The Legend Of Futian Chapter 437

Chapter 437 West Mountain Dragon Fledgling

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After Ye Futian had heard these past events, he gained a newfound respect for that senior from the Dragon Clan. He would definitely have been unequaled among his peers, but it was a pity that he died young. Ye Futian felt it was a pity he was unable to meet him. No wonder that little girl was still wallowing in the sadness of her uncle’s death after so many years. He could imagine what kind of person he was, kind and friendly to his family, yet dominant to outsiders. This was a person deserving of respect.

“Tell him that I don’t want to see him,” Long Ling’er told Yang Xing.

“Understood.” Yang Xing nodded and walked out of the pavilion, speaking to Jin Yunxiao across the air, “The young missus is busy and has no intention of meeting you.”

Jin Yunxiao did not get angry. Instead, his thin lips curved upwards into a smile, giving people a scathing feeling. “I heard little sister Ling’er is entering the Starry School next year to cultivate. Why would she not want to meet her senior? If she has the ability to enter the Starry School, perhaps I would help to take care of her as well.”

Yang Xing frowned. Ye Futian, who was in front of the window felt contempt when he saw the look in Jin Yunxiao’s eyes. His tone was getting frivolous.

“Who are you to want to take care of me?” Long Ling’er stood in front of the window and shouted. Her voice echoed throughout everyone enjoying the banquet in the Fairy Pool. Long Ling’er did live up to her reputation as the apple of the Dragon Clan’s eyes, everyone thought, with the tone that she was speaking to Jin Yunxiao in.

“Little sister Ling’er sure has a short temper for someone so young,” Jin Yunxiao smiled as he continued, “however, I’ve heard that little sister Ling’er has yet to become a Dragon Master. If this continues, getting into the school through the examination might prove to be an impossible task.”

“This is not something that young master Jin should be worrying about,” Yang Xing replied unfeelingly after hearing Jin Yunxiao’s words. Jin Yunxiao was evidently picking a fight with her.

“West Mountain Dragon senior only has little sister Ling’er as an only child. I’m just worried that there will be nobody to take up his mantle.” Jin Yunxiao smiled while speaking, the provocation in his voice clear for everyone to hear. The people in the Fairy Pond quietly watched while all this unfolded. The two families had their fair share of disputes and stories, especially when that person was still alive, he had kept the Jin Clan suppressed. When Long Ling’er was born, the Jin Clan had been humiliated when they asked for her hand in marriage. Now that that person was dead, the Dragon Clan were on the weaker side, so it was natural that people from the Jin Clan provoked the Dragon Clan whenever they met.

“You” Yang Xing’s expression looked sullen while Long Ling’er’s cheeks puffed up in anger and she clenched her fists.

“Say that again.” A voice sounded from outside. Everyone’s gazes turned and a figure strolled down the long corridor. The person had a flawless complexion, was handsome beyond belief and his seemingly skinny figure was brimming with strength. His eyes sparkled spiritedly and his gaze was like lightning, directed straight at Jin Yunxiao who was on the bridge.

In the Fairy Pool, many people’s expressions changed upon seeing him appear.

Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing’s expression hardened as they saw that person walk closer step by step. Of course, they recognized him as another person cultivating in the Starry School, with more repute than Jin Yunxiao.

Ever since this person was born, he had always been in the spotlight, his every movement noticed by everyone in the Divine Sky City. If there was any of the younger generations in the West Mountain Dragon Clan whose position could rival the dragon girl Long Ling’er, it would be him.

Dragon fledgling, Long Mu. The son of that legendary person from the West Mountain. When that legend was still alive, Long Mu received attention from all around. Even up till today, he still continued to receive an exceeding amount of attention. That was because Long Mu was his son.

Also, there were rumors that even though that pure-blooded dragon West Mountain Dragon Clan leader had Long Ling’er as his daughter, he was grooming Long Mu as his successor. He intended to let his nephew take over his position, as this was the child that his brother had left behind. Many people claimed that the familial ties in the West Dragon Mountain were weird. The person that legend had doted on most when he was alive was not his biological son, but Long Ling’er.

Now, after he was dead, the person the current West Mountain Clan leader had the greatest expectations for was not his daughter, but his nephew Long Mu. Such close brotherly ties earned the respect of many.

Jin Yunxiao’s gaze also moved towards Long Mu; his expression no longer looked relaxed. It had turned deadpan, his sharp gaze staring at the figure getting closer.

Long Mu, the son of that legendary person, the b*stard son of the person who had suppressed the Jin Clan when he was alive. And his son’s potential was also exceptionally high. He had put on an impressive display this year at the Starry School’s year-end examination and had overshadowed Jin Yunxiao. This was someone whose background, talent and ability were all above him.

Long Mu’s body moved in a flash, like a bolt of lightning. Following a deafening crash, Long Mu landed on the bridge, causing the bridge to tremor as though it was about to collapse. Long Mu stood firmly, scrutinizing Jin Yunxiao coldly. Everyone below had their attention captivated by the two of them who were standing apart.

Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing yearned to be like the two of them. They were true geniuses, and they had not expected both of them to appear together. Everyone wondered if a fight was going to ensue.

“Say what you just said again.” Formless power started to accumulate around Long Mu, just like a shadow of a pure-blooded dragon appearing. The pure-blooded dragon Qi circulated in the air, giving people an overbearing feeling. The moment Jin Yunxiao repeated his words, Long Mu would strike immediately. Knowing Long Mu’s personality, this was absolutely possible.

Jin Yunxiao stared at Long Mu, smiling as he said, “Long Mu, you’re just as arrogant as ever.”

“Scram,” Long Mu emotionlessly spat out just that one word.

Jin Yunxiao’s expression turned disdainful. An extremely sharp aura could be faintly seen around his body, the golden shirt made of Roc feathers that he was wearing made light sounds. His shirt moved even though there was no wind, and emitted a terrifying light. Behind Jin Yunxiao, a fleeting roc shadow unparalleled in strength appeared. Jin Yunxiao was like a roc with no equal.

A sharp-edged hurricane started to form, striking Long Mu like knives. Jin Yunxiao’s mouth arcked into a cruel smile, following which a brilliant golden shadow appeared at breakneck speed. The shadow pounced towards Long Mu at speeds that were too fast, like a roc tearing through the wind, threatening to destroy everything.

Long Mu’s body remained still, as he lifted his fist and delivered a punch. A thunderous roar resounded throughout the heavens, like a dragon’s furious cry. The two forces clashed, and the bystanders witnessed an arrogant roc and a haughty dragon in battle.

With an ear-splitting bang, the bridge collapsed as streaks of golden lightning flashed across the sky. Jin Yunxiao’s body returned to his original position, a pair of dazzling wings gently flapping on his back. His arms hung beside him, trembling lightly, but the coldness and arrogance remained on his face. He coldly observed Long Mu, who was standing at the same spot. The bridge beneath Long Mu had already broke, and it was empty in front of him. Long Mu stood at the edge of the broken bridge, his gaze still fixated on Jin Yunxiao.

“We will fight again.” Jin Yunxiao smiled faintly, turning around and saying, “Let’s go.” As his words left his mouth, his wings flapped and he flew outwards. The people behind him looked towards Long Mu and proceeded to follow him out.

In the other pavilion, Ye Futian witnessed the entire fight. He naturally saw that Jin Yunxiao was on the losing end, and had braced himself and left. Moreover, the Jin Clan’s Life Spirit was the Roc. No wonder both clans were at loggerheads.

“Your brother?” Ye Futian asked Long Ling’er who was beside him. When Long Mu arrived, Long Ling’er had softly called him, while everyone else called him Young Master Mu.

“Yup, my uncle’s son.” Long Ling’er nodded her head. “It’s just that he’s a bit obstinate. Big brother Futian, let me introduce him to you.”

The West Mountain Dragon Fledgling huh, thought Ye Futian as he recalled what was said in the inn. This gave him an understanding of that person’s identity.

Just then, Long Mu was already walking towards the pavilion. In a moment, he was walking in with Yang Xing, his spirited gaze looked towards the crowd, and many of them bowed and acknowledged him. “Young Master Mu.”

The West Mountain Dragon Clan members naturally understood that even though the young missus was the apple of the Clan Leader’s eyes, the next leader of the West Mountain was extremely likely to be the Young Master Long Mu.

“Brother,” Long Ling’er called out.

“Ling’er.” Long Mu nodded and replied, “I heard that you were in the Celestial Pavilion, so I came over to visit you. Don’t put Jin Yunxiao’s words to heart, nobody can bully you after you enter the Starry School to cultivate.”

“Okay.” Long Ling’er smiled while nodding. She walked up to Long Mu and lightly rocked his arm, while pointing to Ye Futian, saying, “Brother, this is big brother Futian.”

Long Mu naturally saw Ye Futian. He raised his head and his gaze landed on Ye Futian, a strong aura emitting from his eyes.

“Ye Futian.” Ye Futian’s eyes were pure as he smiled and introduced himself.

Long Mu did not introduce himself as their gazes met. Instead, he questioned, “the Celestial Pavilion was given to you?” As the Young Master of the Dragon Clan, he naturally knew more than others. Ye Futian saw Long Mu’s attitude and knew that the people from the Dragon Clan were unhappy with this incident.

“Brother, I agreed to give it to big brother Futian,” Long Ling’er retorted.

“I know.” Long Mu nodded lightly, following which he said to Ye Futian, “Thank you for taking care of Ling’er these past few days. You can treat this Celestial Pavilion as your reward. Also, you can leave now.”

“Long Mu, what nonsense are you spouting.” Long Ling’er looked angrily at Long Mu, her hands crossed on her hips, with a fierce demeanor.

“Ling’er, don’t be mischievous,” Long Mu berated her.

“Okay.” Ye Futian did not mind, smiling while he nodded. To the West Mountain Dragon Clan, he was just an outsider. Even though the lassie was a little reliant on him, but it was merely because of her loneliness during these sad times. After a few years, she would still be the Dragon Clan’s young missus, and he would still be himself. Moreover, he did have plans to stay long-term with the Dragon Clan; it was just that he had gotten closer with the young girl after these few days. He liked Long Ling’er and treated her like a younger sister.