The Legend Of Futian Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Undercover
Chapter 401: Undercover
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Shang Qing's pretty eyes were cold and arrogant as she looked at Ye Futian's group. Of all those living in White Jade Tower, they were the only ones who hadn't signed up to fight for them. In that case, why would they live here?

Everyone in Yunyue City knew that living in White Jade Tower during this time meant they were here for the battle. If Ye Futian's group was living here but not helping, were they spies from the other three forces?

Of course, it didn't matter even if they weren't. Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman were here; White Jade Tower was full. Who else could they choose to kick out?

As for offending people, the Yunyue Merchant Union didn't care. They only had to make Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman happy now. They didn't have to waste too much time with Ye Futian's group. If they wouldn't go nicely, they would be forced out.

The spiritual stones clinked brightly on the ground.

Yang Ting and Yang Yi's faces were all pale. Looking down, Yang Ting clenched her fists and said to Shang Qing, "Miss Shang, my friend has decided to help you fight. Why are you like this?" Faced with the Yunyue Merchant Union, they couldn't fight back at all.

Shang Qing glanced at Yang Ting with a smile. Yang Ting had been wandering around them all these days. She naturally knew what Yang Ting wanted. People who had to rely on those tactics wouldn't be skilled. This was also why she treated Ye Futian's group like this. Those who were truly proud wouldn't act like Yang Ting. People and objects were grouped by their similarities. If Ye Futian was with Yang Ting, they were the same.

"We need two courts. You can give yours up too," Shang Qing said. She tossed some spiritual stones at Yang Ting.

"You're too much." Yang Yi's eyes reddened. Her brother had given up everything for her and this chance. Now, Shang Qing was about to shatter everything.

"Hurry up," Shang Qing said, smiling. Her voice was still calm. She turned and moved away to Sorcerer Wu. "You might have to wait a bit," she said gently.

"It's alright." The Demon Swordsman's eyes fell upon Ye Wuchen. Swordsmen could sense each other's auras. This one-armed swordsman had two swords. He had an uncommon feeling.

Crunch. Yu Sheng clenched his fists and his aura exploded. With his personality, he wouldn't allow anyone to insult Ye Futian. Before, he would have attacked long ago. It was different now. They were in the outside world and could get killed by a small misstep. He had to bear it and repress his temper.

Yang Yi's eyes were red. She bent down to collect the spiritual stones. She knew this was humiliating, but so what? She'd experienced this before. This was everything her brother had.

Seeing Yang Yi's figure, Ye Futian felt bitter inside. He squatted down and smiled. "Little Yi, it's alright."

"Yeah." Yang Yi looked up at Ye Futian and squeezed out a smile. Her eyes were still red. Ye Futian could see the tears in them. Loulan Xue and Ye Wuchen also squatted down quietly to help them pick up the spiritual stones.

The surrounding people laughed while watching at this scene. It was unbearable to Ye Futian's group, but this was actually normal. The White Jade Tower had asked them politely to leave, but Ye Futian insisted on asking why. Why would they do that? They were just looking to be humiliated. They didn't know the rules of the cultivation world at all.

Fire Girl Liu Lan looked at this calmly. Then she looked to Sorcerer Wu. But there, the Demon Swordsman was watching Ye Wuchen picking up the stones. He was disappointed. He'd thought that the other would be a true swordsman, but he seemed to be wrong.

"Okay." Ye Futian chuckled after picking up the stones and said, "Let's go." Everyone nodded and the group started walking out.

"You don't deserve to practice swordsmanship," a voice said at this time. Many people were shocked. The speaker was Duan Que. He sat there, quietly drinking wine with the Shang siblings, but everyone knew who he was talking to—the one-armed swordsman.

Ye Wuchen's steps halted, but his emotions didn't change. Then he started walking again, leaving without saying a word.

Ye Futian's group left the White Jade Tower. There was still someone at the border of the wine house watching them. Now, the figure left quietly and walked outside. People walked to and fro from the tower though. No one noticed him.

After leaving the tower, Ye Futian gazed at Yang Ting. "Brother Yang, I'm sorry."

"This has nothing to do with Brother Ye. The Yunyue Merchant Union is too insulting. I guess I was asking for it though. The more I go to them, the less they'll respect me." Yang Ting laughed at himself. He thought that the Shang siblings knew him now, but after seeing their attitude, he realized they didn't care about him at all. This was probably the tragedy for unimportant figures.

"Only abilities can win over respect," Yang Ting said seriously. She'd learned this from the Shang siblings' attitude towards Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman.

"Brother Ye," Yang Ting continued. "Actually, I was the one who was wrong. I was always inviting you to join the Yunyue Merchant Union. I didn't think this would happen. What do you plan on doing now?"

"I haven't decided. What about you?" Ye Futian asked.

"The Yunyue Merchant Union isn't the only top force. I don't have the ability to prove anything, but I should also work hard to earn the resources to cultivate. I won't give up so easily. I will try other forces," Yang Ting said. "Brother Ye, what do you think?"

Ye Futian glanced at the Yang siblings. Seeing Yang Yi's bowed head, he knew that Yang Ting was pretending to be okay. He did all this for his sister, but he only said it was for himself.

"That's too much. I don't plan on experiencing that again," Ye Futian said. "Let me know when the battle is starting. I will be there." He didn't plan on trying to join another force.

"Okay." Yang Ting nodded. He didn't know what ideas Ye Futian had.

"Please wait," a voice said behind them. Ye Futian's group turned and saw a figure run up to them. It was a 20-year-old youth like them. He wore simple clothing and had average looks. He wouldn't attract much attention in a crowd.

"You?" Yang Ting asked. He'd seen this man before; he also stayed in White Jade Tower.

The newcomer greeted Ye Futian's group, "I am Wang Linfeng."

Yang Ting's eyes flashed. His surname was Wang? Usually, he wouldn't think much, but this was a sensitive period. If a Wang lived in the White Jade Tower and then ran after them, he had to feel suspicious. He'd heard about the forces trying to spy on each other before.

"Are you from the Wang Family?" Yang Ting asked.

"Yes." Wang Linfeng nodded. "Can we speak elsewhere?"

Ye Futian looked at him and said, "If you're going to hide, then no."

Wang Linfeng's eyes flashed. He reached up and wiped his face. Mist clouded instantly and his face changed, becoming much more handsome. It was as if he'd changed entirely.

"I had to. I'm sorry." Wang Linfeng glanced at Ye Futian with some shock and then nodded at him. "I saw what had happened earlier. The Yunyue Merchant Union is too cruel. Would you be willing to fight for the Wang Family?"

"Spying in White Jade Tower must be a method that the four top forces use often, huh." Ye Futian's voice was cool. He thought of the Shang sibling's treatment to them and if it also had something to do with suspicion. After all, they were the only ones who didn't sign up.

"I heard that the disciples of the forces would compete amongst themselves too. If they find powerful people to fight, they would get rewards," Yang Ting said. He could see this from how Shang Hai and Shang Qing treated Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman.

Now, Wang Linfeng was helping the Wang Family enlist people.

"That is so indeed. Sorcerer Wu and the Demon Swordsman joining the Yunyue Merchant Union makes things troublesome," Wang Linfeng said.

"If I agree, will you be able to let us participate directly?" Ye Futian asked. Since he was a spy, he must not be a very important person in the family.

Hearing Ye Futian's question, Wang Linfeng smiled wryly and shook his head. "You must pass our exam. After all, there are limited spots."

"What plane are you?" Ye Futian asked.

Wang Linfeng looked at him with some confusion. "Mid-Arcana Plane."

"Yu Sheng." Ye Futian looked over to Yu Sheng.

The other immediately understood Ye Futian's intention. Yu Sheng walked towards Wang Linfeng. Power burst from him, actually pressing down at Wang Linfeng.

Bang! Yu Sheng took a step and moved forward. Before Wang Linfeng, he raised his fist and punched. The punch had horrible power and the air popped around it.

Wang Linfeng's eyes sharpened instantly. He could sense that the man before him was only in the lower Arcana Plane, but he'd felt such strong pressure. Raising a hand, dazzling light shone from his hand. He lunged forward and sent his arm forward.

Boom! The two attacks crashed. Wang Linfeng felt extreme power travel up his arm. He was forced backward. After steadying himself, he stared at Yu Sheng in shock. He hadn't used all his power, but someone of the lower Arcana Plane could send him back with one hit. His strength went without saying.

Yu Sheng's expression was still calm. He turned and walked back to Ye Futian.

Ye Futian glanced at Wang Linfeng. He also turned and walked forward. "I won't take any exams. You saw what had happened at White Jade Tower. I do not wish to experience it again. I will be at the battle. If you can let us fight, then we will. If not, I will find another force. Finally, I need a map of the Barren State and some spiritual medicine."

Wang Linfeng looked at Ye Futian's arrogant backside. His eyes sharpened and he clenched his fists. "No problem. I will arrange it." He seemed to have found a treasure.

He and Shang Qing had the same thoughts. Strong cultivators would naturally be proud and he'd observed everyone in White Jade Tower. Ye Futian had been humiliated, but he'd been too calm. To stay calm in the face of humiliation required extreme pride and confidence!