The Legend Of Futian Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Wang Linfengs Decision
Chapter 403: Wang Linfengs Decision
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Wang Yurou stared at Ye Futian's group. Wang Linfeng brought them here to help. This battle meant a lot to Wang Yurou. It was not just about her, it was also about the interest of her whole family. She had to win. She needed to win this battle. In the battle of four forces, every single round was very significant.

Ye Futian also looked at Wang Yurou. She looked delicate, beautiful and of a valor. She had all the good points of both man and woman. This was a very charming woman.

She looked at Ye Futian straightforwardly as if she could see through him. If Ye Futian's group was just ordinary people, they could not help and could even get her into trouble.

"Who will fight?" Wang Yurou asked Ye Futian's group.

"How many of us do you want?" Ye Futian asked in turn. Hearing Ye Futian's words, Wang Yurou's eyes flickered. From his words, she inferred that Ye Futian was very confident that he could fight no matter how many fighters she wanted. What a proud man!

People around Wang Yurou walked forward and stared at Ye Futian's group. They were also here to help Wang Yurou. If Ye Futian's group joined in, there would be too many fighters. Somebody had to leave then. Usually, Wang Yurou would bring nine people with her, which meant if Ye Futian's group joined, someone among their nine had to leave.

"How many of you can fight?" Wang Yurou asked again. Neither two sides responded to each other directly.

"Is three enough?" Ye Futian asked.

"You three are all in the Lower Arcana Plane?" Wang Yurou asked again. She had heard from Wang Linfeng that Ye Futian was in the second level of Arcana Plane which was of the Lower Arcana Plane. That was exactly what she needed in this battle. It would also be good if someone was in the Middle Arcana Plane. She could let him help her other family members.

"Yes." Ye Futian nodded. Both Yu Sheng and he were in the second level of the Arcana Plane. Ye Wuchen was in the third. Moreover, it was very possible for them to break through their present level at any time.

The battle of the four forces set restrictions on people's level in every round. That made sense since it would be unfair if somebody in Lower Arcana Plane faced someone in the Upper Arcana Plane.

"Do you know the rules?" Wang Yurou asked.

"Yes." Before coming, Yang Ting had briefly introduced the battle rules to them. There wouldn't be any major amendments, of course.

"The battle this year is the same as the last year," Wang Yurou said. "People in the Arcana Plane are divided into three groups: Upper, Middle, and Lower. I am in the Lower Arcana Plane, so my family let me be responsible for this group. I will select nine people to fight for me. Now I have nine people with me already. If you three join us, there will be 12, with three extra."

Though Wang Linfeng brought Ye Futian's group here, she was reluctant to let strangers fight for her. She trusted Wang Linfeng very much, so she gave Ye Futian an opportunity, but she still didn't trust him. Now, she was trying to give Ye Futian some pressure. She needed Ye Futian to prove that they had the strength to substitute her three strong cultivators.

Yang Ting and Yang Yi, standing behind Ye Futian's group, could feel the pressure too. Though with a charming face, Wang Yurou commanded a powerful presence. Yang Ting started to realize that it was such an unpractical thought of him to sign up for the battle. Just standing before Wang Yurou, he could feel the forcing power. How could he have the strength to face his enemy in the battle? However, Ye Futian looked quite calm as if he felt nothing. Wang Yurou's powerful presence couldn't threaten him at all.

As a musical sorcerer, Ye Futian was impregnable. Yang Ting was not going to fight, but he was keyed up already. The battle hadn't started, but an oppressive force could be sensed already. The air was a little stifling to him.

Wang Yurou was not the only one staring at Ye Futian. The nine people around her were also glaring at him with their sharp eyes. Some of them were well-known talents while others also used much effort to be here. But Ye Futian's group just abruptly appeared and was going to knock three of them out? Wasn't this ridiculous?

Ye Futian looked into Wang Yurou's eyes. Then he turned to Wang Linfeng and said, "Remember our deal?"

Wang Linfeng's eyes flickered.

"I told you that I would come here, but I am not going to take any so-called tests. If you don't trust us, we'll just leave now." Ye Futian smiled thinly. When leaving the White Jade Tower, Yu Sheng had proved his strength.

Wang Linfeng was struggling. He looked at Wang Yurou.

Wang Yurou was also a little surprised. What an arrogant guy! She wanted Ye Futian to prove their strength. Instead, Ye Futian gave her pressure as if he didn't care at all.

"Wang Yurou, aren't we enough?" a man beside her questioned.

"I agree. We have Xing Feng here for the Lower Arcana Plane. We don't need anybody else. Why should we bet on those people? We don't even know them. Moreover, we have promised to help. Nobody would like to be replaced by a group of strangers." Somebody showed his discontentment. Wang Yurou had selected the nine people herself. Seeing someone threatening their position, the nine were naturally disgruntled. They had passed enough tests to be here.

Why should some of them leave just because of Ye Futian's few words? Furthermore, who would leave among the nine?

Wang Yurou was hesitating. Ye Futian had forced her to make the choice.

She looked at Wang Linfeng and said, "They are your people. You decide." It was just a simple sentence, but it gave Wang Linfeng so much pressure. He was the one to make a decision.

He knew what it meant. If he insisted to let Ye Futian's group fight and they were defeated, he would lose everything. He would have no say in the family and no trust from Wang Yurou anymore. But if Ye Futian's group really won this battle for Wang Yurou, Wang Linfeng would also benefit a lot.

He knew that this was a gamble. He was going to bet his future on this decision. Ye Futian's group decided his future.

"Let them fight," Wang Linfeng said determinedly, clenching his fists. The decision was made. He had to undertake all responsibilities no matter what the consequence would be. He glanced at Ye Futian, hoping he hadn't judged incorrectly.

"Okay." Wang Yurou nodded. She didn't trust Ye Futian yet. This was their first meeting. Who knew Ye Futian's strength? Cultivators tended to be blindly confident. Without the test of a good-sized battle, it was not easy for people to admit that they were as good, especially for those talented people.

But Wang Yurou trusted Wang Linfeng. Another reason was that some of the nine people she selected were not top talents. The battle would be very fierce. No force could have all its fighters survive. Usually, there would be no more than three people left to fight, so she would like to have a try and bet on Ye Futian's group.

"What about the things I asked for?" Ye Futian asked Wang Linfeng.

"The Barren State's map and the spiritual plant or something, right?" Wang Linfeng asked.

"It's Spirit-Refining Grass," said Ye Futian.

"We have only one original version of the map, so I had someone transcribe one for you. It might not be exactly the same, but it's enough for you." Wang Linfeng took out a map and said, "Since you know the rules, you must know that you are going to face talents from the other three forces. If you three defeat six of them, I'll give you the map. As for the Spirit-Refining Grass, it's very expensive and rare. So if you defeat twelve, I promise to get the plant for you."

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. "One last question, if I offend people of the three forces when fighting, what's the consequence?"

This was the four forces' battle. If he defeated too many cultivators and harmed the interests of others, he would definitely get into trouble. He had to consider that.

"Rest assured. The battle of the four forces has been held for years. There are rules and people follow them. No one is allowed to have conflicts after the battle. Otherwise, there won't be so many people willing to fight. Retaliation won't happen or the four forced would have gotten into too many troubles now," Wang Linfeng said. "If they hate you, they will kill you only on the battlefield."

"Got it." Ye Futian nodded. He was confident he would defeat twelve people.

Wang Yurou turned to the nine people she'd selected and talked to three of them. The three looked sulky. One of them said, "We promised to fight for the Wang Family and we passed all the tests. Now we must leave like this, Miss Wang?"

"That's right. Just because of his few words?" another person grumbled. The three were very indignant.

"What I have promised to you, I give you three times more," said Wang Yurou.

The three looked at each other. They knew that they could not change the decision and so they agreed.

"Follow me." Wang Yurou walked away. Ye Futian, Ye Wuchen, and Yu Sheng followed behind. Actually, Loulan Xue was also very excellent on the battlefield, but out of some concern, Ye Futian didn't let her participate.

"When the battle begins, Xing Feng and I will decide your order of fighting and your rivalries," Wang Yurou said to the people. Some people nodded. Ye Futian just glanced at that youth named Xing Feng.

The line walked to the Wang Family. Many of the people there looked over at them too.

"Yurou, are you confident about this battle?" a senior of the Wang Family asked.

"Grandpa, trust me." Wang Yurou nodded firmly.

"Good." That senior nodded with a smile.

Ye Futian looked straight at the Yunyue Merchant Union's members. Some of the people there also noticed Ye Futian's group. They were Liu Lan and Xi Mu, the Dark Sorcerer.

Seeing Ye Futian appearing with the Wang Family, Xi Mu was very interested. He said to Shang Hai, "Mr. Shang, look!"

Shang Hai turned around and saw the Wang Family. When seeing Ye Futian, his eyes sharpened. They two looked straight at each other across the distance.