The Legend Of Futian Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Have You Never Seen A Beauty?

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The road outside Starry School was extremely broad and filled with an endless stream of people.

As Ye Futian and his team walked on the street, they noticed a large group of people walking towards their direction. Within the group, two people looked particularly elegant and distinguished. The group walked towards Starry School and the passers-by started discussing it. After listening to their conversations, Ye Futian found out that the two were extremely popular geniuses in Starry School.

The famous geniuses from the Top Three Schools would naturally attract much attention.

Where the group passed, the crowd all burst into excitement. Soon, they passed right before Ye Futian.

“They looked so prestigious,” Ye Futian muttered. So this was how the geniuses from the Top Three Schools looked like.

“Where are we heading?” Luolan Xue asked softly.

“Ask around which is the best inn nearby. We will stay there first,” Ye Futian replied.

“The best one?” Luolan Xue repeated.

“Yes,” Ye Futian nodded. He had obtained a gemstone ring from the Dragon House in which there were many items. Therefore, he was not actually poor at the moment and clearly would not treat himself poorly. Of course, there were more important reasons, one being that cultivation would be more effective in a better environment. Apart from that, he could obtain more information in a good inn.

“Alright,” Luolan Xue nodded, after which she left to ask the people around. Soon, she returned and said to Ye Futian, “The best inn nearby is called Celestial Pavilion. Its environment is splendid, but it is also extremely costly.”

“We’re not short of spirit stones. Let’s go,” Ye Futian said straightforwardly. Luolan Xue glanced at Ye Futian who had already started walking. This guy… indeed always keeps a low profile. We have just arrived in Divine Sky City and he already wants to stay in the best inn. Let’s see how long he can sustain in this way.

As the best inn near Starry School, perhaps even the top three in Divine Sky City, the environment of Celestial Pavilion far exceeded Ye Futian’s imagination. Ye Futian looked into the pavilion and only saw isolated courtyards built within lakes. The place was quiet and graceful and also filled with dense Spiritual Qi which enveloped the sky above the entire pavilion. Clearly, it was filled with Spiritual Qi matrices. Moreover, Celestial Pavilion did not accept spirit stones. Instead, one had to pay ritual implements or treasures in order to stay inside. It was indeed the best inn nearby.

However, Ye Futian eventually decided to stay in Pro-Celestial Inn which was not far away from Celestial Pavilion. After all, cultivators should not only seek pleasure and instead needed to experience some toughening.

The name of Pro-Celestial Inn was indeed well given.

At the moment, Ye Futian and his friends had already settled down in Pro-Celestial Inn and were drinking and chatting in a pavilion. Beside them, there were many other pavilions.

“The environment here is also very good,” Ye Futian remarked softly.

“Still quite a huge difference from Celestial Pavilion,” Luolan Xue said.

“As cultivators, we cultivate our characters. Do not mind about superficial glory,” Ye Futian said earnestly.

Luolan Xue was stunned. Looking at Ye Futian’s serious expression, she nodded and said, “Alright.”

Noticing Luolan Xue’s look, Ye Futian recalled the scornful look of the pretty lady when they went to Celestial Pavilion. He could feel his heart hurt and wondered if he would buy Celestial Pavilion in the future if he had the chance to.

“The place of the young city lord of White Cloud City on the Barren Sky Ranking increased again. Now, he has already entered the top ten,” someone in a pavilion nearby suddenly said, pulling Ye Futian back into reality. His eyes sparkled as it was not the first time he had heard this name. Also, what was the Barren Sky Ranking?

According to the map of the Barren State, White Cloud City was in the Western Region, which was separated from the Eastern Region by the Central Region and therefore extremely far away. Why would someone here talk about the young city lord of White Cloud City?

“I heard that as well. At the age of 20, he entered the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate. Now he has only cultivated for less than fifty years and has already entered the Sage Plane. His talent is indeed astonishing. After a few more years, perhaps his ranking can move forward some more. Maybe he will even have the chance to challenge the first three places on the Barren Sky Ranking,” someone added. It was indeed shocking that the young city lord could enter the top ten on the Barren Sky Ranking at such a young age.

“Speaking of the young city lord of White Cloud City, I suddenly recalled another person. I heard that the lady of the Zhuge Family, a top family in Zhongzhou City, was found. She has actually been roaming outside to escape from her family and has become a disciple of someone else. At the moment, she has been taken back to her family. Rumors claim that the relationship between the lord of White Cloud City and the leader of the Zhuge Family has always been quite good. Perhaps the two families will ally through marriage, which will be another popular story in the future,” another person said. “I heard that the lady of the Zhuge Family is very beautiful and talented. I wonder if she would match the young city lord of White Cloud City.”

When Ye Futian heard that someone was talking about his second sister, he started paying attention. However, when he heard that the stranger was actually asking if his second sister could match another person, he frowned in dissatisfaction. In his opinion, the young city lord of White Cloud City could not match his second sister who was so beautiful, kind, and good to him.

“Mr., may I ask what the Barren Sky Ranking is?” Ye Futian asked, looking at the person beside him.

“You don’t even know what the Barren Sky Ranking is?” A strange expression appeared on the face of the person. “Did you come from another place?”

“Yes I came to Divine Sky City to train myself,” Ye Futian nodded.

“Oh, I see.” The person smiled and continued, “The Barren Sky Ranking is an infamous and authoritative list in the Barren State which ranks all the famous people here. It doesn’t just rank them according to their levels. Instead, it considers their levels, talents, ages, and many other factors. Most people who can enter the ranking are all extremely famous. There are a hundred people on the list. Even the last person there is also one of the most outstanding people in the Barren State.”

“In this case, I don’t think the Barren Sky Ranking is that authoritative after all,” Ye Futian said emotionlessly. According to the person before him, the Barren Sky Ranking includes all the brightest cultivators in the Barren State. If it only depended on levels, sages would probably never be able to make it to the top ten. This was sufficient to show how excellent the talents of the young city lord were.

“The Barren Sky Ranking has extremely strict requirements and every time before it is updated, it will undergo rigorous reviews. Why are you doubting the authoritativeness of the list?” the person said, smiling.

“The Barren State is vast and boundless and there must be many people hidden in seclusion. There will also be many people who keep low profiles and do not display their talents. Therefore, it is not authoritative enough,” Ye Futian replied.

“You may be right, but this is relative in the first place. If people don’t even know about you, how can you enter the ranking?” the person said.

“The Barren Sky Ranking is too far from us. Why don’t we chat about the talents in Divine Sky City? Now the exams of the Top Three Schools will be starting soon. I wonder how many geniuses will show up this time,” a person in a pavilion nearby said.

“I know a person who will almost certainly become famous in the Top Three Schools.”

“Who is that?”

“The young dragon on West Mountain,” the person said with a sharp expression. “At the beginning of this year, he entered Starry School to cultivate. It’s about time for him to display himself.”

Many people nodded in agreement, thinking about how mighty the pure-blooded dragon on Western Mountain was during that time. Unfortunately, he had died. Now, his son would follow his footsteps. Moreover, apart from his father who had passed away, the young dragon still had an equally powerful uncle.

“Compared to the young dragon on Western Mountain, I’m more concerned about the eventual fate of the few ladies,” someone said, smiling.

“You can stop dreaming about that.”

The group of people chatted casually and Ye Futian could not understand most of their conversation. In their chat, many people were mentioned, but Ye Futian was still unfamiliar with Divine Sky City. Apart from the Top Three School, he almost knew nothing else.

“Luolan, later we’ll take a stroll outside and you will be in charge of collecting information, such as the top clans and families here and the important places in Divine Sky City. Try your best to get them,” Ye Futian said to Luolan Xue. Unknowingly, he was already used to asking Luolan Xue to do these things. Luolan Xue had also been carrying them out quietly and outstandingly. As such, Ye Futian never had to worry about these miscellaneous matters.

“Okay,” Luolan Xue nodded.

After the meal, Ye Futian and his friends walked out of the inn and strolled casually on the streets. On the other hand, Luolan Xue was busy searching for information. Suddenly, they heard a dragon howl from the distance. Many people ran to the sides of the street.

Ye Futian turned around and only saw a mess in front of him. In that direction, an ice dragon was charging towards them. There were also many powerful cultivators beside and behind the dragon.

“Do all the people in Divine Sky City like to attract attention so much?”

Ye Futian felt speechless. Beside the horn of the ice dragon was a girl who was about 13 or 14-years-old was standing. She was using a whip in her hand to slap the dragon, causing it to howl continuously.

“This loli actually has such a large team with her,” Ye Futian muttered, staring at the girl on the dragon.

The ice dragon charged past Ye Futian and his team when the girl glanced at Ye Futian and said, “What are you staring at? Have you never seen a beauty before?”

“…” Ye Futian was totally stunned. Looking at the girl who was standing akimbo, he laughed uncontrollably. A 13 or 14-year-old girl actually just asked him such a question. It was indeed unimaginable.

“How dare you laugh?” Noticing that Ye Futian was laughing, the girl forced the ice dragon to come to a stop. Pointing her whip at Ye Futian, she said, “Someone, come and bring him along.”

“Err…” Ye Futian was dumbfounded. A cultivator beside the dragon said to the girl, “My lady, this isn’t appropriate.”

“Did you not hear me?” the girl said aggressively. The cultivators beside her all seemed to be in a difficult position. Then, a person walked out and said to Ye Futian, “Sir, could you please come with us?”

“I didn’t do anything right?” Hearing his words, Ye Futian frowned. Did it work this way?

“I know, but my lady is in a bad mood. I’m really sorry and we promise that your safety will not be compromised,” the person said.

Ye Futian was speechless. Although their attitude was not bad, the situation was…

Looking at the group of people before him, Ye Futian, “I don’t think I can reject this right?”

“I’m sorry.” The person in front gave a bitter smile and folded his hands, feeling helpless about the temper of the girl. The mother of the girl was not present and nobody could control her at all.

The expressions of Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen turned cold, but Ye Futian turned around and said, “Just carry on with your stuff. I’ll go with them.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.” The person nodded at Ye Futian, after which Ye Futian joined the group. The girl smiled and glanced at Ye Futian as if she was very satisfied. She waved the whip in her hand and the ice dragon continued forward.