The Legend Of Futian Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Low Class Clan
Chapter 377: Low-class Clan
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Zhu Qing stared at the newcomers and asked, "What are you here at the College for?"

The strong cultivator in the air looked at her. The three-footed Golden Raven pulled the sun chariot. The youth who seemed to be bathed in fire said, "Is this the most powerful sorcery paradise of the Eastern Barren Territory?"

He was from the center of the Barren State. The Eastern Barren Territory was only a small portion of the boundless Barren State. Because of Donghuang the Great's law, it became isolated from the rest of the state. Without the arrival of Saint strong cultivators, it naturally fell from glory. Even if there were extraordinary figures, they would leave and never wish to return.

The Barren State was boundless and had countless strong forces. He was from one of themthe Sacred Fire Sect of the Barren State. The others with him had come from super forces as well. Otherwise, they wouldn't cross the world to come here.

"This is the College of the Eastern Barren Territory," Mountain Elder Zong Xu said, answering him.

"Is Ye Futian here?" the beautiful girl on the warship asked.

"Why are you looking for him?" A handsome and charismatic figure soared into the air. Clad in white, he looked like a scholar but had a sharp aura. It was Gu Dongliu.

"We heard that Ye Futian reached the peak of Sky Mountain last year and received the two emperors' relic," the girl said in a cool and gentle voice. "We wish to see him."

"Who said that?" Gu Dongliu asked coolly. He knew that his junior had made it, but he didn't know what he'd received. He didn't ask either. It was easy to cause trouble about this. The fewer people who knew about it, the better. Now that these outsiders knew about it, it was clear that someone had told them.

No matter if Ye Futian really had the relic, the person who told them had ulterior motives. The woman didn't reply. The Arhat stepped down the warship.

"Where is Ye Futian?" the strong cultivator on the dragon directed his question below him, ignoring Gu Dongliu's interrogation. His voice shook the sky. They didn't have time for this nonsense.

Many people were furious. They were so rude.

Another figure rose up from the Cottage. It was Ye Futian. He looked at them, confused. Did Hua Qingqing tell? If it was her, why would she jump down the mountain instead of attacking him?

"Why are you looking for me?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yes," Ye Futian admitted. The College disciples stared. No one knew that Ye Futian had reached the peak last year.

"What did you receive?" the man asked again.

"The two emperors left a melody at the peak. I listened to it, cultivated for a bit, and then descended," Ye Futian answered.

"Is it Ukiyo that they left behind?" As expected, Ye Futian's words matched Qin Yu's. The peak really did contain Ukiyo.

"I do not know the name. The melody is very difficult and impossible to see its mystery," Ye Futian replied. Ukiyo indeed was very hard to cultivate. It was logical that he couldn't see its mystery. It would be strange if he could.

The Cottage thought of the melody that had rung out at the end of last year. They knew that Ye Futian had learned it. Of course, they wouldn't betray him.

"Are you done asking?" Gu Dongliu's eyes were sharp. He glanced at the intruders. They'd landed directly on Book Mountain, looking down on them and interrogating Ye Futian. He was pissed.

Many people in the air looked at Gu Dongliu with arched eyebrows. Book Mountain was very proud and they seemed offended by them.

"If you're done, please leave," Gu Dongliu said. He was telling the guests to leave. Of course, these people weren't guests.

"So arrogant." Someone on a demon smiled thinly. "Come with us," he said to Ye Futian.

The people on Book Mountain were angry. Arrogant? Who was the arrogant one? And they'd just told Ye Futian to go with them. That was so rude.

"You all came so impolitely and landed directly over Book Mountain. Now you are taking a disciple of the College away and you want me to be submissive? Aren't you crossing the line?" Mountain Elder Zong Xu said coolly. Ye Futian was from the Cottage, but he also belonged to the College.

"Shouldn't a low-class clan be like that?" a cold elder from a dragon said harshly. In the cultivation world, the strong cultivators were the highest class. Since they were here, the low-class clans should receive them submissively. This was the rule of their world. Did the Eastern Barren Territory not even know this because of their isolation?

All strong cultivators in the air thought this was natural. Why did they have to explain it?

The College disciples were furious. The words were so ugly, but they knew. Even in the Eastern Barren Territory, this implied rule existed. This was the cultivation world.

The people of the College were in an uproar. They were so insulted.

Ye Futian stood in the air with a calm expression. However, he was troubled inside. His teacher had been telling him a few days ago that it was logical for the malpractices of the most powerful clans. It was a lot to ask the strong to respect the weak. If these people wanted him to go, he had to go.

They were more respectful than Emperor Luo too. After all, he was just a small figure to these people now. If he was insignificant, their attitude would be like Emperor Luo.

"Low-class clan?" Gu Dongliu uttered coldly. He was from the Cottage. The Cottage couldn't be insulted. He wouldn't let them take his junior away.

Gu Dongliu walked forward, an invisible current flowing through him. "I am Gu Dongliu, first-tier Noble Plane. Please."

The strong cultivators in the air were confused. Was he challenging them? It was interesting to be challenged by a low-class clan in the Eastern Barren Territory.

The handsome youth on the dragon looked to the elder who'd spoken. The elder stepped out immediately. He was the one who had called them a low-class clan. His aura abounded and was extremely powerful. When he stood in the air, the entire space seemed to become heavy. Everyone in the College felt horrible pressure fall upon them, almost flattening them.

A few mountain elders stepped out with their own currents. They blocked the might in the air so it wouldn't reach the ground. The strong cultivators in the air watched calmly.

"Hmph," the elder huffed. He reached out and clenched a fist before Gu Dongliu. Instantly, a terrible pressure was born. The Spiritual Qi in the world shook as if a huge palm was created and pushed to Gu Dongliu.

The current across Gu Dongliu turned more terrible. His eyes shone with sorcery light and flashed like lightning to the surroundings. The palm instantly scattered into Spiritual Qi.

"The haven of sorcery in the Eastern Barren Territory?" The elder walked forward. The sky and earth were so heavy. He raised a hand and there was thunder. Earth Spiritual Qi went wild in the air, pressing down to Gu Dongliu so he couldn't move. He raised a hand and punched the air. Loud explosions sounded. Everyone could see a fist intent cut through the air, sweeping about as if it could destroy everything.

Wind whistled with this punch. It swept with powerful force towards Gu Dongliu.

Boom! Ancient words flowed around Gu Dongliu, forming nine words, meaning "may the presiders over warriors be my vanguard."

Every ancient word transformed into a dazzling and powerful light. The boundless fist intent cut through the sky like a fist from heaven. It could probably destroy everything.

Under this, Gu Dongliu seemed so small and would be pulverized under the fist. However, he stood there without moving. When the fist intent came, the nine words shone brilliantly. They swept across, ripping everything. The fist intent kept pressing down but vanished when they collided against the words.

The strong cultivators in the air were shocked at this. They obviously felt that Gu Dongliu's Noble Will had reached the pinnacle.

Gu Dongliu's eyes were cold. He stared at the other and stepped forward. With this simple step, he transformed into lightning and disappeared.

Afterimages appeared in the air.

A shocking roar sounded through the air. The elder released his life spirit dharma. It was an armored stone ape. It was huge and loomed behind him. He clenched his right hand and seemed to be one with the aggressive stone ape.

Seeing the lightning, he roared angrily and punched. The stone ape roared, shaking the world. The terrifying fist was like a mountain, about to destroy everything blocking him. The fist intent kept building up too. It seemed endless and unshakeable.

The light streaked across and crashed into the huge and terrifying fist. An explosion sounded and the boulder flew. Heavy rumbles kept sounding. The crowd saw countless fist shadows get broken through. There seemed to be a beam of sharp light inside that couldn't be blocked.


With that loud boom, the aggressive elder arched backward. A handprint appeared on his chest. The next moment, he flew back as if struck by lightning to the dragon. Someone behind him stepped forward and used powerful strength to stop him.

The old man spat out blood, dying his collar red.

"High-class clan? You can't take a hit!" Gu Dongliu said coldly, gazing at the elder from where he had stood earlier.

The elder spat out more blood, his face completely red!