The Legend Of Futian Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Who Wants The Third Place?
Chapter 411: Who Wants the Third Place?
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Yu Sheng stood proudly on the Yunyue Battle Platform. At the moment, everyone was staring at him with a very different look. He just defeated Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun in a quick and overpowering manner. How strong was he?

Not long ago, many people thought that Ye Xiao was very likely the strongest person present. However, from the look of it, it seemed that the strongest assisting cultivator was probably the god-like figure on the stage.

Below the battle platform, Xing Feng was still witnessing the battle. At the moment, his face turned slightly pale as he finally understood why Ye Futian and his friends did not agree to lose deliberately.

Since they had Yu Sheng, why should they lose? Who said that Ye Xiao was unbeatable? If Yu Sheng were to participate in the last battle, the outcome may be different, and Xing Feng would not have been eliminated as well.

On the Wang Family viewing platform not far away, the cultivators were all astonished. Even the leader's eyes sparkled as he thought about how they must get Yu Sheng to join Wang Family regardless of the outcome of the tournament. He could tell that Yu Sheng was born with outstanding strength and would definitely be a powerful cultivator in the future. Even when Yu Sheng did not use any spells or techniques, he was already an invincible being. If he did rely on other methods, how powerful would he be?

The leader of Wang Family looked at Wang Linfeng who was below him and said, "Wang Linfeng, very well done by you." Wang Linfeng bowed in return and replied, "Thank you, leader."

At the moment, Wang Linfeng was also astounded. Yu Sheng was way too strong. Such a person was actually chased out of White Jade Tower by Shang Hai and Shang Qing in a humiliating way. Wang Linfeng did not even know how to describe this incident. If the people from Yunyue Business Alliance found out about it, what would be their reaction?

Wang Linfeng could see in his mind that their expressions would certainly be very interesting.

The people from Yunyue Business Alliance obviously did not know about this. The incident in White Jade Tower that time seemed only to be a trivial one and the important people in Yunyue Business Alliance would clearly not hear about it.

At the moment, all the cultivators in Yunyue Business Alliance felt extremely terrible. Nie Yun lost so they only had one assisting cultivator left which put them in the most disadvantageous position among the four clans. Although they also seemed to have fallen behind just now, the two cultivators they had were Ye Xiao and Nie Yun. Therefore, nobody really thought that Yunyue Business Alliance was in a bad position. Moreover, because of the domineering attitude of Shang Feiyu, Feng Family and Thunder Clan each sacrificed one of their cultivators willingly. Shang Feiyu even said arrogantly that he would eliminate everyone from Wang Family. However, after Yu Sheng's battle, the overpowering attitude of Yunyue Business Alliance was destroyed in the most direct manner. Now, they were really in the most disadvantageous and precarious position.

The first clan in the previous tournament had their back to the wall at the moment.

Yu Sheng glanced at Ye Xiao who was beside Shang Feiyu and said in a domineering tone, "Come out." Many people seemed to be startled. Instead of waiting for Ye Xiao to say anything, Yu Sheng challenged him instead and just stood there.

According to the rules, it was still Yunyue Business Alliance's turn to challenge someone, but Wang Family could choose the person to respond to the challenge. It was certainly alright for Yu Sheng to fight again.

Ye Xiao's expression turned cold. Even he was not confident that he could win someone who just instantly defeated Nie Yun. Ye Xiao stared at Shang Feiyu, whose look turned extremely gloomy.

Should they continue?

If he chose to continue and Ye Xiao won, everything would be fine. However, if Ye Xiao lost, Yunyue Business Alliance would not have any assisting cultivators left. In the final battle later, he had to face three people from Feng Family and three from Thunder Clan by himself. In any case, he would definitely lose in the end. Even in the best scenario, he could only obtain the third place: the three forces would jointly eliminate Wang Family first, and then he would be eliminated by Feng Family and Thunder Clan.

In the last tournament, Yunyue Business Alliance obtained first. How could he accept the third place this time?

Noticing that Shang Feiyu was hesitating, everyone knew that the previous battle had totally shocked Shang Feiyu. His words just now were only like a joke.

Eliminate everyone from Wang Family? At the moment, he did not even dare to send Ye Xiao onto the stage.

Suddenly, someone from Wang Family said, "Yunyue Business Alliance, what are you waiting for?" It was like the response to Yunyue Business Alliance's prompt just now.

Shang Feiyu clenched his fists firmly. Finally, he made up his mind and said, "We will give up." He needed Ye Xiao to help him in the final battle later.

Yu Sheng glanced coldly at Shang Feiyu and Ye Xiao and said, "If you don't dare, just shut up." After that, he turned around and left. Shang Feiyu burst into a rage as it was extremely humiliating.

The cultivators from the four factions all returned to their positions. At the moment, Wang Family's advantage was already very obvious. They had three assisting cultivators, and all of them were probably very strong.

Thunder Clan and Feng Family each had two assisting cultivators, while Yunyue Business Alliance only had Ye Xiao. However, the following battle would no longer be only between the assisting cultivators. The disciples from the four clans would also join.

Dong! The battle drum was hit again, turning the atmosphere in the battlefield even more solemn. Everyone knew that the final battle was about to start.

"The ranking of the tournament depends on the order in which each clan is eliminated. The clan all of whose members are eliminated first will be ranked the last, and so on," someone in front of the battle drum announced.

"You can begin." After he finished speaking, on the Yunyue Battle Platform, Shang Feiyu and Ye Xiao stood up with a cold expression on their faces.

The people from the Thunder Clan and Feng Family also stood up one after another.

Wang Yurou glanced at Ye Futian who was beside her and saw Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen still sitting there calmly.

"They will probably target us together," Wang Yurou said softly. At the moment, instead of feeling relaxed, she became even more anxious. Although they seemed to be in the most advantageous position, it was often also the most dangerous position. The other three clans would not want to see such an absolute advantage.

Indeed, right after Wang Yurou finished speaking, the people from the other three clans all looked at them simultaneously. The people from Wang Family noticed the scene and their faces darkened. The combat ability Yu Sheng had displayed was way too powerful, so the other forces were clearly scared of Wang Family.

Wang Family could still end up in last place. When the other three forces teamed up, they would not just have an advantage in term of assisting cultivators. In addition, the three disciples of the clans could fight against Wang Yurou who would be alone.

It would be equivalent to eight versus four.

Even though Yu Sheng was extremely powerful, it seemed unlikely that Wang Family could win.

Shang Feiyu, Feng You, and Lei Xingtian were all very strong after all. They were the best geniuses in the Lower Arcana Plane in their respective clans and were certainly no weaker than the assisting cultivators.

"Even if we lose this, it's only because of bad luck. Nobody in Wang Family shall discuss this battle or blame Yurou and the three assisting cultivators. Furthermore, agree to all their requests and reward them just like we would if we get first," the leader of Wang Family instructed.

"Yes, leader." The people around him all nodded. He said this because he was worried that some people would be unhappy with Wang Yurou or the three assisting cultivators after the battle. He would clearly not allow such a situation to happen.

Even if they lost, it would not be their fault. Even if the three assisting cultivators would not join Wang Family, the leader would still try to maintain a friendly relationship with them. Sometimes, it was not humiliating even to lose.

As they spoke, the people from Wang Family started to look at the Yunyue Battle Platform, mentally prepared to lose the battle. Clearly, they were not optimistic about the outcome of the tournament.

The cultivators from the other three forces all walked towards Wang Family as if they had an unspoken agreement. It was clear why Yunyue Business Alliance would choose to do so. As for Feng Family and Thunder Clan, as long as they could eliminate Wang Family and then Yunyue Business Alliance, they could compete with each other for the first place.

Wang Yurou stared coldly at the cultivators from the other three forces. Then, she looked at Ye Futian and said, "If I knew earlier that Yu Sheng is so strong, I would not have given up the challenge. Then we would not have ended up in such a situation."

Ye Futian did not say anything. Wang Yurou added, "Remember what you promised. If we don't win, you will do whatever I say."

Ye Futian smiled and glanced at Wang Yurou. At this time, Wang Yurou was actually thinking about this, but it seemed that she was not stupid after all. After seeing Yu Sheng's power, if she could let the three work for her, she would definitely earn more than she would if they got the first place.

"Just remember it yourself." Ye Futian smiled, after which he stood up and walked towards the stage. Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen followed behind him. Wang Yurou wanted to follow them as well, but Ye Futian said, "Just wait here and watch."

"..." Wang Yurou blinked her eyes. Wait here and watch? What is he thinking? Does he think that the geniuses from the three forces are all trash?

Although Yu Sheng had defeated Demonic Blood Palm Nie Yun, the assisting cultivators from the other forces were no weaker than Nie Yun. Moreover, Shang Feiyu, Feng You, and Lei Xingtian were all very strong.

The people from the other three forces surrounded Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen at the center of the stage. Ye Futian was facing the two people from Yunyue Business Alliance. On his left, Yu Sheng was facing the cultivators from Thunder Clan, while Ye Wuchen on his right against the cultivators from Feng Family.

"You should just give up," Feng You said. He did not want to fight.

"I agree," the people from Thunder Clan nodded. Once Ye Futian and his friends gave up, Feng Family and Thunder Clan would get at least the second place.

"Yunyue Business Alliance will get the fourth place. Who wants the third place?" Ye Futian suddenly said. When he finished speaking, everyone was momentarily stunned. A strange expression also appeared on the faces of the people below the battle platform.

Ye Futian said that Yunyue Business Alliance would get the last place and asked which of Thunder Clan and Feng Family wanted the third place. This was simply too...

"Are you saying that the ranking of the tournament is determined by you?" Feng You asked, smiling. He had never seen such an arrogant person. Even though Yu Sheng was very strong, and even if Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen were both as strong, Ye Futian was really not giving the rest any face at all.

That was way too arrogant.

Ye Futian looked at Feng You. Smiling, he replied, "That's right."

Boom! An extremely violent aura erupted before him. Ye Xiao walked forward with his body covered in a golden radiance. He was showered in divine light and seemed all-powerful.

Accompanied by a loud bang, Ye Xiao charged directly towards Ye Futian. A terrifying golden palm print appeared and penetrated across space, grabbing towards Ye Futian. A sharp look flashed across Ye Futian's eyes as he stared at the incoming Ye Xiao. Following by a splashing sound, countless vines suddenly appeared in the sky. They swept out towards Ye Xiao's body at an incredible speed.

"The spell is different from just now." Everyone's expression changed. Although the spell looked like Lock of a Thousand Vines, it felt totally different. Its power was way stronger.

The frightening golden vines wound around the incoming palm print like a divine tree. Then, they continued towards Ye Xiao's body. There were too many vines and their speed was too fast. Ye Xiao's expression changed at once and many enormous golden palm print appeared around him, striking outwards. However, at the moment it was as if Ye Xiao was engulfed by a divine tree. The countless vines penetrated his attacks directly, after which they swept towards his body.

At the next instant, Ye Xiao felt that he could no longer control his body. He was lifted into the air and could not move at all. Countless people stared blankly at the scene before them and were bewildered once again.

Was that really Ye Xiao?