The Legend Of Futian Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Sister In Law
Chapter 368: Sister-in-Law
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In the silence, only Goddess Wangyue's voice could be heard. Qin Yu froze but then a murderous intent flashed in his eyes. People of the Moon Clan were also stunned. They didn't expect that their gentle and beautiful fairy would scold Qin Yu in such a tone, but her emotional outburst was understandable. The Qin Dynasty was really rude and unreasonable.

Everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory all knew the dispute between the Qin Dynasty and the Cottage. But the Qin Dynasty had been balking at confronting with the Cottage. They knocked down the Liu Kingdom only to show their strength. Now they planned to get the Moon Clan involved in this dispute?

The air grew oppressive. Qin Yu and Goddess Wangyue gazed at each other coldly. Some people came from the Moon Tower and descended beside the fairy. Though the head of the Moon Clan, Goddess Wangyue's seniority in the clan was not very high. Among those comers, many were her seniors.

"It is surprising to know that Goddess Wangyue is so resolute." Qin Yu suddenly laughed scornfully. "What a shame! You have so many disciples here! Let me ask again. Whoever follows the Qin Dynasty can be exempted!"

Qin Yu glanced at the crowd. Many wavered.

Yan Feihong stepped forward and spoke up, "I would like to follow the Qin Dynasty. Would anyone like to join me?" Hearing her words, many people rose up including a few talented disciples.

"Master Yan?" Chu Yaoyao looked at Yan Feihong in disappointment.

"Yan Feihong, does the Moon Clan not treat you well?" an old lady questioned her coldly.

"Senior, this is the only way out. Going against the trend is no good for the Moon Clan. Can you persuade them? I don't want to see them die," Yan Feihong responded.

"Good! At least I know what kind of people you are now. When the clan is in danger, you cower and even betray the clan. There is no need for such kind of people to stay anymore." Goddess Wangyue didn't care about the betrayal. She looked at her people and sighed. "As the head of the Moon Clan, I always choose to stay away from the chaotic of the Eastern Barren Territory. But there are always some people who just want to provoke me."

"You know this is inevitable. Why do you still choose this way?" In the air, Qin Yu held his threatening long spear in hand. The long spear spun and dragon's roar was heard.

"Qin Yu, you think you are the smartest in the Eastern barren territory? No. Others just won't do it in your ways. You want us to get involved in this war? Okay, I'll satisfy you," Goddess Wangyue said apathetically.

Qin Yu didn't say anything else. The Qin Dynasty, Donghua Clan, Fuyun Sword Clan, and the Royal Xuan Temple had allied. The Cottage was their only concern. The Moon Clan was so rebellious. In that case, he would exterminate this rebellious clan.

The long spear emitted blazing golden light in the air. Numerous mighty dragons surrounded Qin Yu. Suddenly, some soaring sharp Sword Will appeared beside him. Obviously, the Qin Dynasty was not the only comer.

"It seems that both the Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple chose to be loyal dogs. How pathetic it is!" Goddess Wangyue scorned. She distinguished the three lords of the Fuyun Sword Clan as well as the three heads of the Royal Xuan Temple. With them, Qin Yu was definitely a far more powerful force than what the Liu Kingdom had confronted with before.

It was obvious that the Qin Dynasty had learned a lesson from the fight with the Liu Kingdom. At that time, if Emperor Liu was not absent, Qin Yu's group might not have defeated the Liu Kingdom so easily.

All the disciples of the Moon Clan could feel the predicament they were in. At this time, Goddess Wangyue rose into the sky. An enormous Kunpeng appeared behind her, overshadowing the sky. When the Kunpeng appeared, an extremely icy breath rolled over. All the steam in the air liquefied into a substantial rain. A rainstorm suddenly came to the Moon Clan.

The Kunpeng was Goddess Wangyue's life spirit. With her level, her life spirit had grown very mighty and condensed into substantial giant Kunpeng. Since Kunpengs evolved from fish, they had both strong spells of wind and water. Goddess Wangyue was at the top of the Noble Plane, almost becoming a Sage. Controlling the forces of nature like rain and wind was very easy to her.

A crescent moon loomed behind the fairy at this time, reflecting the vast space like an ancient mirror. This was her second life spirit.

"It's the Moon Mirror." Qin Yu looked at that Dharma that included the Moon Clan's heirloom. The Moon Mirror was the origin of the Moon Clan's name. The Moon Mirror was a Sage-level ritual implement.

Every top force's creation had a story. The thriving of the Liu Kingdom was because of the Saint Turtle, whereas the Moon Clan became a top force because of this ritual implement.

"Be careful! Let me fight with her," Qin Yu said seriously. Goddess Wangyue with the Moon Mirror was a great threat to him. Though not having been in a battle for a long while, Goddess Wangyue was known to be best at a one-versus-many fight.

Right now, Goddess Wangyue looked more beautiful and extraordinary like a snow goddess. Her beautiful cold eyes peered at the sky and then beams of moonlight swept through behind her. Raindrops in the air were all frozen into ice. In an instant, extremely cold air covered this place. The world turned snow white.

The dragons around Qin Yu growled. Their enormous bodies gradually froze. The strong cultivators on dragons also felt their mentality froze. Soon, their bodies were turned into ice sculptures. This was Ice Sorrow, a spell mixing cold ice spell with spiritual energy.

Qin Yu's body emitted the sharp aura of the gold attribute. He rode his dragon and rushed downward. He slashed the spear down. Those dragons around him were covered with snow but still moved on. Qin Yu rushed toward the fairy-like gold lightning.

Among the people here, only he was at the same level as Goddess Wangyue. The masters from the Fuyun Sword Clan and the Royal Xuan Temple were all weaker. Without the help of a Sage-level ritual implement, others couldn't be Goddess Wangyue's match at all. Qin Yu had to deal with this himself. Though they had the advantage in number Goddess Wangyue could still very possibly win with the ritual implement.

Qin Yu was good at martial arts while Goddess Wangyue only cultivated sorcery. To get closer to her would definitely be best for Qin Yu.

The Kunpeng rushed toward the dragon. Goddess Wangyue gazed at Qin Yu. The moon behind her melted with the ritual implement and sent blazing lights toward Qin Yu. Trembling, Qin Yu held his mentality and a suit of resplendent armor appeared on his body. The freezing attributes couldn't stop him anymore. He rushed down toward the fairy.

At this time, a pair of ice wings appeared behind Goddess Wangyue like the Kunpeng's wings. She gathered the attribute of wind and then a violent tornado moved toward Qin Yu. She quickly rose up higher at an amazing speed.

Qin Yu ripped apart the tornado. He glanced at the fairy up in the sky and sneered. Goddess Wangyue was good at the Wind attribute; of course, he couldn't catch up with her. But if the fairy chose to escape, she couldn't protect others. They would be killed.

Bang. An extremely keen intent burst out. A glaring golden light fell down and covered the whole Moon Clan. At this moment, all people of the Moon Clan were terrified. Goddess Wangyue was the only one that could confront Qin Yu.

At this time on another battleground, a strong cultivator of the Royal Xuan Temple went down to Hua Jieyu. Hua Jieyu's face changed a little. With wind sorcery, she escaped, but the enemy in the Noble plane. How could she escape? She was caught soon.

Suddenly, a glaring light came from afar. It was as fast as lightning. Even the air was quaking. Whoosh. The noble who caught Hua Jieyu was split into two. That glaring light stopped and stayed above Hua Jieyu's head. A shrill sound was heard from the light and a horrible image loomed. It was Broadsword Will.

Seeing there was still someone rushing toward Hua Jieyu, that Broadsword Will turned into lightning again and split the comer. Blood splashed in the air. Those coming noble cultivators were killed one by one. Then the Broadsword Will rushed toward Qin Yu. He waved his long spear and pierced toward the lightning. The lightning was diminished but Qin Yu's face paled. In the Eastern Barren Territory, only one person could send such violent Broadsword Will.

He turned around and peered at the distant. A figure in black stepped out. He moved slowly but it only took him several steps to the battlefield. The person looked at Hua Jieyu but Hua Jieyu hadn't figured out what had just happened. The man in black had just saved her, but she didn't know who he was. How was he so powerful? His appearance stopped the battle abruptly but naturally.

"My sister-in-law, are you okay?" The man in black smiled at Hua Jieyu. Hua Jieyu blinked. Sister-in-law? She quickly figured out the comer's status. Since she was his sister-in-law, he must be a disciple of the Cottage.

Among the disciples of the Cottage, only one person was good at the broadsword. Thinking of this, Hua Jieyu smiled. She didn't expect that Ye Futian's senior brother would come.

"My greetings, Senior Sword Saint." Hua Jieyu bowed slightly. The Sword Saint was a legend of the Eastern Barren Territory.

"Senior Sword Saint?" The Sword Saint shook his head with a smile. "I'm Ye Futian's senior brother. You can call me that too."

"Oh." Hua Jieyu nodded slightly and called, "Senior Brother."

"Good." The Sword Saint nodded slightly and looked at Goddess Wangyue.

Goddess Wangyue floated in the air. She looked at the Sword Saint and said, "It seems that you were right."

"Though our teacher is busy, he is always concerned with us," the Sword Saint said. After the bell on Sky Mountain tolled and all forces went back, the teacher found him and asked him to visit the Moon Clan. Actually, he had been living below the Moon Clan's mountain for a few days. Goddess Wangyue had met him before. The Moon Clan didn't want to get involved. He respected her choice, so he just lived there!