The Legend Of Futian Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Start Fighting

Chapter 424: Start Fighting
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Ye Futian scanned the Dragon Grass and instantly realized that it had nothing to do with him for now. The Top Three Schools were fighting at the top of the mountain. The strong cultivators who'd rushed in were busy with each other. In addition, there were the powerful demon kings guarding the Dragon Grass. Even though it was tempting, going now would be suicide.

He scanned the piles of treasures on the bottom, lighting up the mountain. His eyes brightened. Body flashing, he went downward. Many others had noticed this too. Disciples from the Top Three Schools went down to the treasures. Some had already started sweeping through.

Activating his Freedom Meditation, Ye Futian's eyes turned brilliant. He gazed downward and his vision cleared. His senses sharpened. Instantly, different colors entered his eyes. All the treasures contained powerful Spiritual Qi.

"What's that?" Ye Futian looked in the corner. There was a ring there. It shone faintly with purple light, along with a tinge of gold. It was extremely beautiful, but it looked more like jewelry so no one noticed it. Most were going after ritual implements and other treasures.

Spiritual Qi seeped out. Ye Futian felt that this gem was quite special. However, his spiritual energy reached an obstacle. Something like a seal was stopping him from entering.

A strand of emperor's intent reached out, attacking that seal and erasing it. As if something had shattered, Ye Futian's spiritual energy actually entered a unique space. There were many spiritual stones inside, as well as spell scrolls and other gems.

Ye Futian's body flashed. He picked up the ring. He obviously knew what this was.

This gem contained spatial power. These kinds were very rare. A usual alchemist couldn't make it. It also required special material. The owner of this ring must be a powerful figure of high status. Otherwise, he wouldn't have something like it. But the ring was in this dragon residence. This meant that the dragon had probably killed the ring's owner.

This dragon had so many treasures but didn't even look at them. This fetish was a bit

As for the ritual implements, Ye Futian didn't care. They had a bunch of good ritual implements. With this ring, they wouldn't have to burden the Black Wind Eagle anymore either. It was useful.

There were still many demons coming over. Outside the dragon residence, the demons kept rushing over. Their numbers grew.

The disciples of the Top Three Schools went to meet them while Ye Futian's group stayed in the back. With the others there, they naturally didn't have to do anything.

Battles had erupted in the air around the Dragon Grass too. The Nobles clashed with the demons protecting the herb. The world shook and the auras in the place went wild.

"You really know how to hide. You keep in the back and pick up all the treasures," someone from the Starry School said, gazing at Ye Futian's group.

"They're really here just to watch," Jiang Nan said coolly.

"Our plane is too low and we can't really help," Ye Futian said, smiling without minding.

Wang Yuqing didn't say anything. She hadn't expected Ye Futian to do anything and just brought him here to watch.

"Little brother, do you want to come with me?" Li Man grinned at Ye Futian.

"No need." Ye Futian shook his head. Li Man smiled and went for some demons.

But then, a few figures came towards Ye Futian's group. They were Shang Yunfeng and Shang Hai. The dragon residency was very chaotic now. No one would notice things here.

"I heard that you were very powerful during the battle of the top four," Shang Yunfeng said to them.

Ye Futian glanced at Shang Hai. "Young Master Shang, where's the arrogance you had at the White Jade Tower? Now you're using a senior brother to deal with me?"

Shang Hai's expression was uncomfortable. He knew this wasn't honorable. Ye Futian was both younger than him and had a lower cultivation. He and Shang Qing had been so aggressive at the White Jade Tower. Now, he was using his cousin to kill Ye Futian. It was indeed embarrassing.

Of course, Shang Hai wouldn't admit it. He said coldly, "Why did you come here? It's suicide."

Ye Futian smiled at Shang Yunfeng and Shang Hai. Then he said to his people, "Retreat."

He moved back as soon as he spoke, preparing to retreat out of the mountain.

"You want to go?" Shang Yunfeng smirked. His body flashed and turned into an extremely fast shadow.

Whoosh Sword light cut across to Shang Yunfeng like lightning. There was a blur in his eyes. Shang Yunfeng scoffed. He raised his hand towards the sword light, but then he felt danger. The sword was faster than what he saw and misled him. There was a flash of gold and he was instantly bathed in golden light. The sword cut near his eyes, but the armor stopped it. However, his head still shook and his steps slowed. His expression turned uncomfortable.

The swordsmanship was so strange. The cultivation was much lower, but he'd almost gotten hit. The eyes were a cultivator's weakest part. Even a lower-Arcana Plane sword that hit his eyes could blind him.

Shang Yunfeng vaguely figured out how these people could succeed in the battle of the top four. This mere sword was incredible.

Boom. There was a horrible golden flash that bathed Shang Yunfeng. He was like a statue of gold. He stepped out again like a golden bolt of lightning going after Ye Futian with extreme speed.

Yu Sheng threw the Demonic Tripod down at Shang Yunfeng. The power was shocking, but Shang Yunfeng's golden body crashed against it. There was a horrible shake. Yu Sheng and the Demonic Tripod were forced away.

Shang Yunfeng grabbed the air. Instantly, horrible pressure fell upon them. The gold windstorm vaguely turned into a golden tripod. It spun wildly and pressed down.

Yu Sheng's Demonic Tripod enlarged and he pushed it against the incoming golden tripod. His body shook violently again. Shang Yunfeng was getting closer.

Ye Futian threw out a spell scroll. Instantly, horrible thunder and lightning destroyed everything. It hit Shang Yunfeng directly, numbing his nerves. He shook and his steps stopped involuntarily. Ye Futian's group continued retreating to a cave.

"Go." Ye Futian glanced at Shang Yunfeng. The group retreated and Shang Yunfeng didn't pursue them. He looked up at the Dragon Grass.

The Dragon Grass was dazzling. The strong cultivators from the Top Three Schools couldn't defeat the demons and were still intensely at war. At the mountaintop, they saw the dragon there. The Top Three Schools didn't hurry. Their people were below them. As long as they could stop the dragon, they could still get the Dragon Grass.

Ye Futian was outside the mountain. Demon beasts rushed into the dragon residence and also at him. His eyes turned demonic. He continuously controlled them and made them act as his eyes.

"What will we do now?" Ye Wuchen asked.

"Wait. It's okay if there's no chance. If there's a chance, I'll go steal the Dragon Grass while you all protect me. I need to control more demons now." Ye Futian continued to control demons. This time, it wasn't only those in the upper-Arcana Plane. He controlled those from other planes too.

The strong cultivators here were very patient. Ye Futian was patient too. He stayed outside, waiting for a chance.

The battle inside continued. Many demons were killed while some strong cultivators were injured. The fight between the demon kings and Noble figures were even worse.

As time passed, the Dragon Grass on the gem-like rock glowed even more brilliantly. In the sky, sunlight passed through everything to fall upon the Dragon Grass. Spiritual Qi went wild. As if they would be swallowed, they rushed towards the Dragon Grass.

Dazzling light lit up the entire sky.

"The Dragon Grass is mature." The eyes of the people from the Top Three Schools flashed. Icy spells descended and sealed the earth. The entire mountain seemed to be buried by spells. The huge dragon was frozen too. Its movements slowed.

Vines covering the sky wrapped around the dragon. But then it roared and everything shattered. The mountains shook for it.

It turned and entered the mountain. Its huge eyes stared at the Dragon Grass, wanting to eat it now.

A golden rope instantly wrapped around its huge body. Then it transformed into extremely sharp blades, slicing at its skin. The scales broke and it started bleeding.

"Come back," an icy voice said. The dragon was pulled back roughly. It roared in anger and the mountain rumbled. Stones fell towards the dragon residence.

"If you dare do anything, I'll destroy it all." The dragon looked furiously at the human cultivators. The mountain was still shaking as he spoke. The rumbles went on endlessly. It seemed that if he wanted, he could destroy this entire mountain and bury the Dragon Grass.

"Bastard." The rope was sharper than knives, but the dragon broke it apart. The people in the sky didn't dare move.

Inside the mountain, everyone had gone for the Dragon Grass. It was mature now, so there were no more worries. They would get it.

Ye Futian saw it all through the demons he controlled, but he still didn't act recklessly. He was waiting for the demons and Top Three Schools disciples to clash violently.

Many beasts flew towards Ye Futian's direction, covering the sky.

Ye Futian took out a spell treasure from his bag. It was a silver cape. Putting it on, the cape covered his body. At the same time, a strange power ran over him. It changed his temperament, even changing his features.

"It's your time to show off," Ye Futian said, patting the Black Wind Eagle's head.