qin Yu held a Sage implement in his hands and was enlightened by Sage Intent. He arrived in the Liu Kingdom and battle with the Liu's totem demon beast, the Turtle Hermit, for hours. He depleted the Turtle Hermit and even suffered some major injuries himself. However, the army Qin Yu led had obliterated the Liu Kingdom that was already falling apart from the inside. They had completely wiped out the imperial palace.

On this day, Emperor Liu forwent thoughts of life and death and crashed the Qin palace without caring of any possible repercussions. He killed everyone in sight, blinded by rage. Many royals of the Qin Dynasty lost their lives, including multiple princes and concubines. Not even when Emperor Qin stepped in was Emperor Liu deterred from his crazed massacre. There was only murder in his eyes.

Finally, Emperor Liu perished in the Qin palace.

A powerful leader was now gone from the world.

A top power was going through a drastic change.

The Eastern Barren Territory was shaken up, as was the heavens.

The Qin Dynasty's powerfulness shocked the Eastern Barren Territory. However, Emperor Qin's arrogance and his tendency to underestimate his opponents caused heavy and unfortunate consequences for his own country.

Lord Kang was temporarily placed in control of settling the Liu Kingdom and hunting down more royal descendants. But everyone knew, Lord Kang and the others who gave in to the Qin were simply lackies. The Liu Kingdom only existed in name now.

At the same time, the Qin Dynasty's third prince, Qin Ge, arrived at Book Mountain with a group of people.

In the skies outside Book Mountain.

Qin Ge and his people stood in the air. They were here to make the Cottage hand them over. Liu Chenyu and Liu Feiyang were the spawns of the Liu and Ye Wuchen was the murderer of Qin Yuan. Obviously, they had to come them. Although it was bound to be a failed attempt, they had to at least get their attitude across.

What qualifications and reason did the Cottage have to protect these people?

Just then, Zhuge Hui heard the voices of those sent from the Qin Dynasty above the Cottage. Looking at Luo Fan, someone said, "Are you guys idiots?"

"Perhaps." Luo Fan shrugged. "Or maybe you guys think that even though you don't have what it takes to make us hand them over, with "logic" on your side, there is now an excuse from you guys to pick a fight with the Cottage."

"Just like how you started a fight with the Liu Kingdom?" Zhuge Hui's tone was harsh and cold. The Cottage already knew of what happened with the Liu Kingdom. It was just as she predicted.

"Perhaps," nodded Luo Fan.

"Relay the message to your third senior brother. They're disturbing my cultivation," Zhuge Hui said softly.

Luo Fan blinked a couple of times.

"So, permanently disable their powers." Zhuge Hui said this rather nonchalantly. Luo Fan's eyes brightened. The second senior sister was the second senior sister indeed!