The Legend Of Futian Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Go Straight Forward
Chapter 347: Go Straight Forward
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Qin Li's expression changed. A dragon also roared above him. His arm seemed to transform into the arm of a dragon as he blocked the incoming staff. He'd been looking for a chance to kill Ye Futian's group but didn't expect that Ye Futian dared to attack him first.

Boom. The staff swung down and there was a huge sound. Qin Li's entire body shook. The fabric on his arm tore apart and he fell onto one knee. The ground underneath cracked.

Everyone was shocked; no one processed it all. Ye Futian had been talking and smiling earlier but changed as soon as he finished. He wanted to kill Qin Li. How ruthless!

At this moment, terrible dragon scales appeared on Qin Li's arms. They shone frighteningly; clearly, they were ritual implements. If he didn't have these protecting his arms, they would probably have broken under Ye Futian's sudden attack. It was too abrupt and Ye Futian hadn't held back at all.

Whoosh Wind whistled as the staff twirled. The air current went wild. Vines spiraled out from Ye Futian, Locking Qin Li's body.

"Stop." The people of the Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan finally processed everything. Their auras immediately flared and they rushed towards Ye Futian. They cast spells simultaneously at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was still unmoved. Eyes cold, he brought his murderous staff down again. The entire weight of the world seemed to fall onto Qin Li.

Qin Li knew that he'd lost his chance. The most important task now was to save his life. He dazzled brilliantly. His dragon armor transformed into a true dragon that roared. It spiraled above him, protecting him. He raised his arms too for protection.

Boom! There was another huge explosion. Dust flew in the wind as Qin Li was forced into the mountain. A ditch appeared in the mountain. He grunted and spat out blood. Even with the ritual implement protecting him, he was still injured.

Dragons came over murderously. Ye Futian knew he would fail so he retreated after swinging his staff.

"Royal Grandson!" The people of the Qin Dynasty grouped around Qin Li. He felt his body shake inside. Activating a battle technique, his blood rumbled and dragons roared. Then he took a deep breath, calming the tremors inside. He stood up slowly and stared coldly at Ye Futian, eyes full of murderous intent.

"You're lucky to be alive." Ye Futian chuckled. His smile was gentle and calm as if nothing had happened.

Everyone was speechless at his smile.

"You won't be so lucky." Eyes filled with menacing murder, Qin Li said, "Kill him."

Strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty went up, surrounding Ye Futian. Disciples of the College advanced too. No matter what, the College and Cottage were one group. They obviously had to stand together against the Qin Dynasty. Otherwise, the Qin Dynasty would kill them after killing Ye Futian. Many people had already died in the Ancient Barren World.

The people of the Donghua Clan walked up too. Disciples of the Sword Saint Mountain walked towards them.

A huge battle was about to start.

The surrounding people held their breaths. The various forces had already declared war. Were the rivalries finally going to be ignited on Sky Mountain?

Hua Qingqing stopped her music and watched the imminent battle with her pretty eyes.

Chu Yaoyao gazed at Ye Futian. She didn't know what to think. The Moon Clan obviously wouldn't get involved.

"This is between the Qin Dynasty and Cottage. What is the Sword Saint Mountain doing?" Qi Ao from the Fuyun Sword Clan said. He looked at the group with sharp eyes.

Du Ming furrowed his sword-like brows. Gazing at Qi Ao, he said, "What is it to you?"

"Shouldn't the college give us Ye Wuchen, the traitor of the Fuyun Sword Clan?" Qi Ao asked with a smile.

Ye Futian looked coldly at him. Qi Ao obviously knew that he wouldn't hand Ye Wuchen over. He was just using this as an excuse to enter the battle.

Snow continued falling. The atmosphere was getting tenser.

"Why didn't you learn anything from when First Senior Brother went to the Fuyun Sword Clan?" Yi Xiaoshi asked.

Ye Futian scanned the crowd. The Royal Xuan Temple was watching menacingly. They didn't say anything but he was sure that they would act if needed.

The Cottage had a disadvantage in numbers.

Ye Futian rose slowly against the might from Sky Mountain. Wind elemental sorcery gathered around him. Golden roc wings unfurled with Noble Will. Everyone looked at him. What was he doing?

"No need to fight. The problem between Qin Li and I is personal," Ye Futian suddenly said. Then he shot into the sky and rose up as if he was going to reach the peak. In the sky, Ye Futian was like a Roc, transforming into a bolt of lightning. Many people stared at this scene in shock. Unexpectedly, Ye Futian left everyone here without fighting.

"Want to escape?" Qin Li gazed at the figure in the sky. "Chase him." As soon as he spoke, people shot into the sky like dragons in flight. They pursued Ye Futian.

"Onto the mountain." Yi Xiaoshi's body flashed. Strong cultivators from every force advanced up Sky Mountain, much faster than before.

This imminent battle was cut short because of Ye Futian's sudden departure.

"Let's go." The Fuyun Sword Clan and Sword Saint Mountain started climbing too. Ye Futian crossed an impossible length and landed on a huge boulder. Then he continued forward as if the evil feeling and might didn't exist.

"Feiyang, take care of Chenyu," Ye Wuchen said. Then he shot forward like a flash from his sword.

"I'll take a look," Chu Yaoyao said and also sped up the mountain.

Ye Futian was galloping down the path. He was so fast, with powerful cultivators of high planes from the Qin Dynasty close behind him. If not for the might from Sky Mountain, they would've caught up. After all, he was in a lower plane.

More and more strong cultivators pursued him but he didn't seem to care. When he'd acted, he had already thought of various scenarios. Noble Fate rose up in him, fighting against the repressive might. Emperor Will was in this too, allowing him to reduce the pressure from the mountain.

The pressure grew. Subtle lightning could be seen amongst the falling snow as if this was a world of lightning. Even the boulders of the mountain glimmered with lightning. Ye Futian stepped into it and felt the powerful Lightning Will press down. It ran through his body but it wasn't all. The evil feeling strengthened too. His feet walked forward involuntarily.

"You think you can run?" Behind him, Qin Li walked over. There were dragon roars as if he was a dragon. He was covered in dragon armor. The strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty formed a matrix around him. They stepped into the lightning world together.

Ye Futian ignored them. Since he attacked Qin Li, he hadn't thought of actually escaping. His only motive for attacking was to kill Qin Li.

Back in the Liu Kingdom, seeing what Qin Yuan did to Liu Chenyu, seeing Liu Chenyu attempt suicide, Ye Wuchen's helplessness, and Qin Li's arrogant words, he'd already wanted to kill the man. He was helpless back then though. Emperor Liu wouldn't kill him, so Ye Futian couldn't either.

Now, they were in Sky Mountain. The strongest man beside Qin Li was only in the Arcana Plane. The higher they climbed, the more pressure those with high planes would feel. Ye Futian finally had a chance now. Plus, since they were at war, Qin Li would kill him if he didn't kill the other. He only worried about how to do it now.

Yi Xiaoshi arrived too, as well as some people from the Donghua Clan. People from different forces gradually entered this lightning world. Of course, many people dropped out because they couldn't take it anymore. Those who entered involuntarily slowed down. Red glowed in some eyes again, even those who were greatly talented.

Chu Yaoyao also entered the lightning. Seeing the lonely backside in the distance, she felt that Ye Futian wasn't escaping. She saw the determination in his backside.

Ye Wuchen, Yu Sheng, Loulan Xue, and the others started walking here too.

"If you think you can't take it anymore, don't force yourself," Hua Qingqing said to the people around her. She obviously felt the pressure too.

The Qianqiu Temple and Witch Clan were before Ye Futian. At this moment, Gu Biyue stopped. She wanted to give up but saw Ye Futian speed up and overtake her. She couldn't help but stare and ask, "Are you crazy?"

Ye Futian ignored her and continued past.

Qin Li's expression grew uglier. His will kept getting corroded. He knew the pressure contained in this space, but Ye Futian kept advancing. Some of the strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty beside him were unstable already. Their eyes glowed red; their murderous intent intensified.

"We can't keep dragging it on. Kill him," Qin Li ordered coldly. His people burst forward towards Ye Futian. Their eyes were bloody; they wanted to kill so badly.


Seeing this, Yi Xiaoshi sped up too and actually transformed into a bolt of lightning. He started later but arrived first. He leaped over Qin Li, body turning into a blur. He reached out and his arms actually stretched, curling towards the people going to kill Ye Futian.

"Kill him," Qin Li uttered coldly. Various Qin Dynasty cultivators stepped out and soared in the sky.

Yi Xiaoshi seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. He kicked backward and his feet actually turned into a golden mountain. It pressed down, radiating with gold light. With a huge boom, it forced the people back.

"Come back." Yi Xiaoshi waved his arm and dragged the people back like tentacles.

As if he didn't know about the battle behind him, Ye Futian advanced without looking back.

Qin Li's expression was ugly. "Take care of him," he said coldly. Then he brought some people to continue chasing after Ye Futian. The rest surrounded Yi Xiaoshi.