The Legend Of Futian Chapter 400

Chapter 400: Show The Door
Chapter 400: Show the Door
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Ye Futian had been practicing in White Jade Tower. The matrix made his cultivation much easier. These days, more and more people gathered in the tower. Strong cultivators kept checking in, preparing for the upcoming battle of the four strong forces.

Ye Futian and Yang Ting, as well as Yang Yi, were getting along very well with each other. Familiarity grew between them. Yang Yi and Yang Ting frequently visited Ye Futian in his courtyard. Other than some interesting news about the Barren State, they also discussed how to cultivate. Yang Ting found that Ye Futian knew a lot about this. While benefiting a lot from Ye Futian, Yang Ting began to be curious about Ye Futian's strength.

Yang Ting was very gregarious in the tower. He had made many friends these days. Perhaps because their parents died early and they had to struggle to live, they were very good at making friends.

In the courtyard, Yang Yi and Ye Futian were chatting.

"Big Brother Ye, where are you from?" Yang Yi asked curiously.

Ye Futian was good-looking. Yu Sheng looked unusual. Ye Wuchen and Loulan Xue were also different from common people. She had presumed that Loulan Xue was Ye Futian's girlfriend and called her sister. But Loulan Xue told her that she was just a maid, which surprised her.

"I come from a very distant place. In the east, there is a land isolated from the Barren State. That's my hometown," said Ye Futian.

"I have never left Yunyue City since I was born but you have been to so many places," said Yang Yi with a smile. "Brother Ye, won't your parents miss you?"

"My parents?" Ye Futian smiled with embarrassment. "I don't know. To tell you the truth, I don't even know who they are."

"Ah..." Yang Yi said, startled, "I'm sorry, Big Brother Ye."

"It's okay. Perhaps they are very famous people and are enjoying their life now," Ye Futian joked.

"Do you hate them?" Yang Yi asked.

"Hate?" Ye Futian shook his head. "I have never thought about it. I don't think I hate them. Life is so wonderful. I've felt fervor, frustration and sadness. Everywhere I go, I experience a story. Life is so, isn't it?"

"Yes." Yang Yi nodded firmly. Looking at that bright and handsome face, Yang Yi thought that Ye Futian must be very optimistic.

"Yang Yi, come to harass your Brother Ye again?" Yang Ting said, walking over.

"No way, we were having conversation. You can ask Brother Ye." Yang Yi grumbled.

Ye Futian smiled.

Yang Ting also laughed and shook his head. He turned to Ye Futian and said, "Brother Ye, all the tower's rooms are already occupied. There are many other places full of people. It seems that the battle this time will be very fierce. Have you decided?"

"We will join." Ye Futian nodded. He had thought over this these days. They didn't have to show much strength in this battle. After defeating some people, they would get the Barren State's map. They could decide where to go then, rather than wandering blindly in this place.

"Good. I have companions now." Yang Ting smiled and nodded. "Brother Ye, what's your level? I need your information to sign up for you."

"The second level of Arcana Plane," Ye Futian answered. On basic of this, he was confident that the third level was not far.

"Okay." Yang Ting didn't make further comments. With Ye Futian's age, this level was already very high but was not high enough to make him outstanding. But that was also because Ye Futian didn't start cultivation until fifteen which was comparatively late.

"I'm going to sign up for you now," said Yang Ting.

"I'll go with you," Ye Futian said.

"That'll be even better." Yang Ting nodded and then the line of people walked out of the court, heading for the wine house on the top of White Jade Tower.

More people gathered here than in the past few days. Yang Ting looked around but didn't see the White Jade Tower's staff.

"Perhaps they are busy on other things. Let's wait here for a while," Yang Ting suggested. Ye Futian nodded and was about to find a seat when the Black Wind Eagle walked forward. There was the Blue Phoenix ahead. The Black Wind Eagle lifted its head high and looked at the Blue Phoenix disdainfully. Of course the Blue Phoenix would not stand with the Black Wind Eagle's provocation. It tweeted constantly and some strong aura effused from it. Spectators around were interested in the two birds. Somebody laughed and murmured, "What an interesting eagle!"

"Who is its master? People who don't know might think it is a golden roc." Many people there made fun of the Black Wind Eagle. How could it lift its head up high before a Blue Phoenix?

The Black Wind Eagle was seemly not very self-aware. Its proud eyes still looked at the Blue Phoenix lazily. Something dark flashed in its eyes. That Blue Phoenix kept tweeting as if it was really irritated.

Liu Lan, the owner of the Blue Phoenix, frowned. She and the Blue Phoenix could read each other's mind. She could feel that the Blue Phoenix seemed a little grumpy.

"Get back here!" Ye Futian shouted. Hearing his voice, the Black Wind Eagle instantly calmed down. It lowered its proud head and walked to rub against Ye Futian.

"You think you're powerful now?" Ye Futian knocked on the eagle's head to warn it that this was not a date.

Ye Futian turned to Liu Lan and bowed his head slightly. "Sorry about that."

"Your eagle is really bold!" Liu Lan sneered. An eagle dared to provoke the Blue Phoenix. It wasn't just being bold. Her Senior Master had paid much effort to get her this young Blue Phoenix.

"No, it's just inexperienced," Ye Futian said with a smile. The Fire Girl just nodded and didn't say anything else.

At this moment, a rustle came from people around the pub's corner. They kept looking down curiously.

"It's Sorcerer Wu." Many people exclaimed. Hearing this, people were all stunned and hurried to look down over the edge.

"Sorcerer Wu is also here now?" Yang Ting's eyes flickered.

"Who is Sorcerer Wu?" Ye Futian was confused.

"Wu is his surname. He is a very famous spell sorcerer. Nobody knows his real name, so people call him Sorcerer Wu. He is powerful to a horrible extent. Though he is only in the middle level of Arcana Plane, the whole Yunyue City knows his name. The forces all want him to join, but he refused them all. This time, he came to join the battle. Is he ready to join the Yunyue Merchant Union now?

Yang Ting's curiosity was provoked. He stood up and suggested, "Let's have a look."

Ye Futian also stood up. From what Yang Ting had said, Ye Futian inferred that this must be a very talented sorcerer here. He wondered how strong the Sorcerer Wu would be.

Ye Futian walked to the corner and looked down. He saw a figure in a black cloak. He could see that this man was much younger than he thought. But his dress was just as strange as his name.

"Even Mr. Shang came to welcome him. That's Sorcerer Wu!" Somebody exclaimed. Shang Qing and Shang Hai as well as the White Jade Tower's other staff stood down there to welcome him.

"No wonder we couldn't find them," said Yang Ting.

In the distant sky, sword intent rolled over. People looked up and saw a figure riding a sword. He came very quickly and descended slowly.

"Duan Que, the Demon Swordsman, also came?" People were very surprised. With the two here, it seemed that the battle would be very vicious.

Sorcerer Wu and Demon Swordsman all came to help the Yunyue Merchant Union. The other three forces must have invited some top talents too.

"Duan Que, known as the Demon Swordsman, is very skilled in sword play. He is also very strong. The Yunyue Merchant Union is really one of the top forces. Much must have been spent to invite the two," said Yang Ting.

Ye Futian's group looked calm. They knew that every place had its top talents. Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman were two of them.

Shang Hai and his sister welcomed Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman into the White Jade Tower. People returned to their seats and continued their comments.

"Brother Ye, this battle might be more dangerous than before. Please be careful!" Yang Ting said to Ye Futian. Seeing the two here, he felt that this battle could be very vicious.

"I will." Ye Futian nodded.

After a while, the pub suddenly became quiet. Some people came up from the stairs. Ye Futian turned around and saw Shang Hai and Shang Qing found good seats for Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman. They looked very hospitable. Some people of the White Jade Tower behind them walked up and looked around. They saw Ye Futian and walked to him.

"Sir, do you live in the Qiuyue Court in the first floor?" the man asked him.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded.

"Sir, our White Jade Tower is full now," the man said. "We only offer reception to those who are willing to fight for the Yunyue Merchant Union. Therefore, could you move out? I'm very sorry."

Yu Sheng frowned and asked coldly, "What do you mean?"

Yang Ting and Yang Yi also looked displeased. "My friends are also going to join the battle," said Yang Ting.

"Sorry, we don't accept any other applicants now," the man said. Ye Futian knocked the table with his fingers. He glanced at Sorcerer Wu's direction, knowing that this was because of their arrival.

"Okay, we will leave after finishing the drink." Ye Futain didn't argue further.

"Could you pick up your luggage now?"

"What do you mean?" Ye Futian was vexed. "You entered our room?"

Bang. Yu Sheng pounded the table, shattering it. He stared at the man coldly. They still lived there and those people couldn't wait to pack up their things to empty the room for the two?

Many people noticed things happening here. They showed some sympathy to Ye Futian's group, but this was how it worked. The White Jade Tower was occupied. Someone had to leave so Sorcerer Wu and Demon Swordsman could settle down.

Shang Hai and Shang Qing walked over and stared at Yu Sheng. "Sir, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Yu Sheng sneered.

"It's our wrong, but please understand us," Shang Hai apologized.

"We have paid enough spirit stones for next few days, isn't that right?" said Loulan Xue coldly.

"Give them the refund." Shang Hai asked his staff to do so. That waiter seemly had everything prepared. He directly delivered Ye Futian's group a bag.

"That's enough?" said Ye Futian lightly.

"Now you're just looking for trouble," Shang Hai scolded.

Beside him, Shang Qing smiled and said, "If it's not enough, I can give you more." Then she walked out and dropped spirit stones before Ye Futian's group, one by one.