The Legend Of Futian Chapter 334

Chapter 334: The Tree Desires Calmness But the Wind Will Not Cease
Chapter 334: The Tree Desires Calmness But the Wind Will Not Cease
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In the battle between the Qin Dynasty and the Liu Kingdom, the king of Liu actually did not go back to aid the Liu Kingdom. Instead, he broke into the Qin Imperial Palace and caused a significant loss for the Qin Dynasty. Qin Dynasty had been too careless.

Of course, this battle did not really shake the Qin Dynasty's foundations. The power of the strongest people was, after all, the deciding factor of whether a force was strong or not. For example, the Cottage only had a few disciples, but to Qin Dynasty it was far more threatening than any other force in Eastern Barren Territory. The reason was simplethey were all too strong. They could be considered a whole kingdom.

Today, who could be considered as the most powerful people in the Eastern Barren Territory? They were, of course, those who had comprehended some sage intent, or those who had a sage ritual implement.

Qin Dynasty dared to fight against the whole world because they already possessed people of both kinds. Furthermore, they had allied with Donghua Clan. Combining the powerful people and resources of the two top forces, they could already change the whole Eastern Barren Territory.

Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan agreed that after they ruled the world, Qin Dynasty would control the events in the world, while Donghua Clan would be reputed as the first clan in Eastern Barren Territory and control the cultivators' world. Together, they would govern the world.

Although the madness of the king of Liu had caused the Qin Dynasty to pay a price, it was insignificant when compared to the destruction of Liu Kingdom. Moreover, many cultivators from the Liu Kingdom had also surrendered. Now, Qin Dynasty was only waiting to wave its arm and call the world to attack the Cottage. It would then rule the Eastern Barren Territory.

At the moment, cultivators from many top forces in Eastern Barren Territory were gathered in a luxurious palace in the Qin Imperial Palace. Qin Yu, the crown prince of Qin Dynasty, was sitting on the throne above everyone else. Below him, there were many cultivators from Donghua Clan, Fuyun Sword Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, and other forces. Even Ji Family had sent someone here to visit the Qin Imperial Palace.

Suddenly, someone from Fuyun Sword Clan folded his hands at Qin Yu and said, "Fuyun Sword Clan originally wanted to capture Ye Wuchen and bring him here. However, Ye Wuchen has yet to return until now. He followed Ye Futian into the Cottage."

Qin Dynasty had directly eliminated the Liu Kingdom which was close to and as famous as Fuyun Sword Clan. How could Fuyun Sword Clan not be frightened? Qin Yuan was killed by a person from Fuyun Sword Clan. Naturally, they had to send someone here to explain.

"I understand," Qin Yu said. "I have already sent Qin Ge to the Cottage to ask for Ye Wuchen. However, the Cottage is so unscrupulous and they will very likely not hand him over. By that time, what do you think we should do?"

"Fuyun Sword Clan will go to the Cottage with Qin Dynasty and ask for Ye Wuchen," the person from Fuyun Sword Clan said. "More importantly, this concerns Qin Dynasty. How can the Cottage dare not to hand him over?"

"That's right. With the powers Qin Dynasty has now, the Cottage will certainly give him to us. After all, the Cottage is not involved in this," someone from Ji Family also echoed.

"If the Cottage dares to break the rules of Eastern Barren Territory like this, I believe that all the forces in Eastern Barren Territory will respond to our calling." Royal Xuan Temple had sent the fifth lord, He Yulu here. The Liu Kingdom was destroyed and every force in Eastern Barren Territory was wildly shocked.

In the past, Royal Xuan Temple already had some relations with the Qin Dynasty. Now, they would, of course, want to be as close to Qin Dynasty as possible. In addition, there was still resentment between them and the Cottage.

"By then, I hope that everyone will support us," Qin Yu said, smiling. Why did they destroy the Liu Kingdom? It was because they wanted to display their dominance and scare the forces in Eastern Barren Territory. Although Fuyun Sword Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, and the like seemed to be very close to Qin Dynasty at the moment, in reality, they all had their own plans. Only absolute powers could instill awe, and perhaps even fear, into them.

It would not just be these two forces. By the time Qin Dynasty decided to attack the Cottage, they would call upon all the forces in the world to join them. Who would dare not to obey them?

Suddenly, some footsteps came from outside the palace. The person coming in seemed to be panicked. Very quickly, someone appeared at the gates of the palace and looked at Qin Yu. Bowing, he said, "Your Highness."

Qin Yu raised his head and asked, "What is it?"

"Your Highness" The person's mouth twitched, as if he wanted to say something but stopped. He even glanced at the people from other forces.

"We're all allies. Just say it," Qin Yu said.

"The spiritual imprint of the third prince has extinguished." The person buried his head low and bowed.

Qin Yu's body trembled gently and a horrifying coldness erupted from his eyes. He leaned forward and almost could not prevent his violent might from being released. "You didn't see wrongly?" he questioned coldly.

"Your Highness, apart from the third prince, the spiritual imprints of all the nobles who went this time have been extinguished." The person's head went lower. Even his voice was trembling.

Qin Yu stood up and his look was extremely freezing. Qin Ge and the people from Qin Dynasty who had followed him were all dead. He naturally knew what this meant; the Cottage was declaring war. He did not expect the Cottage to actually be so decisive and kill Qin Ge and the rest. After all, they had not really declared war with the Cottage. They only sent someone there to ask for Ye Wuchen. Even if the Cottage did not want to hand him over, how could they kill the messengers? Moreover, the person they killed was the prince of Qin Dynasty.

Some sharpness also flashed across the cultivators from Fuyun Sword Clan. They obviously knew what that person meant: the people who went to the Cottage were dead.

He Yulu squinted and recalled the scene when his daughter was forced to die. Indeed, the Cottage was still so overbearing and supercilious.

The expressions of the people from Ji Family all froze and they were extremely shocked. The Qin Dynasty cultivators who went to the Cottage were all killed. Was this the reply of the Cottage to Qin Dynasty?

"Everyone, what do you think?" Qin Yu suppressed his anger and looked at the people present.

"The Cottage is simply too presumptuous and does not follow the rules at all," a cultivator from Fuyun Sword Clan remarked angrily.

"If we do not eliminate the Cottage, Qin Ge will have died for nothing," He Yulu also said coldly. "Qin Dynasty should send out the army immediately and attack the Cottage."

"We wish that Qin Dynasty will have an easy victory and rule the world," a person from Ji Family said, folding his hands. Qin Yu looked at everyone else. The things they were saying at the moment were very different from what they had said just a while ago.

"You should leave for now. I will discuss this with my father. The Cottage will surely pay the price," Qin Yu said coldly. The other people left one after another. After they left, Qin Yu slapped the chair, destroying it at once. A terrifying murderous aura was released from his body.

The overbearing attitude of the Cottage not only allowed them to kill Qin Ge but also instilled fear into the other forces. At the moment, it would be difficult to call them and attack the Cottage together.

Qin Dynasty annihilated the Liu Kingdom to display its powers and show that it could easily conquer anything. However, because of Qin Ge's death, everything returned to its original state. Previously, if he was to call upon the various forces, many people would respond. However, the Cottage had killed a prince of Qin Dynasty. How could the Qin Dynasty not take revenge?

Qin Yuan's death caused the Liu Kingdom to be destroyed. What the Cottage did was far more overbearing than what happened in the Liu Kingdom. How could the Qin Dynasty not start a war? At the moment, the top forces would only choose to remain still and observe the situation.

The news about what happened below Book Mountain spread to every corner of Eastern Barren Territory very quickly. Countless people were astonished.

Qin Dynasty destroyed the Liu Kingdom, while Gu Dongliu, the third disciple of the Cottage, slew Qin Ge.

Both events seemed to have occurred for a reason, but in reality, there were none at all. The two strongest forces of Eastern Barren Territory had just collided head-on with each other for the very first time.

Previously, even when Zhuge Hui, the second disciple of the Cottage, destroyed the gates of Dongqin College in Chaoge, Qin Dynasty still chose to tolerate it. They even helped the Cottage to investigate on the culprit behind Ye Futian's attempted assassination. After all, the assassination happened on Qin Dynasty's territory. It was, therefore, reasonable for the Qin Dynasty to tolerate it.

But what about this time? Would they start a war?

The destruction of the Liu Kingdom and the death of Qin Ge caused the atmosphere in Eastern Barren Territory to be even more intense. Everyone could feel that a storm was brewing and a war was imminent. Now, countless people were discussing what the outcome would be if the overbearing Qin Dynasty and the arrogant College Cottage really started a battle.

At the Cottage, however, nothing seemed to have changed because of Qin Ge's death. The place was still quiet and peaceful, just like always. Liu Feiyang and Liu Chenyu had officially entered the College to cultivate. Ye Wuchen was a disciple of Fuyun Sword Clan and had spent much time and effort cultivating his sword skills. At the moment, there was a pressing need for them to cultivate and become stronger. After all, they were still too weak to be involved in the situation in Eastern Barren Territory. Only when they became sufficiently strong and had powers close to that of Gu Dongliu, they could participate in the war in Eastern Barren Territory.

During mealtime, Ye Futian asked everyone else, "Sister, brother, will Qin Dynasty start a war?"

"I'm not sure." Luo Fan shook his head. "However, whether they choose to start a war or not, it will be difficult for them to get help from the other forces." Those who dared to participate in the war would need to be prepared for death.

Ye Futian nodded. The second sister had asked the third brother to disable Qin Ge and the others. That time, he even thought that the second sister was being too impulsive. Afterward, however, he realized that the second sister and the third brother did so not just because they were angry; they also wanted to shock the other forces.

Qin Dynasty eliminated the Liu Kingdom and showed the intention to attack the Cottage. At that time, the Cottage already knew that the battle would come sooner or later. Since this was the case, they did not have to wait.

Killing Qin Ge would cause people from other forces to be scared of the Cottage and hence not dare to ally with Qin Dynasty.

"What's the master's level?" Ye Futian asked. Actually, he was not even sure of the real powers of the Cottage now. The eldest brother, second sister, third brother, and the master should be the strongest members of the Cottage, but he only knew how strong the third brother Gu Dongliu was. Clearly, he was still somewhat worried. Since Qin Dynasty dared to fight against the whole world, they certainly had a source of confidence.

"Why are you thinking so much? Just concentrate on cultivating. In the future, I still need you to protect me." The second sister smiled and glanced at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian smiled and felt speechless. However, after looking at the second sister, he said in a serious tone, "In the future, I'll surely protect you."

'Right, that will be great." Zhuge Hui reached out her hand and patted on Ye Futian's head. Immediately, Ye Futian's expression froze, along with his hands. He did not know whether to laugh or cry. I am, after all, an adult. Could you please not do this?

"Originally, I wanted to fulfill the master's aspiration here in a gentle way. But from the look of it, that would be too difficult," the second sister sighed. The tree desires calmness but the wind will not cease!