The Legend Of Futian Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Stubborn Conviction
Chapter 353: Stubborn Conviction
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Seeing Yu Sheng charging towards her, Qin Mengruo's expression changed and she immediately started to back off. At the same time, Qian Shanmu appeared in front of Qin Mengruo. His Zither Spirit appeared and he started to play it.

Yu Sheng's eyes were filled with red light at the moment. He raised his hand and the Demonic Will circling his hand turned into many sharp blades which pierced towards Qian Shanmu.

Music erupted and the demonic blades also exploded with it. Following the loud bang, Yu Sheng arrived in front of Qian Shanmu. At this instant, Qian Shanmu felt an extremely terrifying pressure pressing onto him. Yu Sheng's might was way too fierce. Anyone close to him would feel incredibly pressured.

Bang! Yu Sheng punched, and his fist flew through the air. Taking the hit, even Qian Shanmu's Life Spirit seemed to be on the edge of exploding. He gave a muffled humph and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Hua Qingqing's music finally arrived. Many dazzling illusory figures appeared around Yu Sheng and slowly converged into existence. They all looked like fairies.

Bang. Yu Sheng, however, did not seem to have noticed them at all. He stomped on the ground and even snow cracked apart, leaving behind a deep footprint. His demonic wings flashed and cut across everything in its path as he continued to charge towards Qin Mengruo. Light was glittering in his demonic eyes, making Qin Mengruo feel as if she was being looked at by a demon from hell. Immediately, her heart was filled with fear. How can he be so strong?

Hua Qingqing's expression changed and she shouted aloud, "Stop!" Even her eyes looked somewhat cold at the moment.

Qin Li from Qin Dynasty was killed, so were Qi Ao and two other Swordmasters from Fuyun Sword Clan. Was Yu Sheng going to kill Qin Mengruo as well?

Qin Mengruo was already married to Qian Shanmu and could be considered a member of Donghua Clan. If she was to die here

In the Holy Sound, many sacred fairies appeared. Enveloped in auspicious light, they flew towards Yu Sheng. The demonic might around Yu Sheng was suppressed, but he was still staring at Qin Mengruo. Roaring out loud, the Demonic Will around his body charged towards Qin Mengruo's body directly. The traces of Demonic Will were extremely sharp and penetrated her body instantly. At this moment, her face turned very pale. Her body was being infiltrated with Demonic Will and engulfed by a demonic aura.

"No..." Fear filled Qin Mengruo's exquisite face which was however highly distorted. Soon, she dropped onto the ground and lied in the snow.

A beauty just died like this.

"So cruel!" Everyone present was astounded. Yu Sheng was already immersed in killing and had turned into a true devil. He did not have any pity for a beautiful lady at all. Since Qin Mengruo wanted Ye Futian to die, he would kill her.

Qian Shanmu's face turned pale, while Hua Qingqing played her music even more rapidly. Sacred radiance poured onto Yu Sheng and her strong Spiritual Will tried to invade his body wildly. Yu Sheng was enveloped with a holy light and started struggling as if he was in great pain.

Holy Sound was an extremely strong offensive musical spell. Spiritual attacks would come from all directions. After all, Yu Sheng's level was too low and his Spiritual Energy was way weaker than that of Hua Qingqing. Therefore, even his demonic might seemed to be suppressed.

Dong. Yu Sheng stomped on the ground which trembled. He backed off and went beside Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen. Carrying the two of them in his hands, his demonic wings trembled and Demonic Will gushed into the sky. Then, his body similarly ascended into the air.

The Black Wind Condor gave a long tweet and also followed them into the sky.

Hua Qingqing and Qian Shanmu blinked and chased the group.

Loulan Xue also moved and flew into the sky.

The other people also wanted to follow them, but they were stopped by one another.

Xiao Wuji from the College glanced the four leaving in the sky. In the Ancient Barren World, he had already met the four, namely Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen, Yu Sheng, and Loulan Xue. During this battle on Sky Mountain, they had all released their brilliant radiance, especially Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Although they were only at the peak of the Dharma Plane, they were way too powerful.

Suddenly, Yi Xiaoshi arrived at the battlefield from the distance. He approached Beitang Xing'er and asked, "Xing'er, where is the little brother?"

Pointing at the sky, Beitang Xing'er replied, "He lost the ability to fight, and Yu Sheng has brought him upwards. Hua Qingqing went to chase them."

Yi Xiaoshi glanced at the battlefield. Noticing Qin Li, Qin Mengruo, and Qi Ao's corpses, he was also astonished. Did they and little brother do this?

"I'll go and find him." Moving his body, Yi Xiaoshi similarly flew into the sky and towards the higher part of Sky Mountain. In the sky, a pair of demonic wings was glittering and rising up steadily. Snow filled the sky and the temperament was extremely low, but Yu Sheng did not seem to have felt anything at all. He was carrying Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen with his hands. Demonic Will surrounded the two, helping them to block the coldness outside.

"Yu Sheng, where are you bringing us?" Ye Wuchen asked.

Yu Sheng did not respond. His eyes were still very red.

"He is bringing us up the mountain," Ye Futian said, feeling somewhat speechless. Is it really appropriate for him to hug both of us like this? Did he even ask for our opinions?

It was really awkward!

Bang. Yu Sheng started to decelerate and eventually landed on a path on the mountain. Then, he continued to walk up the mountain. Behind them, the Black Wing Condor followed closely. Its eyes were filled with appalling red light and coldness was seeping into its blood and bones. If Ye Futian did not plant Emperor Will in its body, it would not be able to persist for so long.

Glancing at the Black Wind Condor, Ye Futian said, "Little bird, hold on." The Black Wind Condor nodded and used its sharp claws to leave many marks on the ground.

"So tired. I'll sleep first." Ye Futian closed his eyes. He was too exhausted. After killing Qin Li, his Spiritual Energy and physical body were both extremely drained. The power in his body had all been consumed, so he really needed to lie down and rest.

Yu Sheng was possessed by a demon at the moment and was affected by the evil thoughts. To the rest, he was a complete killing machine, but to Ye Futian, he would always be that stubborn boy.

Nowhere would be safer than on Yu Sheng's body because Ye Futian knew that if someone wanted to kill him, the person definitely had to kill Yu Sheng first, even though Yu Sheng had been possessed.

Ye Wuchen sighed. He actually had to sleep on a man's body, but he had no choice anyway. He also closed his eyes and wanted to take a good nap. At the moment, they could not be of any help even if they wanted to. Therefore, they could only let Yu Sheng withstand all the pressure.

Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen were practically disabled at the moment. Having a slow reaction was not too different from not having cultivated at all. As long as Yu Sheng could block the coldness for them, they would be safe.

Yu Sheng seemed to have lost all sense of feeling and only continued to walk forward step by step. His body was extremely burly and looked like a demon. Although he was carrying two people with his arms, he was doing so with ease. It was just that this scene looked too beautiful

Hua Qingqing was following behind them. She was similarly enduring a great amount of pressure, as the coldness and evilness were both becoming stronger. These two forces coexisted on Sky Mountain but they also seemed to be balancing each other.

She looked at the burly figure before her and a strange look appeared in her eyes. Obviously, she knew that Yu Sheng had already stopped resisting the evilness and was allowing it to merge with his Demonic Will. At the moment, Yu Sheng was already totally different. However, she did not understand why Yu Sheng could still keep a bit of rationality at this stage. He protected Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen and even brought them up the mountain.

She could not understand why.

On Sky Mountain, she encountered many things which she could not understand. She could not understand why Ye Wuchen could kill Qin Li and the two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators from Qin Dynasty, how Ye Wuchen killed Qi Ao, and how Yu Sheng could still maintain his stubborn conviction even though he had turned into such a terrifying being. It was like protecting Ye Futian was Yu Sheng's stubborn conviction which could not even be shaken by any evilness.

Qian Shanmu and Loulan Xue were behind Hua Qingqing as their talents and levels were both weaker than Hua Qingqing. Intense hatred filled Qian Shanmu's heart, making it easier for him to be influenced by the evil thoughts. The red light glowing in his eyes was frightening and he was hesitating about whether he should continue walking.

His wife was killed by Yu Sheng.

Even if the Cottage and Qin Dynasty had already started their war, the person who died was his wife.

Loulan Xue was in a similar state. She released her treasurable book to resist against the evilness on Sky Mountain and continued walking. The path on Sky Mountain seemed extremely long as if it was endless. Only the snow falling down from the sky would never stop.

Over these few days, people had been climbing Sky Mountain one after another. However, as time passed the number of people going up the mountain decreased gradually. The number of those coming down increased instead.

Those people could only sigh in their hearts. Everyone in the world knew that it was as difficult to climb Sky Mountain as climbing the sky itself. This most famous mountain in the Eastern Barren Territory really deserved its name. Even though the bell had been sounded and rumors claimed that it was the call of the emperors, most people still could not make it to the top. Nobody knew whether anyone in the vast Eastern Barren Territory could really reach the peak of Sky Mountain.

The people from various forces did not leave, including those from the top forces. They were all at the foot of Sky Mountain, waiting for their descendants or disciples to return in victory. If someone was really lucky enough to obtain the remains of the emperors, his fate would change forever.

Qin Yu hoped that his son Qin Li could obtain these. He firmly believed that the bell from Sky Mountain was an auspicious one. Sky Mountain would witness the era of Qin Dynasty.

Fuyun Sword Clan, Royal Xuan Temple, and the other forces from the Eastern Barren Territory also hoped that their disciples would encounter some rare opportunities that would change their fate so that they would not be controlled by the Qin Dynasty and the Cottage in the future. Once the three major forces started a war, the entire Eastern Barren Territory would be involved.

Suddenly, a group of cultivators flew over in the air and arrived at the foot of Sky Mountain. They were from the Qin Dynasty. With a serious expression on their faces, they walked towards Qin Yu.

Seeing them, Qin Yu frowned and said, "What is it?"

The people lowered their heads and did not dare to look into Qin Yu's eyes directly.

Qin Yu frowned and said coldly, "Speak."

The group of people knelt on the ground and someone said, "Your Highness... The spiritual imprints of Qin Li and Qin Mengruo... were extinguished!" Their words were like a bolt out of the blue which struck into Qin Yu's ears. Qin Yu trembled and could not even stand properly. A monstrous wave of coldness erupted from him and swept towards the sky.

"What did you say?" Qin Yu asked coldly, staring at the people kneeling on the ground.

The few did not dare to say anything and only buried their heads on the ground.

Qin Li was his son and his successor. On the other hand, Qin Mengruo was married to Qian Shanmu from Donghua Clan, witnessing the alliance between the two top forces.

Now, both of them had died!