The Legend Of Futian Chapter 413

Chapter 413: The Siblings Terror
Chapter 413: The Siblings Terror
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The surroundings fell silent as countless gazes fell onto Ye Futian.

First? To him, helping the Wang family get first was mere peanuts to him. The three of them all dominated their opponents with their high-handed methods. Be it the external support or the prodigies of the four clans, they were all wiped out with no mercy. Nobody could comprehend their strength. What terrifying potential did they have? Was there no one in Yunyue City who could defeat the three of them?

How was the Wang clan able to invite them? This was the thought in the minds of the leaders of the four clans. Could they be disciples from the inner city's major factions? Ye Futian's looks and demeanor, Yu Sheng's dominance, Ye Wuchen's coldness, all their prodigious talent pointed towards that possibility. However, what was Ye Futian trying to achieve by walking towards the Yunyue Business Alliance?

Shang Feiyu and Ye Xiao were still entangled in mid-air, feeling only embarrassment. alongside them were Lei Xingtian who was in Yu Sheng's grasp, and Feng You who had a blade held against his throat.

Every moment of the three fights kept the audience around the Yunyue Battle Platform captivated in perfect silence. The Wang clan did not dare to hope for victory, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that victory would come as swiftly and one-sidedly as this.

Wang Yurou's mouth fell open while she watched Ye Futian in complete astonishment. What was he trying to do? Not only her, but Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen were also looking in his direction. In fact, everyone's eyes were on Ye Futian.

The vines moved once again, with multiple swishes, the golden vines moved like lightning and dropped the two people onto a corner of the Battle Platform, where the Yunyue Business Alliance and the Shang siblings were.

The two of them landed heavily in front of Shang Hai with a bam. The siblings had somber expressions, different from the sneering faces they had just now.

When Ye Futian first appeared on the Battle Platform, they had scornful looks. They thought that that was just Ye Futian's means of redeeming his dignity. It would not matter though, as he could do nothing to change the situation even if he had exceptional strength. Therefore, they had the idea of letting Shang Feiyu intentionally picking on Ye Futian and his partners. However, they now bore witness to Ye Futian's ability. The person they had chased out of the White Jade Tower, was now standing on the Yunyue Battle Platform with absolute authority. He had control over everything and caused the champions of the previous battle, the Yunyue Business Alliance, to fall to last place.

This year, they could get 40 percent of the spirit stone mine's profits, but next year, they could only get 10 percent. Because of this wealth, the Yunyue Business Alliance could always afford to invite the strongest aides and had never gotten last place for over ten years.

This would be the first time in close to 20 years.

"Are you satisfied now?" Ye Futian looked in Shang Hai's direction and taunted. He had not even gotten back at them for the incident at the White Jade Tower, and now Shang Hai and Shang Qing had gotten Shang Feiyu to pick on him, challenging the Wang clan incessantly since the start. Could they still afford to laugh now?

"What's happening?" The Yunyue Business Alliance Leader thought to himself. Why would Ye Futian say these things to Shang Hai? Also, he immediately noticed that since the start of the battle, Shang Feiyu and the Wang clan seemed to have constantly butted heads. Could it be that the younger generation of the two clans had some prior conflict?

Shang Hai and Shang Qing's faces turned pale as their hearts missed a beat. This *sshole was definitely saying these things on purpose. He was trying to get them in trouble. Indeed, Ye Futian had intentionally done it, as he sneered at them. He then calmly turned around and walked away.

"Wait a minute," the Business Alliance Leader exclaimed.

"Do you have any questions for me, senior?" Ye Futian replied as he turned back.

"No matter how tempting the terms that the Wang clan has offered you, my Yunyue Business Alliance is willing to give you ten times of that." No matter the reason Ye Futian did it, fighting on the Yunyue Battle Platform had to be for his own benefit. Since the Wang clan was able to afford it, he was willing to use ten times the price to attract the teen.

"I only need a map and one stalk of Spirit-Refining Grass. That's enough for me, but thank you for offering, senior." Ye Futian smiled. The other three clans felt their hearts drop.

A map and one stalk of Spirit-Refining Grass? Such simple terms were enough to exchange for victory in this battle? This was simply unheard of.

Even the Wang clan leader felt cold sweat down his spine. Even though the Spirit-Refining Grass was valuable, but it was nothing compared to their strength and what they had done for the Wang clan.

Wang Yurou suddenly felt uncomfortable. The reward was simply too shabby.

"All right, I understand." The Business Alliance Leader nodded. "But why didn't you approach the Yunyue Business Alliance for such simple terms? I can guarantee that my Alliance is the most generous among the four clans. With your strength, there would be no problems getting ten times of that." His glance then moved towards Wang Yurou, and he said again, "Is it because of that girl from the Wang clan?"

"Why didn't I approach the Yunyue Business Alliance?" Ye Futian said with a playful smile on his face. "I hope you don't take offence to today's battle." Ye Futian felt that the Alliance Leader's attitude towards him was friendly, and there was no need to make an enemy out of him. He was willing to let bygones be bygones.

Upon finishing his sentence, he turned and left. The Alliance Leader did not say anything, but took another glance at Wang Yurou. However, he did not know that Wang Yurou was also heaving a sigh of relief. She knew that she had missed an opportunity to get on Ye Futian's good side on multiple occasions.

The first time was when Ye Futian refused to accept the assessment. If Wang Linfeng had not insisted on taking a gamble, she would probably have missed out on Ye Futian and his partners.

The second time was when she had to make a choice between Ye Futian and Xing Feng. She definitely had the thought of forsaking Ye Futian back then. Thankfully, everything turned out for the best in the end.

The Wang clan had emerged as the champions.

"I know the reason why." Abruptly, a distinct voice sounded out from the crowd. As the entire Yunyue Battle Platform was silent, this voice could be clearly heard by everyone around. Instantly, everyone's gazes moved towards the origin of the voice. It was at a corner of the Wang clan. There, a pure-looking girl in a ponytail stood with a look of indignation on her face. Naturally, that girl was Yang Yi. On the Platform, Ye Futian was stunned. What was this girl doing now?

"Oh?" The Alliance Leader looked at Yang Yi and asked, "Then tell me, young lady."

"It's because big brother Ye was chased away by people from your Yunyue Business Alliance." Yang Yi had been unhappy with the way he had been treated, and upon seeing how strong he was, she was even more unhappy.

Since the Yunyue Business Alliance wanted to know why, she did not mind revealing the humiliation that her brother and big brother Ye received that day.

Upon hearing her words, the Alliance Leader's face turned dour. Ye Futian and his partners had been chased out of the Yunyue Business Alliance?

As the wealthiest clan among the four in Yunyue City, the Yunyue Business Alliance operated multiple trading places in the city. This was how they were able to continuously bring in talent: because they were willing to offer favorable terms to attract talents from different disciplines. Yet here Yang Yi was telling him that Ye Futian and his friends had been chased out of his Alliance?

Ye Qing's face darkened as she tried to denounce her. "This is the Four Clans Battle, not a place for you and your nonsense." As she said that, many looks landed on her from within the Alliance. Even the Alliance Leader glanced at her, seemingly picking up on something. Shang Qing was implicitly confessing that she had done something, even she herself understood that. However, she was now in a panic.

She was afraid because she knew the Alliance Leader's temperament.

If the matter were to come to light now, in front of the four clans, she would have no standing in the clan in the future. Hence, she had to stop Yang Yi despite knowing that it was a foolish move.

"Shut up." The Alliance Leader coldly said, following which he looked at Yang Yi and questioned, "What exactly happened?"

"That day, my brother was staying at the White Jade Tower with big brother Ye and his friends. My brother was willing to fight for the Yunyue Business Alliance, and was persuading bro brother Ye to do so too. Eventually, big brother Ye agreed to help the Alliance. That day, we decided to inform the people in the White Jade Tower, but there were a few people arriving, and the Tower didn't have any rooms left. So, the people from the Alliance scattered spirit stones over the floor, and made us pick them up and scram."

Yang Yi looked viciously at Shang Hai and Shang Qing. Evidently, she still felt enraged while recalling what happened that day. As her recount ended, the surroundings fell even more silent. This was indeed, a huge turn of events..

Everyone had witnessed Ye Futian and his friends' strength. Geniuses of this caliber had looked to join the Yunyue Business Alliance. However, not only did the people in the Alliance reject them, they did so in a humiliating manner. Forcing them to pick up spirit stones off the floor and scram?

What huge irony this was.

No wonder the atmosphere felt weird today. This was the reason why the Yunyue Business Alliance was at odds with the Wang clan.

"Hahaha. Yunyue Business Alliance's younger generation really shows promise." The Wang clan leader burst out laughing. This was indeed a joy to behold. Not only did they give up the three prodigies, but they also handed him a magnificent gift.

His words were akin to rubbing salt onto the Yunyue Business Alliance Leader's wounds, The Alliance Leader's face was already grim beyond belief. His people had done such a thing and ruined his reputation.

"Who was it! Stand out." The Alliance Leader bellowed. In that instant, Shang Hai and Shang Qing's face drained of color. If Ye Futian had been eliminated or been someone negligible, this would have been an insignificant matter, and no one would have cared. However, when they revealed their overwhelming strength, it was clear that this matter could not be simply brushed over. This 'insignificant' matter would end up ruining their futures.

Shang Hai and Shang Qing walked out, trembling. The Alliance Leader looked indifferently at both of them. His glare terrified the siblings. The vanity on their faces was nowhere to be seen.

Similarly, those who had been there to witness the incident, like Liu Lan and Xi Mu also had colorful expressions.

This time, everyone had been mistaken. Who could have thought that a few guests at the White Jade Tower would be this strong?