The Legend Of Futian Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Dragon Master

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Ye Futian was momentarily stunned. Looking at the tear marks on the girl’s face, he did not know what to say.

It was indeed a sad story. The girl must have been very happy to be loved by such an adult. However, he eventually died.

This was the world of cultivation. No matter how powerful one was, one might still die.

“My life also changed after that. My parents became extremely strict towards me and no longer plays with me. Every day, they would ask me to cultivate and want me to enter the Top Three Schools. Why do I have to go to those rubbish places?” the girl complained. Ye Futian was speechless. The Top Three Schools were the holy lands of the Eastern Region. Yet they were actually referred to as “rubbish places” by the girl.

Raising her head to look at the crescent in the sky, the girl said softly, “Uncle, I miss you.” Ye Futian realized that the person whom the girl had called a hero was her uncle. She had a senior who loved and petted her so much and yet he died. It was no wonder she was so sad.

Ye Futian did not speak and only sat there quietly to give her time to calm down.

After a while, the girl suddenly turned her head. Staring at Ye Futian, she said, “Why did I just tell you these? Since you already know my story, shouldn’t you tell me what grief you have experienced?”

“You are much more fortunate than me. My parents went missing mysteriously, so is my godfather, and I do not even know where I am from. There was this old guy who was not bad to me, but he was also taken away by someone. My senior sister who loved me was also brought back by her family. My girlfriend also parted with me. Do you think my life is miserable?” Ye Futian said slowly.

Hearing his words, the girl was stunned and said, “I think so. Then why can you still laugh?”

“Life still goes on and we have to face it optimistically. Furthermore, shouldn’t we work hard to make up for these regrets?” Ye Futian replied, feeling somewhat weird. Am I actually enlightening the girl? Was I not brought here by force?

That was quite shameless.

Forget it. She looks so pitiful so I shall just console her for now. Why am I always so kind?

“Sounds reasonable,” the girl nodded. Then, she seemed to have realized something and said in a low tone, “But my uncle will never return…”

“Therefore you should become the person whom he hoped you will. You should grow up happily,” Ye Futian said.

“I didn’t expect you to know how to console someone.” The girl stared at Ye Futian with an alerted look and said, “Is it because I am too pretty?”

“…” Ye Futian closed his eyes and put his hand on his forehead. Do girls now all become mature so early? She was so young and yet thinking so much.

“Girl, are you in a serious lack of love?” Ye Futian said, looking at the girl.

“You’re the one who lacks love.” The girl stared angrily at Ye Futian.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome man before?” Ye Futian said in contempt.

“…” The girl pointed her finger at Ye Futian. She had never seen such a shameless person. Then, she calmed down again. Smiling, she asked, “Uncle, what’s your name?”

“Uncle…” Ye Futian jumped up from the ground. Uncle? Am I that old? This was turning unbearable. Calm down… I lose if I am serious, Ye Futian thought.

Ye Futian sat down again and smiling, he replied, “Uncle’s name is Ye Futian.”

“My name is Long Ling’er. Uncle, how did someone as shameless as you manage to find a girlfriend?” The girl asked, smiling. She really doubted if Ye Futian’s girlfriend left him because of this reason.

“My appearance.” Ye Futian grinned brightly.

“You won.” Long Ling’er felt that she had totally lost. Then, she walked to the guqin and the sorrowful music spread again.

“Stop!” Ye Futian shouted. At once, the music came to a halt.

Then, the girl stared at Ye Futian. If she was to continue playing, she would probably spend the whole night crying again.

Music was something that could very easily trigger one’s emotion. If the girl played the piece again, she would definitely cry.

“How about I play a piece of music for you?” Ye Futian offered. It seemed like the only person who could save the sad girl at the moment was the kind him.

“Can you even play?” Long Ling’er doubted.

“Of course. I’m much better at this than you,” Ye Futian said in a serious tone. What was that look of the girl?

“Then you come and play.” The girl left the guqin and still stared at Ye Futian in suspicion.

Ye Futian walked up to the guqin when his temperament suddenly turned sacred and peaceful. The moonlight poured onto his handsome face. He held the guqin with his hands and used the tip of his fingers to stroke on the strings. Immediately, an extremely tranquil music spread from his fingers.

The music was clear and peaceful. Under the moon, it brought all its listeners into a quiet and placid environment, as if they were sitting down alone under the moonlight, after which they slowly lied down. Showering in the bright moonlight, everyone felt pacified and free from worries.

“Purification of the Night Moon” was the first piece of music that Ye Futian had learned. However, music would be upgraded according to the level of its player. At the moment, this simple piece was played by Ye Futian. Although it did not require much skill, its artistic conception was displayed flawlessly. For any piece of music, the artistic conception was more important than the techniques used.

The girl sat beside Ye Futian and raised her head to look at the moon. Her eyes were filled with peace and she felt more and more relieved. Then, she slowly closed her eyes and actually fell asleep sitting down.

Ye Futian turned around to glance at the girl. Under the moon, the girl was sleeping serenely, just like what a little girl would do.

Behind them, a maidservant walked up and brought the girl away gently, while the music continued. Ye Futian only stopped playing after the maidservant walked out from the room.

“Thank you,” the maidservant said to Ye Futian.

“Don’t mind it,” Ye Futian said politely.

“Even after these few years, the lady is still troubled by the event that year. Very often, she will cry in her sleep and she gets angry easily. I’m sorry for the trouble this has caused you,” the maidservant added. She had been taking care of the girl for many years.

“No problem. I’ll go and rest now,” Ye Futian said, after which he turned around and left.

The anger he had in the morning was completely gone now. She was but a pitiful young girl, so he should not be too serious. However, Ye Futian suddenly felt that something was wrong and looked at the luxurious West Court before him. Sigh. I am more pitiful.

The next morning, Ye Futian was woken up by a loud noise. Walking out of the room, Ye Futian saw Long Ling’er standing akimbo outside the door. She was staring angrily at him like a porcelain doll. Ye Futian realized that when she was angry, she looked quite cute.

“What’s up?” Ye Futian asked lazily.

“Did you play a lullaby yesterday?” Long Ling’er widened her eyes at Ye Futian. She actually fell asleep.

“It’s just a soothing piece of music,” Ye Futian said speechlessly. Why was it a lullaby?

“It’s the same. Why did you make me fall asleep?” The girl was unhappy.

“You were tired and therefore fell asleep. What does it have to do with me?” Why is she even unhappy about this? Ye Futian thought.

“You…” The girl pointed her finger at Ye Futian. Then, she stomped her foot on the ground and turned around. “Follow me.”

“Where are we going?” Ye Futian asked.

“As my musical attendant, clearly you are following me to learn guqin together,” Long Ling’er said. Ye Futian actually did not know what to reply and only started to follow her. Did he actually have to learn guqin with her?

Forget it. I am just doing a kind deed.

The two went before the waterfall seen on the previous day, after which they rode the ice dragon up the hill. The environment of the place was indeed elegant. The elder who surname was Feng was already waiting here. Noticing the arrival of Long Ling’er, he gave a kindly smile.

“Grandfather Feng, I’m here to learn guqin,” Long Ling’er said softly.

“Sure,” the elder nodded. Then, he looked at Ye Futian and asked, “Who is he?”

“He is Ye Futian, my musical attendant,” Long Ling’er replied. The elder did not say anything else. After all, the music that he was about to teach Long Ling’er could not be learned by ordinary people so it really did not matter.

“I believe you already have the basics; your parents should have taught you many things as well. I’ll teach you music directly,” the elder said.

“Okay,” Long Ling’er nodded gently.

The elder walked to the guqin. The guqin was in the shape of a dragon and seemed to be made from dead wood. It was extremely aged and looked somewhat magnificent.

He then started playing the guqin slowly. When the music spread, Ye Futian actually felt that the music was not part of the mortal world. Instead, it was meant for dragons.

“Err…” At this instant, Ye Futian was astonished. When the girl asked him to come here and learn music together, he thought that her teacher would only be displaying his skills in front of an expert. However, when he heard the music from the elder, he finally understood how supercilious he was.

At the moment, he felt an invisible current flowing in the sky, as if many pure-blooded dragons were dancing and speaking.

Running the Freedom Meditation naturally, the invisible forms before Ye Futian became clear at once. A shocking picture appeared before him: he actually saw many real dragons coiled up in the sky. The ice dragon beside Long Ling’er also moved restlessly and ascended into the sky and towards the elder. Suddenly, a low dragon howl was heard from the back of the hill. Then, Ye Futian saw an even larger dragon appear. It was a purple dragon whose body was huger than any dragon he had seen before. The purple dragon also went behind the elder and coiled up.

Ye Futian could feel that the music was like a special kind of language. It could summon illusory dragons and also real dragons and communicate with them spiritually. It was more than just a language. It felt as if they were the same species.

“Girl, a Dragon Whisperer is born able to communicate with dragons. You need to use your heart to listen and feel. When you play the guqin, your Spiritual Energy will turn into your language and resonate with heaven, earth, and dragons. An excellent Dragon Whisperer could turn music and dragons into a single body,” the elder said slowly in a solemn tone. “Only when you can do that, you can be called a real Dragon Master.”

“Dragon Master.” Ye Futian’s eyes sparkled. It was a sacred and powerful class and was even more honorable than Dragon Knight. The elder before him was clearly a powerful Dragon Master. In addition, the girl who liked to play was actually also a young Dragon Master who came here to learn.