The Legend Of Futian Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Xing Feng Out
Chapter 409: Xing Feng Out
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As Wang Yurou watched Xing Feng and Ye Futian argue, a strange look flashed across her eyes and many thoughts appeared in her mind. With the combat powers that Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen had displayed, they had caused some trouble to the Wang Family, but if they could stay until the end they would very likely allow Wang Family to be the final winner. However, the problem was that the other three forces would not allow Wang Family to win so easily.

She also understood that Xing Feng's views were different from hers. She was considering completely for the benefit of her family and only wanted to win in this tournament. At the very least, they had to get the second place.

On the other hand, while Xing Feng also wanted them to win, he certainly had to think for himself as well. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen came together and the latter two had a fantastic performance earlier, endangering his position. Therefore, he wanted to find a balance and let Ye Futian or his friends be eliminated one by one so that he could stay until the end.

This way, he would receive credit for the victory. Otherwise, he would receive almost nothing if they won but be punished if they lost. In such a circumstance, it was obvious what Xing Feng would do.

Ye Futian sneered and glanced at Xing Feng, after which he said, "Yu Sheng, you go."

"Alright." Yu Sheng nodded. Standing up, he walked towards the battle platform. The people from Thunder Clan saw this and all sneered. At the moment they saw Yu Sheng stand up, they knew that Wang Family did not want to lose this fight. Otherwise, they would not sacrifice Yu Sheng.

Actually, Thunder Clan did not want to win this round at all, because if they did, there would be three assisting cultivators left in Wang Family but four in Thunder Clan. By then, the Thunder Clan would have replaced Wang Family as being in the most advantageous position. They would only be helping Wang Family out. Hence, they chose to sacrifice the weakest person and keep the stronger ones so that they would not be targeted.

After this battle, the people from Yunyue Business Alliance and Feng Family would also probably challenge Wang Family. After these three families fought, what would happen? When it was Thunder Clan's turn again, they would have absolute control over the situation.

The battle between the four factions was not just a test of combat, but also of tactics and strategies. Of course, in the end, combat power was still the most important factor. If a force was too weak, it would be eliminated by the rest first. At the moment, although Yunyue Business Alliance seemed to be on the losing end, the two people left in their team were Ye Xiao and Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun, whom nobody dared to challenge easily. They seemed to be in a disadvantageous position, but because the cultivators they had invited were too strong, it would still be difficult to eliminate them directly. However, if the people whom they had invited were weak, the situation would be totally different.

In Wang Family's direction, Xing Feng realized that Ye Futian had asked Yu Sheng to go and stared coldly at Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian ignored him completely and only looked emotionlessly at the battle platform.

It was still a simple battle. Yu Sheng defeated his opponent in the most direct way and then returned. Immediately, many people from the other three forces all started looking in Wang Family's direction.

After this round, there were four people left in Wang Family, three in Thunder Clan and Feng Family, and two in Yunyue Business Alliance. Moreover, Wang Family had an advantage not only in their number of cultivators but also the power of their cultivators. Xing Feng, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen had already displayed their strong combat abilities, and everyone also started to suspect Ye Futian's power. In such a situation, the other three forces could clearly not tolerate Wang Family to continue being the strongest.

"What is Yurou thinking?" The leader of Wang Family stared at the Yunyue Battle Platform. Wang Family had an advantage too early and had attracted the attention of the other three families. It was very likely that they would be targeted by everyone else.

The balance was destroyed and the atmosphere on the Yunyue Battle Platform turned quiet at once.

Among the two assisting cultivators left in Yunyue Business Alliance, one suddenly walked out. Immediately, everyone's look froze.

The person who walked out was Ye Xiao. He was the strongest assisting cultivator in Yunyue Business Alliance and very likely also the strongest in the four families. He was going to participate in this battle and from this, it was obvious how determined Yunyue Business Alliance was to win. If they sent Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun instead, Wang Family might send Xing Feng and Nie Yun could lose. In that case, Yunyue Business Alliance would be in a completely passive situation. Therefore, Ye Xiao went onto the stage.

In the Wang Family's direction, Wang Yurou's face turned slightly pale. Xing Feng glanced coldly at Ye Futian and said, "Idiot. Now who do you send?"

Ye Futian looked back coldly and said, "You."

Xing Feng was stunned. Ye Futian sneered and added, "Until now, you have yet to participate in a battle. It's your turn."

"You are crossing the line," Xing Feng replied coldly. He asked Ye Futian to go and lose the battle precisely because he was worried that Ye Futian and his friends would threaten his position. Indeed, Ye Futian wanted to eliminate him now.

Ye Xiao was probably the strongest assisting cultivator and at least in the top three. He was also the last person Xing Feng wanted to fight with. However, Ye Futian asked him to go and fight.

"Wang Family, what is happening?" a person from Yunyue Business Alliance said emotionlessly.

"Since you don't dare to fight, we will just consider you as giving up. You shall be eliminated directly," Xing Feng said coldly, staring at Ye Futian.

Wang Yurou similarly looked at Ye Futian. Clearly, she also hoped that Ye Futian could fight this round. Xing Feng was very strong and must not be eliminated early. If Xing Feng lost to Ye Xiao, they would not be able to predict the consequences.

Realizing that Wang Yurou was looking at him, Ye Futian said emotionlessly, "Him or us?" After that, he just looked in front of him. At first, he did not want any trouble and only wanted to go up and defeat Ye Xiao directly. However, since Xing Feng was creating trouble, Ye Futian would not mind to let him be eliminated. Since Xing Feng was trying to play small tricks, he might as well scram.

Hearing Ye Futian's words, Wang Yurou's face darkened right away. From her perspective, she would obviously choose to sacrifice Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian said that she had to choose between him and his friends, and Xing Feng.

Who should she choose? If she gave up Ye Futian and his friends, only Xing Feng would be left as her assisting cultivator. What would happen then?

Hearing Ye Futian's words, Xing Feng's face turned extremely black. The thing that he was worried about finally happened.

Ye Futian did not go up to the battle stage to lose probably because he wanted to eliminate Xing Feng.

"You go. I'll give you the Spirit-Refining Grass," Wang Yurou said. If she had to choose between Ye Futian and his friends, and Xing Feng, she would obviously choose Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen. However, if she only had to choose between Xing Feng and Ye Futian, she would choose Xing Feng. She knew well that Xing Feng was extremely strong, but she was unsure of Ye Futian's real combat ability.

Hence, she promised Ye Futian that she would still give him the Spirit-Refining Grass if he agreed to fight Ye Xiao.

"After he is eliminated, I will guarantee you victory." Ye Futian stared at Wang Yurou, who also looked back. The two stared at each other for a while. From Ye Futian's eyes, Wang Yurou could only see firm confidence and arrogance.

Near the battle drum, the person from Yunyue Business Alliance said coldly, "If Wang Family does not send someone, you will be considered as admitting defeat. One person shall be eliminated." As the supervisor of the tournament, he had the rights to maintain the rules of the tournament.

"Xing Feng, go!" Wang Yurou shouted. She was still staring at Ye Futian coldly.

Xing Feng was stunned, after which his face darkened. Wang Yurou had already made her decision. If he did not fight, he would be eliminated anyway.

Standing up, Xing Feng glanced coldly at Ye Futian but did not say anything. Then, he walked towards the Yunyue Business Platform.

Seeing the scene, many people seemed to be surprised. They did not understand why Wang Yurou would send Xing Feng this round. Was she trying to risk everything in a single venture?

If Xing Feng won, Yunyue Business Alliance would be destroyed totally. If Xing Feng could win Ye Xiao, he could also defeat Nie Yun in the next turn.

But what if Xing Feng lost?

Wang Yurou's risky tactic caused many to be confused. However, although they were puzzled, they were looking forward to the fight. Would the battle between Ye Xiao and Xing Feng be the decisive fight between Yunyue Business Alliance and Wang Family?

The other two families were also happy to see this situation.

The two people on the stage released their all-powerful auras. Ye Xiao's body was covered in a dazzling golden light. He raised his arm and a golden, sharp palm extended out from his hand. Fused with spells, the palm print grabbed towards Xing Feng across space. The entire region seemed to be covered by the palm print which blotted out the sky as it struck towards Xing Feng.

Xing Feng did not dare to hesitate and released his Life Spirit and Dharma directly, which was actually a monstrously violent dragon. Raising his hand, he punched out and his fist collided with the golden palm print, crushing it to pieces.

Suddenly, Ye Xiao started walking forward. Behind him, a brilliant radiance also appeared, which turned out to be a row of golden palm prints. They circled around Ye Xiao and released eye-catching golden light.

Ye Xiao formed a seal with his hands, after which he released the attack. Immediately, many palm prints pressed down from the sky and destroyed everything in their path.

"Such a violent attack." Everyone was astonished by the attack. Ye Xiao was very adept in aggressive skills and could release many palm prints to annihilate his enemies.

The two attacked each other aggressively, but very quickly everyone realized that Xing Feng was suppressed by Ye Xiao and was in a disadvantage.

Xing Feng is going to lose, many people thought.

The people from Yunyue Business Alliance all sneered and Shang Feiyu also looked in Wang Yurou's direction. At the moment, Wang Yurou also looked frustrated and she said, "Now are you happy?"

"I said that you'll win," Ye Futian replied.

"You sound so confident. What if you don't win?" Wang Yurou stared coldly at Ye Futian.

"If we don't win, you can do whatever you want to me. What if we win?" Ye Futian stared at Wang Yurou.

"If you can get us first, I'll also let you do whatever you want to me!" Wang Yurou said emotionlessly, staring at Ye Futian's eyes.

"Sure. I'll remember that." Ye Futian smiled. Just as what everyone had expected, Xing Feng was defeated by Ye Xiao.

When the battle ended, Xing Feng's face was as dark as it could possibly get. He came to the tournament with much confidence and wanted to help Wang Family to stand out from the rest. He was not satisfied with just joining Wang Family; he wanted Wang Yurou. However, he only had one battle in the tournament, in which he lost.

With a weak aura around him and blood flowing out from his mouth, Xing Feng walked back step by step. When he returned beside Wang Yurou, Wang Yurou said, "Thanks."

Xing Feng gave a self-mocking smile. Clearly, he knew that Wang Yurou said it only out of sympathy.

"After the tournament ends, I'll wait for you," Xing Feng said coldly to Ye Futian.

"Scram," Ye Futian replied and did not bother to argue with Xing Feng. If Xing Feng did not provoke Ye Futian first, he would not have been eliminated.

Xing Feng's face turned cold and he walked down from the battle platform, but he did not leave the place. He would like to see how Ye Futian was going to die later!