The Legend Of Futian Chapter 394

Chapter 394: The Thousand Thundering Illusions
Chapter 394: The Thousand Thundering Illusions
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All the most powerful cultivators in the Eastern Barren Territory were gathered on Book Mountain and they were sternly looking into the distance.

They're here. Many people shared the same thought. The crowd gathered at the foot of Book Mountain were also looking up at the figures rolling in on clouds in the sky.

Powerful cultivators from the Barren State had arrived on Book Mountain. Not even the gathering of all the Eastern Barren Territory's top powers would be enough in comparison.

The Eastern Barren Territory had just been united. How was the College going to resolve this threat? Would they hand Ye Futian over?

Everyone in the Eastern Barren Territory knew the exact reason for the arrival of the Barren State cultivators.

It was because of Ye Futian. He stepped onto the top of Sky Mountain and acquired the relics of the two emperors. He was able to control the will of Sky Mountain. It was rumored that he received one of the world's top ten musical pieces, the Ukiyo Song.

The newly arrived crowd descended from the skies and separated into four groups: the Mortal World, Nantian House, the Holy Fire Clan, and Taixuan Mountain. Du Ao, Nan Feng and Nan Yu, Chu Shang, and Han Lan were also present. They were the first to get the news in the Barren State, and thus, were the first ones to arrive. Other powers of the Barren State most likely haven't yet received the news.

Du Ao, Nan Feng, and Nan Yu stared at Ye Futian. The look in their eyes was ice cold. Beside them were the most powerful cultivators of their respective groups. Sages were among them. They were interested to see how arrogant Ye Futian could be now. They remembered every detail about what happened on Sky Mountain.

"We heard that a Sage has appeared in the Eastern Barren Territory. We're curious to see who he is." The person who spoke was of the Nantian House. He stood in front of Nanfeng and was donned in a glamorous long robe.

Years ago, when the Great Emperor set the ban, Sages disappeared from the Eastern Barren Territory and the plane no longer existed there. If a Sage were to appear, even those in the Barren State would get the news. Although the Eastern Barren Territory had little to no contact with the outside world, the powers of the Barren State still kept an eye on them. Otherwise, they wouldn't have known about the bells that rang from Sky Mountain. But now, there was a Sage in the Eastern Barren Territory and they didn't hear anything about it before.

Obviously, the person in question was intentionally hiding his identity and this was his hideout. If it weren't so, there was no need for a cultivator of his level to stay in a place like the Eastern Barren Territory.

"Just someone from the mountains. There's not much to say," a voice drawled from somewhere on Book Mountain. It was Mr. Du. He did not appear beside the Sword Saint or College Chief Xiao. "Now back to you guys. Why have you come?"

"We heard someone from the Eastern Barren Territory made it on Sky Mountain and obtained the relic of the Great Emperor. So, we wanted to come to see for ourselves, just who this person is," a Sage from the Holy Fire Clan spoke nonchalantly. He had on a long robe, covered with images of flames. A strong Flame Intent radiated from him.

"Me." Just then, Ye Futian walked out from the crowd. He looked to the newcomers from the Barren State and spoke, "I stepped onto Sky Mountain and harmonized with the will left by the Great Emperor. From that, I was able to control the power of Sky Mountain. Other than that, I also received the score for the Ukiyo Song."

"So, you're finally willing to admit it." Nan Yu smirked. Wasn't Ye Futian really arrogant on Sky Mountain? He even tied him up to the stone wall at Sky Mountain and humiliated him in front of everyone.

Nan Yu was curious how Ye Futian would meet his end.

"And then?" The Sage from the Nantian House pushed for Ye Futian to continue with emotionless eyes.

"The will of Sky Mountain is already in my control. It would be useless for you guys even if you got your hands on it. As for the score for the Ukiyo Song, I can give it to you guys," said Ye Futian.

Du Ao and the rest all sneered, mockery filled their eyes.

"Alright," the Sage nodded.

Ye Futian reached into the front of his robe and pulled out the musical scores. With a wave of his hand, the four copies were delivered to each of the four groups. Reaching out, the Sages of each group received the papers.

Opening up the page, the Sage of Nantian House gave it a once-over before folding it back up and speaking, "You should come take a little trip with us."

"That's going too far," said College Chief Xiao. He already handed over the score and they still wanted to take Ye Futian?

"Who knows if he's still hiding some other treasures. Besides, he was so arrogant on Sky Mountain, he'll be fine," Nan Yu sneered.

"There's another person on Book Mountain. Hand her over," said Du Ao. The person he was speaking of was obviously Hua Qingqing.

Who cared about the Sage?

What had to be done, must be done. They weren't going to leave until they were handed all the people they sought.

Ye Futian gave a deep inward sigh and then smiled bitterly.

Just then, a figure approached. It was Mr. Du. He looked right at Ye Futian. "So? Did you really think compromising and giving in would work?"

"I'm sorry, teacher," said Ye Futian. He felt a little guilty.

On the way back to Book Mountain from Sky Mountain, he had heard some stories about the teacher from First Brother. Ye Futian knew that even though the old man was a Sage, he seemed to have another identity. He was hiding out in the Eastern Barren Territory. It was because of this that he was such a mystery. Not a lot of people have seen him or knew much about him.

Ye Futian didn't want his teacher to pique the interest of the Barren State because of today. That was why he willingly handed over the score. Unfortunately, it was no use. Although the old man said he didn't care about Ye Futian and would hand him over, Ye Futian knew it was just a joke.

Mr. Du looked at Ye Futian once and stepped forward to look at the crowd. "You already got the musical score, so why aren't you all getting the hell out of here?"

Everyone looked at Mr. Du strangely.

"Old geezer, do you want to die?" asked Nan Yu. Now that the ban of the Eastern Barren Territory was lifted, who cared if this old man was a Sage? How dare he try to get rid of them?

WHOOSH! A delicate figure whisked by. It was the Cottage's second disciple, Zhuge Hui. With a loud thunder-like crack, her long whip unfurled in Nan Yu's direction.

"How presumptuous." A Noble from Nantian House made his way toward Zhuge Hui. The Noble with a sharp, cutting aura reached out his hand.

Zhuge Hui snapped her whip once more, cracking down like lightning and thunder. A crisp snap was heard and following that were the horrid screams of the Noble. He was struck by the whip and flung off of Book Mountain. His body twitched uncontrollably upon landing at the bottom.

The Nantian House Sage took one step and released a terrifying energy at Zhuge Hui. Mr. Du moved at the same time. His hand reached up at the sky and clenched into a fist. Immediately, the Sage froze and turned his attention over to Mr. Du in shock.

"One more move and you die," Mr. Du said calmly. As soon as his utterance was heard, the four groups from the Barren State looked up at him, dumbfounded. Was he actually threatening a Sage of Nantian House?

The Sage indeed made no other motions. Zhuge Hui, on the other hand, charged over to Nan Yu. Top-level Nobles stepped out. There were even those who had been enlightened by Sage Will. However, Zhuge Hui's whip danced wildly in the air. An image appeared on her body. The people were shocked to realize that she was duplicating. One into two, two into four. In short moments, she was everywhere, waving her whip at the same time. Thunder and lightning erupted, lighting up the skies majestically.

The Thousand Thundering Illusions.

The eyes of the everyone from the Barren State lit up and watched everything unfold in shock. Illusory images filled the sky. In the lit-up sky, her whip came down, cracking one after another. The Nobles of Nantian House were flung away one by one. In a split second, a long whip bypassed everything in its way to get to Nan Yu, picking him up into the air.

"Let me go!" Nan Yu screamed out in horror. He had already been treated this way once on Sky Mountain. This was already the second time.

But at this moment, it didn't seem like anyone from the Nantian House could hear his screams. They were all frozen in place as they watched the beautiful girl bathed in the lights from the lightning. The Thousand Thundering Illusions was an exclusive skill from a certain Barren State power.

Second Sister is so powerful, thought Ye Futian. He was also surprised by the scene in front of him. It seemed as if she had been hiding her true abilities.

Whether it was the people on Book Mountain or at the foot of the mountain, everyone was looking up at Zhuge Hui.

The long whip moved in a circle, spinning Nan Yu around in the air. Zhuge Hui looked up at him just to hear him scream out in anger, "You dare touch me?!"

Just then, the whip moved toward a stone wall on Book Mountain. Nan Yu's body hit the wall along with the force of lightning and the wall exploded loudly. Nan Yu's pitiful cries followed.

The whip snapped back and with one movement of Zhuge Hui's arm, Nan Yu's body was flung away from Book Mountain.

"Who are you?" the Nantian House Sage asked Zhuge Hui. "The Thousand Thundering Illusions doesn't belong to the Eastern Barren Territory."

"Take a guess." Zhuge Hui smiled at him. She then stepped toward the Holy Fire Clan. Looking at Du Ao, she spoke again, "He offended me. You guys wouldn't mind if I taught him a lesson, would you?"

"Even if you are of the Zhuge Family, what right do you have to teach a disciple of our clan a lesson?" asked a Sage of the clan.

"Based on the fact that he acted out of place in front of me," she said. Her whip snapped once again. The Sage wanted to make a move but felt a strong pressure descend upon himself. Lifting his head, he saw Mr. Du. With confusion on his face, he questioned, who is he?

SNAP! The whip cracked down and no one was able to stop it. Du Ao cried out in pain. After being hit by the whip, he toppled over on the Three-legged Golden Raven. A deep, bloody mark appeared on his body.

Countless pairs of eyes were frozen in place, shocked at everything that had just happened on Book Mountain. Everything was so unexpected. For example, no one expected that the powerful cultivators of the Barren State would get so badly beaten up.

"Many years ago, something big happened to the Barren State's Zhuge Family. Their first daughter suddenly went missing and couldn't be found even after the family searched high and low in the Barren State," a cultivator from the Mortal World spoke out suddenly. The four powers were stunned. They had all heard of this story.

So, the girl in front of them was the daughter of the Barren State's Zhuge Family, Zhuge Mingyue?