The Legend Of Futian Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Not Allowed To Win?
Chapter 408: Not Allowed to Win?
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The sixth round still started with Yunyue Business Alliance.

At the moment, apart from Shang Feiyu, the four remaining cultivators in Yunyue Business Alliance were all very powerful, especially Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun and Ye Xiao, the strongest assisting cultivator in the Lower Arcana Plane section. Ye Xiao was also the person who posed the biggest threat to the other three clans.

If Ye Xiao could stay until the end with Shang Feiyu, but the assisting cultivators from two out of the three other forces were already eliminated by then, the outcome of the tournament would be decided.

In the first part of the previous tournament between the four factions, Yunyue Business Alliance had emerged first while Thunder Clan second. The reason was that Yunyue Business Alliance had invited a very strong cultivator to assist them. He eliminated all the assisting cultivators from Wang Family and Feng Family but did not touch the people from the Thunder Clan. The reason was simple: if he did also eliminate the assisting cultivators from the Thunder Clan, in the final battle the other three forces would jointly attack Yunyue Business Alliance as they would have more people left. On the other hand, by not eliminating the cultivators from Thunder Clan, Yunyue Business Alliance and Thunder Clan would each eliminate one other family by themselves in the final battle, after which they would fight.

This time, Ye Xiao also posed an extremely large threat to the rest.

Apart from Ye Xiao and Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun, there were two other assisting cultivators, namely Broadsword Master and Gu Yun.

Broadsword Master was a nickname this particular cultivator obtained after being famous because of his broadsword techniques. The other three forces speculated that he was about as strong as Li Kui whom Yu Sheng had defeated, perhaps even more dangerous, because his broadsword was too quick and cold. Gu Yun was the weakest among the four but was still known by quite many. At the moment, nobody remaining on the Yunyue Battle Platform was weak.

Just like what many had guessed, Gu Yun walked out from Yunyue Business Alliance this time. As the champion of the last tournament, Yunyue Business Alliance would obviously not break the balance actively. It would be fine as long as they were not too far behind. Although they had already lost Li Kui, their disadvantage would disappear as the tournament continued and all the forces only had four assisting cultivators left. Gu Yun still challenged Wang Family.

"Who wants to go?" Wang Yurou asked. At the moment, only Xing Feng, Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen were still in the tournament.

"Yu Sheng," Ye Futian said. Wang Yurou nodded gently. They could no longer afford any mistakes now so it would be good for Yu Sheng to go. When it was their turn, one of Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen would have to be sacrificed.

Yu Sheng walked out and Gu Yun's face turned somewhat pale. He knew his powers; since Li Kui was defeated in a single hit, he would certainly not win. Nobody doubted the outcome of this battle. Just like the previous two fights, Yu Sheng ended the battle in just one hit without any suspense.

Then, it was Feng Family's turn. Similarly, they sent their weakest member to be sacrificed. Just like Wang Family, Thunder Clan sent a powerful person who easily defeated their opponent. In such a situation, nobody wanted to become the weakest one. After that, it was Wang Family again.

"This time, who will go?" Wang Yurou asked. Among these three people, one had to be eliminated now.

"Wuchen, you or me?" Ye Futian asked.

"I'll go," Ye Wuchen replied. Standing up, he walked towards the Yunyue Battle Platform.

Wang Yurou did not say anything. Yu Sheng must not be eliminated now. It seemed that between Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen, they had chosen Ye Wuchen to be sacrificed.

"Yunyue Business Alliance." Ye Wuchen was carrying two swords behind his back. One of his arms was missing and the long sleeve swang in the wind. He still chose to challenge Yunyue Business Alliance.

"Who's willing to go?" Shang Feiyu asked. At the moment, he had three cultivators left beside him and none of them was weak, to say the least. Any of them should be able to defeat Ye Wuchen without difficulty.

They had all watched Ye Wuchen's previous battle. His sword techniques were fine, but not strong enough.

"I'll go," Broadsword Master said. Since Ye Wuchen was a swordsman, he would be more than happy to eliminate Ye Wuchen.

"Alright." Shang Feiyu nodded. Then, Broadsword Master approached the center of the battle platform and stood opposite Ye Wuchen.

"Your sword is too slow. You should go down yourself," Broadsword Master said, looking at Ye Wuchen. He had paid close attention to Ye Wuchen's previous battle from the start to the end. Ye Wuchen's skills were not bad but too slow. With such skills, Ye Wuchen would not stand a chance against him.

"I don't have such a habit," Ye Wuchen replied calmly.

"If I take my broadsword out, I can't promise that you can leave alive," Broadsword Master said coldly. Everyone agreed with Broadsword Master's words. He was comparable to Li Kui, but his broadsword was even more dangerous as it could kill his opponent in one strike. If he really fought, nobody could promise that Ye Wuchen would leave alive.

"You talk too much," Ye Wuchen said. A gust of Sword Will circled around his body. Immediately, it was as if he turned into a sharp sword drawn from the sheath. Many traces of Sword Will flew on his body.

"Since you want to die, I'll grant you that," Broadsword Master said emotionlessly. Similarly, a powerful gust of Broadsword Will filled his body. In his hand, Broadsword Will condensed into a broadsword.

Broadsword Master turned his hand slightly and a cold light was reflected from the blade. Coincidentally perhaps, the freezing light actually shot towards Ye Wuchen's eyes.

Ye Wuchen still looked at his opponent calmly as he stood straight at his spot.

Buzz! A frightening gust of wind suddenly swept across, in which Broadsword Will was actually fused. The chilly wind blew onto Ye Wuchen's body, just like the cold light from the blade.

The whizzing wind grew in intensity and turned into Broadsword Will that enveloped the space like a storm of blades. Ye Wuchen and Broadsword Master were both inside the storm.

Broadsword Master walked towards Ye Wuchen step by step. The Broadsword Will around him became stronger with every step that he took. As he wandered inside the storm of blades, the terrifying environment tried to crush Ye Wuchen who was at the center of the storm into pieces.

"He's in danger," Wang Yurou reminded Ye Futian. It was very likely that Broadsword Master would kill his opponent.

"Let's just watch," Ye Futian replied emotionlessly. Hearing Ye Futian's words, Wang Yurou did not say anything else. Since they had chosen this themselves, they would not be able to blame her even if something unfortunate happened. Many people could sense how strong Broadsword Master was at the moment.

"Watch closely," Broadsword Master suddenly said. Then, his body seemed to have dissolved into the storm.

When Ye Wuchen heard his words, the broadsword appeared. The broadsword reached towards Ye Wuchen along with the wind. The lightning-like strike was so fast that many people could not even react.

The blade merged with the wind and struck down. Many people could not bear watching the fight anymore. What would happen to Ye Wuchen after the hit?

The blade finally landed. It severed Ye Wuchen's body, but everyone realized that an overlapping figure appeared there. It was an afterimage.

In the storm, Ye Wuchen seemed to have vanished, and there was only a sword. The sword made a perfect arc in the air, freezing its surrounding. Then, the storm dissipated. Everyone realized that Ye Wuchen was already behind Broadsword Master and facing him sideways. Broadsword Master was still in the posture of striking his sword down, but there was a trace of blood on his neck. Blood poured out from the wound.

"Is it fast?" Ye Wuchen said. Then, he turned around and left without even looking at Broadsword Master.

The broadsword disappeared and Broadsword Master stared firmly at Ye Wuchen. He covered his neck with his hands which were soon colored by blood. He took a few steps backward trembly, after which he collapsed onto the ground. Blood colored the entire ground.

Countless people froze and stared at the person who had fallen onto the battle platform. The person who lost was actually Broadsword Master. This was the first person who died on the stage. The reason was simply that he was slower than Ye Wuchen but he wanted Ye Wuchen dead. Therefore, he died instead.

Shang Feiyu looked coldly at the scene before him as someone from Shang Family went up to remove the corpse. At the moment, most people from Shang Family were also staring at Ye Wuchen. Wang Family seemed to have invited a few cultivators who were unknown but powerful. Was this meant to be a surprise for them?

It was, of course, unnecessary to describe the emotions of Shang Hai and Shang Qing at the moment. Beside them, a strange expression appeared on Demon Swordsman's face, after which he smiled and remarked, "Interesting. It's only that his level is too low."

Looking at Ye Wuchen who walked back and sat down quietly, Wang Yurou was completely astonished. She had not expected that apart from Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen was so strong as well. She suddenly realized that since Ye Wuchen did not display all his powers in his first battle, then how about Ye Futian? Was he also as strong as Yu Sheng?

"Wang Yurou has invited some powerful people this time," someone in Yunyue Business Alliance suddenly said. This was the first time an important person among them spoke. They had all been watching the battle in silence previously. However, at the moment, they realized that Wang Yurou had given even a surprise.

Wang Yurou did not even expect this herself.

After the battle, they still had four people left, but Yunyue Business Alliance only had two. This was supposed to be a good thing as it was an advantage. However, noticing that the three other forces were all looking at them, Wang Yurou did not feel pleased at all. Instead, she felt that they were in a bad situation.

"I challenge Wang Family," someone from Thunder Clan said. Wang Yurou could feel her heart sink.

The important people from Wang Family also frowned. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen had displayed their strong combat powers one after another so obviously the other three forces would be scared of the threat they posed. At the moment, the person who walked out from the Thunder Clan was the weakest among the four they had. Clearly, he was meant to be sacrificed. He walked out not for victory but to display their attitude.

Wang Yurou's eyes sparkled and she seemed to be hesitant.

"We can't win this," Xing Feng said softly. Wang Yurou's eyes glittered as she stared at Xing Feng.

Xing Feng glanced at Wang Yurou, after which he turned to look at Ye Futian beside her and said, "You shall go. You are only allowed to lose this and not win." If they won this again, the advantage of Wang Family would be too big. The other three forces would very likely jointly target them.

Not allowed to win? Ye Futian frowned. Previously Wang Yurou had said that they had to listen to her and Xing Feng. He had no objections and allowed Wang Yurou to decide on the order they had to fight. But...losing deliberately?

"I don't know how to do that," Ye Futian replied coldly.

Xing Feng frowned and said, "Even if you don't, you still must lose."

Ye Wuchen glanced at him coldly and said, "If you want to lose, just go yourself."

In Yunyue Business Alliance's direction, Shang Feiyu urged coldly, "Is Wang Family sending anyone or not?"

"Go, quick," Xing Feng said coldly.

Ye Futian glanced emotionlessly at Xing Feng. What Wang Yurou had said earlier was indeed correct; if the three of them all managed to remain until the end, they would definitely have at least twelve battles, because everyone else would target Wang Family. However, they wanted to him to lose deliberately so that the other three forces would not jointly attack them.

Was that even necessary?