The Legend Of Futian Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Disaster Of Donghua Clan
Chapter 392: Disaster of Donghua Clan
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Donghua Clan leader and his wife had announced that they would dismiss the clan and seclude in the future. In one night, all Donghua Clan disciples left.

The clan which once wanted to become the first clan in the Eastern Barren Territory turned particularly deserted. At the moment, only a few people remained. For example, Lu Nantian and Qian Shanmu.

After knowing what happened on Sky Mountain, Qian Shanmu had a mixed feeling. His wife Qin Mengruo was killed by Ye Futian, but his junior Hua Qingqing let Ye Futian off instead. Because of Hua Qingqing's decision, Ye Futian did not kill his master and masteress. However, what would happen if Hua Qingqing did kill Ye Futian on Sky Mountain?

Victory? That would be impossible. They had already received the news from Book Mountain: Mr. Du was a sage. They were destined to fail from the start. It was a meaningless battle in which the Cottage did not suffer any losses. If the king of Qin did not decide to go to Book Mountain himself, Mr. Du would not even need to display his powers.

Suddenly, Donghua Clan leader looked at Qian Shanmu who was kneeling on the ground and said, "You should leave."

Qian Shanmu kowtowed on the ground, after which he stood up and departed. After he left, only four people remained in Donghua Clan, namely Donghua Clan leader and his wife, Lu Nantian, and Hua Qingqing.

"Nantian, bring Qingqing and leave from the Ancient Barren World," the clan leader said to Lu Nantian.

"Masteress, you should bring Qingqing and leave." Lu Nantian shook his head.

"Nantian, are my words already useless?" The clan leader turned somewhat serious, but Lu Nantian still stood there quietly. "Masteress, you leave."

"We don't have much time. Do you want to kill Qingqing?" the clan leader scolded.

"I'm not leaving." Hua Qingqing stood at the side.

"Master, masteress, we have been wrong from the start. Perhaps Mr. Du has already foreseen everything from the beginning. He does not want to rule the Eastern Barren Territory at all, but instead only wants to teach his disciples peacefully so that they can become stronger. On the other hand, we want to obtain all the influences in the Eastern Barren Territory. Only now do we understand that everything has but been a dream. In front of the really powerful forces, the Eastern Barren Territory itself is meaningless," Lu Nantian said to his master and masteress. Then, he knelt on the ground and added, "Master, masteress, I hope that in my next life I will still be your disciple." After that, he stood up and walked up to Hua Qingqing. He reached out his hand, wanting to touch her pure and flawless face, but in the end, he still put his hand down, just like in the past. However, he only felt somewhat relieved. Smiling, he said, "Qingqing, live on." Then, Lu Nantian turned around resolutely and walked out of Donghua Clan.

Looking at his back, tears flew down from Hua Qingqing's eyes.

"I don't really have any regrets in my life and it has been perfect, apart from the battle with Gu Dongliu. Nevertheless, it's not embarrassing to lose to a Cottage disciple, is it?" Lu Nantian shouted. Then, he suddenly sped up and turned into a beam of light, charging out of Donghua Clan.

At the moment, there were many people outside Donghua Clan observing its every move. In the distance, there was a restaurant which was entirely reserved by a group of people. Outside the restaurant, there was a dazzling Golden Raven which was showered in a holy radiance.

In the restaurant, there was a young man sitting down and drinking while looking in the direction of Donghua Clan. His eyes seemed to be filled with Flame Intent. He was drinking leisurely as if he was enjoying himself.

Cultivation was, after all, an extremely difficult activity in the first place as it needed much patience and perseverance. Therefore, when he had free time, he would spend it on enjoying himself.

The young man was precisely Du Ao, the cultivator from Sacred Fire Sect of the Barren State. He did not leave the Eastern Barren Territory. After leaving Sky Mountain, he wanted to go to the College directly but heard that there was a sage there. Hence, he would obviously not go there hastily. On the other hand, he asked some of his people to go back to the Barren State, while he brought the rest to Donghua Clan.

On Sky Mountain, he almost died because of a beauty. He could not kill Ye Futian for the moment, but how about the beauty? How could he give her up?

Suddenly, Du Ao noticed someone walk out from Donghua Clan and battle with his men. The person was showering in a brilliant flame as his Life Spirit appeared, which was actually a Three-Legged Golden Raven. This caused a strange expression to appear on his face. He then commanded, "Ask him if he would submit to me. I can bring him to Sacred Fire Sect to cultivate."

"Alright." A cultivator walked towards that direction. However, many terrifying suns appeared behind the person in the distance and he burnt the person from Sacred Fire Sect to death immediately. Meanwhile, he continued to battle the people from Sacred Fire Sect as he advanced towards the restaurant.

"Humph. Let's not wait anymore and go there directly. Apart from her, kill everyone else," Du Ao said coldly. At once, the people beside him walked out of the restaurant and towards Donghua Clan.

In the distance, many people were astonished by the scene. Donghua Clan leader announced that he would seclude in the future and dismissed the clan. However, before he could leave, the cultivators from the Barren State came to Donghua Clan and attacked it without any reasons.

The members of the Cottage would clearly not know what was happening in Donghua Clan. Ye Futian also did not think that such a thing would happen.

On Book Mountain, Mr. Du, College Chief Xiao, and the Cottage disciples were all present. Even the few mountain elders and Goddess Wangyue were here as well. This was the first time Ye Futian met the College Chief. He looked somewhat pale but sage-like. At least he had a better temperament than that old guy.

Ye Futian had heard in the past that the relationship between Mr. Du and the College Chief was very bad. However, from the look of it, it was not that bad after all. At least Mr. Du and College Chief were chatting happily at the moment. Furthermore, they were chatting about the future of the College and the big brother.

"Think carefully. It's all up to you. Don't take my thoughts into account," Mr. Du said to Sword Saint.

"Shut up!" College Chief Xiao widened his eyes at Mr. Du.

"Master, I am willing to." Sword Saint nodded.

"Great!" College Chief Xiao looked excited and laughed. "Fantastic! At least you are not like your master."

"Senior, watch your words." Mr. Du smiled and stared at College Chief with a you-know-what-I-mean look.

College Chief Xiao pointed his finger at him and his beard trembled in frustration. Forget it. Who asked me to be weaker.

"In this case I will gather everyone tomorrow and announce your decision to the College," College Chief Xiao said, feeling at ease. He was finally able to unload his burden as someone was willing to take over his position. More importantly, the person was indeed very suited for the job.

"No problem." Sword Saint nodded. Looking at the scene, Ye Futian felt somewhat emotional. From the next day on, his big brother would be the new chief of the College.

"Since you have agreed to it, take care of the Eastern Barren Territory in the future," Mr. Du said to Sword Saint, looking at him seriously. Sword Saint nodded solemnly and replied, "Master, I'll practice your ideology."

At the side, Goddess Wangyue asked, "Will Sword Saint Mountain combine with the College in the future?"

"I established Sword Saint Mountain to teach my disciples in the same way the College does, so I will let the Sword Saint Mountain disciples decide for themselves if they would stay or leave," Sword Saint replied.

Goddess Wangyue smiled and suddenly asked, "Can I stay here?"

Everyone was momentarily puzzled as they stared at Goddess Wangyue in bewilderment.

"Goddess, what do you mean?" Sword Saint asked.

"I'll stay in the College to cultivate and Moon Clan will combine into the College to become another mountain, for example, Moon Mountain," Goddess Wangyue said, smiling.

Even Mr. Du and College Chief Xiao seemed surprised. Goddess Wangyue was the leader of Moon Clan and she was actually willing to become a mountain elder in the College. In addition, combing Moon Mountain into the College would be against the will of Moon Clan ancestors.

"I agree," someone suddenly said. Everyone turned their heads to see Ye Futian lifting both of his hands in the air in agreement. Everyone then looked at Hua Jieyu who was beside Ye Futian. Hua Jieyu blushed slightly and lowered her head, after which she kicked Ye Futian with her shoe. Why is he in such a hurry?

"You have no rights to say anything here," Mr. Du remarked emotionlessly.

"..." Ye Futian widened his eyes at Mr. Du. However, thinking about Moon Clan combing with the College in the future, he felt elated.

"I think it'll be hard for you to convince the members of Moon Clan," Sword Saint said. Moon Clan was different from Sword Saint Mountain in that he established Sword Saint Mountain all by himself.

"Both Moon Clan and the College exist for people to cultivate. Even if Moon Clan stays at the College, it will still be passed down the generations, maybe in an even better way. If they do not agree, I'll stay here myself and let the members of Moon Clan choose if they would stay or leave. I'll give my position as the leader to someone else," Goddess Wangyue said. After the event, this time and her conversation with Mr. Du last time, her state of mind had changed. Therefore, she made such a decision.

"You can take the mountain occupied by the Cottage," Mr. Du said.

"Mr. Du?" Goddess Wangyue was stunned. Giving the mountain occupied by the Cottage to us?

"In the future, there will only be the College in the College. There will no longer be the Cottage," Mr. Du said, smiling. Ye Futian seemed to have a premonition and felt somewhat sad. Was the Cottage, the legendary place of the Eastern Barren Territory, going to vanish?

"Mr. Du!" Suddenly, everyone heard a voice from a certain direction of Book Mountain. They turned around and looked in that direction. College Chief Xiao frowned; why is it the entrance to the Ancient Barren World again?

A powerful aura spread out from there. Immediately, Mr. Du seemed to have known what was happening. Frowning, he stood up. Then, everyone saw two figures charging towards them. Behind the two figures, there were many cultivators chasing them.

Bang! A frightening flame flew into the body of the person in front. The person trembled fiercely and pushed the other person towards Mr. Du.

"How dare you!" College Chief Xiao shouted coldly and many people walked forward. However, they quickly realized that the person flying towards them was Hua Qingqing.

Hua Qingqing turned around with much difficulty as an invisible force was pushing her forward. She looked at her mother and her eyes were wet with tears. At the moment, an illusory Three-Legged Golden Raven appeared on the body of Lady Yuxiao which was burning her wildly.

Lady Yuxiao's body was ablaze and her aura weakened continuously. She looked the people from the College and said, "I know that in the past I have offended you much. I'll repay you in my next life. Mr. Du, please save my daughter Hua Qingqing!"

After that, the burning Lady Yuxiao knelt down in midair, appearing to be exceptionally miserable. In the Eastern Barren Territory, perhaps only Mr. Du could save her daughter. Hence, she chose to escape to this place.