The Legend Of Futian Chapter 420

Chapter 420: See The World
Chapter 420: See the World
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Ye Futian found it strange after he heard Wang Yurou's invitation. The family leader was quite thoughtful to have Wang Yurou's sister recommend him to the Top Three Schools. However, the family leader didn't know that he didn't want that. After leaving the College and Cottage, he didn't want to join another school. And if he really wanted to join, he would go by himself. He didn't need Wang Yuqing's recommendation.

I'll just take it as a farewell, Ye Futian thought.

Later, the group followed Wang Yurou to a place. A banquet was prepared. Other than the family leader, a group of youths sat in the upper seats, showing their high status. One of the girls was beautiful and handsome. She was indeed similar to Wang Yurou. She was obviously Wang Yuqing. Other youths sitting beside her looked at Ye Futian judgmentally.

Earlier, they'd heard the Wang Family leader praise Ye Futian to the sky. He really liked this youth, which activated their arrogance.

"Senior." Ye Futian bowed and the group took their seats.

Wang Yuqing glanced at Ye Futian and said, "My grandfather said that your combat ability is extraordinary and can fight across many planes. What is your Dharma?"

Her grandfather wanted her to recommend Ye Futian into the Top Three Schools. She was curious how powerful someone had to be for her grandfather to be so impressed.

"Senior, you flatter me. My Dharma is quite average. As for fighting across planes, perhaps it was because the opponents at Yunyue City were weak and I was lucky," Ye Futian said, smiling. He wasn't really modest. He just said that because he didn't want to enter the Top Three Schools.

Wang Yurou glanced at him, surprised. She wondered when Ye Futian became so modest. She knew how arrogant this guy was. Plus, she thought that with his talent, he would have no problem entering the Top Three Schools. He could become a disciple sooner or later.

"Oh." Wang Yuqing nodded slightly and said to the family leader, "Even if the opponent isn't strong, fighting across planes is still difficult. If you wish to enter the Top Three Schools, you can go to the Divine Sky City at the beginning of next year and join the exam. You must be mentally prepared though. The exam for any of the schools attract the top youths of the entire eastern part of the Barren State. The battle at Yunyue City can't compare."

Wang Yuqing sounded like she was preaching. She was Wang Yurou's elder sister and was slightly older. She also had a higher plane and was an official disciple of the Top Three Schools. For a young talent who wanted to join the school, this attitude was natural.

Hearing the family leader's words, she thought that Ye Futian wanted to join the Top Three Schools and use this chance to meet them.

"I see." Ye Futian nodded. He didn't mind Wang Yuqing's attitude. He knew that Wang Yuqing was speaking the truth too. Divine Sky City was the main city in the area while the Top Three Schools was the gathering place of all the prides. It must have all the elites in the vast Barren State. It wasn't something that the small Yunyue City could compare too.

"That's good too. With Futian's talent, he would have no problem even if he participated in the exam," the family leader said. He naturally could see that Wang Yuqing wasn't very interested. It made sense though. The Top Three Schools wasn't a regular place and his granddaughter was only a regular disciple. She didn't have that high of a status. Having her recommend Ye Futian might not be that suitable.

"Oh right, we've only been talking about Futian. Yuqing, why did you suddenly return," the family leader asked. Entering the Top Three Schools meant the chance to enter the legendary Sage Plane. Thus, the seniors of Yunyue City's four forces wouldn't interfere with the disciples. It was like they'd broken off their past and just focused on cultivation.

They wouldn't call their disciples there back even for important things like the battle of the top four. Cultivation resources were important but were incomparable to the disciples cultivating at the Top Three Schools.

Once one of the forces got a Sage figure first, the battle would be over. It would become meaningless. Furthermore, even if one couldn't enter that plane, they could at least become a powerful upper-level Noble figure. To them, the battle of the top four was an unimportant mundane matter. After opening up their world, people like Wang Yuqing wouldn't care anymore. Thus, even though they'd heard that Ye Futian's performance had been brilliant, Wang Yuqing wasn't impressed. She only felt that Ye Futian was quite talented and could have a chance if he took the exam. But that was it. She didn't have to care.

"The school issued a mission and is coincidentally close to Yunyue City, so we came to visit. It's not just us. Many more people will come. Shang Yunfeng from the Blazing Sun School has returned too. He should be at the Yunyue Merchant Union right now with many of the other disciples."

The Top Three Schools of the Divine Sky City were the Blazing Sun School, Bright Moon School, and Starry School. Wang Yuqing was cultivating at the Starry School. Everyone present was the same. They were disciples of the same school.

The Yunyue Merchant Union also had a disciple cultivating at the Top Three Schools. Shang Yunfeng, whom Wang Yuqing had mentioned, was cultivating at the Blazing Sun School.

"What mission? Can we help?" the family leader asked. If Wang Yuqing needed the family's resources, he would give it all.

"No, we aren't the main force," Wang Yuqing explained. "Many powerful seniors will come. They are the main figures. We are just following to challenge ourselves and see if we'll have the chance."

As one of the top forces, the Top Three Schools had many challenging missions in addition to cultivation.

"The Evil Dragon?" The family leader's eyes flashed when he heard Wang Yuqing's words. If the powerful figures came and were near Yunyue City, it could only be one placethe horrifying Evil Dragon Zone.

"Yes." Wang Yuqing nodded.

"Is the sapling grass matured?" the family leader asked. As the leader of a top force in Yunyue City, he obviously knew what the Evil Dragon Zone had. He also knew that the Top Three Schools had their eyes on it. They didn't want others to get it.

They were waiting for the sapling grass to mature.

"No." Wang Yuqing shook her head. "But half a month ago, someone went in first to guard it."

The family leader was shocked. Someone dared to steal from the predator? Who dared to take what the Top Three Schools wanted?

"Who's so brave?" the family leader asked.

"Don't know yet, but according to the information, he is at the peak of the Noble Plane. He is handsome and looks scholarly. No one guarding the Evil Dragon Zone is his match, but we don't know who he is. The information said that he may be a nameless solo cultivator," Wang Yuqing said. "Thus, the people sent this time are mostly at the peak of the Noble Plane, close to the Sage Plane."

Ye Futian's expression turned odd at those words. The peak of Noble Plane, handsome, scholarly, nameless solo cultivator He thought of someone. It couldn't be so coincidental, right?

Yu Sheng clearly thought the same. He glanced at Ye Futian.

"Does the Evil Dragon Zone really have a dragon?" Ye Futian asked.

Wang Yuqing glanced at him. The family leader nodded. "There's a very powerful dragon. Futian, why are you asking?"

"Nothing, just wondering." Ye Futian smiled and blinked. When he'd been cultivating at the Cottage, he'd wanted to eat dragon meat. "Can I go with you?" Ye Futian asked Wang Yuqing. He wanted to see.

"What would you do?" Wang Yuqing asked.

"I'm ignorant and hadn't seen these things yet. I want to see the world." Ye Futian's smile was brilliant. His youthful handsome features were very convincing. People would think he was innocent and nave.

Wang Yuqing's eyes sparkled as she thought.

"Yuqing, since Futian wants to see, just take him with," the family leader said. "He wants to go to the Divine Sky City too. He can go with you." To him, Wang Yuqing still wasn't familiar with Ye Futian. If they traveled together, she could see how great he was. They might become close friends and deepen the relationship too.

Wang Yuqing glanced at her companions. Clearly, she couldn't decide alone.

"It's good to think like that. Seeing the outside world is better than staying here. We can take him," a youth beside her said, smiling. He was Jiang Nan. At the upper Arcana Plane, he was the leader of the Arcana Plane disciples.

"Since Senior Brother Jiang said so, we will take him to see the outside world." The others nodded.

Wang Yuqing glanced at Ye Futian. "We can take you, but remember, you must listen to our orders. You can't make trouble. We are cultivating at the Starry School. If you can enter in the future, we can give you advice."

"Thank you. When will we leave?" Ye Futian nodded and smiled. He had to be low-key outside.

"Tomorrow morning," Wang Yuqing said.

"Okay." Ye Futian nodded. Then he looked to the family leader. "Senior, I might not return after leaving tomorrow. Please take care."

"Good, you can follow Yuqing to the Divine Sky City." The family leader nodded and smiled. "You will soar after leaving. I anticipate your news."

"Thank you, senior." Ye Futian raised his glass!