The Legend Of Futian Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Time
Chapter 348: Time
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Seeing that they wanted to go around him to pursue Ye Futian, Yi Xiaoshi flashed and blocked them. He dazzled radiantly. The next moment, a huge tree grew wildly. He seemed to have become a divine tree that spread in all directions.

Even more frightening, the tree that Yi Xiaoshi turned into wasn't only green. It also had a terrible golden tint, like a true emperor's glow.

"Emperor's Vine."

Everyone's eyes flashed as they stared forward. The Emperor's Vine was known as the emperor amongst trees and had the sturdiest vines. Clearly, the life spirit of the Cottage's seventh disciple was the Emperor's Vine and used it to create this dharma.

With this dharma released, all wood and gold Spiritual Qi were devoured.

A wood elemental spell was released while dazzling gold tendrils covered the sun. They sped in the air, going towards the group that wanted to kill Ye Futian. Every vine was like a horrible blade. The strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty were facing a great enemy. Not daring to underestimate it, they turned around to defend themselves with spells. They didn't dare to keep chasing Ye Futian.

"That's right." Yi Xiaoshi smiled brightly. That moment, countless strong cultivators formed a battle matrix and went straight towards him. Dragons roared from many of them. They stabbed their spears forward, wanting to shatter Yi Xiaoshi's body.

Whoosh Endless vines swept forward, transforming into thousands of tentacles that curled towards the people. A golden flower bloomed. The sharp petals spun and expanded like a frightening gold vortex. Horrible dragons roared above the spears with murderous intent. They destroyed everything; the gold petals continuously got shattered. It seemed powerful for the flower to be destroyed but it kept blooming and blooming without end.

The dragon apparitions extinguished and the powerful auras of the Qin Dynasty disappeared. However, the petals were still coming. They exploded into a rain of petals. Every droplet of rain sharpened into sturdy golden blades.

The people sped backward but saw golden vines coming at them from behind, blocking their escape route. They could only force themselves to fight back.

Squelch A horrible golden tendril pierced someone from the Qin Dynasty. He screamed in pain.

"Retreat, battle matrix!" someone yelled. Sensing danger, they didn't dare to feel cocky anymore. The seventh disciple of the Cottage wasn't as famous but he was just as powerful. The Cottage couldn't be rated with common standards.

"Junior, this is all I can do." Yi Xiaoshi looked to Ye Futian in the distance. He knew Ye Futian's plan: use the characteristic of Sky Mountain to kill Qin Li. Beside them, the people of the Fuyun Sword Clan walked over. They glanced at Yi Xiaoshi and continued their pursuit.

More people arrived and continued forward, going in Ye Futian's direction. Ye Futian gradually slowed down. It became harder as he went. Many people had been left behind now. Those without steadfast wills couldn't get here at all.

At this point in the lightning world, Ye Futian was at the front. Behind him was Qin Li's group. The Donghua Clan, Fuyun Sword Clan, and Chu Yaoyao were behind them. After that was the College, Beitang Xing'er, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen.

Everyone was closing in on each other because the people in the front slowed down. Even though the ones behind slowed down as well, it wasn't as much.

Only around 50 people were following Ye Futian. The rest had been left behind.

"How far can you go?" Qin Li asked coldly, watching Ye Futian get closer. He only had two people with him. The others had either been stopped by Yi Xiaoshi or gave up.

Those with him were extraordinary. They were part of the Qin Dynasty's royal family and were in even higher planes than him.

Ye Futian suddenly stopped. He turned around to look at Qin Li and smiled. "Since you want to kill me so badly, should we have a duel?"

"Idiot." Qin Li sneered with mockery. He was stronger than Ye Futian but with such a disadvantage now, why would he fight? He wasn't a good person. To kill Ye Futian was his only goal.

The people of the Donghua Clan and Fuyun Clan walked up. There were four from the Donghua Clan, with Hua Qingqing in the back. There were also four from the Fuyun Sword ClanQi Ao and three other swordsmen. They were all amazing geniuses.

Chu Yaoyao stood in the back, watching this all.

Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Beitang Xing'er, the Black Wind Eagle, Du Ming of the Sword Saint Mountain and two other strong cultivators, and four disciples of the College were behind her.

The Royal Xuan Temple was also there. Both sides were more equal in number now. They were all the best of their forces.

"Die," Qin Li uttered. As soon as he spoke, people from the Qin Dynasty stepped out on either side. Dragons spiraled above them. All royalty from the Qin Dynasty had dragons as their dharma. That was their totem.

The dragons soared and pounced at Ye Futian, wanting to shred him with their golden claws.

Ye Futian grasped his Five Element Staff. The Divine Ape growled, the dragon roared, and the golden Roc shimmered. His body seemed undefeatable. He stepped forward and all the might in the world gathered on him. He swept his staff across, hitting a dragon. It was a giant golden dragon with a shocking defense that forced Ye Futian back. Then a frost dragon exhaled at him. Iciness filled the sky, covering him.

Ye Futian flew in the air and swept his staff again. Using the momentum, he retreated. The two from the Qin Dynasty were in much higher planes. They chased without stop. Qin Li also followed, wanting to kill Ye Futian.

Boom. Yu Sheng stepped forward and shot into the sky. Ye Wuchen, with his sword, soared like a beam of sword light.


A beam of sword light cut the snowflakes in the sky, slicing the air. Ye Wuchen came to a stop. His body spun with his sword out. Silver lightning seemed to crack across, splitting at the touch.

Qi Ao appeared before him. Studying Ye Wuchen, he said, "Today, I will take care of things for the Fuyun Sword Clan."

With that, Qi Ao continued walking. Zhe Song was the swordsman from the first summit but Qi Ao was the strongest of the first summit in Arcana Plane. He was confident in becoming a swordsman of any summit.

He walked before Ye Wuchen and brought out his sword. It danced in the air like silver light, constantly changing and blocking all escape routes.

Ye Wuchen stared forward, his eyes changing. That moment, a sword seemed to appear in Qi Ao's eyes. As a disciple of the Fuyun Sword Clan, Qi Ao was familiar with what ability the swordsman from the seventh summit had. He activated the Sword Eye.

He ignored the sword light in his eye. Powerful will pushed back the Sword Will. Forgetting the light, he focused on the attack. Ye Wuchen couldn't threaten him so he didn't have to care about the Sword Eye.

Ye Wuchen brought his sword down. It was a simple move but seemed to slice the world. It was so powerful that it actually cut down one of Qi Ao's lines of defense and continued invading.

His plane wasn't as high as Qi Ao. In order to win, he had to attack. If he defended, he would be dead.

The other swordsmen blocked the cultivators of the Sword Saint Mountain. Swords and broadswords clashed. They seemed to want to end the old rivalry between the two forces.

Another from the Fuyun Sword Clan blocked Yu Sheng.

The College disciples wanted to help Ye Futian but the Donghua Clan appeared to isolate them.

On Qin Li and Ye Futian's battlefield, Ye Futian kept getting forced back. Qin Li was two levels higher than him, in the Arcana Plane, and there wasn't much hope for Ye Futian.

Qian Shanmu sat down and started playing his guqin. Music covered the battlefield. Musical sorcery transformed into spiritual attacks that stabbed into the ears of the College and Sword Saint Mountain, affecting their fighting.

Beitang Xing'er looked at Ye Futian. She was worried but she didn't have a high plane either. She probably wasn't stronger than Ye Futian so she couldn't help.

Glancing at Qian Shanmu, she walked over. Stopping in place, she closed her eyes. Invisible spiritual energy shrouded the area.

The spiritual storm converged and landed inside Qian Shanmu's mind. At that moment, he could only see Beitang Xing'er's image in his mind.

"Stop," Beitang Xing'er uttered. It echoed countless times in Qian Shanmu's mind.

Stop, stop

The endless echoes were like an invisible storm hitting Qian Shanmu. He flew backward, the music cutting off. He looked up at Beitang Xing'er in shock.

She ignored him and started attacking the others. Soon, another Donghua Clan cultivator was forced back and almost killed by a College disciple.

"Junior Sister." Qian Shanmu gazed at Hua Qingqing. Many thought Qian Shanmu was the best musical sorcerer of the young generation but he knew Hua Qingqing was stronger in both talent and ability.

Hua Qingqing's eyes flashed. She walked to Beitang Xing'er.

They stared at each other and formless spiritual energy clashed. Hua Qingqing's clear eyes held the gaze. Beitang Xing'er began to look worried. Her spiritual energy wasn't as strong as Hua Qingqing so she couldn't help anymore.

At that time, Ye Futian was forced back again. He crashed against a boulder and grunted. Blood seeped from his lips.

Qin Li's trio pressed down.

Ye Futian stood up and turned. He continued racing up the mountain.

"Escaping again?" Qin Li's expression was frigid. "Just stopping them is enough."

With that, he brought the other two and continued after Ye Futian. At the front, coldness glinted past Ye Futian's eyes as he raced. The time was coming!