The Legend Of Futian Chapter 333

Chapter 333: When the Cottage Is Unreasonable
Chapter 333: When the Cottage Is Unreasonable
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Outside Book Mountain, Qin Ge and the rest were still waiting for the Cottage to respond. Before them, there were already many cultivators from the College. They stared at the people from Qin Dynasty. They all knew about what happened in Liu Kingdom. Although there was no relationship between the College and Liu Kingdom, the destruction of Liu Kingdom still enraged many people from the College.

The anger of the College was different from Ye Futian's. They did not know anyone from Liu Kingdom and were not in any way related to the kingdom. They were angry about Qin Dynasty's cruelty and that the Qin Dynasty broke the rules that the Eastern Barren Territory had been following for many years.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, the three most powerful forces were the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and the College. The other top forces were somewhat weaker than those three. For many years, the situation had been maintained as such. Although there were occasional conflicts between disciples of different forces, they had still been following the hidden rules and nobody dared to break them.

The world of cultivation had always been very cruel. Very often, larger forces would bully smaller ones, and this would remain that way forever. However, this had at least never happened to a top force, until the destruction of Liu Kingdom. Qin Dynasty was trying to destroy the balance in Eastern Barren Territory and break the stable relationship that had existed for many years. Furthermore, although there seemed to be a reason for Qin Dynasty's actions, everyone knew that, in reality, Qin Yuan was but an excuse for them to start a war. Even if Qin Yuan did not die, the Qin Dynasty would still find another excuse to start the war. The destruction of Liu Kingdom was only the first stop on Qin Dynasty's path to ruling the world.

Mountain Elder Zhu Qing looked at Qin Ge and the others from Qin Dynasty and only said one word, "Scram."

Qin Ge was however not bothered by that. He looked emotionlessly at the people from the College and said coldly, "Is the College protecting the person who killed my brother?"

"Does he not deserve to die?" Zhu Qing similarly said as she stared at Qin Ge.

Some coldness erupted from Qin Ge. He stared at the people from the College and said, "My brother died in the Liu Kingdom for no reason. The College is not only protecting the murderer but is also humiliating the dead like this. Qin Dynasty will remember this." Qin Ge naturally knew that it would almost be impossible for him to get Ye Wuchen. If the Cottage would give him Ye Wuchen so easily, it would no longer be the Cottage. However, Qin Yu still asked him to come. He did not need the Cottage to give him Ye Wuchen. All he needed was an excuse to attack the College and the Cottage in the future.

"That's up to you. Now, can you scram?" Zhu Qing glanced at Qin Ge in disgust. She liked none of the princes from the Qin Dynasty.

Qin Ge stood proudly and said coldly, "I still need to hear the Cottage's reply."

Suddenly, someone said from afar, "What reply do you want to hear?" Then, a figure slowly strolled over. His shirt was as white as snow and his long hair danced in the air. His handsome eyes stared at Qin Ge with a sharp look. His tone was monotonous, but it also sounded extremely arrogant. He simply looked at Qin Ge, but it was as if he was going to penetrate Qin Ge's eyes with his stare.

Seeing Gu Dongliu's look, Qin Ge's proud heart actually felt somewhat scared. He was the third prince of Qin Dynasty and was very talented. All along, he was supercilious and believed that he was no weaker than anyone else. However, for some reason, when he really faced Gu Dongliu, his might seemed to be suppressed because of just one look from Gu Dongliu. Gu Dongliu was, after all, as famous as Qin Yu. Moreover, he had defeated Lu Nantian before.

In that battle, Lu Nantian had displayed sage intent and could almost be considered the strongest person in Eastern Barren Territory. However, he still lost to Gu Dongliu who was only a grade two noble then.

"Ye Wuchen killed my brother. Also, the remnants of Liu Kingdom, Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu, are also at the Cottage. I would naturally hope that the Cottage can give them to me," Qin Ge said emotionlessly. However, his tone was already not as domineering as before.

"You have disrupted her cultivation," Gu Dongliu suddenly said. Both the people from Qin Dynasty and those from the College were stunned by his baffling words.

Disrupted her cultivation? Who is she?

Frowning, Qin Ge looked at Gu Dongliu and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Unforgivable," Gu Dongliu said. Qin Ge widened his eyes and stared at Gu Dongliu.


Even Mountain Elder Zhu Qing also looked at Gu Dongliu, stunned, but she roughly knew who Gu Dongliu was referring to.

The second disciple of the Cottage, Zhuge Hui.

All of a sudden, Gu Dongliu stepped forward and an aura erupted from his body. His white shirt moved even though there was no wind, giving off a flapping sound. He scanned the people from Qin Dynasty and his look suddenly turned weird. Invisible Spiritual Energy immediately enveloped all of them.

"Gu Dongliu, what do you mean by this?" Qin Ge asked. He came to the Cottage to ask for people. Even if the Cottage did not want to hand them over, what reasons did they have to attack him? Was disrupting her cultivation also a valid excuse?

Gu Dongliu did not pay attention to Qin Ge's words. Instead, he took another step forward. In this instant, extremely sharp spiritual will spread onto the nobles from Qin Dynasty.

The people from the Qin Dynasty were all shocked. Was Gu Dongliu actually going to attack them? Even though the cultivators who followed Qin Ge this time were strong, they could obviously not fight against Gu Dongliu.

At the moment, Gu Dongliu was already one of the strongest people in the Eastern Barren Territory. Even if Qin Yu was here instead, there would only be a fifty-fifty chance that he would win should he not rely on the sage ritual implement.

If Gu Dongliu really wanted to deal with them, the outcome would be blatantly obvious.

"Gu Dongliu, what exactly do you want?" Two people each took a step forward and their might bloomed violently. However, Gu Dongliu's look continued to become increasingly demonic. His handsome eyes were like two spiritual vortexes, and a monstrous spiritual will pressured the two people. Then, Gu Dongliu extended his palm and invisible sword qi started to dance wildly, circling the two nobles.

"I want to kill." Gu Dongliu clenched his fist. A frightening current raged wildly, giving off a sizzling sound. The two nobles each gave a miserable cry. Then, blood oozed rapidly from their eyes, nose, and mouth. Their bodies trembled fiercely and they eventually fell from the sky.

Bang. The people from Qin Dynasty all started to tremble. They raised their heads and looked at Gu Dongliu in shock.

Is he mad? Ye Wuchen killed Qin Yuan, so it was only reasonable for Qin Dynasty to come. In addition, they had never had a head-on conflict with the Cottage. Did Gu Dongliu actually kill someone?

Qin Ge also stared at Gu Dongliu in astonishment. What was the Cottage thinking?

"Are you declaring war on Qin Dynasty?" Qin Ge's face turned very pale, fear showing across it.

Gu Dongliu said that he wanted to kill. How many did he want to kill? How about him, a prince of Qin Dynasty?

"I already said that you have disrupted her cultivation. The penalty is death," Gu Dongliu said emotionlessly as if he was not bothered at all. It was as if the people he killed were neither nobles nor from Qin Dynasty.

Just as he finished speaking, the appalling spiritual will continued to explode, engulfing the other cultivators. Ancient characters seemed to circle around him, and a mysterious aura enveloped those from Qin Dynasty.

"Gu Dongliu, are you mad?" a noble from Qin Dynasty shouted loudly.

Gu Dongliu, however, did not seem to have heard his words. He continued to reach out his hand and clenched it fiercely. The sound of explosions emitted continuously, followed by miserable cries. The spiritual wills of those nobles could not withstand the attack and were destroyed rapidly. Blood flew out from their fear-filled eyes and they dropped from the sky one after another. In just a short while, Qin Ge, the third prince of Qin Dynasty, was the only person left there.

At the moment, the imposing manner Qin Ge had when he had just arrived was completely gone. His face was highly distorted and pale, while his eyes were filled with anger and intense fear. When a Cottage disciple was unreasonable and started to kill, it would certainly be a disaster.

"Is the Cottage so inhuman now?" Qin Ge roared but his voice was trembling. This was not the style of the Cottage.

The people from the College also stared at Gu Dongliu in bewilderment; Gu Dongliu had actually killed the nobles from the Qin Dynasty. Even Mountain Elder Zhu Qing could feel her heart racing. Obviously, she knew the consequences that might be caused by Gu Dongliu's actions.

Suddenly, Zhu Qing recalled what Zhuge Hui told her in Chaoge City, that the College was too gentle in its actions.

Indeed, compared to the Cottage, she was way too gentle.

"Inhuman?" Gu Dongliu still looked at Qin Ge calmly. Everyone in the world knew that Cottage disciples were reasonable. Therefore, Qin Ge dared to come to the Cottage and asked them to hand the murderer over. What they did not know was that the Cottage could also be unreasonable.

"You have annihilated an entire kingdom. After doing such an evil deed, you still dare to come here for this. Since this is the case, I can only help the world to enforce justice and execute the punishment." Just as Gu Dongliu finished speaking, Sword Qi whizzed out. Ancient characters started to circle around Qin Ge's body. At this instant, Qin Ge started to tremble wildly. He was stricken with fear.

Qin Dynasty had finally begun to expand in order to rule the world. He was supposed to find his own stage and let his radiance shine. He came to the Cottage to ask them to hand those people to him. Originally, this was supposed to be his first appearance in the Eastern Barren Territory. Little did he know that his emergence this time would also be his last.

"Kill," Gu Dongliu said coldly as the sword will whizzed over. Qin Ge's face was distorted and his body trembled. In his desperation, his body was torn apart slowly, until he turned into nothing. Gu Dongliu did not look at him again. Turning around, he walked up Book Mountain right away, as if he had only done something trivial.

Zhuge Hui asked Luo Fan to tell him to disable these people. However, he killed them straightaway. To him, there was little difference between disabling and killing them. Her character was indeed still too gentle and kind.

Qin Dynasty dealt with the Liu Kingdom in such a way and eliminated the entire family in an attempt to shock the Eastern Barren Territory. They came to the Cottage in order to display their prestige as well. They wanted to tell the world that the Qin Dynasty was going to rule the world. However, the Cottage was not the Liu Kingdom. They would not be able to deal with it using the same method.

Since a war was already destined to happen, he would fulfill Qin Dynasty's wish.

Since Qin Dynasty did not obey the rules of Eastern Barren Territory, the Cottage did not have to be reasonable as well.

The people from the College, including Zhu Qing, stared at Gu Dongliu as he left. They were totally shocked and all felt speechless. It was as if that today, they had just met the Cottage and Gu Dongliu.

"Cottage disciples are sooooo handsome!" a beautiful girl exclaimed, looking at Gu Dongliu. Vaguely, her eyes were actually filled with wild fondness.