The Legend Of Futian Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Apologize
Chapter 405: Apologize
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Nobody knew how nervous Wang Linfeng was. Opposite the members of Wang Family, Shang Hai and Shang Qing from Yunyue Business Alliance seemed to be very relaxed as they looked at the arena, smiling. The people whom they had chased out of Yunyue Business Alliance appeared in front of them again in such a way. Were they trying to prove themselves? Shang Hai was looking forward to the outcome.

The people beside him, including Fire Girl Liu Lan and Black Sorcerer Xi Mu, all looked at the arena calmly. At the center of the Yunyue Battle Platform, Zuo Xiaoyun waved his spear, around which ice danced. He was wearing a silver armor and his long hair danced elegantly in the air.

This was his first battle on the Yunyue Battle Platform. In this battle, he would let everyone in Yunyue City remember his name.

Buzz! Zuo Xiaoyun pointed his spear in Yu Sheng's direction. The region around him turned colder and colder and the water-elemental Spiritual Qi in the area turned into Ice Will, resonating with his body. Slowly, a wave of Ice Will covered the center of the battle platform.

However, Yu Sheng only stood there in silence. He neither spoke nor moved. It was as if he was a mere statue.

"What is he doing?" Wang Yurou frowned. Yu Sheng was very burly so clearly, he was a warrior who cultivated martial arts. Against a sorcerer, he actually stood at his spot without moving. Was he trying to kill himself? A warrior should attack first. Ideally, he should get closer to his opponent to have a close-ranged combat which would increase his win rate significantly. Did he not even know this?

She had already reminded Yu Sheng twice that he should end the battle quickly. A martial arts cultivator must not drag a battle against a sorcerer, especially when the sorcerer was skilled in ice-elemental abilities. The longer the battle, the more disadvantageous the situation would be for the warrior.

The battle between the four factions was very important so she had obviously collected information of her opponent. Therefore, she knew Zuo Xiaoyun's way of fighting. He would first use spells to affect his opponent. Once he got the upper hand, he would strike with his spear. With his spells slowing the Spiritual Energy and movement of his opponent, he would win the fight easily.

"Just watch," Ye Futian said emotionlessly. Wang Yurou was somewhat unhappy and glanced at Ye Futian, but she did not say anything else. Facts would prove themselves. She should just watch the battle. She hoped that she would not be too disappointed.

The battle platform became colder and colder, while Ice Will gradually engulfed Yu Sheng's body, causing a layer of frost to appear on his body. Noticing that Yu Sheng was still standing at his spot, Zuo Xiaoyun gave a mocking smile and remarked, "I didn't expect the opponent in my first battle to be an idiot." After that, he suddenly charged forward at an incredible speed. "Freeze!" he shouted coldly.

Right away, the frost covering Yu Sheng's body solidified and clear crackling sounds were actually heard. Yu Sheng's body was slowly frozen and the Ice Will started to seep into his body. This would cause him to lose his ability to fight and even freeze his blood. Even if he could not be frozen totally, he would be significantly slowed and his judgment skills would also be affected.

"Why did Wang Family send such an idiot onto the stage?" A strange expression appeared on the faces of many. Even a few leaders on the Wang Family viewing platform frowned and glanced at where Wang Yurou was sitting. She should not make this kind of mistakes. Why did she use such a person?

At this instant, Wang Linfeng could even feel his face turning pale and his body trembling. Why is this happening? Why is this the outcome?! A warrior would no longer be able to fight after being frozen. Moreover, Zuo Xiaoyun could definitely kill Yu Sheng in a single hit with his spear.

Seeing the scene, Wang Yurou could finally no longer remain calm and said coldly, "Idiot!" She had never seen such a stupid martial arts cultivator who would stand still to allow his opponent to cast a spell on him.

"Shut up." Hearing that Wang Yurou actually scolded Yu Sheng, Ye Futian look at her with a cold expression.

Wang Yurou similarly stared at Ye Futian coldly and did not avoid his stare at all.

All this happened in a short instant. On the Yunyue Battle Platform, Zuo Xiaoyun stomped on the ground and ascended into the air, after which he made a handsome maneuver midair. He was actually displaying his skills on the stage as if he was absolutely confident that he would win. Seeing his action, everyone knew how confident he was.

To Zuo Xiaoyun, this battle was too easy and meaningless. With his rotating body and handsome posture, the spear in his hand pierced forward towards Yu Sheng's throat like a bolt of lightning. He wanted to kill his opponent in one strike.

"Boring," Shang Hai said emotionlessly with a mocking sneer on his face. He thought that Yu Sheng would at least try to resist, but instead, the battle was so uninteresting.

Wang Yurou withdrew her stare and no longer looked at Ye Futian. Instead, she looked at Yu Sheng, regretting her willfulness. If Ye Futian and Yu Wuchen were also like this, she would be sending them on the stage only for her opponents to humiliate.

On the Yunyue Battle Platform, the silvery ice lightning was only an inch away from Yu Sheng's body. Everyone thought that the battle had already ended. However, when the spear almost reached the statue-like body, the frozen Yu Sheng suddenly moved. He just moved in such a ridiculous way. He took a step back and raised his hand, grabbing towards the spear.

"Huh?" At this instant, the pupils of countless people contracted. What was happening? How could someone already frozen by a spell still move?

Their thoughts only managed to flash across their minds. In the next instant, the spear almost touched Yu Sheng's throat, but simultaneously a dazzling golden radiance flashed on Yu Sheng's frozen palm, crushing the Ice Will directly. Then, the spear which was only an inch away from his throat suddenly stopped. It just stopped in the air suddenly, but ironically it seemed all so natural.

The front part of the silvery spear was held firmly by a hand. The terrifying strike was actually stopped without any suspense. Similarly, Zuo Xiaoyun's body was stopped in the air along with his cool action. He was still in the posture of piercing his spear down. His long hair danced in the air and he still looked elegant and extraordinary. However, instead of complacency, his face was only filled with fear.

He saw a monstrous pair of eyes. The body which he had frozen, the person whom he thought was an idiot, just stared at him like that. Yu Sheng's calm eyes caused him to be deeply frightened. Zuo Xiaoyun also did not know why he felt scared; it only came from his instinct.

Crack! A clear sound was heard as the spear condensed from Spiritual Qi was broken into two. Recovering from the surprise, Zuo Xiaoyun let go of his spear and wanted to back off. However, he would clearly not have the chance to do so.

Yu Sheng took a step forward and his palm slid forward along the broken spear, his action looking smooth and natural. Then, he grabbed the arm of Zuo Xiaoyun who was trying to escape. At this instant, Zuo Xiaoyun only felt that his body froze in the air and could not move completely. He tried to put his arm out but realized that it did not move at all. In the next moment, Zuo Xiaoyun's body flew into the air. He was lifted by Yu Sheng until he was upside down, after which he was smashed towards the other direction.

Bang!! A shockingly loud noise erupted, shaking everyone's heart. Because the force was too great, Zuo Xiaoyun even bounced up slightly from the ground. Then, he just lied there, twitching occasionally. He had always fantasized that he could become famous in one battle and display his unparalleled grace so that the people in Yunyue City would remember him. Perhaps, the people in Yunyue City would really remember him. However, he would only form the background.

Yu Sheng started walking back. From the start to the end, he did not say anything. With just a simple action, he ended the battle.

Many people had not even recovered from their surprise until now and they only stared blankly at the burly figure who was walking towards Wang Family.

"How is this possible?" Shang Hai froze at his spot and he looked absolutely startled. Beside him, Shang Qing also stared at the Yunyue Battle Platform, stunned. The difference was too huge.

Black Sorcerer Xi Mu, Fire Girl Liu Lan, Sorcerer Wu, and Demon Swordsman were all puzzled as if they had seen something very strange.

On the other hand, in the Wang Family direction, Wang Linfeng clenched his fists firmly. Even his body trembled in anxiousness as he stared at the figure before him.

From hell to heaven.

He knew that he had won his bet. Furthermore, the outcome was even better than he had imagined.

"Interesting." The members of Wang Family all smiled. The first battle had already given them a surprise. It seemed like Yurou indeed had great vision and they could ask her to do things without worrying. Little did they know that Wang Yurou was also extremely shocked at the moment. She gazed at the returning figure and had yet to recover from the astonishment.

"Apologize," someone said coldly. Wang Yurou was stunned and withdrew her roaming thoughts. She looked at Ye Futian who was beside her, but Ye Futian only stared back coldly. She knew that Ye Futian asked her to apologize because she called Yu Sheng an idiot earlier. She stared firmly at Ye Futian and the people around them also looked at Ye Futian in surprise. He actually asked Wang Yurou to apologize.

"I was only being anxious." Wang Yurou gave a charming smile. Although she had given a reason, she did not really apologize.

"Wuchen," Ye Futian shouted, after which he stood up. Ye Wuchen understood him immediately and similarly stood up.

Wang Yurou was stunned. Looking at Ye Futian who was getting up, she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Let's go," Ye Futian said, after which he actually turned around. Countless people looked at him and Wang Yurou was totally bewildered.

Wang Linfeng also looked at the scene in surprise. What was happening?

At this moment, many thoughts raced across Wang Yurou's minds, which included anger. Ye Futian was actually leaving in front of everyone else. She also felt somewhat worried. After all, she had invited them here, so if they left In addition, Yu Sheng's performance had indeed been eye-catching.

"I'm sorry," Wang Yurou said. Ye Futian stopped, turned around, and glanced at Wang Yurou emotionlessly. Then, he sat down again.

Yu Sheng had also returned from the stage. He had no idea what had happened and only sat beside Ye Futian quietly.

The people around them all looked at Ye Futian in amazement. This guy is really arrogant.

Looking in front of him, Ye Futian said coldly, "I hope that this will never happen again." Wang Yurou stared at him and gritting her teeth, she replied, "Alright." She felt somewhat unhappy. Ye Futian seemed to be excessively arrogant and ignored her presence completely.

I hope that his power is enough to support his arrogance, she thought.