The Legend Of Futian Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Demonic Possession
Chapter 352: Demonic Possession
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Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen had both lost their ability to continue fighting.

One had completely exhausted his powers, while the other was severely injured. The coldness actually froze the wounds on Ye Wuchen's body, but it was extremely freezing. Even with his strong will, he still started to shiver.

"Qi Ao!" The other three members of Fuyun Sword Clan present were all Swordmasters of their summits. Realizing that Qi Ao was actually killed by the traitor Ye Wuchen, their faces darkened. However, two of them were intercepted by two cultivators from Sword Saint Mountain, while the other was battling with Yu Sheng.

"Let's end it quickly. Kill the two of them!" the two people fighting with Sword Saint Mountain shouted at the cultivator battling with Yu Sheng. In the battlefield, Yu Sheng's level was the lowest; he was only at the peak of the Dharma Plane and had yet to enter the Arcana Plane. If he had not relied on the powers of the demonic tripod, the battle would have already ended. It was therefore unbearable for the Swordmaster that he was actually stopped by Yu Sheng.

"Alright," the last person replied.

At first, he still wanted to keep some of his strength. Although they all had to participate in the battle, the people from Fuyun Sword Clan actually did not want to kill Ye Futian themselves as they were still somewhat scared of the Cottage. However, even Qi Ao had been killed in the battle. The bloodthirsty looks in their eyes were intensifying and they were almost becoming irrational.

The person launched various attacks wildly at Yu Sheng. His sword became even more violent, and his strikes turned into many dazzling beams of light which shot towards Yu Sheng.

"Scram!" Yu Sheng roared. He hurled the demonic tripod out as if it was a mountain, crushing all attacks with mere strength. A demonic shadow appeared which suppressed everything and split the blades of light apart. However, his opponent also moved like a beam of light and changed the angles of his attack rapidly. A few traces of Sword Will actually charged out of Yu Sheng's defense and flew towards Ye Futian and Yu Wuchen.

The Black Wind Condor gave a long tweet. With red light flashing in its eyes, it blocked in front of the two and extended its wings, creating a few wind blades. Accompanied by a few soft sounds, the wings of the Black Wind Condor were penetrated by the attack and blood could be seen.

Yu Sheng turned around to take a look and his eyes looked increasingly wild. Rumble! Terrifying dark light erupted from his body and a dark demonic shadow could vaguely be seen. Around him, dark golden air current flew and expanded continuously, followed by many crackling sounds. It was as if Yu Sheng's body was becoming larger. At the moment, he could not only be described as being burly; he was overbearing.

"Yu Sheng!" Noticing the change, Ye Futian's expression changed.

The Swordmaster before Yu Sheng could feel his heart race as he stared at the person in front of him, stunned. With his overpowering body, Yu Sheng no longer looked like a human, but rather a devil, a demon. His eyes were blood-red as if he was from hell, and anyone looking at them would be deeply attracted.

Around Yu Sheng, the dark demonic light engulfed all the gold color. Demonic Will filled the sky and converged to form an enormous pair of demonic wings, even larger in size than previously. The demonic armor on his body also looked more ferocious and monstrous, as if it was even more frightening than a noble ritual implement. The Spiritual Qi in the sky gushed towards him wildly and was absorbed into his body. His might increased steeply and he turned into an invincible demon.

"What monster is this?" The other two Swordmasters of Fuyun Sword Clan saw the situation and their expressions also changed. Was Yu Sheng still a human? He looked completely like a demon.

Yu Sheng opened his mouth and roared. The heaven and earth thundered with him and even Sky Mountain itself seemed to be trembling. Everyone was wildly astonished and stared at him. They saw a demon appearing in the mortal world. With the dark demonic tripod in his hand, he walked forward. Demonic Will in the tripod gushed rapidly towards Yu Sheng's body and the tripod soon turned into a small one which Yu Sheng held with his left hand. At the same time, an endless amount of Demonic Will converged at his right hand, forming a Heavenly Halberd surrounded by demonic powers.

Dong. Yu Sheng stomped fiercely on the ground and even earth seemed to be cracking apart. Then, he walked towards the Swordmaster of Fuyun Sword Clan. That Swordmaster was in the Middle Arcana Plane, but at the moment when he faced Yu Sheng, he was actually somewhat scared. His heart raced and he only felt that the person before him was unbeatable.

What kind of monsters did the Cottage have?

Ye Futian killed Qin Li and two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from Qin Dynasty. Now, Yu Sheng had also turned into such a horrifying state. What kind of people were they?

Although the Swordmaster was frightened, he still forced himself to calm down with his strong willpower and started to swing his sword. The blades of light turned into a brilliant curtain which appeared in front of his body. It was as if anyone who tried to enter the curtain would be torn into pieces. This was the defense sword technique of his summit, Images of Sword.

Thousands of blades of light turned into countless afterimages. Each image seemed to contain an extremely strong attack power.

Boom! The ground trembled and snow danced wildly in the air. Yu Sheng approached the cultivator and stabbed out the Heavenly Halberd. A wave of demonic might gushed out and crushed everything. When the halberd pierced into the sword curtain, it charged inside directly, like darkness engulfing lightness.

Thud... The huge demonic Heavenly Halberd broke the sword curtain and pierced into the Swordmaster's body directly. The Swordmaster trembled violently and his face quickly turned pale and he spat blood continuously. Why did I come to Sky Mountain? Why did I choose Yu Sheng as my opponent? he asked himself.

Buzz! Yu Sheng withdrew the Heavenly Halberd. The body of the Swordmaster was thrown into the air along with the halberd, appearing to be so insignificant. A Swordmaster of Fuyun Sword Clan died so miserably and could not fight back at all.

Everyone in the battle could feel their hearts pounding fiercely as they were all bewildered by the scene, especially the death of two Swordmasters of Fuyun Sword Clan. Four geniuses of Fuyun Sword Clan had come here, but two of them already died.

'He has already been possessed by a demon!" someone exclaimed, looking at Yu Sheng's eyes. His eyes looked too terrifying; red light was flashing in his black eyes. It was as if he was only a killing machine now and completely out of control.

There were many powerful evil thoughts here in the first place. The Demonic Will that Yu Sheng had released was similar in nature to the evil thoughts. All the other people had been suppressing the evilness with their strong willpower so that they would not be controlled by it. However, when Yu Sheng released his demonic powers and stopped resisting the evil thoughts, the two negative powers complemented each other and caused him to sink into madness.

Dong. Yu Sheng raised his foot and continued to walk towards the battlefield. His body was already very big and burly in the first place. At the moment, he had turned into a demon. It was as if he would even be the leader among demons, superior and overbearing.

Dark demonic light turned into a monstrous chain that swept out wildly towards a Swordmaster who was fighting with a Sword Saint Mountain disciple. The Swordmaster wanted to retreat from the battlefield but he was stopped by the Sword Saint Mountain cultivator. The chain arrived and blotted out the entire sky, sealing his escape path. Then, it flew towards him. The Swordmaster struck out his sword and cut the dark chain into two. Although Yu Sheng had turned into a demon and looked extremely powerful, his level was, after all, same as that of Ye Futian, which was too low. Therefore, his combat ability was actually not as strong as it seemed, at least weaker than Ye Futian when he burnt Emperor Will. A Middle Arcana Plane cultivator could still destroy his attack.

Nevertheless, Yu Sheng's appearance was too frightening at the moment. Even though his power was not as strong as everyone had imagined, he still caused an immense amount of pressure with his overpowering might. Even if a noble was here, he would probably not be as frightening as Yu Sheng.

Buzz! Just when the Fuyun Sword Clan Swordmaster was rejoicing, suddenly, Yu Sheng tossed out the Heavenly Halberd in his hand. The Swordmaster did not have any time to dodge at all. With absolute power, the Heavenly Halberd pierced into his body and killed him in midair. Then, it brought the corpse along and nailed him onto the ground.

"Err..." Everyone was astonished.

"Junior!" Qian Shanmu looked at Hua Qingqing. Yu Sheng was possessed by a demon at the moment and had turned into a killing machine. If this was to continue, he would kill every single one of them. Even if Yu Sheng could not do so alone, with the help of others, they would definitely lose badly.

But he knew Hua Qingqing's ability. Only her music could affect Yu Sheng's demonic state right now.

Hua Qingqing glanced at Yu Sheng. She stepped forward and a dazzling radiance was emitted from her body. She sat cross-legged in midair and a sacred light erupted from her. She released her Dharma, which was actually a brilliant halo. An extremely pure figure appeared inside the halo, and she looked like a holy fairy.

The sacred radiance shot towards Yu Sheng. Then, she started to play her guqin. Immediately, the demonic light around Yu Sheng seemed to be retreating, as if it was suppressed.

"Holy Sound." Ye Futian raised his head and glanced at Hua Qingqing. At the moment, the sacred her looked like a pure fairy. At the instant when she played the music, Ye Futian knew that Hua Qingqing was the person who was really suited to play Holy Sound. When the music was played by her, it contained a real, holy aura. The music and her will fit perfectly.

In the sky, the melodious music spread. Many people looked at Hua Qingqing; her fingers were slender, and her hands were beautiful, just like herself. When she played her guqin, she was like a goddess and nobody dared to have any evil thoughts about her. It was no wonder that Lu Nantian was obsessed with this junior of his.

At this moment, everyone realized that Hua Qingqing had actually never participated in any battle. Her mind was pure and she did not want to be involved in this. But because of the situation, she had to fight.

Many a time, a person could neither be considered as being good or being evil. His position could have already been determined at birth. Ye Futian did not kill Chu Yaoyao not only because she admitted that she liked him, but also because he could not find a reason to kill her, other than trying to hide his secrets. Chu Yaoyao had never wanted to kill him. She was different from Qin Li. Qin Li not only wanted him dead, but he was also really evil.

Yu Sheng roared angrily at Hua Qingqing, after which he walked towards her. However, Hua Qingqing's music turned into a sacred radiance which kept suppressing the Demonic Will on Yu Sheng's body. The music entered Yu Sheng's ears continuously, causing him to feel extremely uncomfortable. After all, Yu Sheng's level was far lower than Hua Qingqing. Hua Qingqing was in the Middle Arcana Plane, and her music was able to fight against his Demonic Will as well.

Qin Mengruo stared at Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen and said, "Kill the two of them first."

Yu Sheng turned around and glanced coldly at Qin Mengruo. He did not look at Hua Qingqing again. Instead, he stomped on the ground and charged towards Qin Mengruo directly. The demonic light glittering in his eyes became extremely dreadful!