The Legend Of Futian Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Ten Musical Masterpieces
Chapter 357: Ten Musical Masterpieces
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Ye Futian and Hua Qingqing both immersed themselves in the music. They faintly felt that they were playing the same song but in different artistic conceptions or different stages of growth. This song could be divided into two parts which could be played both separately and coherently as a whole.

Snowflakes floated down from the sky. Each piece of them was a share of the mood. With some golden light spreading, it seemed that Spiritual Qi was raining on the Sky Mountains. The Spiritual Qi enveloped the whole mountain and fluctuated with the music's rhythm.

The music played by Ye Futian sounded fervid, full of exuberance. Sitting there, Ye Futian's body emitted blazing light. His noble intent was triggered unconsciously. On the towering Sky Mountain, that handsome figure activated boundless Spiritual Qi with his music like a king, sitting there as if he was the only one in the world.

Ding. With a flip, Hua Qingqing stopped playing her music. Staring at the guqin before, she just couldn't continue any longer. She couldn't play this song.

As the Guqin Spirit disappeared, Hua Qingqing stood up. She took a deep breath and became drunk with the endless implicit Spiritual Qi mixed in the snow. She suddenly figured out the whole mountain was covered with endless Spiritual Qi.

She lowered her head and saw Ye Futian still immersed in his music as if nothing in the world could disturb him. The mood contained in his music gave her an illusion that Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing were playing the music in front of her. The world was such a wonderful picture but who was the controller?

It seemed that only Ye Futian existed in the world.

The handsome youth, the music, and the snow were everything.

It was said that Donghuang the Great was the composer of this masterpiece, a portrayal of his life. After he unified the world, the song was listed as one of the world's top ten musical masterpieces, named Ukiyo.

There were many tales about Donghuang the Great among so this song was not very noticeable. However, it was a loud name to every music lover. The life of Donghuang the Great could be captured in the music. But after unifying the world, it was said that Donghuang the Great never played the song in the public again.

Of course, it was impossible for people in the Eastern Barren Territory to know the truth. They heard all these hearsays from the distant. But as one of the Divine Prefecture's top songs, Ukiyo indeed existed. The name of the song just naturally dawned on Hua Qingqing when she heard what Ye Futian was playing. Especially when standing on the mountain covered with the two Emperors' moods, she was sure that this was definitely Ukiyo. She could feel the straightforwardness mixed with sadness and struggling as well as the soaring aspiration in the end.

What was a man's vocation in the world? No one knew the answer. But Donghuang the Great knew that he was going to unify the world.

If Donghuang the Great's life was recorded, it must be an epic story.

Suddenly, Ye Futian stopped his playing. The artistic conception disappeared but it was still snowing on the Sky Mountain. Seeing the floating snowflakes, Ye Futian took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He was going to play it from the start again. He could feel the uniqueness of this song, far more marvelous than any other he had ever played before. The first part was the accumulation of mood and the second part was sublimation. The former part was easier to play but the quintessence lay in the latter.

He once played The World and A Chaotic Nation. Neither could hold a candle to Ukiyo.

Ye Futian's present Dharma Plane was not low and he'd even triggered his Emperor's Will. But only one-tenth of the artistic conception was played out by him. He couldn't even complete the song and had to start over.

The melodious music was heard again. Ye Futian felt like he traveled to the world of centuries ago, the age of the two emperors and the era of chivalry. What a fantastic world!

This time, Ye Futian played it more fluidly. The artistic conception grew stronger. Hearing the music, both Ye Futian the player and Hua Qingqing the listener reached a sublimation of their spirit as they experienced those stories again and again. The unordinary Emperor's Will effused from Ye Futian's body. On the top of the Sky Mountain, there seemed to be only him. All snowflakes floated down on his body. He melted his spirit into the Spiritual Qi in the snow. The Spiritual Qi danced with the music's rhythm. The music governed the movement of the Spiritual Qi.

During the playing, Ye Futian felt like his will and the snow combined as one and floated down from the sky. With his senses extending through the snowflakes, Ye Futian could vaguely see the scene on the road. He saw those monks of Qianqiu Temple trudging on the path. Though protected by the Buddha light, they struggled to move even a step. Their features twisted slightly; their eyes showed a wisp of evil intent.

When the snowflakes fell on them, the Arhat seemly perceived something. He yelled toward the mountaintop, "Who is it?" He faintly felt that somebody was watching them.

As the snowflakes continued floated down, Ye Futian saw Loulan Xue and Chu Yaoyao. They were also struggling on the trek. He also saw Yi Xiaoshi and sixth sister Beitang Xing'er. They had joined Ye Wuchen, Liu Chenyu, and Liu Feiyang. When meeting Ye Wuchen, Yi Xiaoshi was afraid that Ye Wuchen would get more hurt, so he decided to take him back. On the way back, they encountered Liu Chenyu and Liu Feiyang.

Through the snow, Ye Futain saw a lot of people on the road. He could see everything clearly. Gradually, he could make use of every tiny snowflake to sense every artistic conception and everything on Sky Mountain. However, while his senses extended, he stopped playing again. It was too strong and too tough for him to continue even with the help of the two Emperors' will.

Hearing the music stop and seeing that handsome figure in the snow, Hua Qingqing's heart brimmed with assorted feelings. Ye Futian looked up at her. Hua Qingqing stared back at Ye Futian's eyes with her own beautiful eyes. Finally, she turned around slowly and walked to the edge of the cliff on the Sky Mountain. Then she closed her eyes. Endless snowflakes were still falling. A drop of tears was dropped from her eyes and rolled down on her face.

She leaped off Sky Mountain. The piercing cold wind beat on her delicate face. The most difficult thing in the world was no more than to deceive one's own heart.

Why had she heard this music? Why was the player her rivalry?

She just couldn't kill him.

Seeing Hua Qingqing jump down, Ye Futian was stunned and confused. Obviously, he had never thought that Hua Qingqing would choose such a way. He was even prepared to fight with her. Now, only he and Yu Sheng were left on the Sky Mountain. Where was the little eagle?

He put his hands on the guqin and continued to play it. The splendid music was heard again.

At the foot of the mountain, those top forces finally saw someone come down from the Sky Mountain with shocking news. Ye Futian murdered Qin Li and many other strong cultivators of the Qin Dynasty.

Yu Sheng, who had become a demon because of the Sky Mountain's devil spirit, took Qin Mengruo's life and killed two strong disciples of the Fuyun Sword Clan.

Ye Wuchen, once refused by the Fuyun Sword Clan, killed Qi Ao.

The news set everyone's nerves on edge.

Countless eyes fell upon Qin Yu and the head of the Fuyun Sword Clan. They knew that Qin Yu had been waiting for the news to come. As everyone had expected, Qin Li was killed by the disciple of the Cottage. Qin Mengruo was killed too. How exactly did Ye Futian and Yu Sheng do this?

People of the Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, and Fuyun Sword Clan began to act. They moved toward the strong cultivators of the Cottage and surrounded. People of other clans retreated from this circle. They were not strong enough to meddle in this dispute. Even other top forces were reluctant to get involved.

Everyone on the Sky Mountain was all under the Noble Plane and they already created such a sensation. If a similar battle erupted at the foot of the mountain, the result could more disastrous. The whole Eastern Barren Territory would be affected.

Qin Yu's face was livid. His eyes revealed a fierce murderous intent. Glaring at Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu, he said, "What are you going to do with this?"

Before Qin Li went up to the mountain, Qin Yu had reminded him to kill Ye Futian as soon as possible. In the end, Ye Futian wasn't killed, but Qin Li lost his life. Even his sister was also killed.

"What are we going to do?" Gu Dongliu glanced at Qin Yu disdainfully as if he was looked at an idiot. The war had been issued and he asked what they were going to do?

Why didn't they ask themselves this question when they killed the disciple of the College in the Ancient Barren World or when they fought against the Liu Kingdom?

"Stay away from me," Zhuge Hui glanced at Qin Yu indifferently. Were they asking the Cottage to hand over Ye Futian?

Zhuge Hui and Gu Dongliu had guessed that Qin Li was killed by their people, but they didn't expect it was Ye Futian. How could he be so strong? This made sense though. The disciples of the Cottage would never lose. If somebody had to die, it must be the enemy.

"Uh" Many people were stunned by Zhuge Hui's words. Was the second disciple of the Cottage provoking the Qin Dynasty?