The Legend Of Futian Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Someone On Sky Mountain
Chapter 344: Someone on Sky Mountain
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The Sky Mountain's bell rang. All the strong cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory gathered to go up the mountain. What Qin Yu had said was a trap for Ye Futian. The Eastern Barren Territory was so vast. On Sky Mountain, someone could very possibly seize this opportunity to kill Ye Futian in order to join the Qin Dynasty.

The cultivators of the Eastern Barren Territory were of all levels. Not all cultivators could have the gifted talent to become a member of top forces, nor could they have the fate to marry the princess of the Qin Dynasty. If they could make full use of this opportunity, they could rise up the ranks, though it was very risky.

Human beings were the most complex creatures. No one could predict what this group of people would encounter. It was very ominous that Qin Yu chose to stay here. This was Qin Dynasty's style.

But the Cottage wouldn't be like them.

Staring at Qin Yu and Qin Li's back, murderous intent filled his eyes too. As long as there was a chance, he would kill them without showing any mercy as well. The surrounding people witnessed the exchange between the two top forces. They knew that if the Qin Dynasty had the confidence to destroy the Cottage, they wouldn't hold back.

"Let's go," Zhuge Hui said. The group nodded and rose into the air, moving toward the Eastern Barren Territory's most famous mountain.

Soon, the strong cultivators gathered in Shu City also started departing. The countless cultivators on the road were like a frightening army.

A black dragon soared in the air. Zhuge Hui, Gu Dongliu, and the others were all on the back of the dragon. As they got closer and closer to the mountain, the black dragon suddenly growled and flew downward.

Seeing the mountain getting closer and closer, Gu Dongliu wasn't surprised. He could feel the deterrent force of the mountain getting stronger and stronger. There was an aggressive malicious power constantly oppressing people's wills.

Suddenly, it began to snow; the air grew cold. Snowflakes floated down endlessly. The black dragon landed at the foot of the mountain. Countless people were already there, standing under the snow.

"What level was the Demon Bird back then?" Luo Fan murmured quietly. He could feel that invasive power too. Standing at the foot of the mountain, he even felt like the whole mountain was going to knock him down and imprison him here forever. Was this the intent power of the emperor?

"Some ancient books recorded that there had been sages during the period of darkness. They were all engulfed by that Demon Bird. Therefore, the Demon Bird must be at that level too," Gu Dongliu inferred.

"Under such a deterrent force, it's very difficult for us to go up with our present plane." Zhuge Hui sighed. To go to the mountain, one must either be extremely well-cultivated, even more than the Demon Bird and Donghuang the Great from centuries ago, or in lower levels so he could be less sensitive to the malicious power.

That kind of power was not substantial. Therefore, it couldn't affect those in lower levels. It was contained in the mountain. The stronger the cultivators were, the more invasive the power became. However, if a person who had never cultivated stood here, he would feel nothing.

There was a straight road on the mountain like a belt carved out by generations of people for pilgrimage before the Demon Bird appeared.

At this time, a line of figures walked toward that path. They were dressed in cassock and chanted with their folded their hands in front of them. The scene was very solemn. Their bodies emitted the light of the Buddha, covering them in a sacred sheen.

The Arhat that Ye Futian knew was among them. Obviously, they were the strong cultivators from Qianqiu Temple.

The Buddha's scripture can protect them from devil power, many people thought. Sky Mountain's bell has rung. If someone can go up to the mountain, it must be the monks of the Qianqiu Temple. Most people here belonged to forces near the mountain. The Qianqiu Temple was their mecca.

Another line of figures came out. These strong cultivators were from the Witch Clan.

Ye Futian looked up at the mountain but couldn't see the top. It was as if the mountain's top melted into the sky. Though his level was not high, he could still feel that deterrent force from the mountain, as well as that invasive power disturbing his will. On the way to the top, the feeling would get intensified constantly. Under such a deterrent force, it would be very hard to climb the mountain.

People gathered here because they thought the ringing of the bell on the mountain was the emperor's call. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come. Generations of people had tried before.

At this time, people continually stepped up on the road to the mountaintop.

"Are you going or not? Why are you staring at us?" At this moment, Mo Xie turned back and saw the people of Fuyun Sword Clan. The Cottage and the Sword Saint Mountain appeared at the same time, attracting the Fuyun Sword Clan's attention.

The head of the Fuyun Sword Clan was also here. Glancing at Ye Wuchen, he scorned, "So the Cottage accepts disciples that the Fuyun Sword Clan throws out?"

The Mountain Elder of the College stared at the man. At this time, Zhuge Hui smiled. "You are not young anymore. Why don't you just shut up? This is the western territory. Watch your mouth or you will regret it."

The head of the Fuyun Sword Clan froze. Was this a threat?

"Funny." He huffed coldly but didn't continue the debate. The Fuyun Sword Clan moved forward. This was the western territory, which meant the Sword Saint was possibly here. The Fuyun Sword Clan was the inferior one. However, he was sure that the Sword Saint was not strong enough to confront with him. Moreover, the people of the Qin Dynasty and the Donghua Clan were also here. If the Cottage dared to fight, the two forces wouldn't stand by.

Zhe Song and Qi Ao beside him were also staring coldly at the Cottage.

Ye Futian's group didn't move. Soon, the Fuyun Sword Clan, the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and Royal Xuan Temple all gathered together. These forces had all claimed to ally with the Qin Dynasty when they were in the Qin Dynasty's palace. Because of the Sword Saint Clan, they hadn't taken any actions so far. Now, they kept close with the Qin Dynasty. They were afraid that the Cottage would take revenge.

"Let's go up," Zhuge Hui said and stepped forward.

Ding The bell's sound came down like a horrible wave. More snowflakes fell down crazily. Everyone closed their eyes. This ring seemed to be from heaven, coming down to the mountain and sweeping everything.

Hearing the sound, those climbers felt like an enormous bell ringing in their heart. They trembled fiercely. Some moaned; some spat out blood as they were forced back. The vibrations of the huge sound send them sliding on the snowy ground.

Bang, bang... Some climbers from the air fell down to the ground, blood gushing from their mouths. Their hearts were badly hurt.

The second disciple of the Cottage also stopped. Blood seeped from the corner of her lips.

The third disciple trembled. Seeing Zhuge Hui get hurt, his eyes looking at the mountaintop sharpened.

Xue Ye and Luo Fan were also hurt, as were the Mountain Elders and other top talents in Noble Plane of the College.

"Senior Sister and Brother!" Ye Futian looked at the scene in astonishment. Just because of a bell's ring, countless people in the vast place were badly hurt. People like Qin Yu, Lady Yuxiao, Lu Nantian and people of the Fuyun Sword Clan were all forced back, hurt. The stronger one was, the more injured they were.

Ye Futian also felt a horrible deterrent force, but the feeling was not so strong. He only felt his body grow heavier when the frightening power penetrated his body.

The snow was still falling; the air became depressing. All big names of the Eastern Barren Territory were hurt just because of the bell's one ring.

Was this really the emperor's call? What happened on Sky Mountain? Why did the bell ring?

In the silence, everyone looked up at the mountain. Was it possible to climb this towering mountain? They all looked to the peak within the clouds. The snow kept falling; it was especially heavy near the peak.

At this moment, there was a figure standing on the top of the mountain and watching all of this silently. People would be stunned if they saw him because someone had managed to reach the top.

In the snow, the figure seemed incomparably lonely.

He took out a flask and drank a mouthful of wine. Then he spilled some wine on the snow.

It was as if he was the only person in the world.