The Legend Of Futian Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Do You Qualify?

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After Ye Futian spoke, everyone looked at him.

Long Huan froze and then laughed. Many people from the Dragon Clan laughed. Ye Futian wanted to challenge Long Huan over musical sorcery? Perhaps he didn’t know what a Dragon Master was.

“Brother Futian.” Ling’er was worried too. Ye Futian was very talented, but she knew how powerful her family’s Dragon Masters were. Long Huan was a Dragon Master.

Long Mu just glanced at Ye Futian. Why was he like this? If he was humiliated by Long Huan later, Ling’er would be sad.

Long Huan swirled his glass of wine and smirked. A study attendant wanted to challenge him? He really didn’t know his place.

“Madame, today is Ling’er’s birthday,” Long Huan said. “There shouldn’t be any fights, but a musical challenge is elegant too. Since he wishes it, I will fulfill his wish. It can help celebrate Ling’er birthday and show everyone whether his music is witchcraft or not.” He smiled and drank all his wine. Then he walked out of the crowd towards Ye Futian.

“I will advise you well.” Long Huan smiled at Ye Futian. Since Ye Futian wanted advice, he wouldn’t hold back.

Madame Long waved her hand. Instantly, everyone rose and retreated to the back. They emptied the space for them. Clearly, Madame Long agreed to this challenge. Since both parties were willing, she didn’t have to stop it. No matter who won, it was okay. If Ye Futian won, it meant Ling’er was right. If he lost, it meant he didn’t deserve the Celestial Pavilion.

Of course, Ye Futian would most likely lose. After all, Long Huan was a Dragon Master from the Dragon Clan.

Ye Futian and Long Huan sat before each other, guqins appearing. Ye Futian looked down at his instrument while Long Huan looked at Ye Futian, eyes filled with scorn.

“Please,” Ye Futian uttered.

Long Huan didn’t hold back and thrummed the instrument strings. The moment the music sounded, everyone felt a force. It was like a dragon’s roar.

Ye Futian lowered his head and laughed. He thought back to what had happened recently. It was the artistic conception in the song. His fingers moved past the strings. When the music sounded, the notes seemed to have some special power, dragging people into his artistic conception instantly.

Sitting beside Madame Long, Gu Yunxi’s chopsticks had fallen. She stared at Ye Futian in shock.

This song

Madame Long looked at her, confused as to why she would lose her cool. Madame Long looked back over. Just as she’d expected, Long Huan’s music was powerful while Ye Futian’s was gentle. It seemed to be what Long Huan had said. Ye Futian’s music was just for comforting little girls. The artistic conception was strong, but there was no power.

Gu Yunxi didn’t think so though because she’d heard the entire piece. The artistic conception was describing the changes in someone’s heart. The beginning was calm, but she knew how scary the second half was.

Long Yan also had a strange expression. How? He’d heard this song earlier at the workshop and had wanted to buy it. Many people praised it. Gu Yunxi should be the one who’d bought it, so how come Ye Futian could play it?

The others didn’t know what they were thinking. The Dragon Clan continued watching it calmly. To them, there was no suspense in this fight.

As expected, as they played, wind howled around Long Huan. The flowing air turned into a dragon. It roared and streaked towards Ye Futian. However, there seemed to be a musical windstorm around Ye Futian. Occasionally, lightning flashed. It blocked the other’s music.

Behind Long Huan, a true dragon was born. Horrible air current streamed. The dragon twisted and turned, flying towards Ye Futian. Gu Yunxi was shocked.

The dragon landed above Ye Futian. Horrible air currents flowed as if many dragons were looking down at Ye Futian. Long Huan’s music melded into it. Then the dragon opened its mouth and released a world-shaking roar. It went to devour Ye Futian.

Ye Futian didn’t seem to see it. His fingers sped up. The calm and quiet music instantly turned chaotic. It seemed to sublimate in an instant. Lightning cracked and thunder roared. Bolts of lightning streaked across the sky, entangling with the dragon shadows.

There was instantly a terrifying image. The dragon danced with the lightning. It was beautiful.

“What?” Everyone looked at Ye Futian in shock. His hands moved extremely quickly and the instrument strings quivered. Music notes pulsed wildly. The music was nothing like the peaceful song before. It went forward without stopping and broke through the heavens.

At this time, all the thunder Spiritual Qi in the world seemed to be controlled. It flowed through and shone around Ye Futian. His white robes fluttered in the wind. The gentle youth seemed to have changed, shining with sharp brilliance.

Everyone at the banquet was shaken. They stared at Ye Futian with sharp eyes. Shock also flashed past Madame Long’s eyes. The artistic conception had changed, becoming a wild and aggressive storm. It was still getting stronger. She could sense that all thunder Spiritual Qi was controlled by the music.

Crack Bolts of lightning arrived. Endless lightning flashed. Long Huan felt his mind get attacked continuously. In his mind, there was a horrible storm destroying everything.

His expression grew serious. He didn’t relax anymore and played furiously.

However, there seemed to be an endless chain of lightning. It wrapped down on the dragons and tore them apart. Then they snaked towards his body.

Behind Long Huan, there was a powerful roar. A dragon spirit appeared, shaking the world. But the moment it appeared, endless lightning wrapped around it to kill it.

Ye Futian’s music was still getting stronger. It was unstoppable in its power. The shocking power destroyed the space and shrouded Long Huan. There was a huge boom. The thunder fell and shattered Long Huan’s guqin. Dust flew and the music stopped.

Ye Futian’s music continued. Lightning flashed before him, staring like cold snakes. He seemed to be showing off. Long Huan’s expression looked dead. He was so humiliated.

“It may be just a small trick, but I can use it against someone who doesn’t understand music,” Ye Futian said coolly. His music slowed and then stopped.

The banquet was silent. Long Huan himself had said Ye Futian’s music was a small trick and that he would advise Ye Futian. But how did he do it?

The Dragon Master had been mocked for not understanding music. It was so insulting.

Ye Futian didn’t hurt him, but that one sentence could pierce Long Huan’s heart.

“How do you know this song?” Long Yan asked Ye Futian. Could he have been the man?

“Long Yan, what’s going on?” someone asked. Long Yan knew this song?

“I went to the music workshop to choose a song for Ling’er and someone was auctioning this song. Many people praised it, but Miss Yunxi must have bought it in the end.” Many people looked to Gu Yunxi.

Gu Yunxi was shocked. She looked to Madame Long. “It is indeed the song I gifted Ling’er.”

Madame Long opened the music score and was also shocked. Gu Yunxi had praised this song and bought it. Today, Ye Futian had played it.

“So how did he get such a powerful thing?” The Dragon Clan wanted to support Long Huan.

Ye Futian scoffed.

“How did you learn it?” Madame Long asked. “Who wrote it?”

“This was my improvisation. I wrote it,” Ye Futian said. Everyone was shocked. Ye Futian wrote this? Even Gu Yunxi couldn’t believe it. She’d guessed that Ye Futian was the one who had played the piece at the workshop, but she couldn’t believe that he wrote it.

“You may have won against me, but you can’t be so arrogant. Madame, he plagiarized someone else’s music. He must be a lowly person,” Long Huan said coldly. “Don’t let Ling’er interact with him anymore.” He could regain his ego this way.

“What a joke.” Ye Futian scoffed when Madame Long looked at him. “In that case, listen to this.”

As he spoke, he thrummed the instrument strings. That moment, the song entered the climax. It seemed to contain a furious fire that passed through the sky and slammed against Long Huan.

Long Huan’s head shook. Ye Futian continued playing furiously without any order. He was just venting his anger, but it became such a wild melody.

Long Huan stumbled back, face white.

“If that’s not enough, let’s change the song,” Ye Futian said. The music changed. Dragons roared in the sky. It was similar to what Long Huan had played. A dragon whistled and shot forward with angry fire.

Gu Yunxi stood up. She stared at the handsome figure. At that moment, Ye Futian was unparalleled.

“How is this possible?” Long Huan stared at him in shock. “Did you write these too?”

“You’re just a frog in the well,” Ye Futian mocked. His white clothing fluttered. Right now, he seemed to be venting all the anger he’d repressed these days.

“Then let me teach you martial arts!” Long Huan roared. His dragons roared too. He flew like a dragon towards Ye Futian.

Light flashed. Ye Futian put his guqin away. He was bathed in the light of thunder. Horrible lightning killed towards Long Huan, piercing his mind.

Then Ye Futian raised his hand. Dragons roared, shattering the world. Ye Futian’s arm was like a dragon that destroyed everything directly. Then a dragon’s claw came down on Long Huan and grabbed him.

“Do you even qualify for martial arts?”

Ye Futian slammed Long Huan onto the ground. The ground shook, along with everyone’s hearts. The scene before them was too shocking.

Could this really be a study attendant?

Do you even qualify for martial arts?