The Legend Of Futian Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Evil Eyes
Chapter 354: Evil Eyes
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At the foot of Sky Mountain, the people from various forces were astonished by the news that Qin Li and Qin Mengruo died on the mountain.

Qin Yu stood there and an extremely tense might spread out from his body. The snowflakes that fell onto him were crushed into ashes. Many people felt an imminent storm.

Qin Li and Qin Mengruo died together. What did this mean?

If they died because of the conditions on Sky Mountain, Qin Dynasty could not do anything but admit their fate. However, what if they were killed? More importantly, it was very likely that they were indeed killed.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, who dared to kill the people from Qin Dynasty?

Perhaps only those from the College and the Cottage would dare to do so. The two forces were in a war right now. Therefore, it would be normal for the people from these two forces to end up in a fight even on Sky Mountain.

Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu were also at the foot of Sky Mountain. They also heard the news, but their emotions were not very much affected. Vaguely, they felt that Qin Li and Qin Mengruo must have been killed by Ye Futian and his friends. Qin Li brought many members of Qin Dynasty onto Sky Mountain, and he certainly wanted to kill Ye Futian.

If Ye Futian and his friends really killed Qin Li and Qin Mengruo, Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu would neither be surprised nor be bothered. Since it was a war, one party would eventually die.

Thus, it was, of course, better for the people from the Qin Dynasty to die. They would not want anything bad to happen to their little brother.

The person from the Qin Dynasty continued his report. Hearing his words, everyone realized that apart from Qin Li and Qin Mengruo, two Upper Arcana Plane cultivators in the royal bloodline were also killed. This bewildered many. What exactly did they experience on Sky Mountain? Was it really done by Cottage disciples?

Qin Dynasty and Donghua Clan had both sent people up Sky Mountain, as well as their allied forces Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple. If a life-and-death battle really broke out, it was clear that people who died would not just be those from the Qin Dynasty.

Qin Yu stood these for a long while as if he was slowly digesting the news. Lifting his head, he glanced at the sky. He clenched his fist and a cold murderous look filled his eyes.

"Son, if you were killed by someone, no matter who he is, I will definitely tear him into a thousand pieces." Qin Yu's voice was cold and gloomy. At the moment, he was also unsure whether Qin Li's death was caused by those from the Cottage. However, if there was really a battle, some people from the College or other forces would also have been killed. Surely, someone would come and deliver the news.

Many people at the foot of the mountain could feel Qin Yu's determination.

Qin Yu did not manage to see any messenger from the College, but the Fuyun Sword Clan received one. The news he brought was that Qi Ao and two other Swordmasters from Fuyun Sword Clan died on the mountain. Immediately, might from Sword Qi enveloped the entire place.

Qin Dynasty and Fuyun Sword Clan suffered such a miserable loss. What did this mean? These two forces were allies. It seemed even more likely that there had been a fight. However, they did not understand why nobody from the College or Sword Saint Mountain died.

"Send someone up the mountain and investigate." Although the people from Qin Dynasty and Fuyun Sword Clan could stay here and wait, they were not willing to do so. Therefore, they continued to send their members up the mountain. Whether the death of their disciples was caused by the people from the College and Sword Saint Mountain or not, they had to know what was happening.

Many people were thinking about what would happen at the foot of Sky Mountain if the massacre was really caused by the people from the Cottage. The most powerful cultivators from various forces were all gathered here. If a battle was to break out, it would certainly be a very terrifying one.

On Sky Mountain, the intensity of the snow increased with altitude. On the mountain path, Yu Sheng was carrying two people in his arms. Beside him, there was a Black Wind Condor. The group looked somewhat lonely. They had already been walking for very long. Yu Sheng, who had entered a demonic state, seemed to have lost the sense of tiredness and kept advancing forward. In this world, Yu Sheng was undoubtedly the person who understood Ye Futian the best. They had grown up together, and Yu Sheng also knew all of Ye Futian's secrets, including what he inherited from Emperor Ye Qing.

According to rumors, the two emperors had left something on the peak of Sky Mountain. The bell from the mountain was the call of the two emperors. Yu Sheng firmly believed that if the rumors were true, the bell from Sky Mountian must be summoning Ye Futian. He had to bring Ye Futian up the summit. This was his stubborn conviction.

The Black Wind Condor was beside Yu Sheng. At the moment, its eyes were not just glowing with red light, but they also seemed somewhat demonic. As it walked up step by step, evilness seeped into its body continuously. In these few days, its mind had been occupied with a figure, a frightening, enormous demon whose body covered the entire sky.

The demon's body was enveloped with a dark golden light. The glittering darkness caused the condor to be frightened, while the golden light seemed extremely sharp. The demon's huge eyes looked very demonic as if it had shed much blood in the world.

It was a Demon Bird, the Dark Demon Bird. Its original form was a mutated roc so its wings were extremely sharp. It seemed to be disdaining all lives with its unruly look.

The Black Wind Condor felt that the will of the Demon Bird filled every corner of the mountain walls and its image kept showing up in its mind. If Ye Futian did not plant a trace of Emperor Will in its mind, it would not be able to tolerate this.

On the mountain path, they met Warlock Gu Zhiqiu from Witch Clan. Gu Zhiqiu was walking very slowly and his eyes were also filled with red light. He glanced at Yu Sheng who walked past him and a strange expression appeared on his face. Then, Hua Qingqing also came and walked past him.

Gu Zhiqiu raised his head and glanced at the endless path helplessly. Could he really just not reach the peak of the mountain?

Yu Sheng continued to walk up as if he would never be exhausted.

Hua Qingqing had been following them closely. She stared at the figure in front of her. Yu Sheng who had entered a demonic state was burning his powers. How could he persist for so many few days?

Over these few days, the shock Yu Sheng had given her was very intense despite the fact that he killed many people, including Qin Mengruo.

On a huge rock along the mountain path, someone was sitting. It was the Arhat from Qianqiu Temple. The powers of Buddhism were mysterious and could fight against all kinds of evilness. Qianqiu Temple was the force closed to Sky Mountain. Its members would frequently use the pressure on Sky Mountain to train their willpower. Therefore, the Arhat had always been taking the lead on Sky Mountain. However, he was also sitting down and resting at the moment.

Suddenly, the Arhat opened his eyes and looked at Yu Sheng who was walking towards him in the snow. He obviously saw the eyes of Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condor. They seemed to have turned into devils. Then, he noticed Hua Qingqing who was behind them.

Yu Sheng slowly walked towards him at a steady pace. The Arhat frowned and said coldly, "Sinner."

Yu Sheng ignored him, while the Black Wind Condor glanced at him with its demonic eyes.

"I have said in the past that you would definitely turn into a demon and bring harm to the world. It seems like this is indeed the case," the Arhat continued coldly. "Sinner, stop."

Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condor still continued to advance and showed no signs of stopping.

"Since this is the case, I can only kill the demon in you." After the Arhat finished speaking, golden light filled the place. In the sky, many swastikas appeared and started to rotate wildly. Then, they flew down and whizzed towards Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condor. This Buddhism spell was extremely powerful and could suppress everything.

Yu Sheng suddenly stopped and gave an angry, demonic roar. Many demonic images charged out from his body and collided with the ancient characters, eventually neutralizing each other.

The Arhat stood up and looked at Yu Sheng from above. His eyes were filled with compassion.

"Yu Sheng, put us down," Ye Futian said. Yu Sheng put Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen on the ground. The two were already awake, but because Ye Futian had exhausted much of his powers and Ye Wuchen was also severely injured, in addition to the bad condition on Sky Mountain, they had not regained the ability to battle.

Ye Futian glanced at the Arhat coldly. He did not expect the Arhat to block their path here.

"We have no problems with each other right?" Ye Futian said emotionlessly. The only time when he had met the Arhat was in the Yin Family Tripod Tower in Chaoge. Although they disliked each other, there had been no real conflicts between them.

"Buddhism stands on the opposite side of demons. Since he is a demon, I must kill him. However, if you are willing to go down the mountain yourselves, I will give you a chance," the Arhat said emotionlessly. Dazzling Buddhism light was coming out from his body and he looked solemn and majestic.

Ye Futian turned his head and glanced at Hua Qingqing behind them. The Arhat must be doing this on purpose.

A terrifying demonic current started to flow around Yu Sheng. Many illusory demonic figures appeared around him and merged with his body. Flapping his demonic wings, he turned into a black bolt of lightning and charged towards the Arhat. The demonic current circling around his body turned into the Heavenly Halberd which pierced towards the Arhat.

The Arhat put his hands together and mysterious sounds came from his mouth. A brilliant light was emitted from the beads around his neck and a golden body appeared. Then, a huge palm print appeared and crushed towards Yu Sheng.

Although Yu Sheng had been climbing the mountain continuously, he was obviously also tired and his might was weaker than it had originally been. In addition, the Arhat cultivated Buddhism techniques and was a genius from Qianqiu Temple. Clearly, he was not afraid of Yu Sheng's attacks.

The two opposing powers collided and were annihilated together. The Arhat stood firmly at his place. A bright light was emitted from his body and he seemed unshakable. He also did not attack actively, as if his aim was not to really kill Yu Sheng.

Behind them, Hua Qingqing approached the group. Her Guqin Spirit had already appeared in front of her. Ye Futian walked towards Hua Qingqing. Although he had not regained much of his strength, he could not watch Yu Sheng fight against Hua Qingqing and the Arhat alone. He knew well that Yu Sheng would not be able to hold for much longer.

Holy Sound was being played again. However, suddenly, the Black Wind Condor appeared before Ye Futian. It flapped its wings and stared at Hua Qingqing with its demonic eyes.

The Black Wind Condor seemed to have given up any resistance and allowed the evil thoughts to corrode its mind. It closed its eyes and the enormous Demon Bird appeared in its mind again. At this instant, it could feel the evilness in every corner of Sky Mountain gushing into its mind, trying to occupy its head.

Ye Futian obviously knew what the Black Wind Condor was trying to do. He stared firmly at the condor which started to tremble as if it was suffering from a great amount of pain. Darkness filled its mind. At this instant, an evil current formed in the sky and charged wildly into the head of the Black Wind Condor. Then, Spiritual Qi in the sky also gushed towards its body. Ye Futian wanted to control it again, but he quickly realized that he could no longer do so.

When the Black Wind Condor opened its eyes again, everyone could only see a pair of evil eyes looking down on them. It was as if it was no longer its previous self, but rather the ruler of fate, the king of the sky!