The Legend Of Futian Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Uproar
Chapter 343: Uproar
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Ye Futian and Yu Sheng left the Ancient Barren World. Before leaving, they, they moved the Five Soul Guard to the entrance of Book Mountain. Many people in the Barren City were speechless at this. It was practically robbery; they wouldn't even let it go when they left.

"Second Senior Sister." Ye Futian found Zhuge Hui in the Cottage.

"You're back?" Zhuge Hui smiled at Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded and asked, "Senior Sister, Nangong Jiao of the College said that Sky Mountain has a legend about Donghua the Great and Emperor Ye Qing. Are the legends in the ancient records true?"

"They should be." Zhuge Hui nodded.

"Why has no one from afar come to investigate?" Ye Futian asked in confusion. Donghuang the Great ruled the world. Since there may be legends about him on the Sky Mountain of the Eastern Barren Territory, people should be looking for him.

"Maybe this has something to do with his decree about the Eastern Barren Territory," Second Senior Sister replied with a smile.

Ye Futian's eyes flashed as he looked to her. Then he smiled. "You know so much."

"I'm your senior sister, after all." Zhuge Hui grinned.

Ye Futian scratched his head. She made sense. "Senior Sister, I want to go to Sky Mountain," he said. He didn't act polite this time. The Cottage was like his family now and he didn't need pretense with family. Even if the bell didn't ring from Sky Mountain, he would still go if he discovered that there were traces of Emperor Ye Qing there.

His birth was possibly related to Emperor Ye Qing. Minister Zuo of Nandou Nation had predicted that he had an emperor's fate. He also had the emperor's fate inside him. All this required him to look. He couldn't miss this chance. Of course, he also knew that understanding all this might not be a good thing. He had to be careful. He knew about the Snow Ape's ending, after all.

"Okay." Zhuge Hui smiled. "I'll go with you."

"Thank you, Senior Sister," Ye Futian said. "Since Sky Mountain has legends of the two emperors, will you and Third Senior Brother go and try?"

"Your Third Senior Brother and I probably won't have the chance to climb to the peak." Zhuge Hui smiled and shook her head. "Sky Mountain neighbors Shu City. Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing had repressed the Demon Bird but rumor says that its intent is still alive. It is imprisoned in Sky Mountain. Thus, Sky Mountain contains the intents of both emperors and the Demon Bird. The higher someone's cultivation, the more easily they can be affected. Strong cultivators rarely go to Shu City, thousands of miles away. This is why only Qianqiu Temple can be so close to the mountain. They use the intent to exercise their own intent."

"So it's easier for non-cultivators to climb the mountain?" Ye Futian found it strange.

"Technically, yes." Zhuge Hui nodded and smiled. "But those who don't cultivate can't climb onto Sky Mountain. However, the bell has rung so some opportunities will appear. We can go for the fun."

"Senior Sister, can I go too?" Xue Ye came over and asked timidly.

"Has a year passed?" Zhuge Hui asked.

"I can take care of our junior, right? And if you need help, you can just tell me," Xue Ye said charmingly.

Zhuge Hui smiled at him. "Fine. Go call all your brothers."

"Great." Xue Ye instantly cheered up and turned. Ye Futian understood that Zhuge Hui wanted all the disciples to go to Sky Mountain. After all, there was the legend of the two emperors. The bell ringing might be a sign of something.

The Cottage never cared about the Eastern Barren Territory but decided to go out their mountain this time. It was evident how important the Sky Mountain's bell was. The other forces naturally went to Shu City too.

Especially in the west, all forces, no matter size, went to Sky Mountain like pilgrims. The Eastern Barren Territory was shaken instantly. Even the Qin Dynasty inviting all top forces to Qin Mengruo and Qian Shanmu's marriage, the opening of the Dongqin College, or Gu Dongliu and Lu Nantian's battle wasn't as big as this.

Last time mostly involved the top forces or powerful groups of the Eastern Barren Territory. This time, many strong cultivators from the west went as well. Other than them, countless people from other regions set off too.

No matter how talented Gu Dongliu or Lu Nantian were, they couldn't be compared to Donghuang the Great. The relic of the two emperors that ruled over the east had rung its bell. One could imagine the effect it created.

Shu City, closest to Sky Mountain, was in an uproar. This small city that was rarely visited instantly became the center of the Eastern Barren Territory. People were everywhere; strong cultivators in the Arcana Plane could be seen easily. Any random person on the streets may be in the Noble Plane.

Strong cultivators from the Qin Dynasty had arrived too. There were many of them and all were powerful. Because of their battle with the College in the Ancient Barren World, they attracted much attention no matter where they went.

At this time, Qin Yu and Qin Li were both in the Qin Dynasty group. They looked to the Sky Mountain that was almost connected to the sky. Was the strange bell a chance for them? Was it a good sign for their ruling of the Eastern Barren Territory for a bell to ring from the relic of Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing?

At this time, another group came with flashes of light and descended beside the Qin Dynasty. They were from the Donghua Clan. The leader was Lady Yuxiao. The talented Lu Nantian and Hua Qingqing were on either side of her.

"Lady and Brother Lu are here." Qin Yu nodded at Lady Yuxiao. The wife of the Donghua Clan's leader was his senior.

"How do you feel?" Lady Yuxiao asked.

"It's thousands of miles away but I can still feel the slight pressure from the Sky Mountain. No wonder there are rarely any strong cultivators in Shu City. The monks of the Qianqiu Temple are so strong." Qin Yu chuckled.

"Can you feel it?" Lady Yuxiao asked Hua Qingqing.

"It's very weak," Hua Qingqing murmured. Lady Yuxiao nodded slightly. It was the same as before.

At this time, someone walked to Qin Yu and said something. His eyes flashed.

The College and Cottage had arrived together.

"Lady, an old friend has arrived. I'll pay them a visit," Qin Yu said. With that, he turned and left. Many people looked at him. Old friend? Was it the Cottage?

The College and Cottage had indeed arrived together.

The Qin Dynasty had officially declared war on the College. They'd fought in the Ancient Barren World earlier. If they met in the outside world, the Qin Dynasty might act without warning. They had to be careful.

The first meeting after war broke out between them would take place in Shu City. This attracted many people.

Qin Yu gazed at the College. This time, the five mountain elders of the College had all appeared, as well as the disciples of the Cottage. Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu had all come.

Countless eyes fell on them. Was this the first time the disciples of the Cottage all appeared outside Book Mountain?

"The second disciple of the Cottage is actually so pretty," someone commented after seeing Zhuge Hui's beauty. She had a slim body, slender legs, and faintly smiling eyes but still had an arrogant feeling. It was hard to imagine that such a fairy-like person had destroyed the gate of Dongqin College in Chaoge City.

Third disciple Gu Dongliu was handsome and scholarly. However, he still had a sharp feeling. His eyes were vibrant like daggers.

The fourth and fifth disciples looked frivolous and cynical. The sixth disciple was another pretty girl. She had a youthful beauty.

The seventh disciple was chubby and stood out. Eighth disciple Ye Futian was handsome and easy to recognize. Other than him, one-armed Ye Wuchen, Prince Liu Feiyang, and Princess Liu Chenyu of the Liu Kingdom were present as well. Along with Yu Sheng and Loulan Xue, this group stood out from the crowd.

All Cottage disciples except Sword Saint are here, everyone thought.

Qin Yu was a bit excited. If he succeeded, he could kill all of the Cottage this time. However, wanting to kill all of them was very difficult.

"Should the Cottage not hand these people over to the Qin Dynasty?" Qin Yu couldn't help but chuckle when he saw the icy stares of the Liu siblings.

"They're here. Come take them," Zhuge Hui said. She was smiling but still gave off a cold arrogant feeling.

"I'd like to try." Qin Yu laughed as he released his aura.

A few figures appeared from the distance. They wore long robes and had sharp auras. They spread out in a line and surrounded the Qin Dynasty.

A youth walked out from the crowd and bowed before Zhuge Hui's group. "Mo Xie greets the master uncles."

"Mo Xie." Many people studied this youth. He was the top disciple of Sword Saint Mountain. He'd joined the year the force was established and was the Sword Saint's first disciple.

Thus, all disciples of the Cottage were his master uncles though not many were more powerful than him.

"Is First Senior Brother here?" Zhuge Hui asked.

"Master told me to come aid my master uncles. He can come immediately if needed," Mo Xie said. Zhuge Hui nodded and gazed at Qin Yu. This was the west; it was the Sword Saint's territory.

Qin Yu stared at the people before him. He collected his aura, knowing it wasn't possible to deal with the Cottage here.

"Ye Futian," Qin Li suddenly called.

Ye Futian looked up at him.

"You want to go onto Sky Mountain?" Qin Li's eyes fell on him. Ye Futian scanned him coldly but ignored him. "I thought you'd hide in the lower Ancient Barren World. Since you're out, make sure you're ready."

Qin Li chuckled and the people of the Qin Dynasty turned. Then Qin Yu said, "The conditions from before still stand. Whoever kills Ye Futian will be protected by the Qin Dynasty and given the position of princess' groom."

Everyone watched as the Qin Dynasty left. Things were clearly different after war started. They didn't hide their murderous intent at all!