The Legend Of Futian Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Auction At The End Of The Year

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The music stopped. Ye Wuchen, Yu Sheng and Loulan Xue all came to Ye Futian’s court. Shen Yu stood beside him blankly.

Ye Futian turned around and asked, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“What happened to you?” Yu Sheng asked. Ye Futian often told him that music could convey one’s spirit. He had heard Ye Futian’s music many times, so he became quite sensitive to music artistic conception. He was not talented enough, but the artistic conception in the music that Ye Futian had just played was too strong to ignore. After leaving the Eastern Barren Territory, it had been a long time since Ye Futian last showed such a spirit in his music. The end of his music was very sharp and powerful.

Yu Sheng had never heard this piece before.

“I just need to vent. Is there any problem?” Ye Futian stared at Yu Sheng, wondering how he saw through it. What had happened these days made him a little upset and depressed.

“I can’t even ask?” Yu Sheng grumbled.

“What’s the name of the music you just played?” asked Ye Wuchen. He could feel the marvelous artistic conception. From the plain beginning to a heated climax, the music made him feel like there was a man standing under the sky and daring to break all the chains.

“I haven’t named it yet. It’s an improvisation. Have any suggestions about the name?” said Ye Futian.

Ye Wuchen, Yu Sheng and Loulan Xue were speechless. It was an improvisation? It was perfect!

“How about Elegance?” suggested Loulan Xue. This word fit the artistic conception very well.

“Elegance?” Ye Futian murmured and nodded immediately. “Good! Elegance is the name now.”

“It’s late now. Go have a rest,” said Ye Futian. The four nodded. Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng walked toward the bamboo woods in the backyard. They needed to cultivate. It was too early for them to sleep. Loulan Xue went toward another direction. Shen Yu didn’t move. Staring at Ye Futian, she had no idea where she was going to live. Though having worked in the Celestial Pavilion before, she was not qualified to live in it.

“Why are you looking at me? You want to spend the long night with me?” Ye Futian quipped.

Shen Yu blushed and ran away immediately.

Seeing Shen Yu running away, Ye Futian was speechless. Was he so scary? Maybe she was just too excited.

The Divine Prefecture Calendar’s 10004th year came to its last day. The Divine Sky City was more bustling and lively than before. As the transaction center of the city, Qingyun Street was the busiest, especially on such an important day. People and their demon beasts crowed here. The locals were totally used to this scene. Even small kids weren’t scared.

A line of people walked along the street. “What a lively place!” the youth in white exclaimed. It was Ye Futian’s group. These days, they had been cultivating in the Celestial Pavilion. The last day of the year was a good chance to take a breath of air.

“Here is the transaction center of the eastern Barren State. Of course, it’ll be so lively. Look at that castle!” Loulan Xue pointed at a place in the distance. A great dark castle overshadowed this vast place.

“It’s the Demon Castle. You could buy all kinds of powerful demon beasts there. The trainers could make a great profit from it. They have demon beasts in all levels,” Loulan Xue introduced softly. She had been there before and was shocked by the scene.

In the Divine Sky City, money could get you everything.

“Demon beasts are so profitable? We happen to have one here,” Ye Futian murmured and looked behind. The Black Wind Eagle winced, looking at Ye Futian with its big eyes. Master, this joke is not funny!

“Maybe no one would like to buy it.” Pondering for a while, Ye Futian chose to give up. The Black Wind Eagle was relieved and kept flapping its wings. How could he think about selling me, such an excellent demon beast? It’s inhumane.

“Loulan, you could go buy yourself some nice ritual implementing clothes,” Ye Futian suggested. There were many stores selling ritual implementing clothes on either side of the street. Many people came here to select gifts for their families or descendants.

The end of the year here was busier and more luxurious than Eastern Barren Territory’s. The resources here were much more bountiful too.

“I’m good.” Loulan Xue shook her head slightly.

“Shen Yu, go with her,” Ye Futian continued. “You could pick something for yourself too.”

“Okay.” Shen Yu nodded and dragged Loulan Xue away. After a while, the two came back with some bags in hands.

Ye Futian couldn’t help thinking how wonderful it could be if Hua Jieyu was here too. He had to work harder now. In the future, this area would only be more prosperous. After Hue Jieyu came, he would definitely bring her here to feel the atmosphere. It had been a year since they were separated. Was she alright?

“What a kind of place is that?” Walking on the street, Ye Futain was attracted by music from a quaint manor in the corner.

“It’s a famous music workshop where music sorcerers trade guqins or music spells,” Shen Yu explained.

Hearing this, Ye Futain suddenly came up with an idea. These days he had been considering how to make money to support his cultivation. This music workshop might be a good place to start.

“Let’s go.” Thinking of this, Ye Futian walked straight toward the workshop.

The workshop was clean and elegant. There were young beauties welcoming them. Knowing that they wanted to trade music, these beauties led them to a quaint pavilion where a guqin was placed.

“Go ahead.” An old man sat in the front. Since they wanted to trade music, the host needed to know the music’s level. If the level was too low, the music couldn’t be traded here. It was not a good idea to show the music score directly since someone might plagiarize. The best way was to play it on the spot.

Sitting in front of the guqin, Ye Futian began to play his music, Elegance. As the music was played, the old man gradually sensed the artistic conception. He listened to the music seriously.

From peace to mania, there was a kind of straightforwardness. No more inhibitions were there. The impetuous fire of youth burned and even howled. Endless thunder intent seemly melted into the music. The senior closed his eyes and felt it silently. He could feel that even the airflow was controlled by the music. The artistic conception was very strong.

The music stopped. The old man opened his eyes and looked at Ye Futian in a totally different way. He smiled and asked, “Marvelous! What is the name? Who is the composer?”

“Its name is Elegance. It’s my opus,” Ye Futian raised his head and answered.

The old man was shocked and stared at Ye Futian. “You are not joking, right?”

Creating a song was not something new since many experienced musical sorcerers could do that either. But in Ye Futian’s age, it was not an easy thing to create a song which contained such an artistic conception.

“It’s not a joke,” said Ye Futian.

“There are two methods. I can arrange the auction right now or you could sell it to me directly. What’s your choice?” the senior asked.

“Auction!” Ye Futian didn’t hesitate. Only through auction could he know the real value of this song.

“Good, but this time, the workshop will join the auction too.” The senior smiled and ordered, “Tell the others that there will be a potential hit song for auction very soon.”

“Yes.” The two maids beside them nodded and went to spread the news.

“Sir, you need to play it again later for the auction. Furthermore, if the auction is successful, the workshop will take one-twentieth of the profit. If the bid is ritual implements, it’ll be a price based on the ritual implement.”

“Deal!” Ye Futian nodded and asked, “Can I conceal my identity when playing?”

“No problem!” The old man nodded with a smile.

There was a tower in the workshop just for auctions. People in the workshop gathered here and the tower suddenly became lively. All floors and rooms were occupied. This music workshop was a very famous place in the Divine Sky City. Many well-known music scores and spells all came from here. Therefore, many music lovers and sorcerers often gathered here.

It was the last day of the year. Hearing that there was a potential hit song to be auctioned, people in the workshop all gathered in the tower. If a song was said to have potential, there must be something special about it.

At this moment, an old man’s figure appeared on the stage. He waved and said, “Let’s get down to the business. Enjoy yourselves!” He walked away and then the stage burst with bright lights. Some spells helped mask the stage. On the stage, a faint figure loomed. The figure touched the guqin lightly and began to play.

Hearing the music, the whole tower fell silent. From the ethereal music and its extremely strong artistic conception, it could be inferred that the music player was very well-versed in music.

As the music was played, people became engrossed in its artistic conception and the player’s spiritual movement. Gradually, thunder was heard and lightning was seen. The artistic conception became more and more sublimated. Finally, the music stopped. For a while, the tower remained silent.

“What a masterpiece!” somebody exclaimed.

“It’s marvelous indeed!”

“This spell is in such a low level. I don’t see anything special,” at this moment, doubts were heard from a room on the third floor.

A line of figure sat there. People outside couldn’t see them. The speaker was a young man with an outstanding temperament and some powerful men guarding beside him.

He was from the Dragon Clan. He knew very little about music, but still, he could feel the mightiness contained in the music Ye Futian had just played. Though it had a strong conception, the spell was still just in the Arcana Plane. He just couldn’t understand what made it so special to people.

Today was the end of the year as well as the fourteenth birthday of the Dragon Clan’s little princess. The young man wanted to select a good present for the little princess who was good at music and was going to be a Dragon Master in the future.

At tonight’s party, many members of the family would have prepared all kinds of presents. He wanted to be different from the others.