The Legend Of Futian Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Removal Of The Ban
Chapter 391: Removal of the Ban
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According to Sword Saint, the reasons why the three became Mr. Du's disciples were really simple. In reality, however, there were much more hidden behind the simpleness.

Sword Saint did not tell Ye Futian that in order to carve something onto the stone wall that time, he did not sleep for three months. His sword-yielding hand was rubbed to bleeding. He fell down countless times but stood up every time. Finally, he succeeded but was still chased out, after which he lost consciousness. Mr. Du was beside him and watched him for three entire months. When Sword Saint fainted due to starvation and then woke up, Mr. Du gave him a few fruits. That was why he would live to become the eldest disciple of the Cottage in the first place.

Sword Saint also did not tell Ye Futian that the people who were searching for Zhuge Hui that time were extremely powerful, but Mr. Du still managed to bring her out. Similarly, he did not tell Ye Futian that after Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Hui met, Gu Dongliu once saw the young and beautiful Zhuge Hui using lightning to cultivate her body, which was almost a self-abuse method. He asked Mr. Du why he would mistreat his disciple in such a way and questioned his ability to teach. Then, Gu Dongliu who had already displayed his talents that time had a friendly fight with Zhuge Hui and lost badly.

He was still not convinced and asked Zhuge Hui if she could stop cultivating using that method. Zhuge Hui smiled and asked him if he would protect her, to which the severely injured Gu Dongliu agreed. Therefore, everything after that followed. Unfortunately, until today Gu Dongliu still could not win Zhuge Hui.

Of course, all these had all become history. Apart from themselves, nobody would know their feelings towards their master, as well as towards each other.

The Eastern Barren Territory was wildly astonished.

In a single day, a catastrophic event that had not happened for hundreds of years occurred. Qin Dynasty was annihilated, while the powerful cultivators from Fuyun Sword Clan and Royal Xuan Temple all died on Sky Mountain and Book Mountain. Donghua Clan leader announced that he would seclude in the future.

Mr. Du and Ye Futian from the Cottage had once again shaken the world.

On Sky Mountain, Ye Futian controlled the willpower of the mountain and caused the bell to ring, suppressing all his enemies.

On Book Mountain, Mr. Du displayed his powers as a sage, eliminating everything with a single palm print.

Everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory realized that an era had ended. Qin Dynasty which once wanted to rule the world had completely turned into a speck of dust in history.

After receiving the news, many people in the Eastern Barren Territory visited Book Mountain. In this battle, the name of the Cottage spread to every corner of the territory. Some people were excited, while some were in fear. Those who were excited were of course the disciples from the College, Sword Saint Mountain, and Moon Clan, while those who were in fear were allies of Qin Dynasty. Only the strongest cultivators died in the fight, so most people were still alive.

Despite that, in the Cottage, Mr. Du did not seem to be so excited at all, nor did he seem to be very complacent like he was on Book Mountain. In the back mountain, Mr. Du was lying on a rock and drinking his wine quietly.

"Master," Sword Saint shouted. Then, Sword Saint, Ye Futian, and the rest walked to him. Apart from them, Goddess Wangyue was also present. She came here to visit Mr. Du but did not want to disturb him by herself. Seeing the return of Sword Saint and his team, she followed them here.

"Mr. Du," Goddess Wangyue said, saluting.

"Hi," Mr. Du nodded, "what is it?"

"May I cultivate under you, please?" Goddess Wangyue said, bowing. The scene on Book Mountain just now had really left a huge impact on her. Was this the real power of the Sage Plane? She wanted to break through her current level and needed a good teacher. Mr. Du was undoubtedly the most suitable person.

"I'm lazy and do not plan to take in another disciple." Mr. Du sat up and smiling, he shook his head.

Goddess Wangyue was somewhat disappointed at first, but immediately she was relieved. A mysterious person like Mr. Du would obviously not take in disciples easily.

"Mr. Du, with the situation in the Eastern Barren Territory now, what should Moon Clan do?" Goddess Wangyue asked. If Book Mountain really wanted to unify the Eastern Barren Territory, she would be willing to support. Although she did not have a choice anyway, this time, she was being sincere. After spending these few days in the College, she could feel the difference between this place and other places.

Even though there were also conflicts between College disciples, they would focus mainly on cultivating. Furthermore, the aim of the College was to teach its students. This was unlike a clan; apart from cultivation, there were also many malicious competitions. There were of course also many miscellaneous things in the College, but relatively its members were much friendlier.

"It's up to you," Mr. Du replied, smiling. "In the past, I have always wanted to change certain things, but in the end, I have done nothing."

"Mr. Du, with your reputation now, everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory would respond to your call. What can you not achieve?" Goddess Wangyue was confused.

"If I unify the Eastern Barren Territory after eliminating Qin Dynasty with my powers, then I will be no different from Qin Dynasty itself. Once I leave the Eastern Barren Territory, or if someone even stronger appears, the same thing will happen again. Human minds and ambitions are the hardest things to change in the world." Mr. Du shook his head.

"Mr. Du, what is your ambition?" Goddess Wangyue asked.

"I wish that clans and families will no longer be the main players in the cultivation world. On the other hand, they will be replaced by places such as colleges. The people in the world will no longer keep precious resources to themselves. Instead, they will teach others, and knowledge can be passed down the generations," Mr. Du said, staring at Goddess Wangyue.

Goddess Wangyue was stunned, after which she bowed slightly at Mr. Du in admiration. Then, she said, "Mr. Du, if your ambition is fulfilled, all the cultivators in the world can have a better environment. However, I think it's a wish that can never be realized."

There is greed and desire where there are people. Powerful cultivators will naturally want to establish their own clans or families.

"When the people who agree with your ambition stand at the peak of the world, your ambition will automatically be fulfilled," Mr. Du said, smiling.

Goddess Wangyue was stunned; she suddenly thought of the Cottage disciples. She was astonished as she suddenly understood his meaning. Mr. Du's words were correct. If one day, his disciples became the strongest few in the Eastern Barren Territory, they would practise his ambition and establish different colleges. Furthermore, they would continue to nurture people who agreed with their ideals. When such a group of cultivators stood at the peak of the Eastern Barren Territory, the influence of clans would be weakened indefinitely. Places such as the College would become the sacred land in the territory.

"I got it." Goddess Wangyue bowed, after which she left the place, feeling somewhat shocked.

This was the mysterious and unfathomable Mr. Du.

Sword Saint and the rest all stood at the side and listened quietly. When Mr. Du said these to Goddess Wangyue, he was also saying it to them.

Ye Futian also heard the conversation, but he did not think too much about it. He did not have such a great ambition to care about the whole world. What his master had said was still too far away for him.

"How's the people from the Barren State?" Mr. Du asked, looking at Ye Futian.

"I let them off. Will the sages from the Barren State come here?" Ye Futian asked. Mr. Du was a sage and the ban was still effective. As long as sages could not enter the territory, there would be nothing to be scared of.

"Yes." Mr. Du nodded. Ye Futian was momentarily stunned. Mr. Du was actually so certain about it.

Seeing his expression, Mr. Du smiled and said, "A relic from the two emperors is way more attractive than you think. If the emperor did not set the ban, the cultivators from the Barren State would have come here long ago. They did not dare to sneak up Sky Mountain only because they are afraid of the willpower left behind by the emperor. However, now you have obtained everything. The people from the Barren State will definitely not give up so easily."

Mr. Du smiled and continued, "The Divine Prefectures is vast and boundless. The emperor has to rule the world, so he will definitely not keep a close watch on the Eastern Barren Territory. If someone here goes missing one day, do you think he will ever notice it?"

Ye Futian gave a bitter smile. Of course, he understood what Mr. Du meant. In the past, there was nothing in the Eastern Barren Territory that could attract the attention of the cultivators from the Barren State. Thus, the Barren State had obeyed the rules. However, the situation was different at the moment.

"Then I'll stay on Book Mountain forever," Ye Futian muttered. Since the ban was still effective, nobody would touch him openly.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, Mr. Du said again, "Actually, I have something that I didn't tell you just now."

"What?" Ye Futian asked curiously.

"That year when Donghuang the Great announced the ban, the complete sentence was that sages could not enter the Eastern Barren Territory, but if there were sages in the Eastern Barren Territory, then the ban would be automatically removed," Mr. Du said, staring at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at Mr. Du in bewilderment and blinked his eyes. Then, even his face turned dark as he stared firmly at Mr. Du. So this meant that after Mr. Du displayed his power as a sage, the ban had become ineffective.

Cultivators from the Barren State could come to the Eastern Barren Territory directly.

"So after receiving the news, more people from the Barren State will come here?" Ye Futian asked.

"Yup." Mr. Du nodded seriously. Ye Futian's face darkened further. On Sky Mountain, he did not dare to touch the people from the Barren State because he was scared of revenge from the Barren State, and that they would kill his friends and relatives. On the other hand, as long as he did not kill the people from the Barren State, the powerful cultivators from the Barren State would at most aim at him only. However, now that the ban in the Eastern Barren Territory was removed, all the cultivators from the Barren State could come to the Book Mountain directly. In this case, Ye Futian could not dodge from anything.

"Master, what should I do then?" Ye Futian asked.

"How do I know?" the old man muttered. Then, he lied down and continued drinking.

This old b*stard... Ye Futian cursed in his mind. He was actually still in the mood to drink.

"Master," Ye Futian shouted.

"Don't worry. I will not let you drag the others down," Mr. Du said lazily. "In the worst case, I'll hand you over to them."

"..." Ye Futian regretted his initial decision. Could he still sever his relationship with Mr. Du now?