The Legend Of Futian Chapter 438

Chapter 438 Pioneer

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Hearing Ye Futian’s reply, Long Ling’er looked at him and said, “I won’t let you leave.”

“Ling’er, cultivate well with Senior Feng. Don’t keep thinking about the past,” Ye Futian said, smiling. “I’m going.” With that, he walked out.

“Brother Futian,” Ling’er called.

Ye Futian stopped. Turning around, he said, “Hey, don’t you know that you’re annoying?”

Long Ling’er’s eyes were red. Her tears were about to fall out and Ye Futian’s heart softened. This girl was too good at acting.

“You didn’t forget what you promised right?” the little girl said pitifully.

Ye Futian was confused, but he quickly remembered what Long Ling’er was talking about. He’d promised to spend New Year with her.

“I remember.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Then you must do it,” Long Ling’er said.

“Okay.” Ye Futian chuckled and started walking out.

After he left, Long Ling’er glared at Long Mu. “Happy now?”

“Ling’er,” Long Mu said. “You’ve messed around enough. How well do you know him?”

“I don’t care.” Long Ling’er glared.

“You are Uncle’s only daughter. You’re the little prince of the Long Family,” Long Mu continued. “Even without me, you should know the recent relationship between Uncle and the family. Now, you casually gave the Celestial Pavilion to a stranger. What would the family think?”

“I’m not eating anymore.” Long Ling’er turned and left.

Looking at her back, Long Mu felt helpless. “Uncle Yang,” he said. “Take Ling’er back.”

“Yes, Young Master Mu.” Yang Xing nodded and followed out. He chuckled wryly. Long Mu was straightforward. He loved Long Ling’er, but their personalities were too different. It was hard to get together. He was more suited for cultivation.

When Ye Futian returned, Loulan Xue, Yu Sheng, and Shen Yu had gone out. Only Ye Wuchen was cultivating. They didn’t return until evening and had come with many things. Yu Sheng carried them.

“What’s that?” Ye Futian asked curiously.

“Some spiritual herbs. We went to Qingyun Street,” Loulan Xue answered. “That’s the biggest trade market in this area. I bought some spiritual herbs to make medicated baths. The martial arts cultivators in Divine Sky City often train themselves like this. I came across a way to make medicated baths. You, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen can use it.”

“You’ve worked hard. Be generous for yourself too.” Ye Futian nodded. People in the outside world usually used resources for cultivation. If possible, they would definitely do so too and raise their cultivation as much as possible.

“Yes.” Loulan Xue nodded. “I’ll go do it with Shen Yu.” With that, they left.

Ye Futian looked at Loulan Xue’s back. Back when Loulan Xue had gone to the Cottage voluntarily to become his servant, he hadn’t had this thought. He thought that Loulan Xue couldn’t do well because she was a princess. But after his second senior sister trained her, Loulan Xue gradually became accustomed to being a servant and accepted it. Even Ye Futian had gotten used to it.

“We aren’t going to the Long Family anymore?” Yu Sheng asked.

“No.” Ye Futian shook his head. “I don’t think the Celestial Pavilion is a long-term plan either. We must find other ways to earn spiritual stones.”

Long Ling’er had given them the Celestial Pavilion. She was the princess of the Long Family, but she was still too young. She couldn’t decide anything. Ye Futian had felt some things from Long Mu’s attitude. Thus, the Celestial Pavilion bought with the Long Family’s resources wasn’t very stable. It was better to rely on himself.

“This trip cost a lot,” Yu Sheng said. With their cultivation plane, ordinary methods couldn’t support their consumption of resources.

“Yeah, let me think.” Ye Futian nodded. They were poor. He felt that their cultivation planes were too low. They weren’t enough for a rich city like Divine Sky City. Of course, they could join the Top Three Schools or another force and they would have enough resources. However, Ye Futian didn’t want that anymore.

A while later, Loulan Xue and Shen Yu walked over. Loulan Xue said, “It’s done. Want to try?”

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded and followed Loulan Xue to a bath inside the house.

The bathwater was bubbling now. There were fiery-red stones inside, making the entire bath look like lava. The heat was scary. The spiritual herbs were already inside.

“You can go,” Ye Futian said.

“I’m not sure I put in the right amount. You can try it. I’ll wait here,” Loulan Xue said.

“Uh” Ye Futian blinked at her. Was this proper?

Loulan Xue looked up at him. Her cool silver eyes showed no disturbances and said softly, “Isn’t this what a servant should do?”

Ye Futian wanted to facepalm, but it seemed to make sense. But it still felt weird?

Seeing that Loulan Xue was still staring at him and didn’t move, Ye Futian had a weird expression. Then he took off his white robe and shirt, revealing a lean body. Half naked, he walked towards the bath while muttering, “Taking advantage of me.”

Hiss The moment Ye Futian entered the pool, he felt frightening power dig into his body. He didn’t think the high temperature would affect him, but he’d clearly underestimated the medicated bath. Instantly, streams of power dug into his limbs. His body seemed to boil and his blood flew through his body.

“Don’t resist. Let your body take it and let the power meld into you. It won’t do much the first time, but apparently, long-term use will greatly improve your physical body. It’s very beneficial,” Loulan Xue said. “How do you feel?”

“What did you add” Ye Futian mumbled. “But it feels good.” With that, he closed his eyes and endured it quietly. The frightening power was wildly melding into his flesh, digging into his body, and challenging his every cell.

The pain kept lowering. After a long while, he didn’t feel anything anymore. He stood up and walked out of the bath. Loulan Xue walked up and put a prepared bathrobe on Ye Futian. Right now, her silver eyes sparkled.

“You can go now,” Ye Futian said.

“Okay.” Loulan Xue nodded and left.

A while later, Ye Futian returned to the courtyard and said, “Yu Sheng, you go try. It will help you.”

“Okay.” Yu Sheng nodded.

Ye Futian sat down in the courtyard. The ring on his finger lit up and a guqin appeared before him. He played the instrument with his eyes closed. In his mind, Ukiyo rang out. Every music note was filled with magic.

Ukiyo was one of the world’s top ten musical pieces. Each one was a masterpiece.

Ukiyo’s artistic conception was the minds of the two emperors. But now, Ye Futian’s mind was different.

Ye Futian gradually forgot about Ukiyo. At that moment, he seemed to be immersed in his own world. Afterward, he strummed the instrument strings and a graceful melody flowed out. The sky darkened and moonlight shone down. The moment the music rang out, the courtyard became ethereal and clean. One’s heart seemed to be caught in that moment.

Shen Yu stood in the near distance. When the music sounded, she felt her heartstrings twang. Her pure eyes looked quietly at the figure. His music was so ethereal. It had a special attraction that made people listen to it. The graceful music was steady and beautiful, instantly taking people into a unique artistic conception. From the music, one could feel a youth leaving home to travel far. He chased after his goal and dream, facing everything optimistically.

He was kind and low-key. He’d put away his brightness and was unbothered by many things. However, the world never followed one’s wishes. There would always be people invading his world. Those people were arrogant. He wanted to overlook them but couldn’t avoid them. Some things would always follow him.

Identity, status, and power were like mountains that could crush one’s spine. Even a simple relationship would still be affected.

The music went from calm to wild as if his mind had been affected by the outside world. But after the wildness, it became serene again. However, this serenity had a lonely arrogance to it. The music became cold and arrogant. Gradually, it became hurried.

Ye Futian’s fingers sped up and crazily strummed the instrument strings. The music became frenzied. There was an invisible aura around him. He was arrogant and able to destroy everything in the world.

The world’s Spiritual Qi seemed to be affected too. It went wild as well and beams of purple light shone like lightning. The bolts streaked across the courtyard. The music accelerated and lightning cracked. The entire world became chaotic as if there was an electric storm that wanted to destroy everything.

In the courtyard, Shen Yu watched this in shock. She’d felt the music change bit by bit from peace to chaos. Even now, Ye Futian had a frightening aura. It was arrogant and cold. His fingers strumming the instrument strings were still elegant, but he seemed to have changed.

He didn’t care for the world and dared to compete with the lords.

Shen Yu plugged her ears, but it was useless. A scene of the world ending appeared in her mind. Lightning cracked, almost destroying her mind. Yet this was only the music’s side effects. Ye Futian wasn’t attacking anyone. The electric windstorm seemed to become complete around Ye Futian. This was a frightening musical sorcery that could turn into spiritual attacks.

Finally, the music stopped. The scary scene disappeared.

Ye Futian quieted down and he opened his eyes slowly. He smiled. Ukiyo told him that if he added spiritual energy into the music, he could control the Spiritual Qi in the air. Now, using Ukiyo as the base, he’d composed his own musical piece according to his own mind and experiences. It was a music sorcery spell and was very powerful.

This was a great start.