The Legend Of Futian Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Farewell

Countless pairs of eyes fell onto Ye Futian. They watched as his bright, shining Life Spirit was released. The Roc Spirit.

Was this who Ye Futian really was? A frivolous, stubborn, and prideful young man?

Everyone thought they understood him well enough, but now they realized that they were still underestimating him.

He has already displayed his skills in both martial and divination art cultivation, plus his gifts in the thunder and fire elements. Now he was surrounded by a crazy storm of Spiritual Qi. Evidently, they were Wind and Metal Elemental. By the looks of it, he was a Mandate Sorcerer in at least four elements and cultivating in both arts.

He had been so casual about possessing such a great gift. His behavior had once been considered presumptuous and arrogant, but now it was actually understated. If it weren't for Ye Futian's intent of killing Murong Qiu, the people of Qingzhou Academy would have never found out how truly gifted he was.

Qin Yi arrived, running. Upon witnessing this scene, she had the urge to cry. Ever since returning from Mount Tianyao, her father had been decommissioned, and the Dark Qilin Knighthood was suppressed to the point of being abolished. After all, the enemy, Xia Fan, had returned to the East Sea Prefecture, and the city had fallen into the hands of Murong Yunshan. Murong Qiu was having his way.

Her father had once been the protector of the city, the one citizens put their faith in; now who was going to get justice for him? Even the prestigious Qingzhou Academy had chosen to stay quiet. All she could do was continue to cultivate in hopes of becoming stronger and more powerful. However, there was a stubborn young man who had come to get revenge on Murong Qiu all on his own.

"I am a Mandate Sorcerer," said Ye Futian. Qin Yi suddenly thought back to the scene in her classroom. She remembered everything he had said. Those words had sounded so shameless before, but with what she saw now, Qin Yi could only laugh. Although she was laughing, tears began to fall from her eyes.

At that moment, the wings behind Ye Futian flapped, and he rose into the air.

Ye Futian did not cultivate Wind Aviation, but he possessed the Life Spirit. The Wind Elemental Roc Spirit was going to help him fly.

"Tell me, how should I kill you?" Ye Futian asked Murong Qiu as he watched him mercilessly. Murong Qiu had once asked Ye Futian arrogantly, "How are you going to kill me now?"

Murong Qiu paled and he shouted, "Yang Yao, go!"

Yang Yao failed to react immediately but was still able to use a wind spell to carry the two of them away.

However, Ye Futian's figure was gone in a flash. He soared in the skies just like a roc. His wings spread out majestically. Very quickly, he was able to catch up to Yang Yao. Ye Futian's speed was even faster than that of Yang Yao.

"Wind Blade!" Wind Elemental Spiritual Qi gathered around Yang Yao and formed into a sharp blade. Cutting through the air, it made its way in the direction of Ye Futian.

A sharp, piercing sound resonated. Ye Futian's golden wings cut through the Wind Blade, destroying it. His beautiful golden wings carried him toward Murong Qiu gracefully, just like a real roc.

"Hurry!" Murong Qiu shouted in a craze after turning to see that Ye Futian was closing in on them.

With one flap of his golden wings, blood was spilled. A bloody cut appeared on Murong Qiu's neck.

Murong Qiu's eyes widened at the sight of Ye Futian. Then, in great fear, his shaking hands reached around his own neck. He lost all his energy, and his body began to convulse. He was only eighteen. These were supposed to be his best years. How could he die like this?

The next moment, all the life slipped out of his body, and his limp body fell to the ground.

Yang Yao was scared out of his mind. He let go of Murong Qiu. He tried to make a quick escape by himself. This was not the time to talk about loyalty amongst senior and junior brothers.

BANG! Murong Qiu's body hit the ground. Everyone, inside and outside of the campus, were shocked beyond words. They could only continue to stare at the young man in the air.

Ye Futian looked down at the Pavilion Lord of the Thunder Elemental Pavilion. "Thank you, Senior."

"Hurry, go," the Pavilion Lord looked up at Ye Futian. He nodded and began to fly away.

From a distance away, several people rushed over. Leading the group was the new Pavilion Lord of the Earth Elemental Pavilion. He did not know what to do. He wanted to chase after Ye Futian, but was stopped by the Thunder Elemental Pavilion Lord. Thunder and lightning suddenly appeared and blocked their path.

"He has not been a disciple of Qingzhou Academy for a while now. Even if his gift is like no other, you can't just let him get away with this," the Earth Elemental Pavilion Lord stated coldly.

More people started to arrive. They all stared at Ye Futian's quickly disappearing figure and could not do anything about it. They all had mixed feelings about letting him go so easily.

"As the most prestigious place in all of Qingzhou City, Qingzhou Academy can't even compete with a teenager," said the Thunder Pavilion Lord. His tone was peaceful but it also contained disappointment and sadness. His beliefs had been shattered. Ye Futian had taught him something new today.

To be young and reckless, sometimes he was very envious of teenagers. They could do whatever they wanted without fear because, in their eyes, there were no rules and no limitations.

The people who had just arrived did not know what to do. In some of their hearts, they felt guilt.

"Personal benefits, power, rigid regulations," the Thunder Pavilion Lord busted out in laughter suddenly. It was as if he was laughing at himself. He looked ahead at Qingzhou Academy and bowed to the place of rich history. Lifting his head, he spoke once again, "This place is no longer what it used to be. There is no use in staying."

Finally, he turned and walked away. With his back to everyone else, he lifted his hand to wave. "When that young man's name spreads all over the world, you guys will understand what Qingzhou Academy missed out on."

Not too long ago, he had said that he wanted to see what Ye Futian was capable of, and he was not disappointed. A Mandate Sorcerer of four elements cultivating in martial and divination arts; a one in a million gift. Even so, the Thunder Pavilion Lord still felt like he had yet to witness Ye Futian's true potential.

The people of the academy just stood there, watching him as he walked away. His back was bleak but at the same time unrestrained.

Meanwhile, a black qilin departed from within the academy and began chasing in the direction of where Ye Futian left.

In the faraway skies, Ye Futian soared in the clouds. Not long after, a black wind eagle emerged from the clouds and began to fly beside Ye Futian. Seated on top of it were Hua Fengliu and Yu Sheng. Ye Futian came to kill Murong Qiu alone, but of course, he would have a backup plan.

His form changed back to normal and he landed on top of the black wind eagle as well. Hua Fengliu and Yu Sheng did not ask any questions. Ye Futian returned safely, that meant that he accomplished what he set out to do.

"Ye Futian!" a voice called out behind them. Ye Futian looked back and saw a black qilin flying towards them. Seeing that it was just a black qilin, he did not feel the need to escape.

"Senior Sister," Ye Futian smiled and greeted Qin Yi on the black qilin.

"Are you leaving already?" she asked. After killing Murong Qiu, Ye Futian could not continue to stay in the city of Qingzhou. The only way he would be able to stay was if Hua Fengliu was not injured, but obviously that was not the case. If it were, then Ye Futian would not have had to kill Murong Qiu in such a manner.

"Yeah, I have to leave the city now. Take care, Senior Sister," said Ye Futian. He felt bad for Qin Yi. Her father protected Qingzhou City but was decommissioned and no one was willing to help her. One could only imagine how she felt right now.

"Let me send you off," she said with a gentle smile.

"Okay!" Ye Futian nodded. The black wind eagle and the black qilin flew side by side, getting far away from Qingzhou Academy.


The Qingzhou coast had many large vessels headed in all different directions.

Right now, many people were boarding a large ship by the coast. This ship was one headed for the City of Donghai.

The distance between Qingzhou City and Donghai City was quite long. Naturally, Ye Futian couldn't fly the black wind eagle all the way there. Plus, Hua Fengliu was not in good condition, and couldn't handle flying for long periods of time.

Yu Sheng piggybacked Hua Fengliu and waited in front of the ship.

Ye Futian was having his last farewell with Qin Yi.

"Senior Sister, I really have to go now," he said softly.

"Alright. Remember to come back to visit me when you grow up," Qin Yi nodded. Even though she was sad, she kept a smile on her face.

"Okay, but you have to make sure not to forget me!" said Ye Futian.

"How could I forget you?" asked Qin Yi.

"I'm afraid that I'll grow to be too handsome and you won't be able to recognize me," he said with a sly smile. She stared at him. This rascal was still so mischievous.

"Goodbye!" Ye Futian turned around and waved.

"Ye Futian!" she called out to him. Ye Futian turned to look at Qin Yi again. Her arms were open and she had a big smile on her face. "I'll let you leave with a treat."

"Senior Sister, you're putting me in a tight spot here," Ye Futian sighed and walked up in between her arms, holding her curvaceous figure with his arms.

Qin Yi leaned into him lightly, her smile still bright. Sometime later she spoke again, "Are you not going to let go?"

"Oh," he loosened his grip on her and smiled at her. "I'm going to miss you."

Qin Yi looked at him without a word and then turned around. "I'm going now."

She made her way to where the back qilin was.

"Senior Sister, you have to take care of yourself!" Ye Futian shouted. With her back to him, Qin Yi began to tear up. As her tears fell, she mounted the black qilin and flew away not looking back.

Ye Futian watched her as she departed and let out a sigh. He could not help her with much. He only hoped that she would be strong enough to handle everything alone.

He turned around a walked towards the ship. Both Hua Fengliu and Yu Sheng watched him.

"Master, we should board the ship now," Ye Futian said to them.

"Okay," Hua Fengliu nodded. On their way there he asked, "How was the hug? Comfy?"

Ye Futian tripped over his own two feet. He looked over at Hua Fengliu and attempted to explain, "Master, Senor Sister Qin Yi was feeling upset about what happened with General Qin. I was only trying to console her."

"Okay, I understand," nodded Hua Fengliu. "You have to hug someone that long to console them?"

"Master, you have deeply misunderstood me." He finished his words and walked ahead of Yu Sheng. Then, he crouched down and said, "Yu Sheng, let me carry Master,"

"Yu Sheng, let's go," said Hua Fengliu.

"Okay." This time, Yu Sheng did not listen to Ye Futian and carried Hua Fengliu onto the ship. Ye Futian watched their backs and tried to catch up. Nice guys always end up getting hurt.