The Legend Of Futian Chapter 404

Chapter 404: First Battle Yu Sheng
Chapter 404: First Battle, Yu Sheng
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"Aren't those the people that were kicked out of White Jade Tower?" dark sorcerer Xi Mu said, grinning. Sorcerer Wu, the Demon Swordsman, and others all looked over with interest.

Ye Futian getting kicked out was still fresh in their memories. It must have been interesting. That day, Shang Hai and Shang Qing had scattered spiritual stones on the ground. They'd all squatted down to pick it up before leaving. Now, they were representing the Wang Family? Were they trying to regain their reputation that they'd lost in White Jade Tower?

"Interesting," the Demon Swordsman Duan Que said, chuckling while holding his chest.

Shang Hai squinted and then laughed. Did they want to use these methods to get back at the humiliation? They must be dreaming.

"Brother, they're helping Wang Yurou." Shang Qing giggled from the side.

Shang Hai had naturally seen Wang Yurou beside them. She was the cold beauty from the Wang Family, but she was handsome and coldly arrogant. The youths of the four top forces always joked over who could take this thorny rose. He obviously had these thoughts before too. He didn't like her though. It was just the desire for men to take over things.

"I saw. Since Wang Yurou chose them, they probably have some skills," Shang Hai said, chuckling. He didn't care though. Even if they were skilled, these nameless people couldn't be too powerful. This time, the battle was filled with monstrously talented people. Many extreme prides of Yunyue City would come. Ye Futian's group was nothing. It would be impressive if they could win some rounds. They'd most likely be cannon fodder.

"That's unfortunate. Wang Yurou is in the lower Arcana Plane so she'll probably go to that battlefield. We won't meet her." Shang Qing smiled. If they met, it would be interesting.

"That's not definite." Shang Hai smiled. "Other than the usual battles, there are other methods too, aren't there?"

Something flashed past Shang Qing's pretty eyes as she glanced at Shang Hai. Did her brother want to keep humiliating them?

"Brother, you don't think White Jade Tower was enough?" Shang Qing giggled. "You're too much."

Shang Hai's smiling eyes also had some coldness. Since they wanted to represent the Wang Family to regain their dignity, he would help them. He just wished they wouldn't be too weak. That wouldn't be too fun.

"Go tell Feiyu to take care of them," Shang Hai said, smiling.

Shang Qing nodded. "Okay." With that, she went elsewhere. Shang Feiyu was the person representing them in the lower Arcana Plane.

People arrived gradually. The four top forces waited. The vast space became more serious and repressive. The people who came to watch stood far away, but they also felt the repressive atmosphere. The annual battle wasn't a simple battle. It pertained to the resource division of the next year. Cultivation resources determined their development.

Currently, the Yunyue Merchant Union was the wealthiest and developed strongly. They were about to overshadow the other three. Because they had more resources, they could usually invite better people to fight for them. Their attraction was also stronger.

Before, that was why Yang Ting wanted to help the Yunyue Merchant Union. They were wealthy and gave more. Of course, no force was stingy about this. It just depended on who was willing to spend more.

At this time, a figure walked towards the Yunyue battle platform from the four forces. The vast space instantly silenced.

The battle platform was big. The four figures walked in the same directionthe ancient battle drum in the center. The drum was very strange. It had four sides. The four figures all stood before one side.

The strong cultivators of all forces looked over. A while later, someone raised a fist and slammed down on the drum. With a huge boom, the drum shook the sky. The vast space became extremely quiet. Everyone stopped talking.

"Yunyue Merchant Union," the person said. His voice rolled into the distance with the drumbeat.

Boom. As soon as he spoke, the drum was beaten again. A voice said, "Thunder Clan."

After that, the representatives of the Wang Family and Feng Family both beat the drum. Drumbeats echoed through the sky.

The vast space was silent. This was the ceremony before the battle. It was also a vow. They established the vow with the drum; it had been like this since the beginning. At the end of the battle, they would keep their promises.

The four didn't come down after beating the drum. They stood before the ancient drum and turned around. Facing the people, they said, "The rules are the same as before. The first battle is of the lower Arcana Plane. It determines the distribution of spiritual stone mines. First place receives 40%, second place receives 30%, third place 20%, last place 10%. Any objections?"

There were countless mines within the city. No one family could take it all for themselves. It would lead to war. Thus, they followed this rule for many years. The four top forces would mine them together. The distribution ratio was determined by each year's battle.

The first battle was the lower Arcana Plane. It would determine the distribution of the spiritual stone mines.

In the Barren State, spiritual stones were the basis of cultivation. The importance of this battle went without saying. Each force would try their best and send their best people. The helpers were chosen carefully.

"No objections," the head of the Yunyue Merchant Union said from their place.

"No objections," the heads of the Thunder Clan, Wang Family, and Feng Family also said.

"To the battle platform," a figure before the drum said. Instantly, strong cultivators from four directions walked out.

From the Wang Family, Wang Yurou brought Ye Futian's group over. Countless eyes fell on them.

Ye Futian also felt the serious atmosphere. He was shocked that the four forces would use this method to distribute resources. The pressure felt by the fighters went without saying. No wonder Nobles weren't allowed. A Noble battle of this importance would be hard to control. He had to admit that this method was strange, but it was logical.

Each force sent one core disciple and nine helpers to fight. They walked to four places and stopped. Wang Yurou sat onto the ground. The others also sat down. Ye Futian's trio sat as well. The strong cultivators of the other three forces also sat down.

Yang Ting had told Ye Futian the rules. Those on the battle platform would fight in order. For example, the Yunyue Merchant Union would send people for the first battle. The second battle would be by another force. As for the target, there was no rule. They could challenge anyone. When there was no one left, the first round would be over.

During this, the core disciples wouldn't fight. The helpers who remained would enter the second and final round with them. Of course, it was possible their helpers were all defeated and they would be alone. It would be dangerous to fight against the others.

For example, if Wang Yurou was the only one left from the Wang Family, but the other three forces had helpers. Who would be eliminated first in the next round? It went without saying. The three would definitely eliminate Wang Yurou first. Thus, the abilities of the helpers were very important. It affected the result directly.

"The Yunyue Merchant Union won last year. Today, they will fight first." The four before the battle drum acted as the judge.

Instantly, countless eyes went to the ten of the Yunyue Merchant Union. Shang Feiyu led many strong cultivators and had invited two powerful people.

At this time, Shang Feiyu's eyes went directly to the Wang Family. Wang Yurou arched an eyebrow. Then a figure walked out. This person was clad in silver white. He had flowing long hair and was handsome.

"Zuo Xiaoyun." Everyone's eyes flashed. Some recognized him.

He looked at the Wang Family. Icy Spiritual Qi gathered into a silver spear. He pointed it at the Wang Family and he said, "I challenge the Wang Family."

Ye Futian's eyes flashed. Zuo Xiaoyun was looking straight at him. He understood that the Yunyue Merchant Union was targeting him.

"Zuo Xiaoyun, Third-tier Arcana Plane, martial arts and sorcery. He is most skilled in ice sorcery and spear. His spear contains spells and can slow you down. This battle requires speed. You can't be fooled by his spears." Wang Yurou seemed to be talking to herself. Then she looked at Ye Futian's group. "Send someone for battle." She would test their abilities through this.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. "Yu Sheng."

Yu Sheng stood up. His burly body almost blocked everyone's vision. He walked out.

"Remember, end quickly," Wang Yurou reminded.

Yu Sheng didn't reply. He walked out to Zuo Xiaoyun. Instantly, countless eyes fell onto the two.

Yang Ting and Yang Yi watched nervously. This battle was very important.

Of course, no one was more nervous than Wang Linfeng. Standing in the crowd, he stared forward, fists clenched tightly. His heart seemed to stop. This battle could determine his fate. If Yu Sheng lost, it meant he'd been wrong.

Whoosh. Wang Linfeng took a deep breath and exhaled. His eyes shone brilliantly. He gambled his future for this battle!