The Legend Of Futian Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Outshined In All Fields
Chapter 412: Outshined in all Fields
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Ye Xiao, a renowned teen within Yunyue City, reputed to be among the strongest three individuals in the arena, supposedly even rumored to be the strongest. However, his body was now struggling uncontrollably, yet unable to move even an inch. Even someone as strong as him could not stand a single blow. The onlookers felt as though they were in an illusion; Ye Xiao could not even withstand one strike? Was this really happening?

While all this was happening right before their very eyes, Ye Futian was casually standing there. He had a look of ridicule on his exaggeratingly handsome face, as though this was natural to him. His calm demeanor made it clear to everyone that he did not even consider Ye Xiao as an opponent.

Many thought back to how Wang Yurou had prematurely sent Xing Feng to battle, to how Yu Sheng had dominated the rest, and to how Ye Futian had asked them who wanted to be third. It suddenly dawned upon them that Ye Futian did not just undermine Ye Xiao, he did not feel any challenge from the four clans since the moment he stepped onto the Yunyue Battle Platform, and as it turned out, there was another amazing person apart from Yu Sheng.

Wang Yurou stood rooted to the ground. The three of them were challenging everyone else. She could not believe her eyes as she watched Ye Xiao lose the ability to resist with just a single spell. It came as a great shock to her. She thought of the conversations she had with Ye Futian previously. Was this the source of his pride? It was indeed very well hidden. Up until this point, he had not revealed his true strength.

Ye Futian gazed upon Ye Xiao indifferently, and with a loud swish, vines coiled around Ye Xiao's body, smashing him into the ground with a bam Following the waves of an earsplitting ruckus that resounded, countless vines attempted to penetrate the Yunyue Battle Platform, impaling every inch of Ye Xiao's body.

Ye Xiao closed his eyes, his face pale and his body quivering. On the Yunyue Battle Platform, nobody could fault Ye Futian even if he were to kill him. The loud impact attracted the attention of the crowd, and they realized it had been yet another instant kill.

The two strongest aides of the Yunyue Business Alliance, Ye Xiao and the Demonic Blood Palm, Nie Yun, had both suffered humiliation through their crushing defeat. When Shang Feiyu saw this, his aura become exceedingly frenzied, his expression menacing.

He had previously proclaimed that he wanted to rid the Wang clan of all its participants. Thinking about it, he found it ironic. Nie Yun and Ye Xiao could not even defeat a single member of the Wang clan.

The Feng family and Lei clan looked with the same disbelief at what was happening. In reality, the battle had concluded within mere moments, but the impact it gave them was too strong.

Ye Futian's gaze swept across the Feng and Lei clans, and he questioned them. "Will you two clans decide among yourselves who will be second or third, or shall we do it?"

Feng Xingtian and Feng You both had grim expressions. They looked at each other, then looked towards Shang Feiyu and said, "Shang Feiyu, you confront him and stall for time. Feng You, the two of us settle the fight quickly."

"Alright," Shang Feiyu replied coldly.

"No problem." Feng You nodded as well. The person he was facing was Ye Wuchen, whom he felt would be easier to handle.

Although Yu Sheng was very strong, the three Thunder clan experts, one of them being the prodigy Lei Xingtian, would be able to suppress him even if they were unable to defeat him in a short time. As long as Shang Feiyu was able to stall Ye Futian for a short while, they still had a chance. Compared to being merely second and third, they felt the gamble was worth it.

Letting them decide insinuated that the Thunder clan and Feng family would battle it out while Ye Futian and his partners watched on. What did this mean? Ye Futian would win without lifting a finger.

"Do it." Lei Xingtian shouted, and he took a step towards Yu Sheng as his voice left his mouth. At the same time, Feng You and his two experts headed towards Ye Wuchen, while Shang Feiyu gradually moved towards Ye Futian.

"Why go to this extent." Ye Futian sighed lightly. He saw Shang Feiyu covered in a terrifying aura while walking towards him, his life spirit Dharma in full bloom. Yet to Ye Futian, all this was futile.

The Fatal Entanglement still in effect, his body upright like a tree, towering upon the masses. Countless vines morphed into golden lightning, rushing towards Shang Feiyu who was emitting his life spirit.

Shang Feiyu was still moving at the speed of lightning, however, the speed of the vines exceeded his. With Ye Futian at their center, they shrouded every nook and cranny of the arena, swooping towards the trapped Shang Feiyu.

Shang Feiyu let out a ferocious roar, his expression filled with fury. He attacked in a frenzy, attempting to cut the vines that were coming in waves. But what happened next left him in despair, as the strength he was so proud of was only able to slice through a mere few vines, while the remaining oncoming vines bound around him and pierced his limbs and body. In an instant, he was tightly bound and his expression turned deathly.

How could this be?

Shang Feiyu faced the same shameful fate as Ye Xiao, entangled by vines and thrown across the air to Ye Futian's feet, his pitiful plight witnessed by all of Yunyue City.

"Is this all you have?" Ye Futian cocked his head, looking at Shang Feiyu, his voice brimming with sarcasm. Since the moment he stepped onto the Yunyue Battle Platform, Ye Futian had already known that Shang Feiyu had a bone to pick with him, and he naturally knew why.

The Yunyue Business Alliance had once chased him out of the White Jade Tower in such a humiliating manner, and so when they saw him on the Yunyue Battle Platform, the siblings from the Alliance had wanted to shame him again. However, this time would be different

Ye Futian coldly glanced in the direction of the Yunyue Business Alliance, and with each step he took, the vines encircled Ye Xiao's body, lifting him up.

"This can't" The crowd felt as though they were becoming numb to this sight. Shang Feiyu had also been decimated.

While Ye Futian was crushing Shang Feiyu, Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen's battles were also concurrently taking place.

The experts from the Thunder Clan headed straight for Yu Sheng, with two at the front and Lei Xingtian at the back, casting Thunderbolt spells through the air, furiously striking down and attempting to trample Yu Sheng. The other two's attacks were also equally overwhelming. They even released their Life Spirit and Dharma the moment the fight began, using their strongest attacks against Yu Sheng.

A dark golden light started to flow around Yu Sheng's body, threads of aura circulating him like a set of dark golden armor. Instead of dodging the attacks by the two experts, Yu Sheng moved to grab both of them by the wrists.

"Bang!" Yu Sheng swiftly flew into the air, carrying one person in each hand, as though they were ants. At this moment, everyone completely ignored the two experts; they were already insignificant. What right did they have to call themselves gifted in front of Yu Sheng? They weren't even fit to be an accompaniment to his strength.

As Yu Sheng landed while carrying the two of them, he flew straight towards Lei Xingtian, descending upon him like a god, attempting to trample Lei Xingtian beneath his feet.

"Crackle crackle" Bolts of violet lightning struck down from the heavens towards Yu Sheng, but it did not even make him falter for a split second as the lightning could not even faze the dark golden light surrounding Yu Sheng, instead inflicting further damage to the two experts whom Yu Sheng was carrying, causing their hair to stand on end.

"Bammmmm!" Yu Sheng's descent caused a great impact, and directly pulverizing Lei Xingtian's body.

Lei Xingtian let out an enormous roar and struck back as though he was the incarnate of a lightning god. However, Yu Sheng took no notice and proceeded to push down even further. Infuriated, Lei Xingtian manifested a ball of destructive lightning in his palm and blasted it towards Yu Sheng's foot.

With a bang, Lei Xingtian could be seen half kneeling, breathless as blood streamed from his mouth. The other two experts were also driven into the ground ruthlessly by Yu Sheng. Yu Sheng's figure appeared godlike, as though he had absolute dominance.

"He's too strong", thought Lei Xingtian as he raised his head and looked at Yu Sheng. It was only when Yu Sheng stood right before him that he understood that Yu Sheng had already gone easy on him. Otherwise, he would have been utterly overpowered.

"I admit de" Lei Xingtian shouted despairingly, struggling internally. However, Yu Sheng grabbed his neck, making a crack sound, as he arrogantly said, "Wait your turn."

The last place in this battle had to be the Yunyue Business Alliance. Even if Lei Xingtian wanted to prematurely retire from the battle, they would not agree to it. The placing for this battle was up to Ye Futian to decide.

On Ye Wuchen's end, Feng You was shrouded in his wind spell and indeed swift. Not only that, but the other two experts were also empowered with his spell ability. Feng You was a prodigy who excelled in wind spells. All three of them had their speed boosted by his wind spells. Their speed was as though a twister was forming around Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen closed his eyes, his lone arm holding his blade.

"Strike now!" Feng You opened his mouth, and as his voice landed, Ye Wuchen moved. Swift as his blade, all they could see was a glimpse of his blade, as though it had appeared from the heavens to destroy everything in the world. In that instant, Feng You and his partners had an illusion that Ye Wuchen's blade was already at their necks.

His blade eventually landed in front of Feng You's throat. As for the other two, there was a trace of blood on their necks. Had his sword gone an inch deeper, they would already be dead. His quickdraw was like lightning. One strike was enough to end it all.

"Tap, tap, tap" Ye Futian's crisp footsteps echoed with a peculiar melody against the silence in the area. When Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen's battle ended, he had not even finished walking that extremely short distance; such was the speed in which they destroyed their opponents.

Finally, Ye Futian's footsteps came to a halt. He walked to the Yunyue Business Alliance, with the two bodies in tow.

"Which of you wants to be third?" Everyone was reminded again of what he said before.