The Legend Of Futian Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Win Over
Chapter 378: Win Over
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He'd been defeated instantly. The elder's blood boiled within him. He felt so embarrassed. Low-class clan? He had been defeated so pathetically.

On the dragon's back, the charismatic youth at the front looked at Gu Dongliu. "I am from the Nantian House of the Barren State. If you wish to join my house, I will not treat you badly." He wanted to take Gu Dongliu in. This was a low-class clan in the Eastern Barren Territory but it wasn't strange for there to be a powerful person. This place was known as the haven for cultivation in the Eastern Barren Territory. It was natural there should be some shining stars.

Thus, he wanted the other to join him in the Nantian House. If Gu Dongliu was willing to follow him, he would be a great help in the future. After all, he had many competitors in the house. Having his followers deal with powerful figures wasn't embarrassing.

"The Nantian House is a familial clan. You can join the Taixuan Mountain for cultivation," another strong cultivator on a mountain said. Gu Dongliu could summon the nine words and had a special life spirit. Someone so powerful deserved to be won over.

"Would you like to join the Mortal World?" the beautiful girl on the warship also asked. Her voice was very gentle and her benefits were obvious. Her force was called the Mortal World.

Below, the people of the College all had odd expressions at these words. They wanted to win over Gu Dongliu but who was Gu Dongliu?

He was the third disciple of the Cottagesomeone who was known throughout the Eastern Barren Territory. So what if they were powerful forces from the outer Barren State? Was he supposed to submit to them?

The College disciples didn't like the Cottage, but that didn't mean they didn't look up to Gu Dongliu and the others. Especially after that storm where the first three Cottage disciples displayed their brilliance, Gu Dongliu was like a legend to the younger disciples. So what if these intruders were outside forces?

The strong cultivator from the Nantian House had still been defeated with one hit.

"Where does the loser get the confidence?"

"How can the defeated still be so arrogant? Is this what a high-class clan is like?"

Many disciples started whispering on Book Mountain. They were upset by the tone of the youth from Nantian House. Perhaps the outsiders thought they were being polite to invite Gu Dongliu, but to the disciples of Book Mountain, it was insulting.

If you wish to join my house, I will not treat you badly.

What did they take Gu Dongliu as? They wanted him to become a personal guard? How laughable.

There was another 20-year-old youth behind the Nantian youth who spoke. Hearing the discussions, his eyebrow jumped up and coldness flashed past his eyes.

These low-class people of the Eastern Barren Territory didn't respect the Nantian House at all. They were completely isolated from the outside world.

His body flashed and jumped down like a Roc. An Arcana aura bloomed from him as he announced, "I am in the lower Arcana Plane. I would like to see how the disciples of the cultivation haven are." He didn't report his name because the people here weren't good enough. He was just coming out because he'd heard the comments and wanted to teach a lesson. Let them know what the Nantian House was. The man who'd fought Gu Dongliu couldn't represent the Nantian House at all.

Dazzling light glittered on him with an extremely sharp silver glow. Seeming to be bathed in divine armor, he shot towards Book Mountain like lightning. The College disciples had sharp eyes. One stepped out and shot up quickly, straight towards the other. He wanted to see just how powerful the Nantian House was.

Brilliant golden light stole everyone's attention. The College disciple waved his hand and cast his spell. Beams of golden light shot towards the outsider like swords. However, the Nantian House youth didn't dodge. He walked in the sky. The countless golden spears that stabbed towards him snapped under his feet. They either passed by him or he stepped on them. He was so domineering.

After shattering the spell, he continued downward like lightning. Spiritual Qi resonated around the College disciple. Boundless gold Spiritual Qi gathered. However, before he could cast his spell, the other had arrived. He stepped down and the College disciple's expression changed. The Spiritual Qi transformed into a golden spear that stabbed at the other in panic.

Crack. The foot landed, snapping the spear. The College disciple tried to retreat, but there was no time. The foot came down squarely on his chest. He fell through the sky, leaving an arc of blood.

"Cultivation haven of the Eastern Barren Territory?" The youth looked down. The silver light on his body was like true ritual implement armor. It was so eye-catching. He could shatter a spell with his feet. He was so powerful.

Boom. People rose up from Book Mountain continuously. They were extremely fast with their wind spells and charged at the other.

The youth gazed at them. Then he flashed and charged towards one. They separated at contact and the College disciple dropped down, covered in blood. After that, the Nantian House youth continued to flash, leaving behind silver afterimages. Those who shot up from Book Mountain kept falling down. No one in the lower Arcana Plane could defeat him.

"His technique is strange and has an extraordinary life spirit. It's like a divine ritual implement," a strong cultivator from the College said. This youth was most likely a core figure of the Nantian House. It was logical that he was powerful.

At this time, another figure shot up. It was Xiao Wuji. Of all current College disciples, he was the strongest in the lower Arcana Plane.

Bathed in full attribute Noble Will, Xiao Wuji created spells of every element, body dazzling. The two crashed against each other, battling in the air.

The battle was very intense. It finally wasn't a one-sided fight.

The strong cultivators in the air watched patiently. This was the most powerful cultivation spot here. Seeing these cultivators, they realized it still had some talents. This man was quite good.

The youth below was the pride of the Nantian House. His name was Nan Yu and was in the top ten of his generation. As a disciple of the main lineage, his technique and life spirit all had an advantage. It was quite a feat for someone in the Eastern Barren Territory to fight him to this extent.

Nan Yu grew stronger and stronger. Endless silver light flowed through him, each beam extremely sharp. They pierced towards Xiao Wuji while a spear appeared in his hands. His spear technique was very precise and broad. He stirred the wind and clouds with his movements. Even when Xiao Wuji tried to dodge with a wind spell, the spear would follow, finally forcing Xiao Wuji back.

"Such precise techniques." The people of the College had sharp eyes. They didn't have such great spear techniques. Wind and clouds converged with the spear, forming a horrible force that took control of the air. The attacks went full out without restraint.

"Finally someone talented that can do this," Nan Yu said coolly to Xiao Wuji.

Thud. As he spoke, the ground shook. Another figure shot into the air with aggression.


The College disciples looked up. The person who'd appeared was Yu Sheng from the Cottage. His eyes were cold as he went straight to Nan Yu. Nan Yu looked at him with interest. This man's aura was very wild.

"Yu Sheng, come back," Ye Futian called. In the air, Yu Sheng stopped abruptly. He looked back at Ye Futian with some frustration. He asked with his eyes why he couldn't fight.

These guys were too rude and came to take Ye Futian away so brashly.

Ye Futian gave him a hard look. With Yu Sheng's impulsiveness, anything could happen if he attacked. The youth had a high status. If he was badly hurt, it would cause troubles. He had to think about Yu Sheng.

"The cultivation level of the Nantian House can't be matched by the Eastern Barren Territory. You saw the previous battle. Will you consider joining?" Nan Feng, the youth on the dragon, said. He was in the top three of the younger generation. Nobles couldn't climb Sky Mountain, so they'd just sent the best of the youths.

The College disciples were uncomfortable. Earlier, Gu Dongliu had pressed back, but now, they were still humiliated.

"Not interested," Gu Dongliu said coldly.

"Okay." Nan Feng nodded and looked to Ye Futian. "I'm still going to take him. We only want him to take us up Sky Mountain. We won't hurt him."

Ye Futian and Qin Yu's words matched; they didn't lie. He believed that Ukiyo existed on Sky Mountain, but Ye Futian couldn't learn it.

"No time," Gu Dongliu said. The people beside Nan Feng furrowed their brows. This guy was taking their kindness for granted.

Coldness emanated from the strong cultivators in the sky. Weight pressed down. The low-class clans were so stubborn and disobedient.

"Third Senior Brother," Ye Futian said, walking up. "I'll go with them."

Gu Dongliu looked at him. "Junior, no one is forcing you to do anything. Leave it to us."

"I know, but I want to return to Sky Mountain," Ye Futian insisted. The Cottage was surrounded by enemies and the Qin Dynasty watched like a predator. If they started a war with the Barren State because of this, it would be a disaster for both the College and Cottage.

Naturally, he didn't want them to just care about him and not the others. Furthermore, nothing bad would happen if he went to Sky Mountain.

"Let him go." A voice came out of the Cottage.

Gu Dongliu's eyes flashed and he nodded. "Yes, Teacher."

Mr. Du was the owner of that voice. Since their teacher said so, Gu Dongliu wouldn't keep insisting.

The strong cultivators in the air retracted their auras. It seemed that someone was smart here. Sages couldn't enter the Eastern Barren Territory, but they still couldn't defeat the powerful forces from the Barren State!