The Legend Of Futian Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Meet Senior Brother Again
Chapter 421: Meet Senior Brother Again
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The next morning, a line of figures gathered in Wang Family's hall, ready to leave. Many Wang Family's members attended to see off Wang Yuqing and Ye Futian. Ye Futian's victory in the battle of four forces was a big boon for Wang Family. They could only treat Yang Ting and Yang Yi well to reward Ye Futian since he would not stay here anymore.

"Brother Ye, you won't come back anymore, right?" Staring at Ye Futian, Yang Yi was reluctant to say goodbye.

"How come you think so? Remember, I still want to see your wedding. I will be back if there is a chance. As for you, keep following your master and keep working hard on your cultivation, okay?" Ye Futian smiled at her but he knew that it was less likely for him to come back again. As a small city in Barren State, Yunyue City was just an interlude in his life.

His target was the Zhongzhou City, the most talent-intensive place of Barren State.

"It's not a lie, right?" Yang Yi showed her suspicion. Her ponytail looked very cute.

"Do I look like a liar?" Ye Futian rubbed her hair lightly and laughed.

"It's a deal then." Yang Yi reached out her pinkie.

"Deal!" Ye Futian also reached out his finger. Yang Yi was finally convinced. Yang Ting witnessed their deal with a smile. He knew that Ye Futian was just comforting Yang Ting. This city was too small for Ye Futian to show his talent.

"Take care." Yang Ting made a brief farewell. Ye Futian had done too much for him and his sister. He could only keep that gratitude in his heart. They met each other by chance and said to take care of each other, but Ye Futian was always the one to take care of others.

"Take care." Ye Futian patted Yang Ting's shoulder lightly. On the Black Wind Eagle's back, Ye Futian turned to the Wang Family, folded his hands and said goodbye.

The head of the Wang Family also folded his hands and said, "Hope to hear your name one day."

"Grandpa, goodbye," said Wang Yuqing. Then the line of figures set out on their journey.

In the sky, Jiang Nan of the Starry School glanced at Ye Futian in the near distance and smiled at Wang Yuqing. "Your grandpa seemly thinks very highly of him."

"My grandpa just doesn't know the strength of the Top Three Schools. It's not surprising that he said those words," Wang Yuqing responded.

The head of her family claimed that he hoped to hear Ye Futian's name in Yunyue City again. If Ye Futian's name was heard here one day, it meant that he would have stirred the entire east Barren State. Obviously, by saying that, Wang Yuqing's grandpa hailed Ye Futian's potential very much.

"Yes." Jiang Nan nodded with a smile and looked in the distance.

Standing beside Ye Futian, another disciple of the Starry School noticed the Black Wind Eagle. He asked, "Your eagle flies really fast. Is there anything special about it?"

"Nothing special. Every time it becomes slow, I just whip it. That's why it flies so fast," Ye Futian joked. The Black Wind Eagle rolled its eyes and waved its wings violently. It kept speeding up. Ye Futian looked down at his eagle in amazement. Was it provoked?

That man beside Ye Futian was also surprised. From its appearance, the Black Wind Eagle looked more like a roc. Then he quickly denied it. Black Wind Eagle was just an eagle. Demon beasts were classified by their talents. Eagles would never surpass rocs.

Evil Dragon Zone was a vast habitat of many kinds of demon beasts. The periphery was a forest where cultivators came to hunt beasts for riding. The famous Evil Dragon Zone was the central area of the forest. It was where the evil dragon lived. Many cultivators who came here had been killed by the evil dragon. That was how this place was named.

Arriving at the periphery, Ye Futian's group found that there were many people in the sky heading toward the forest.

"Is it dangerous for us to stay here?" Somebody in the sky showed his concern. People flying in this area would very easily be heeded by demon beasts here and become their prey.

"Don't worry. The Top Three Schools have removed all the obstacles. This place is for training now. The Evil Dragon Zone might have been segregated from here. It'll be less threatening in the future," somebody assured the concerned one.

"The Top Three Schools' people have been here for a long time. Is it because the Dragon Grass has grown ripe?"

"Not yet. It is said that a strong foreign cultivator wants to take the Dragon Grass away regardless of the Top Three Schools' prohibitions. So the Top Three Schools called up many strong cultivators to come."

"Who is the bold guy?"

"I don't know. When we arrive, you will see. The Top Three Schools have been competing with each other all the time. Now there is a foreign cultivator and the evil dragon. We will see a wonderful show!"

Ye Futian's group heard the conversations. They kept heading forward. Groups of cultivators constantly came. They could see demon beasts in the forest from time to time. Sometimes, there would be some battles, but they never stopped, heading all the way to the hinterland of the Demon Forest.

After a long while, they finally set foot in the central region. Various figures had arrived at the mountain area. Wang Yuqing looked toward a direction and said, "There they are."

They went straight toward that direction. It was a hillside where many people were already there, including a lot of young disciples from the Starry School.

The Top Three Schools had many disciples. Those disciples who had visited the Wang Family on their way were the ones Wang Yuqing was familiar with. Those she was unfamiliar with came here directly.

"Master Yun," they called a senior in the distance. That senior turned to them and nodded slightly. He didn't recognize some of these young men. But since they called him Master Yun, he guessed they must be students from the Starry School.

"Jiang Nan, you have been to the Wang Family. Why are there some new faces?" At this time, an enchanting woman of about 25 or 26 years old noticed Ye Futian's group.

"The youth of the Wang Family would like to come for broadening their horizon. So we came together," said Jiang Nan.

"So you even begin to take care of her family." The woman smiled and looked at Wang Yuqing and Jiang Nan meaningfully.

"Li Man, you are really talkative." Wang Yuqing responded coldly.

"Little brother, are you twenty now? This is a dangerous place. Do you need me to take care of you?" Li Man looked at Ye Futian and giggled. This woman was a little different from others. She had a perfect figure. Though not as beautiful as Wang Yuqing, her every move was full of charm. She was even more attractive.

"I'm not that young." Ye Futian was a bit annoyed He was being flirted with.

"What a pretty boy!" Li Man exclaimed with a smile. Ye Futian was speechless. This was always a good-looking man's trouble.

"Li Man, can't you just be serious?" grumbled a young man beside her.

"It's none of your business," Li Man responded coldly.

That young man glared at Ye Futian and scolded, "This is our trial. Why would those outsiders be here? You'd better ask them to behave themselves."

"I'll be with them," said Wang Yuqing lightly.

Ye Futian became more morose. He just took all the blame at once. Relations between people could be very complex.

Li Man was a charming woman. Seeing Li Man flirting with him, the youth scolded immediately. He seemly had a crush on her. What a shame! She was flirtatious while he was serious. It might be difficult for them to be together.

Looking at the distance, Ye Futian found that there were many people on other mountains. There was an extremely high mountain before them. Various demon beasts hovered at the slope. It looked like a confrontation between man and beast.

A scary demon aura pervaded the huge mountain. Many visitors were terrified at the scene. Only the Top Three Schools dared to blockade this place.

If the Top Three Schools were not here, they would not have come at all. That evil dragon was in the cave. Obviously, it also knew that it was besieged.

Ye Futian looked around and saw there was an isolated peak in the distance towering into the sky. It looked quite lonely. At the top of it, there was a figure sitting with his legs crossed and meditating.

The figure in white sat silently as if he was a part of the hill already. He had a handsome face. Sitting there quietly made him look like a sage.

"Is he the one coming for the Dragon Grass?" Jiang Nan asked, looking at the hill's top.

"Yes." Master Yun nodded.

"Even your strength is not enough to handle him?" Jiang Nan was amazed.

The old man shook his head and said, "This man is extremely talented. His strength is much stronger. No wardens of the Top Three Schools could defeat him, needless to say me. Otherwise, there won't be so many people of the Top Three Schools gathering here."

Jiang Nan nodded slightly. Looking at that figure, Wang Yuqing couldn't help exclaim, "What an extraordinary temperament he has!"

"Master Yun, is there any chance that he could join our Starry School?" Li Man stared at that figure and asked. What a gorgeous man! Sitting at the hill's top alone, he looked so charismatic. He even dared to steal from them. That was so hot!

People around her rolled their eyes. This woman was captivated again. But that was normal for Li Man.

"Generally, cultivators like him think things in a different way. He has such strength and talent. It's not necessary for him to join any groups. We have nothing to teach him either," Master Yun explained.

"What a pity!" Li Man murmured gloomily. She looked at people around and quipped, "Why don't you have that kind of temperament?"

Seeing Ye Futian, her eyes brightened. "You are as handsome as him, but your temperament is weaker. It's okay. You are so young. I can train you."

Ye Futian became totally speechless.

He was not angry though. If it were others, he would take it amiss. But as his third senior brother, Gu Dongliu was always handsome like this.

As he had expected before, the one at the top of the hill was exactly the Cottage's third disciple, Gu Dongliu. He came to the Barren State for training and now he was here at the Evil Dragon Zone.

Naturally, Ye Futian wouldn't admit that he knew the robber in such a circumstance. His third senior brother was going to grab the Top Three Schools' heirloom. Ye Futian wouldn't recognize his senior brother at this moment. He was not that stupid.