The Legend Of Futian Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Later He Died

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The large group of people advanced towards a certain direction on the dragon.

Ye Futian was somewhat unhappy. The girl in front was forcing her way on the road, causing the passers-by to give way, which was extremely overbearing. However, the passers-by seemed to have guessed her identity. They were not angry and only watched the scene. After all, it was usually difficult to see the girl. Nobody expected her to appear in the central region of Divine Sky City.

“Sir, how do I address you?” a middle-aged man beside Ye Futian suddenly asked.

“Ye Futian.”

“Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry for this,” the person apologized. “The lady was punished by her mother and is therefore in a bad mood. I hope that you will not blame her. Later, perhaps she will offend you again. Take this as a compensation.”

The person took out a ritual implement which was in the form of a shirt. Then, the middle-aged man deliberately activated the implement, causing it to release a faint radiance. Ye Futian felt its powers; it was actually a noble-level defense ritual implement.

This caused a strange expression to appear on Ye Futian’s face. It was really odious to compare with others.

Ye Futian was unwilling to stay in an expensive inn and was even despised by the lady in the inn. On the other hand, the middle-aged man just took out a noble-level ritual implement casually.

“Senior, what kind of person do you think I am?” Ye Futian said emotionlessly, but he had already taken over the ritual implement. Then, he added in a serious tone, “However, because she is young and immature, I will not blame her for this.”

Noticing that Ye Futian had accepted the ritual implement, the middle-aged man smiled and said, “Thank you for that. If the lady is rude in the future, please forgive her. I will compensate you again.”

Ye Futian’s rolled his eyes and said, “As long as she does not cross the line.” At the moment, he was thinking that he would tolerate it even if she crossed the line. He was poor, after all, and it was actually a profitable trade.

“Although the lady is somewhat capricious, she usually will not cross the line,” the person said to Ye Futian, smiling. With their status, they did not have to be like this. However, there were rules in the family. If the girl behaved lawlessly outside and offended many people, they would still be punished. Therefore, he had to handle everything for the girl. Moreover, if the girl kept behaving recklessly, one day it would bring a disaster to the whole family, so he should take care of such issues quickly. In the future, it would be better for the madam to restrict the lady more. After all, she was about to become a young adult and should not throw tantrum when in a bad mood.

Divine Sky City West Court was an extremely famous place in the city.

At the moment, Ye Futian and the others arrived at this place and entered West Court directly. In West Court, the scenery was beautiful and elegant with many well-arranged buildings and courtyards. In addition, there was a small hill with one side of it flattened. There was a waterfall coming down from it and also pavilions on top of the hill. The whole place looked like a fairyland.

If Ye Futian did not see it for himself, he would not have believed that it was a manor in a city. It looked like the scene on a mountain.

Ye Futian and the rest walked to the foot of the waterfall and looked up at the hill, where there was an elder sitting down cross-legged. There was a teapot before him and he was drinking the tea at the moment. Not far away from him, there was also a guqin. It was clear that he was a person of refined interests.

“Grandfather Feng,” the girl shouted at the elder. At the moment, the elder had already stood up. Smiling, he said, “Hey you’re here. You haven’t been here for quite a while.”

“Well, I am now. Grandfather Feng, how have you been?” the girl said in a gentle tone. The overbearing attitude she had outside was completely gone.

“I’m fine. Come up here,” the elder said. The girl nodded gently and rode the ice dragon up the waterfall, after which she walked up to the elder.

“You’ve grown for quite a bit. That time when you came here, you were still a child. In the blink of an eye, you’re almost a big girl,” the elder said with a kindly look. “I heard that you are unhappy with your mother’s arrangement?”

“Grandfather Feng, I do not mean that. I only do not want to leave home to cultivate,” the girl said in a pitiful tone.

“You’ll experience it sooner or later. You’re going to go back anyway. How far can it be when it is also in Divine Sky City? Furthermore, West Court is also your home, so stop thinking about it. You should not waste your talents,” the elder said.

“Fine,” the girl nodded.

“Go. You have been here a few times. Go and choose a place yourself. If you have any problems, come and find me,” the elder added. The girl nodded gently and left the hill. Glancing emotionlessly at Ye Futian, she said, “Follow closely.”

Ye Futian widened his eyes at the girl, but thinking of the ritual implement, he did not say anything. A great man would not argue with children.

West Court was extremely large. The girl picked a courtyard where the scenery was fantastic, while the people who accompanied her would stay in the courtyards just beside. Ye Futian felt somewhat speechless. He felt totally insignificant at this place.

Just then, the girl seemed to have noticed him. A quirky expression appeared on her still immature face as her eyes sparkled. Realizing that the girl was staring at him, a strange expression appeared on Ye Futian’s face. Why did the girl order her men to bring him here?

“How did I offend you?” Ye Futian asked, looking at the girl.

Raising her head, the girl looked at Ye Futian and said, “Why did you laugh just now?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Ye Futian said, looking at the girl. “Do you not laugh?”

“I don’t care. If I say there is a problem, then there is one,” the girl replied capriciously.

“I…” Ye Futian wanted to curse but stopped when he saw the middle-aged man beside the girl signaling at him with his eyes.

Ye Futian stared at the middle-aged man as if he was reminding the man not to forget about the compensation.

“Do you know how to play guqin?” the girl asked.

“Yup, a bit,” Ye Futian nodded.

“That’s nice. You can become my musical attendant. Life wouldn’t be that boring in the future.” The girl smiled mischievously, while Ye Futian only had a strange look on his face. Musical attendant?

Very long ago, he had heard this word. Someone in Cangye wanted him to become a musical attendant. However, it was a girl this time. Moreover, it was a rich girl. Just now, the elder had said that West Court was her home. West Court was just as nice as Celestial Pavilion.

The girl looked at the people who had followed her and said, “Alright, you all should go back and report. I’ll focus on cultivation.”

“We were asked to take care of your safety,” the middle-aged man said, bowing.

“What can happen to me in West Court? I don’t need you here.” The girl waved her hand as if she wanted to chase the people away.

The group still did not move.

“Fine, help me to prepare the guqin. Then you can go and rest.” The girl seemed to know that she would not succeed, so she only asked for something less.

A maidservant came and put the guqin in the courtyard, while the middle-aged man folded his hands and brought the people away, leaving only two ladies to take care of the girl. Of course, Ye Futian and the dragon were also left behind. The ice dragon was coiled up and resting, appearing to be somewhat lazy.

The girl sat down before the guqin, after which she started playing alone. The music spread and was actually quite skilled. However, it seemed to be somewhat messy, clearly demonstrating that the girl was not focused. The girl also knew that she was playing the piece poorly. Annoyed, she stroked fiercely across the strings with her fingers, after which she stood up. Throwing down the guqin, she returned to her room.

A strange expression appeared on Ye Futian’s face. He walked up and touched the guqin lightly. The sound from the guqin was extremely clear and the reverberation was still audible. It was certainly a very rare guqin.

“How long do I need to stay here?” Ye Futian asked the maidservant beside him. Although he had received something, he would not stay here forever. The girl had a weird character and Ye Futian did not have time to keep following her.

“It’s going to be the end of the year soon. At the start of next year, the lady will enter Starry School to cultivate. Hence, the latest you will have to stay is until the start of next year,” the maidservant replied. Ye Futian nodded gently. Without him realizing it, another year was about to pass.

“There’s a small courtyard there. I apologize for this.” The maidservant pointed in a direction. Ye Futian nodded, after which he went to the small courtyard to practice his boxing and cultivate.

At night, the bright moonlight poured down and illuminated West Court.

Ye Futian was still practicing his boxing skills in the courtyard. Even though he had been brought here in a ridiculous way, he must not fall behind in terms of cultivation.

Suddenly, he heard some music that was very different from the disorganized one in the music. The music now was very penetrating and influential. It could actually cause its listeners to feel somewhat sad as if they could feel the grief in the musician’s heart.

Ye Futian stopped practicing and an even stranger expression appeared on his face. Music was a display of one’s mental state. Was it really the girl who was playing the music? He did not really believe that.

Then, Ye Futian walked to the other courtyard, when he saw a young girl sitting down quietly under the moonlight. She looked pure and flawless and was playing the guqin under the moon.

The music changed continuously. It sometimes sounded joyful, as if she was filled with happiness, and sometimes sad, making it seem unpredictable.

Does she have a story at such a young age? Ye Futian thought, looking at the girl. The music continued and became increasingly arousing. Unknowingly, Ye Futian had already approached the girl and stood there, listening quietly to the music.

The music became more and more sorrowful. In the end, it made its listeners feel as if they were heartbroken.

Under the moonlight, tears filled the face of the girl. She actually started crying without realizing it.

Finally, the music stopped, but the artistic conception still remained for a long while. Ye Futian still seemed to be immersed in the reverberation. After a while, he said, “You are so young. What do you know about grief? Why are you playing such a sorrowful piece?”

“Why would I not understand it? Do you?” The girl widened her eyes at Ye Futian.

“Of course,” Ye Futian replied.

“Have you ever experienced separating from the person closest to you?” the girl asked.

“Yup,” Ye Futian replied emotionlessly. He had experienced partings several times.

“From what I heard just now, both of your parents should still be alive right?” Ye Futian asked in doubt.

“Yes,” the girl said slowly. “Once, there was a hero. He was friendly and kind. At home, he always had a smile on his face. Outside, he was very famous and everyone knew him. He was the most popular person in the Eastern Region of the Barren State. When I was young, he always liked to hug me and tell me that I do not need to work hard and can do whatever I like, as long as I am happy every day. With him present, I can live a glory life and nobody would bully me.”

Ye Futian stared at the girl. Just like what he had expected, the girl had a rich background.

“Later, he died.” The girl sounded very low-spirited. After she said this, she started crying again.